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(51) H


God reigneth over the heathen: Then will I teach tranfgreffors thy God fitteth upon his holy feat. ways: and sinners shall be convert.

The princes of the people are ed unto thee. joined unto the people of the God Deliver me from blood-guiltiness, of Abraham: for the shields of the O God, thou that art the God of my earth belong unto God; he is great- health : and my tongue shall sing of ly exalted.

thy righteousness.

O Lord, open thou my lips: and 22.

my mouth shall shew forth thy praise. Ave

mercy upon me, o For thou desirelt not sacrifice, else

God, after thy great would I give it: but thou delightest goodnels : according to the multi- not in burnt-offerings. tude of thy mercies, do away mine Thesacrifices of God are a broken offences.

spirit: a broken and contrite heart, Wash me throughly from mine Ò God, thou wilt not despise. iniquity and cleanse me from my Do good in thy good pleasure unfin.

to Zion, build thou the walls of JeFor I acknowledge my transgres- rusalem: then shalt thou be pleased sions : and my sin is ever before me. with the sacrifices of righteousness.

Against thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight : that thou mightest be justified in thy say. (76) TN Judah is God known : ing, and clear when thou art judged. his name is great in Israel.

Behold, I was shapen in iniquity: At Salem is his tabernacle : and and in sin did my mother conceive his dwelling-place in Zion.

There brake he the arrows of the But lo, thou requirest truth in the bow: the field, the sword and the inward parts : and in the hidden battle. Selah. part thou shalt make me to know Thou art of more honour and wisdom.

might than their hills : the proud Purge me with hyffop, and I shall are robbed, they have flept their be clean : wah me, and I Mall be sleep, and none of the men of might whiter than snow.

have found their hands. Make me to hear joy and glad. At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, ness: that the bones which thou both the chariot and horse are cart halt broken, may rejoice.

into a dead sleep: thou, even thou, Hide thy face from my sins: and art to be feared, and who may

stand blot out all my misdeeds.

in thy sight when thou art angry? Create in me a clean heart, O Thou didft cause judgment to be God: and renew a right spirit with- heard from heaven, the earth feared in me.

and was still : when God arose to Caft me not away from thy pre- judgment, and to help all the meck sence: and take not thy holy Spirit upon earth. Selah. from me.

Surely the fierceness of man shall O give me the comfort of thy help turn to thy praise : the remainder of again

: and stablish me with thy free wrath shalt thou restrain. fpirit, .



(80) G

Vow, and pay unto the LORD Turn us again, O God of hosts : your God : let all that be 'round cause thy face to shine, and we shall about him, bring presents unto him be saved. that ought to be feared.

25. He fall refrain the spirit of princes :. and is wonderful among (82) Ggregation of the mighty:

OD ftandeth in the con. che kings of the earth.

he judgeth among the gods. 24.

I have said, ye are gods, and all

of you are children of the most "Ive ear, O fhepherd of high : but ye shall die like men.

Ifrael, thou that leadelt Arise, O God, and judge thou Joseph like a flock : thou that dwel. the earth: for thou shalt take all left between the cherubims, 'fhine nations to thine inheritance, forth. Before Ephraim, Benjamin and

26. Manafeb : ftir up thy strength, and come and help us.

) , thou Turn us again, O God : fhew the light of thy countenance, and we brought back the captivity of Jacob. Thall be whole.

Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of Thou haft brought a vine out of thy people: thou haft covered all Egypt: thou haft cast out the hea. their fin. Selah. then, and planted it

Wilt thou not revive us again ; Thou preparedst room before it: that thy people may rejoice in thee? and didft cause it to take deep root, Shew us thy mercy, O Lord; and and it filled the land.

grant us thy lalvation. The hills were covered with the I will hear what God the Lord shadow of it: and the boughs there will speak ; for he will speak peace of were like the cedars of God. unto his people, and to his faints,

She sent out her boughs unto the that they turn not again unto folly. sea : and her branches unto the river, Surely his falvation is nigh them :

Return, we beseech thee, O God that fear him. of hofts : look down from heaven, That glory may dwell in our behold and visit this vine,

land : mercy and truth are met to. And the vineyard which thy right gether, righteousness and peace have hand hath planted, and the branch killed each other. that thou madett Atrong for thyself : Truth shall flourish out of the it is burnt with fire, it is cut down. earth: and righteoufness shall look

Let thy hand be upon the man of down from heaven. thy right hand : upon the son of Yea, the Lord fall fhew lovingman whom thou madest strong for kindness: and our land shall give her, thine own self.

increase. So will not we go back from thee: Righteousness shall go before him: Q let us live, and we hall call up- and thall set us in the way of his on thy name.


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(87) He


Because thou hast made the LORD,

which is my refuge, even the mot ‘ER foundations are upon High: thy habitation; the holy hills : The

There fhall no evil befall thee: *Lord loveth the gates of Zion, more neither shall any plague come nigh than all the dwellings of Jacob.

thy dwelling: Glorious things are spoken of For he fall give his angels charge thee : O city of God. Selah.

over thee, to keep thee in all thy I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon : (behold Philiftia, and their hands, left thou dash thy foot

ways: they shall bear thee up in Tyre, with Ethiopia,) this man was

against a stone. born there. And of Zion it shall be said, This adder : the young lion and the dra

Thou shalt go upon the lion and and that man was born in her : and the Highest himself thall eltablish gon shalt thou tread under thy feet. her.

