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11. Give thee the living Drink and According as 'twas promised. Meat,

On earth he sojourn'd, and began Bestow on thee his kindness great, To serve and teach the will of God, That thou may'st praise him com- Sought to convert poor sinful Man, pleat.

And bruis'd the Devil with his rod. 12. Whatever thy desire may be, 3. He said to us forlorn and weak : He faithfully will give to thee, * From Bondage I will set you free, And thee also glorify.

Your Cause a happy turn shall take, 13. That thou with his angels fla

" I'll wrestle for you earnestly; niing,

* For you I'll give my Life and soul; May'st fing chearful, when him “For you I'll fin and death o'er. naming

throw; (Hallelujal)

“ For you I'll Satan's power controul, Ever and ever, Amen.

“ And teach you Me the Life to

“ know. 251.

4. “ Come, all who feel your Misery,

" Come here all ye who grief have Gott nahın an fich unsre, &c.

“ known !

" Surrender up yourselves to me, The Maker a Creature's limb, And unites the Manhood

“ With meat and drink your Souls With the sublime Godhead :

supply, He hath made the devil fall,

Feed as my Sheep, true rest be. That no longer he enthrall God's own generation,

" And never from you turn my eye. His elected nation.

5. Now hearken, children! mark Luke x. 18.

and see

What Jesus is, and does, and says ; 252.

And turn from all your Enmity,

From all your proud and hurtfulways: Gott lah zu seiner zeit.

Let Jesus lead you safely home,

Let him his Work begin and end,
THen the due time had taken

Let him incline your will to come,
God look'd upon the fons of Men,

And he will ever be your Friend. Saw them a finful curled race,

6. Ah! come Lord Jesus, hear our Perverse, polluted and unclean :

pray's, Yet did he on his Oath reflect, Thou worthy Son of God most high! Which to the fathers he had sworn,

Our hearts and all our souls prepare, And to the prophets, his elect,

That we may to thy Mercy fly ; And did from Wrath to Love's That we may all believe on thee, thoughts turn.

And on thy Fleih and Blood may

feed, 2. At once did this

Work be-

True members of thy Body be,
The Word eternal, Flesh was made,

For ever join'd to thee our Head. (Conceiv'd without original fin)

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Come now, O Lord Jesu,

254. Come, worthy Son of God! Bring to that blest issue

Cin' neue bayn. Our Hearts, before thee bow'd,

New King's Way od

May we believing steady,
Into Thee embody,

can say
Feed always on thy Merit,

We have to life eternal :
Thus breath forth our spirit,

'Tis God's own Son from th' highest
Endless joy t'inherit,


Life's Light, and Way internal. oul 253

* Jam. ii. 8. 'er

2. Our doings poor were blots before Jefu Chrifte Qeydet Licht, ec. God's Majeity and greatness :

But now our crown is God's dear to 1. Jesu Christ the Gentiles light, Son,

Who haft a new Star bright Hear him! said th' heav'nly WitThro thy power prepard, which

ness. Thone And in Heath'nism was known

3. He op'd the Path ; till his last

breath, By wife Men, who thee sought

As Man, his Father's pleasure
And along with them brought
Gold, myrrh, frankincense, to give it

In fanctity fulfilled he,
At Betbl' hem arrived ;

And that in perfect measure.
Where a little Babe they found thee, 4, His Will and mind, Words in
A few rags tied round thee,

their kind, They fell down and honour'd thee

And Deeds did with the Godhead With some Presents precious,

Agree always; his Father's praise That thou them especially

With fervent Pray'r he study'd. Mightft remember gracious.

His Parents here he did revere, 2. Appear to all th' elected,

Tho' God's Son ever-blessed ;
Gladden the distressed :

Duty, esteem, he paid to them,
Let rise the bright star of thy Word

Their weakness not despised. To all that want it, Lord !

6. The Magistrate he did not hate, That they may enter in

But paid him his due Honour ; Thy House! and shun all Sin, Aflerted clear, how Rulers wear And avoid all that is evil,

God's Image, serve his banner. And renounce the Devil,

7. In general, his Life was all That they may be ever ready

To Mankind's Good devoted ; n! To bear thy Yoke gladly,

To friends, yea those who were his Body, Soul, wealth, honour give


He did no ill, nor thought it.
And with all their powers cleave 8. By him no face contemned was ;

To thee, Life eternal !

He succour'd' all when Needy (A pattern true for us to view)

In straits of Soul, or Body.

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€, Unto thy disposal,

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9. In Purity persisted he,

7. O Jefu ! help that we may hail Chaste, modeft and abstemious; thee, Uncomely Mien at no time feen, And Thew our Faith in thee effcctu Nor bare Defire in him was.

ally yo. His Glory this ! no man's but And feed upon thee constantly. his;

8. To thy hands we ourselves deliver, Never to have offended

Lead us according to thy Will ever, By deed, or slip of speaking lip. That we may end well, O Saviour !

Our boast of Him's well grounded. 9. That we here in thy truth may 11. This only Man doth all sustain ; praise thee,

God's self is with Him pleased : And also there in bright Eternity, His Church is on this Corner stone Sing forth thy praise

inceffantly. With full assurance raised.

256. 255.

Beweinen wir nach Celnem rath. Wunderlich Ding bat ûch ergangen, &c.

