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" Depart, this is Christ's house ! The Soul thou'st ransom'd by thy “ 'Fore whom thy force must blood, melt;

Unite with thee th'eternal Good. “ By thee, e'er fince his Woes,


To God the Father, and the Son, " Such nemesis is felt.”

Who wears his Father's brightest 3. But Thou, believer ! lay

Thy Limbs in order decent, And to the Spirit of his grace,
Relax the weary clay ;

Be highest majesty and praise.
Yet let the signs be recent,
Which speak it Christ's Abode :

In this half-sever'd state,
Our Soul shall keep her road, so (chlafen 'wir im Namen dein.
On him ftill meditate.

TE are thy Heritage indeed, Idem.

Purchas's by thee, when 243

thou didst bleed : Cbrifle, qui lux es & dies. This was thy Father's firm decree,

When all our souls he gave to thee. Chrift, der du bitt tag und licht.

2. So we in thy blest Name now HRIST, everlasting Source Пеер, , of light,

Because the Angels the watch keep. All things lie naked in thy fight ; The blessed holy Trinity, Thou Splendor of thy Father's face, Be praised to eternity. Teach us to tread the paths of grace. 2. We come t'implore thy sov'reign

245 might, To keep thy Flock this instant night Deus, ignee fons animarum. From all the wiles of th'enemy,

Hou fiery Source of souls, O Father of eternity.

great King ! 3. Remove our finful drowsiness ; Two Substances thou joinedit, Shield us, when Satan would oppress; A living and a dying thing - The fleeble flesh keep chaste and Thy creature Man thus

coinedit : pure,

2. Both parts are thine, when sepa. And let us rest in Thee secure.

rate ; 4. And when our eyes are bound in And thine, when in conjunction ; sleep,

By thy Decree they vegetate, The lamp of faith still burning keep; And keep up vital function. And, oh, sustain us while we reft, 3. But when they're sever'd, it dir. And fin remove, so are we blest.

folves 5. Great Guardian of thy Christian What we call Man at present; 1 flock,

The Body then to earth devolves, Thy presence be our saving rock ; The Soul with God lives pleasant. Thy Agony and bloody sweat

4. This death, good Lord ! thou from Be our support in ev'ry Strait.

thy own 6. Forget not, Lord, the pain and Intendeft to abolish; woe,

Making a Resurrection known, That faft pursue us here below : 'Spite of resistance hellish.



5. See


5. See we the body lie a while What's here intrusted, cherith :

Senseless and void of honour; It is a precious human Shape, The fame in sparkling Life will Relicks that shall not perish. smile,

11. The house of such a Soul 't has Beyond the former tenour.

been, 6. Ages will come, when warmth Breath'd by the great Creator ; again

Wisdom and Flame have dwelt Shall fill the Tent deserted;

therein A glow and strength, which no more Of Christ th’Illuminator.

12. Thou cover the committed clay! Be by Decays subverted,

The Potter's mild remembrance 7. Why then. survivors ! do you moan Will sure require another day With unbelieving Dirges?

What bore his own Resemblance. What wifely is contriv'd and done, 13. But whilst the mould'ring Body

Your Grief with error charges. 8. Let therefore all repinings cease ; Lord, art to Honour shaping,

Why should to blind resentment Whither doft thou appoint to go Ev'n Mothers o'er their Babes give

The Soul from thence escaping? place,

14. In thy Words, Chrift! we place Since death is life's Amendment ? belief, 9. Thus shrivel'd seeds, dead and Who, when thou death o'erthrew.

forgot, Break thro' the ground with Ver In thy retinue took'st the Thief, dure,

Where thou a passage knewest. Exhibiting upon the spot

15. The lucid path of Paradise Their Plant in pristine order. Is to Believers open'd ; 10. Now, Earth! receive, and in thy Which, else the Sword to man denies lap

Since what in Eden happen'd.



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2. Hecame poor mankind for to fave,

And forbad Sin it fill t'enslave, Lov Cey dem allmachtigen Gott, Us in his truth and Goodness met,

And to celestial glory led. Raise be to that almighty God, 3. What Grace, what great benevo

Who so much Picy for us had, lence, That he permitted his own Son What Meekness, what kind counteTo leave his high majeltic throne.

nance !

God • In canendi fudio nefcio annor Ecclefiæ fratrum Bobemicorum fuperent reliquas omges. Neque enim fcio, qui plus, aut tantum etiam, canant laudum, grariarum, precum, & deftring : addam, qui meliùs, Efrom Rudiger in proæmio lib, 2. Paraph. Pfalm.

'L n’moully

God does a Work, no angel can

247. It praise enough, much less a man. 4. God takes on him our Nature base, Lasst uns froelich und eintrachtig,&c. Creator dwells in creature's cafe: He suffers a poor Woman's heart

ET us fing joyful and unaHumanity to him t'impart.

, God's W'ord from all eternity,

And pass our time right happily, şi He incarnates in chastity ;

With Things divine us edify. The Alpha and Omega, he

2. God's Word hath been in the Takes upon him our Misery.

divine Effence,
6. What is Man, and what are his Before any thing did commence ;

Of which John gives intelligence.
That God for him his Son will needs 3, This Word is the true God and
Give up; what ground had we or


's own Son, claim

Th'only begotten in th'higheftthrone, Thus t'interest the God supreme ?

This testifies the third Person; 7. Unhappy.folk ! who flighting thee, 4. First by the Prophets dear and the Scorn thy Good-will continually,

Pfalmifts, Nor listen to the Son his Voice;

Then also by th'Evangelists The rod divine is but their choice.

