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4. The Good, where'er thy children And the most holy Blood thou'ft shed, dwell,

That help us out of all our Need. They do, no mortal tongue can tell,

Kyrie Eleison. Nor what their heav'nly Care pre- 3. This holy Corpse to Death a prey vepts,

Was giv'n, that we might live thereWhere they are bid to pitch their

by; tents.

No greater Love could he shew us, 5. Good Daniel found their benefit, Shall we to think of him refuse? When 'midst the lions forc'd to fit ;

Kyrie Eleison. The same enjoy'd the pious Lot;

4. Lord! thy strong love so press'd Deliv‘rance great was for him

thee hath, wrought.

Thy blood did spout a perfect Bath, 6. What did the three men in the Paid all the Debt we had incurr'd, flame,

And to God's favour us restor'd, Soon as their Guardian-angel came? Kyrie Eleison, Did not the Oven's devouring fire

5. God give us all his Blessing free, Resound with notes of heav'nly That we his Ways may walk, and choir ?

be 7. Thus God defends us day by day So firm in Blood-knit Faith and From many Mischiefs in our way, Love, By Angels, which do always keep. That from Blood-Cov'nant we ne'es A watchful eye, when we're alléep.

move. 8. O Lord, we'll bless thee all our

Kyrie Eleison. days;

6. Lord thy pure Spirit with us leave, Our foulthall glory in thy grace; To help us surely to conceive, Thy praise mall dwell upon our What thou for Christian people haft tongues,

Prepared in this bleft Repast. All saints and angels join our songs.

Kyrie Eleijon. 9. We pray thee, let their heav'nly hoft

235. Be guardians of our Land and coast, To keep thy little Flock in peace,

ach Gott, wle matches betzeleid, That we may lead a life of grace.

God, how many an anxious

hour 234•

Does to me here below occur ? Gott sey gelobet und gebenedeget.

Narrow's the Way I am to tread,

And with discouragements thick 1. A Y God be

spread. ador'd,

2. Where shall I turn, or how thee Who would to us such grace afford, leave? To eat and drink his Flesh and Jesu! to thee my Mind doth cleave: Blood;

With thee my Heart has always Evermore give it us, Lord God !

found Kyrie Eleison.

True Counsel, Comfort, Help, 2. 2. Thy finless Body void of blame, bound, So as from Mary's womb it came,



O houp

Mar God be praised and


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3. A Man of wonders, Lord, art Help me to conquer Flesh and blood, thou !

And make my Christian warfare good. Thy Person, office, this do thew;

13. Let in my heart Faith's candle Thou'rt, if thy character I scan,

shine, He who, when God, became a Man, That I in Death and Life be thine. 4. And thro' his Death amazingly Jefu, my Joy, hear this request ! Us from perdition did set free. Ah, were I with thee! for that's best. My God, in whom such Virtues meet,

Bern, To me thy Name is great and sweet.

236. 5. There can be no fuch fore dismay, Tesu dulcis memoria, (Jubilus Ber. Which thy sweet name can't counter.

nardi. weigh :

9 Jesu Culs! wer dein gedenkt. No Mis’ry to that pitch can swell, That thy rich Comforts won't dispel.

Weet Jesu! when I think on 6. Tho' mind and body faint and

thee, fail,

My heart for joy doth leap in me; This, my Undoing I won't call :

Thy bleft Remmebrance yields de. Whilft I have Thee, I have howe'er

light, What me eternally can chear. But far more sweet will be thy Sight. 7. Thine am I both in flesh and soul, 2. Of him, who did Salvation bring, Can fin or death now me controul ? I could for ever think and sing : I on a Faithfulness do lean,

When with his name I'm charm'd Beyond what's found in mortal Men. 8. Whose heart's inflam'd with faith I wish myself all ear and tongue. and love,

3. The joy's too great, I must conThe truth of what I say, will prove. fess, Indeed I've often us'd this word, I feel a bliss I can't express; That had I not thy Friendship’s | Thy Love, my Saviour, ne'er can hoard,

cloy, 9. I'd wish myself this moment dead, Fountain of bliss and Source of joy. Or rather never born or bred:

4. Oh! let me ever share thy grace, 'Midst nature's best Vivacity, Still taste thy love and view thy face; He's a dead man, who has not thee. Still let my tongue resound thy Name, 10. When in great straits I pray or And Jesus be my constant theme. sing,

5. For tho' I can't words worthy Some hidden Joy does in me spring ; speak, And thy good Spirit confirms, that Yet stop my tongue, my heart will

this Foretaste of Life eternal is.