N tears let us ourselves now

bathe 1. Onderful things have been O'er our own Sin, not o'er his Death, perceived :

For miserable and wretched we Jesus Christ was as a King received, Have caus’d him that dire Agony. When he to Zion's Daughter came. 2. This Bishop let us look upon, 2. The people were joyful to meet! Who can for all our fins attone him,

And lead us to heav'ns kingdom dear: And were ready as a King to treat | None is nor can be his compeer. him,

3. Of such a Bishop we had need, And shew'd him also true respect. Who is of Death no more afraid, 3. They did receive him with much Of Weakness made ch' experiment, esteem,

Is free from carse, and innocent. But afterwards they were soon wroth

. Heb. vii. 26. and grim,

4. O Christ! thy death and agony And even took his Life from him.

Abolish our iniquity ; 4. Oye christians, use all diligence Be with thy Sacrifice and blood To pay to Christ the Lord true Re. Our Reconciler before God.

verence, Serve him in truth and innocence.

257. s. Not like the Jews, who did dir Gelobt ser Gott, der unsre noth.



At first a good mind, but soon gave 1. *Hat God eternally be blest over,

Who knowing that we were Wherefore their State we do deplore. oppress'd, 6. For they have their reward re

His Son did send to us with hafte ; ceived,

2. In order, midst this misery, And they by no man can be relieved, The Works of his Divinity As it daily is perceived.

To bring about most happily,

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3. To make his Mind unto us known, / 3. Why do'st thou now flight me, Por us amidst his Passion

And cast my Grace behind thee? To pray, and with our Plea go on; Wherein have I grieved thee, 4. An everlasting Priest to be,

Or done thee an injury? To ch' Father's Oath agreeably, 4. Why dost thou now shun me? In great renown and Majesty. Or with what things have I thee 5. The Sacrifice of Christ alone,

Provok'd, or done harm to thee, Who in unsinful Nature shone,

That thou wilt not come to me? Can make his Purity our own.

O God's Flock ! 6. While he his Blood shed on thes. In my great Distresses tree,

Í must bear myself my Cross; Off ring himself there nakedly;

I bore all in love for thee So he our Laver prov'd to be.

That in thy Heart I might be. 7. That Sacrifice is now much press'd, 6. Wherewith did I deserve, 'Cause it our doom from God re- ; That thou so from me shouldi dress'd :

swerve? His Wages 'twas, to have us bless’d. Why shall upon thee be loft 8. Upon that dear Man, Father ! What my Life and blood did coft ? look,

O my Flock! How he our Sin upon him took,

7. They did crucify me, How him that load did bow and And tornent me cruelly; crook.

In my Troubles violent,

I did die, with anguish rent. 9. See how he in his Altar dress, In all pare Grace and holiness, 8. Then, then my bitter Death Submits to all Death's bitterness! Thy misdeeds expunged hath ; 10. O Lord, aflift and bless us now,

That thou, by me purify'd, Us by this Sacrifice help fo,

Thro' me might'st be ianctify’d. Oor spirit from Thee no parting 9: Othy, Ungratefulness ! know.

Thy souls giddy Wantonness,

Which will not consider this, 11. Keep off for ay the evil one, That we in duty may go on,

But'me utterly despise. Thro' Christ's Propitiation.

10. O Man! turn unto me,

Throw my grace not so from thee; 258.

From thy heart obey me right,

Then thy Soul is healed quite.
Ich bin dein Herr und Gott, &c.

(In the Person of our Saviour.)

Chrift heilger Leib nicht berweset, $6. ,

Hrist's holy Flesh saw no
I've my grace to thee inclin'd

Corruption !
And been to thee very kind.

This frees us from Death's dread 2. Thy Sins were very great,

perception ;
Their measure quite compleat ; Departing is now fanctified,
Then in love for thy soul's good And we go home in peace and quiet,
I did thed my gailtless blood.



"I who helps thee out of all need,




2. In Weakness, with contempt de- | And all his A&s are known with pressed,

pow's, His Godhead's pow'r is manifefted; And praised Christendom all o'er. The Devil's might he hath quite

Hallelujah. foiled,

6. He declares Remission His kingdom is laid waste and spoiled. Now of all transgression : 3. The bodies of the Saints revived, And how this must in the right way In th' holy city they arrived ; Be sought by true Metanæa. Commotions strong did seize the


. creature,

7. Pascal Lamb, Christ Jesus ! And told that He's the God of Na-Feed us this day, ease us ture.

Now from all our transgressions quite, i 4. We're dead with Christ and with That we may praise thee day and him buried,

night. Thro' Baptism in his Death interred;

Hallelujah On earth chro' Christ's conimunion blessed

261. The old man must to death be pressed.

3hr auferwehlten, freuet each. 260.

E chofen, and each saved

one! Chriftus ift er tanden, f.

Praise the Lord Chrift with joyful Hrist (and 'tis no wonder)

tone, Broke death's Bonds afunder: Who to serve you on Earth came This inoves the angels company

down, To fing to him inceftantly

Hallelujah Hallelujah

O thank him from your inmost heart, 2. He our life's Defender,

Who suff 'ring on the Cross fach

Did his Life surrender
To death, and is our Pascal Lamb;

Makes your Soul sound in ev'ry part,

Hall. This does our hearts with joy en

He bore for us Death's bitterness, flame.

Help'd us out of extreme distress ;

Hallelujah. | Then from the Grave rose to his seat, 3. He, who there extended,

Where he is living yet, Comfortless, lamented ;

To succour us as Priest

compleat. He lives now ever glorious,

2. Give thanks to God, for he is And always intercedes for us.


Hallelujah. What he did for us, forth be shew'd, 4. He who unattended

Yea As of wondrous magnitude, Into Hell descended,

Hall. And bound the well-armd Enemy; Rejoice, all who in Christ confide, He is acknowledg'd now on high God's Eye now o'er you doth preside,

Hallelujah. With Gifts adorns you as a Bride, 5. He who in tomb vaulted

Hail. Lay, is now exalted,



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