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PR who wichts

mit precious "Midt his congregation blet,

That we, offspring of their Stem,

Bow'd before May with equal courage

God's own Pow'r, Reach our Faith's end, tho’ our Conscious of the King of all, claim

They let their courage fall. Weak flesh would disparage :


As we've been told 12. Still rememb'ring Jesus Christ, By Forefathers old, Now in bliss enthroned,

That God his Folk still defends, Who forgetteth not the least Thro' mercy which ne'er ends : Of those who him owned.

Ev'n so it we Help us thereiore, Maiter dear!

In like cases see Thro' thy Name sweet-Imelling, In his holy City here; That by sure steps we come there, The fact is very clear. Where thyself art dwelling. For now and evermore God protects

This city,and his throne there erects; 268.

Chiefly since

Glory's Prince,
(Ps. xlviii.)

Jesus, is himself enroll'd
Gott woll'n wir loben,

And dwells within that Fold,

4, Our glad-mind ponders,
our God gracious

At such goodness wonders,
Who with gifts

Doth his Church Blood-reconcil'd, Where he will ever rest..
His holy City, build,

How high's thy Name,
Thro' his Spirit and Word,

O God, and thy Fame!
On a ground secur'd

A lovely report and tale
And most fair, on mount Zion, Goes over hill and dale.

Ev'n Jesus Christ his Son: For by thy Manner of saving us, Where no afflictions can her o'er. Thou mak'st thy own Truth confpi

But the grows and blooms in open Thou attendit

And defend'st
Sweet and mild,

Thy fcrvants on land and seas,
Heaven's child,

Thy faithfulness to praise: In Love and blest Unity


o Zion, own it, Unto eternity

Thou'rt with glory crowned ;
In this chief City

As God thee with gifts endu'd,
Is King the Almighty ;

Wear them with gratitude.
That his strong Hand her doth own, Let those who doubt,
Is there a thing well known.

Zion walk round about :
Lɔ' against her

Judah's cities, well for you!
Oftentimes did itir

Hier firm Foundations view. Earth's mighty ones, with fierce Build up with care your Metropolis, intent,

Her Shine unto late posterities On her Destrution bent:

She'll send forth But they perceiv'd, on the first attack,

O'er the earth! With dread overwhelmed, their

Thus did Ifrael sing of old ; mistake;

Thus now the Christian Fold.



6. O Chriftian Nation,

To tell there with thy saints ; 'Tis your consolation :

Boldly Ye're the Descendents lineal,

The Truth to testify. The Church he now doth call.

3. For there thou choosest
God did you choose,

To dwell, my living Tow'r !
As his own allows,

Sweet peace diffuseft
A peculiar Folk for him ;

From that Place evermore, Who would not this esteem ?

Which thou 0! deep to heart such great Mercy Ordained haft thereto. lay,

4. Thither the godly, Think with what treasures, that ne'er As to their Fortress flock, decay,

(As a bird gladly
Now is blest

Toward its neit doth look)
And increasid

Where they
The Church in pare Gospel days, Well cherish'd are alway.
In bond of Love and Peace.

5, There is allerted 7. Behold, what Graces !

The new Birth spiritual ; Counsel in all cases ;

And Souls converted Dealing of Word and Sacrament ;

By the pure Gospel's call,
A beauteous Government;

With right,
Dwellings secure;

Unto Christ's Church are knit.
Discipline most pure ;

6. There are the Altars, Since for God's whole Houhold's The Gifts thy love on those, fake,

Whose faith not faulters, There faithful Servants wake!

To their Soul's health, bestows ; yes, there rests in Person our God,

In brief,
The mighty King hath there his

Unto eternal Life.
And he Thews

1. For this l'm longing,
Love to us,

(Great gladness it doth raise)

Thereto belonging Favour in this Time of grace,

To be throughout my days, Until new Worlds take place.

And thee 269.

To serve incessantly.

8. All those are blessed, ( Pf. lxxxiv.)

That come into thine House 9 wie sehr lieblich,

With awe expressed,

Which deep conviction fhews ;
OW amiable


And to thee Homage pay. Wherein assemble

9. They're blessed highly Thy Christian People dear,

Who chearful on can walk
O Lord,

Thro' sorrow's valley,
Thy praises to record.

Have learnt there Wells to make i 2. My Heart with fervor

Yea preach, And inward languor pants,

And other Sinners teach. Thy Grace and favour

to. Thou

Ånd pray,

"H Thy Habitations are,

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great !

10. Thou doft deliver Them in all their Distress ;

270, Thou art their Saviour, Whate'er may them oppress;

Sehr gross if Gottes Gurigkeit. Vict'ry They still obtain in thee.

He goodness of our God is 11. Us now undaunted

For Blessing he did us create, Preserve, and be our Shield;

He knows his chosen People all, On thy Anointed, In whom thou'rt reconcil'd,

And helps them free from Adam's

Look, Lord !
His Realm and us support.

2. He does his people fan&tify, 12. One Day is better

Moves them to blest things constant

ly: Spent in the Christian Church,

Draws them to Christ his Son, and Thy praise to utter,

so Than thousands spent in search

Instructs them all his Will to do. Of joy In the broad worldly way.

