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His Garden's besprinkled 24. So fore was he smitten,
And pleasantly bloody :

So barb'roully used,
The Father is well pleas'd with this. With Scourges so beaten,
16. Hence Virgins, Confeffors,

AN over fo bruised :
And Martyrs fo fcorned,

I find, alas / no sound-left place.
True Widows, like flowers, 25. Thy blood-streams and Bruises,

Thy Church have adorned Thy Agonies, Saviour !
So beauteously, dear Lamb, for thee. Thy Wounds bloody fluices,
17. All Mis’ry and grieving,

Have fav'd us for ever
All care and Temptation,

From tears, and cries, and smart and
Tears, Suff'rings, and striving, sighs.
I'll damp with thy Passion :

Ne'er Shall thy Smart go from my 26. When thus thou had 't fufferd,

Bruis'd, lah'd, cut, and beaten, 18. Thy Blood-sweat, dear Saviour,

With wounds full, and fetter'd,
Rain on me, like Water;

And spit on and smitten ;
For all the world over,

With Thorus in scorn, thy head was
Nought can bless me better :

torn. O Sweatsdear food! O holy Blood! 27. From Crown and from Lashes, III.

Scourge, fetters, and pillar,
19. Thou unspotted Virgin,

Bonds, pavement, he washes
Thy tender chaste Body

With deep purple colour :
Was wounded with scourging; They all are made with Blood-drops

Torn, furrow'd, and bloody ; red!
Thy Flesh all o'er the whips made 28. Dear Heart of my own heart,

In this bloody manner, 20. O Lord, who hath ever

With all thy Thorn-crown's smart,
Thy dear Flesh embraced,

And shame, I thee honour:
And not of thy Favour

Thy love this thews, thou precious
In spirit well talted ?

Thy Flesh and Blood my daily Food! 29. O lovely Rose blooming,
21. A little Drop farting

With prickles ftuck over!
And springing from Jesus, Thy Colqur, perfuming
From all his wounds fmarting, And fweet imelling Savour,

My Heart moistens gracious : Shall after thee, draw daily me. :
Thus well I'm made, and comforted.

30. No pains hast thou spared,
22. But lo ! from the Shoulders

No Labour refused ;
A Blood-treasure cometh,

No Blood in thy dear Head,
Forc'd out by the soldiers,

(When that was so bruised)
And on the ground runneth : Hast thou wich-held ; it all was
what great Good flows in that

Blood !
23. Who, Lord, thy Love's bottom

31. Thro' Blood things in Heaven,

And Earth are made holy,
Hath known, or its Greatness ?

Made fruitful, forgiven
Who can thy Wounds fathom,
Or measure their deepness ?

And purified solely ;

And I thro'ye, ye Wounds, am free. Wounds, open ye, and take in me !


32. Midit



40. The Lamb yonder nailed, 32. Midft many beholders

No Blood will refuse us ;
His Cross he must carry;

It all must be spilled ;
When fresh o'er his Shoulders, His Love he thus thews us :

Beneath the Tree heavy, A four-fold Stream flows down from (His wounds renewid) roll'd down him. the Blood.

41. Now surely, whoever 33. From being so whipped,

Drinks this bloody Shower, His Raiment twice changed, Becomes like the Saviour ; His Flesh, from him stripped, For God's mighty Power, Now painfully clinged

In this Blood hid, to us 's convey'd. To what he wore,and core him more.

VII. 34. To Calvary's mountain

42. His Side's wound was given, His Cross bare the Saviour ; That by the Wounds-ladder, Who, tho' he fell often,

From earth we to heaven. Ne'er chang'd his Behaviour ; Might climb to the Father: But bore his pain with patient mien. This Wound divine yields oil and 35. His Footsteps all bloody,

wine. And painful, and num'rous, 43. For this holy River, He leaves us mark'd ruddy ; This Blood shed so freely,

Where, sweating and dolorous, O dear bloody Saviour ! He breathing went, quite tir'd and

My Heart I will sell thee; fpent.

Now yield benign, and I'll run in. VI.