Elected, whose Word till exists. 8. Man, why so void of sense dort 5. Let us trust the Father and the prove,

Spirit, Towords thy King's Entry not to And on their Word ground our Faith move,

right, When he comes with humility,

Till there we have it all in sight. And serveth thee fo faithfully! 6. For now our Reason is by far too 9. Receive him well this very day,

weak, Yield him to thy Heart a free way,

It cannot such deep matters take, So will he come to take his Place,

And this is so for Adam's fake. And let thy heart enjoy his grace. 7. Now God's Son is come, whom 10. Submit this Wisdom reason's they did expect, pow'r

Took a Body and Soul perfect In this so precious Grace's hour;

For th'benefit of his elect; Thy righteous works submit and 8. Hath humbled himself deep by his thee

Manhood, - To his primeval Sanctity.

Without leff’ning by't his Godhead, u. To the Lord God in Father's And tasted our Weakness and need. throne,

9. O man, behold the Son's great And likewise to his only Son,

Worthiness, To th'holy Ghost in unity,

How to him with deep lowliness All Praise and Honour ever be! Angels their reverence express.

10. The heav'nly Host do ierve him

and obey,
His word's obey'd by wird and sea,
He's dreaded much by th'Enemy.

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11. He tafted sorrow and great po-, Set him open all Gates, verty,

Follow Christ his di&tates, But did it all to favour thee, When he by Word and Writ And to damp Satan's tyranny.

Comes, thee to inhabit. 12. His witnesses declare him unto 5, His Love so amazing thee,

Effectually praising,
That thou may's find out, it is he Always for thy Lord's sake,
Who pardons thy Iniquity.

Thyself ftir, in Heart wake, 13. Tho' he may seem to thee quite Till all thy Demeanour meanly now,

Gives him solid pleasure. Yet is he very pow'rful too 6. Prov'it thou a good Warrior? With many Gifts thee to endow. He'll protect thy Career, 14. Jesu! who haft been from Mary Give ease to thy Conscience born,

For thy peace's maint'nance, By thee now thine elect are borne, To get the prize-money That they may never be forlorn.

Bear thee testimony. 15: Grant that they be renewed in-7. For the present suffer, wardly,

Self-will follow never ;
That they by faith betroth'd to thee, On allgsides from Satan
May joy here and eternally.

Harrass'd, ne'er be beaten ;
Great good it will do thee,

To be found on Duty:

8. Then thou wilt be happy,

From all anguilh kept be: By en ccben-tind, mert eben. Then, close to Him tied,

Thou'lt be glorified ;

In thy princely
When he did his only Son
Send from the majestic Throne,

9. Happy he whom God takes, Suffer'd him to go on

Spirit's Light in him wakes;

Who believes his Saviour, With his Incarnation ?

With a kind Behaviour 2. He should, by thee once heard,

Serves him by his free choice;
Make thee his own Convert; Such one may well rejoice.
For thy Trespass dying,
For thy pardon crying,

10. Well then, come dear Master ! By his fervent praying

Make us go on faster, Grace to thee conveying.

Doing all thy Heart's-with:

Then exchange this earthish, 3. That thou by his Spirit

For that House, where praising
Comfort might'st inherit;

Thee, will be unceasing.
That he by his Scripture
Might procure thee nurture,
And reside in thine Heart
Without any one smart.
4. To that Spirit yield thee,

249. And do what he will'd thee;

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GOA's Sur fonts befriending,



8. Now we beg, Lord Jesus, 249.

Inly fo dispose us,

That each may be ever
Gottes Bohr If kommen. Found a true Believer,

His Course here so finish,

To Life endless vanilh. Here on Earth walk'd humble,

250. And in Figure simple, From fin to release us,

Freu dich heut o Jerusalem, &c. Which did so oppress us.

Ejoice this day, Jerufalen, 2. He comes ev'n at present,

Church chosen by God and Reads Mankind this lesson,

the Lamb That from Sin converted,

(Hallelujah) They to Him true-hearted,

Joy in God thy Lord his name ! Should no more in folly,

2. Who so much good to thee hath But in Truth walk wholly.

done, 3. They who of this Master

And sent his well beloved Son Not alham'd, now faster

To thee from his highest throne : To him to be joined,

3. That he might say each enemy, Are thro' Faith inclined,

Sin, world and Satan : and that he Find their former finning

Bind himself ever to thee. Cleans'd at the beginning.

4. Whereby thou, cleans'd and bleft 4. He hides with his Mantle ;

indeed, Then by facramental

And from the evil Conscience freed, Rites in him to build them,

Mightest in his work proceed. He for Food does yield them 5. So hearken, o Jerufalem, His own Self, O wonder !

Thy God, sweeter than th' honeyLove's invention tender !

comb, 5. Those who at no distance Visiting to thee does come. Stay, bat get Consistence

6. Thy spirit he will right renew, Ja him, and in Walking,

Betroth thee to himself a-new, Their sole Object make him ;

Nor repent that he did so. Such at their Departure,

7. He will be thine intirely, Fly to him with rapture.

And thou his faithful Bride shalt be 6. For, not long deferred,

Quite without hypocrisy. Comes their end desired,

8. He'll tell thee of great Mysteries, When from all vexation

He will let thee behold his Face, He'll grant Relaxation, And their Soul will solace

And quite friendly thee embrace. Palace.


O take him, O receive him now, 7. From whence he moreover

in thy heart to him rest allow,

And that which he bids thee, do. Will come, on clouds hover, And from Caves of flumber

10. If thou his cov’nant right dost Summon the whole number

hold, : Of the dead, t'adore him,

And doft in his Love not grow cold; Low as King before him.

He'll give thee gifts manifold,

In that upper

ii. Give

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