3. Whoe'er hears Christ's Word

heartily, 13. 'Fore exaltation

And keeps it as it ought to be,
Among the godless Crew,

Believes it and confeffeth free ;
The lowelt Station
Amongst the godly few

He gets a healthy Soul thereby.
I'd choose;

4. He that with God so takes a part, To be but in the House.

And hath the truth within his heart;. 14. This Territory

He's no more an accursed Man, The Lord, as Sun, doth light ;

But an holy and blefsed one. Gives Grace and Glory,

5. The Sacraments of Christ, which And sanctify'd delight To there,

Giv'n by his faithful Minister, Who study him to please.

Make us truly partake of his

Pure innocence and Holiness. 15. That man acts wisely, Who in all straits of life,

6. Who in this blessing does perfift, His Trust precisely

And walks as a Soldier of Christ, In God, with firm belief,

To him is promised the crown
Doth place,

Of th' holy ones before God's throne. Who cares for us always.


If this much hatred on him draws, 16. Yea, his Condition

And he's tormented for God's Cause, How splendid 'ris, O Lord,

Then helps and stands by him his Whom thou admillion

God Dost to thy Church afford,

That it must serve him all for Good. And fo

8. But one Faith, one Baptism, one The heav'nly Kingdom too.

Chrift, 17. Dear Lord, afford us

One Sp'rit, one Cov'nant of grace For our Church Liberty, To each good purpose ;

But one Truth and one Holiness, That we our Days employ

Whereby we come to Happiness. . With care Thy holy Word to hear.




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10. O thou dear Bridegroom, Jesus 271.


Who now in Heav'n doit rest ! Iefu es lehnt fich fur und fur,

From evil keep us thro’thy Name,

Our bliss let nothing maim. 1. Tęfu! here longeth eagerly Our spirit after thee :

272. Fain would it bid to all farewell, With thee for ever dwell.

Die zelt lå izt faehrlich. 2. O help our spirit to acquire What it in God desires;

'HE Time now looks ghastly, What it according to thy Word

O Sire of all Age! Believes, remain infúr'd. Therefore manifest thee, 3. Grant, that we may with joy fulfil

Our grief to afswage; Thy intimated Will,

Enemies not far off are,

Who for War prepare.
And on thy Service day and night
Be bent with all our Might.

2. They yet bend their arrows, 4. Along with thy Doctrine, in us

Make ready to shoot, A patient Mind infuse;

Lay wait in the narrows, That ev'n to suffer for thy fake,

And infest the Road, Or die, we be not flack.

When we would but make the best 5. After thy Heart us here O lead,

Of our way to Rest. That we once there may tread,

3. They work much disturbance, Where thou enjoyest safe repose

Always busy are Now from thy Toil and Woes.

How to overbalance 6. Let Angels pleasure from us find,

Our Grace and welfare ;

Yea our hurt and Ruin they
Thy Bride, Lord! keep in mind,
Who by Faith's pow'r betroth'd to

Seek by open day. thee,

4. O Lord God! affist us, Lives in Virginity.

Thy Congregation bless, 7. Christendom, thou Bride of That we keep our Purpose God!

To serve thee fearlets, Be in beft raiment clad;

And thy holy Naine always Because thy Bridegroom's great and Diligently praise. high,


Let nor floor nor Beeple His Form all symmetry.

Of thy Building split, 8. He loves thee, as a constant Nor let be thy People Friend;

Difinherited ; For be on thee t'expend

Let us rather strengthen'd be Not Gold, but his own Blood, did For thy Ministry. deign,

6. Let's consider this thing, 7" atone and wash thee clean. Lord and God of mine! 9. His Will is, that thou holy be,

That we, as well fasting,
To him cleave uprightly,

As feasting, be Thine ;
And that thy Fellowship with him And may praise thee ev'ry day
Outlalt all length of Time.

In old Chriftian way.


, ,

In general, 273

And special,

Let's speak with God.
Uiel falsche propheten aito crfanden. 2. Thou our dear Father and our

Any a false prophet in his Since thou haft promis'd in thy word,

Out of free
Moreover fects and divisions came ;


Great Happiness
Both by their practice and word Unto them all,
The World is much hurt.

Who seek thy Face, 2. As now that Scheme Antichristian

With earnestness, Tous quite unmarked has been, And on thee call :

Let us with speed run away 3. Therefore we pray in thy dear From fo foul a Play.

Son, 3. Let's enter the Association Give grace, that thee we right call on, For our Lord's Inthronization,

For Bliss perfect And in prospect watch and pray For thy Elect

of th' approaching Day. Thro' Jesus Christ : 4. Sin and folly in the World in.

O fo hear us, crease,

And give gracious Her purpose is, that all Truth may

What we requeft. cease ;

4. And though in ourselves we are God winks at her hoping this,

weak, But she'll surely miss.

Unworthy and unfit to speak, 5. And while she thinks that she has Or pray to God won all,

In our own need; And expects nought less than her Yet, on thy Word, Downfall,

We thee beseech
At once down a precipice

For all, and each :
She goes with a hiss.

Help them, O Lord ! 6. God our Lord, hasten thy afi- 5: Look upon all dear Christendom, stance,

For whose fake thy dear Son did And prepare thou our happy En

come ; trance

Whom he by Death
Into that sweet Reign of peace,

Redeemed hath :
Which will never cease.

Have mercy, Lord !

Thy Salvation,

Consolation .

To them afford.. Laist uns mit herzlicher Begier, &c. 6. O Lord ! think on thy Faithful

ness, ET us pray now with Heart's Free them from all erroneous Ways, desire,

Reform and mend,
As Chriftian duty does require,

Adorn, defend
For the Churches,

The Worship's State ;
Their distrefies;

Thy kindness blest
For all their Need

In manner best
It regulate.



7. We

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