For when thy charms croud in my 11. Hence am I willing to sustain, mind, While here, my little lot of pain :

I burst unless a vent I find. Whereby, Lamb, I thy Liv'ry wear; 6. Bleis’d Jesus, what delicious fare, It works for good too, I see clear. How sweet thy entertainments are ! 12. Help me my race with full effect Never did angels taste above To run, and in a Line direct : Redeeming Grace and dying love.

K 3

in song;


7. For

He gave

7. For us his Flesh with nails was 15. View well his face and winning torn,

charms, He bore the scourge, he felt the thorn; And fly with speed into his arms ! And Justice pour'd upon his Head His mercy is beyond compare; Its heavy vengeance, in our stead. His love exceeds our with and pray's. 8. For us his vital Blood was spilt, 16. His praise whene'er we strive to To buy the pardon of our guilt ;

tell, When, for black crimes of biggest Our pens must flag, our tongues must size,

fail. his soul a Sacrifice,

Where'er I am, where'er I move, 9. Ye hearts of stone, come melt to

I meet the Object of my love. fce

17. Against its charms I can't be That this was done for you and me!

proof; His griefs procur'd that we're for- Ah! who that loves can have enough? giv'n,

Christ is to me a pleasing Feast; And on his blood we swim to heav'n. They Jesus love, who Jesus taste. 10. To hame our fins, he blush'd in 18. Of this his love who's once a blood;

taste, He clos'd his eyes, to sew us God : Will thirst for more, his thirst will Let all the world fall down and know last; That none but God such love could But they thrice happy lovers prove, Thew.

Whose hearts are fill'd with Jesu's 11. His love with mutual warmth pursue ;

19. To thee I'll be for ever join'd, Burn for hiin, as he fam'd for you ; Joy of my heart, Joy of my mind ; Love should retorns of Love inspire, Of thee I'll think, of thee I'll boast; And his bright flames set us on fire. Who fav'd the World, won't see me 12. Doth fin and sorrow wound thy

loft. soul ?

20. Come all, and fast to Jesus cleave, The balm of Christ will make you Let's follow close, ne'er Jesus leave; whole;

Both Hearts and tongues to Jesus His grace but ask and 'twill be giv'n, raise, He’V raise and turn your hell to Who_fav'd us, well deserves our heav'a.

Praise. 13. If dismal clouds the mind affright, His beams clear up the mournful

237, night. Arise, ye guilty ; he'll forgive : Arise, ye poor ; for he'll relieve.

Jesu, Deiner zu gedenken. 14. O wondrous Jesu! greatest King!


to ring;

Thou conquer'ft all, below, above, ing:
Dire fiends with force, and mep But what heav'nly Food and drink.
with love.

Does thy Presence as afford ?


The same.

The world doth with thy triumphs: Juils with Joy and tender link

2. To a penitent, most chearing ; 12. We thy Tafte can be deriving, When we weep, a Part still bearing; Thy Smell we can be perceiving : Gentle, at our each appearing

When sense outward us is leaving, 'Fore him ; is my martyr'd Friend. Yet our Love Thall still enjoy. 3. Jesu! sweetness never wasting, Satisfaction everlasting!

238. All that man can elfe be tasting, Is despis'd, when thou art known.

Pange lingua. 4. Saviour, let me be thus blessed,

Ing, O my tongue, devoutlysing Till thy Glory unexpressed

And of that precious Blood, the King I hereafter shall behold.