44. Would't thou, Lamb unspotted, 36. He bitter Drink tasted,

Here hide me, I'd deeply When such they him offer'd ; Step into the Godhead, Then him they undrelled,

And lie in it sweetly.
Which meekly he suffer'd, Bury and rest me in thy Breast !
Heavy and faint, bloody and spent 45. From out the Side gracious
37. Stripp'd naked, and Mamed, The Blood-Wine proceedeth,
Before all the Soldiers;

And Body of Jesus,
He's nock'd and blafphemed Which unto Life feedeth
By all the Beholders;

Whorright frequent the Sacramenti Before his Eyes his Cross-beam lies.

46. The Wounds, which thee cover, 38. Just ready for Naughter,

The five of rose-colour, The Nail holes they bored,

Slew, when they ran over, While exquisite Torture

Sin, Death, and their Ruler ; He, lamb-like endured ; But bring usPeace : O Wells of gracef Dumb matt he bear the Pain fevere.

• Heb. ii. 14. 39. Yea, they throw him backward, 47. This holy Blood gives us His pain to make greater ;

God's Strength on occasion, So nail him, and naked,

Chears Pilgrims, and saves us ; 'Fore ev'ry Spectator;

Come then from each Nation, Then up they rear, and mock him Come, small and great, the Wounds there.

to greet!

48, Thou


my end,

48. Thou Blood be then greeted, An earthquake then the land endur'd, Which to us is given

A ftrange eclipfe the fun obscur'd. By him, who is leated

6. Down from the cross at eu'n fong O'er all things in Heaven :

hour Thou pow'rful Blood : thou Balsam He taken was, his strength and pow'r good!

Lay hidden in his Soul divine, Oil to refresh, and Bath to wath!


cine : 220.

Alas! the Crown of glory then

Lay under foot, the scorn of men. Patris Sapientia.

7. At compline hour, into the tomb He Father's Wisdom, Chrift's noble Corple ; embalm'd was

Was laid the Hope of life to come, Truth divine,

it, God-Man, at th' hour term'd matu- And truths foretold in holy Writ tine,

Accomplish d were; may all manWas feiz'd upon, and captive led ; kind Then straight his known disciples His cruel death bear ftill in mind. Aed :

8. These hours,and that which brings By Jews he was betray'd, and fold To persecutors manifold.

Into thy Heart, Lord, I commend, 2. Our Lord to Pilate's led at prime, (That heart, where, fince thy Mare Where being deeply charg'd of crime tyrdom, By false accusers ; impious hands There is for us both grace and room) Strike him,while hisere fast in bands, Take care of them, that I and mine They do bespit, in pure despight,

Both now and then may be found The Face of God, heav'ns gracious thine. light.

221. 3. At third, they crucify him cry, And, like a King, in mockery

Salve, mundi Salutare. They purple-robe him, while in scorn They crown his head with piercing sep mir tansendinal gegruffet.

thorn : Then, to the place of fatal pain,

Houland times by me be His shoulders do the Cross furtain.


greeted, 4. At fixth, they nailed to the cross Jesu, who hast loved me, Christ Jesus, who reputed was And thyself to fmart submitted A thief, like those he hung withal, For my Treasons against chee. His pain-bred thirst they quench O! to me how fweet it is, with gall :

When I kneel in humble wise Thus Thamefully deluded they 'Fore thee, and at thy Crofs tarty: The Lamb that takes our fins away. Where thou dy'dit my Soul to marry, s. At rinth, our Saviour took his end; 2. I embrace, yea kiss with relish And did to's Father recommend All thy Wounds so dolorous, His fpirit, (tho' Eli! first he cry'd) All the Scars which thee embellish, With spear a soldier pierc'd his Side: Whence my great falvation flows.


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O who can, thou Prince of Peace, How art thou grown lo fallow? Who didit thirst for our release,

Who has those gracious Eyes, Fully fathom all that's treasur'd Whose radiance knew no fellow, In thy Love's design unmeasur'd! Clouded in cruel wise ? 3, Heal me, O my soul's Phyfician, 3. Thy Cheeks so florid colour, Wherefoe'er I'm sick or sad:

Thy Lips once rosy grace,
All the Woes of my condition

Pale Death and heavy dolour
By thy Balsam be allay'd;

Did utterly deface:
All the Hurts which Adam wrought, Did thy whole Body wasted
Or which on myself I've brought.