The Lord shall count, when he Because he hath set his love upon writeth

the people :

that this

me, therefore will I deliver him : I man was born there. Selah. As well the fingers as the play. known my name.

will set him on high, because he hath ers on instruments fhall be there :

He shall call upon me, and I will all my springs are in thee.

answer him ; I will be with him in!

trouble : I will deliver him, and 28.

bring him to honour. ) E that dwelleth in the

With long life will I satisfy him : secret place of the most and thew him my salvation. High, fhall abide under the shadow of the Almighty : I will say of the

29. LORD, He is my refuge and my fortrefs, my God, in him will I trust. (92) IT is a good thing to give

Surely he shall deliver thee from thanks unto the Lord, and the snare of the hunter : and from to sing praises unto thy name, O the noisom peftilence.

most High: To few forth thy He shall cover thee with his fea- loving kindness in the morning, and thers, and under his wings shalt thy faithfulness every night. thou trust : his faithfulness and truth For thou, Lord, haft made me shall be thy shield and buckler. glad through thy works : I will tri

Thou shalt not be afraid for the umph in the operations of thy hands. terror by night: nor for the arrow O Lord, how great are thy works! that flieth by day ;

thy thoughts are very deep. For the pestilence that walketh in An unwise man doth not well darkness : nor for the fickness that consider this : and a fool doth not destroyeth in the noon day.

understand it. A thousand shall fall at thy fide, But thou, LORD : art the molt and ten thousand at thy right hand: High for evermore. but it shall not come nigh thee. For lo, thine enemies, O Lord,



lo, thine enemies shall perish : and The sea is his, and he made it : all the workers of iniquity shall be and his hands prepared the dry land, scattered.

O come, let us worship and fall But my horn shalt thou exalt like down : and kneel before the Lord the horn of an unicorn : I shall be our Maker. anointed with fresh oil.

For he is the Lord our God: and The righteous shall flourish like we are the people of his pafture, and the palm-tree : he hall grow like a the Sheep of his hand. cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house

32. of the Lord : Thall flourish in the courts of our God.

(97) JEHOVAH reigneth, let the - They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat, and titude of the isles be glad thereof: green : To fhew that the Lord is righteousness and judgment are the faithful ; he is my rock, and there habitation of his throne. is no unrighteousness in him.

The heavens declare his righte1

ousness, and all the people fee his 30.

glory : Worship Him, all ye gods.

Zion heard, and was glad : and HE LORD reigneth, he the daughters of Judah rejoiced, be7

is cloathed with majesty: cause of thy judgments, O Lord. The Lord is cloathed with strength

For thou, Lord, art high above wherewith he hath girded himself; all the earth : thou art exalted far the world also is ftablished, that it above all gods. cannot be moved.

Ye that love the Lord, see that Thy throne is established of old : ye hate the thing which is evil : He Thou art from everlasting.

preserveth the souls of his saints, he Thy testimonies are very sure : Thall deliver them from the hand of Holiness becometh thine house, o the ungodly. Lord, for ever.

Light is sown for the righteous :

and gladness for the upright in 31.


Rejoice in the Lord, ye rightecome, let us sing unto the ous : and give thanks for a remem


(93) T

(95) O .

with thanksgiving : and few our- (99) The people never to im.

joice in the strength of our salvation.

33. Let us come before his presence

, be selves glad in him with psalms.

For the Lord is a great God : patient : he fitteth between the cheand a great king above all gods. rubims, be the earth never so un

In his hand are all the corners of quiet. the earth : and the Strength of the The Lord is great in Zion : and hills is his also.

high above all people.


Let them praise thy name, which So the heathen shall fear the is great, wonderful, and holy : the name of the Lord, and all the kings king's power loveth judgment, thou of the earth thy majesty : when the haft prepared equity

Lord shall build up Zion, he shall oʻmagnify the Lord our God, appear in his glory, and worship at his footstool : for he He will regard the prayer of the is holy.

destitutę : and not despise their de Mofés and Aaron among his priests, fire. and Samuel among such as call upon This shall be written for the ge. his name : these called upon the neration to come : and the people! Lord, and he heard them.

which shall be created, shall praise, Thou answeredit them, O Lord the Lord. our God : thou wast a God that for For he hath looked down from gavest them, though thou tookest the height of his fanctuary, from vengeance.

heaven did the Lord behold the Exalt the Lord our God, and earth : to hear the groaning of such worship him upon his holy hill : for as are in captivity, to loose those the Lord our God is holy.

that are appointed to death ;

That they may declare the name 34.

of the Lord in Zion, and his praise

in Jerusalem ; when the people are (100) o la fin des Lands : serve the domis

, to ferve the Lord. be joyful in the Lord, gathered together, and the kingLord with gladness, come before his Thou, Lord, in the beginning haft presence with singing.

laid the foundation of the earth : Know ye, that the Lord he is and the heavens are the work of God : ic is He that hath made us, thy hands. and not we ourselves; we are his

They shall perish, but Thou shalt people, and the sheep of his pafture. endure : They all shall wax old

Enter into his gates with thanks like a garment; as á vesture shalt giving, and into his courts with thou change them, and they shall praife : be thankful unto him, and be changed. 1peak good of his name.

But Thou art the same : and thy For the Lord is gracious, his years shall havę po end. mercy is everlasting : and his truth

The children of thy servants shall endureth from generation to gene- continue : and their seed shall be ration.

eltablished before thee. 35.

36. (102) HOU shalt arise, and

have mercy upon Zimme (107) O Lord

, for he is good :

for the time to favour her, yea, the set time is come.

for his mercy endureth for ever. And why? thy servants think up Let them give thanks, whom the on her stones : and it pitieth rhein Lord hath redeemed : and gathered to see her in the dust.

them out of the lands, from the


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