Of nations poured forth, to free 5. To be drunk with Love's defire, The world from a disagrous doom : Warm'd with thy Life's sparks of noblest Fruit of blessed womb! Fire,

2. On us bellow'd, for us by birth Yea be sunk in Thee entire ; He from a Virgin did proceed; This I long for, this alone.

And being conversant on Earth, 6. Thy great love is quite unbounded; Till he had sown the Gospel's feed, And mine, nought from Thee shall | The time of his prolonged tay bend it ;

He clos'd in an admired way. Deep in my heart art thou grounded 3. He on the final Supper night

As th'eternal Tree of Life. Among his brethren taking scat, 7. Love ! I like, thee to be loving; And well observing th'ancient Rite

Thereto I'm from all fides driven; Touching the Law's prescribed meat, I'll all else in earth or heaven Gave to the Twelve, his chosen band, From me sep’rate, ev'n myself. Himself for Food with's proper

hand. 8. Whate'er place my lot is cast in, 4. Th'incarnate Word, by words he 1'll to seek my Shepherd haften,

said, And when found with joy will falten; | Made to be Flesh substantial Bread,

Happy, when but him I keep! And Wine the Blood of Christ was 9. Then a thousand times I'll greet

made, him,

Tho' sense found nothing altered : And he shall me quite thro'-sweeten ; This to confirm in Hearts fincere, O how will I cling about him!

There needs no more, if faith be Ah, when shall this rightly be?

there. 10. O that bleft and happyGlowing, 5. To this great Sacrament therefore (Who its fiery force is knowing ?) Let's give the Veneration due ; When one draws the friend into For now the ancient Rite no more him !

Takes place, but yields it to the new; There's a fupper for the soul. Let Faith in Jesus Christ fupply 11. Jesu, than the fun far brighter,

The Senses insuficiency.
Gifs, than life itself much better ;
Tis of a balsamic Nature,
What guhd from thee, deareft
Heart !

K 4




2. Thou art the fund we live upon,

The Science we're pursuing;
Præmia qui ut meritis, &c.

And ev'ry new returning fun

Is faith's bleft tie renewing. IT Hou, who to punish fin wert Look only with thy gentle eye, 1 flow,

Our Senses search, and if thou spy, Beyond Man's merit gracious ! Purge too each wrong Adhesion, Gifts on th'unworthy to bestow, 3. Vouchsafe us still to persevere,

Did suit God's Heart capacious. As from fin's ftain so dismal Our Fall had sunk us deep in shame, We thro' thy Blood arrayed were

But grace abounds much higher ; In Purity Baptismal : Praise rises, 'midst the creature's O may we run our total race blame,

In freshest odour of that Grace, To thee our Justifier.

Till we shall see the Giver. 2. O Love, which with parental care

Prudentius. To our concerns attended !

241. O Goodness, which from glory's chair,

At Meat. To serve its Slave descended !

Ithout thee, Lord, is nothing How can I e'er that Cross's love,

Which still busas on, compensate? No viands could we chearful eat, Might only my poor heart not prove Were they by faith not fanctify'd Towards such Flame insensate.

(As all things,) and thy love there 3. As under dark corruption's yoke

spyd. My breast ere now hath groaned, i 2. o Christ! an influx have ev'n Thy Name, who notice of me took, Be in it now enthroned :

Our common human Character, 1 And when my Race of Life is run,

And all Acts incident to Man, My Sprt to thee gather ;

To rule and hallow don't disdain. Be to it, which from thee begun,

Idem: Not as a Lord, but Father,


Evening Hymn. 240.

'Hen at the hour of sleep Morning Hymn.

To thy clean Bed thou

7E nor to heap up wealth do Thy Heart intruft to keep

With him whom thou well knoweft.
Nor Rhet'rick's wiles to study, He doth the whole engross ;
In human feuds no share we take :

In one majestic Reit, Thee, Chrift! in figure bloody, The merit of his Cross Thee, Friend of souls ! alone we For ever seals thy breast.

know, With grateful Psalms before thee 2.Strange dreams can have no place,

Nor can that Serpent crooked, bow,

Tho' thousand arts he has, And (pen i our days adoring. One moment here be broaked :




We wake,

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