To fach a state reduce,
If thy Blood me only cover,

That there it lay exhausted My diftrefs will soon be over. Of bloom, and strength, and juice. 4. Jesu, deep on my Heart's table, 4. Now, Lord, what thee tormented,

Deep thy bloody Wounds engrave; Was properly my Load !
That they may be memorable,

I had the Debt augmented,
And no minute my mind leave.

Which thou didit pay in Blood. Thou'rt indeed my highest Good,

Here stand I, blushing finner, End of all Solicitude :

On whom Wrath ought to light: Let me, at thy Feet abased, But now, my health's Beginner ! Be to taste thy Friendship raised.

Thy Grace salutes my fight. 5. Yes! these feet I'll clasp tenacious, 5. Affert me, my Preserver! Nor will more be dispofTeft:

My Shepherd, for me care ! On thy Supplicant look gracious,

How many, all Good's Giver, And the wishes of my breaft, To me thy benefits are ! Monarch of the cross so mild !

Thy Mouth, with words like honey Say, " Thy Prayer is fulfill'd,

And milk, hath me bedewod; *** All thy grief to joy is changed,

Thy Spirit with patrimony "I have all thy Sins expunged.

Of heav'nly joy endu'd.

6. I'll here with thee continue, 222.

(Tho'poor, despise me not)

I'm one of thy retinue :
Salve, cafut cruentatum!

As were I on the spot,
• Daupt voll blut und winden.

When, earning my election,

1 hy heartstrings broke in death,

l'll wait with soft affection, So full of pain and Scorn,

And catch thy latest Breath.
Midst other fore Abuses

7. It gives me folid pleasure,
Mock'd with a crown of Thorn ! My heart does not recoil,
O head, e'er now surrounded When I dive in some measure
With brightest Majesty,

Into thy Pangs and Toil;
Now pitiably wounded!

Yea, could I, my life's Founder ! Accept a kiss from me.

Upon thy Death and Cross 2. Thou Countenance transcendent, My own life lose, up render, At other times rever'd

How sweet would be that lors ? By worlds on thee dependent,

8. I thank thee with good reason, With Spittle now besmeard ! Jesu, Friend in need!

"O Head

fo full of braises


For thy Death's bitter season, I should have waded thro' this Sea To which thy love agreed,

of anguish, Grant me to lean anlhaken

which made thee languish. On thy Fidelity,

4. How highly wonderful is this Until from hence I'm taken

Proceeding! The Wounds themselves to see.

The Shepherd for his Sheep is free. 9. When I shall get permission

ly bleeding, To leave this mortal tent, The Mafter pays for Servants misbe. (From pains and griefs dismiffion) haviour, Thyself just then present ;

That loving Saviour ! And let my Mouth expiring

The good one dies, who ne'er one On thy dear Breast recline,

bad deed acted; And be true life acquiring

The wicked lives, who all the guilt From that pierc'd Heart of thine. contracted; 10. Appear as my Protector, Death's punishment the Man escapes, Who turns to joy all tears ;

(tho' filthy, My Flesh and Bone (no spectre)

And God's judg'd guilty. With all thy Cross's scars: 6. There is no good at all in my While I chy gentle Visage

whole Nature, Survey, how glad and

Sin has diffus'd its Shame thro' ev'ry Shall I receive the Message,

And let

cold. I had deserv'd eternal consternation

And Condemnation.

7. O boundless Love! O Love beQuid commififti ? &c.

yond expression,

Constraining thee to chuse such bitter Derzliebster Jela, was baß du verbro

passion! chen.

Whili I liv'd in the World's and Ear Jelo ! wherein wert thon

Sin's enjoyment, to be blamed,

Thou chuseft Torment. That a Death's fentence 'gainft thee 8. O greatelt King ! whose power is was proclaimed

unbounded, What is thy Crime? of what art How can thy Mercy be aright exchou accused,

pounded ? Whilft thos abused ? The depth's too great : th' eternal 2. I see thee scourg'd, plung'd in a

Love is crying sea of forrows

For Sinners dying! Beat in the Face, thy Back plow'd 9. My mind to trace its limits is too with deep furrows,

shallow, Thy Temples crown'd with thorns, Thy dying Love all other love does in mock'ry hailed,

swallow, To the Cross nailed.

No human heart can make thy love's 3. Why was thy Soul with hellith compaffion

Retaliation. pain surrounded? Alas, my Sins have thee, my Saviour



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