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7. We also pray thee heartily

On each of them
For this part of our Unity:

Thy Blessing's stream,
Feed and encrease

Like a warm thow'r.
Thy Flock always

13. Open the Door for Truth,that we In truth and grace;

Christ's Myftery with liberty
Thro' Fellowship,

May ipeak compleat,
And thy Pow'r, keep

A favour sweet
Their weakliness.

T'all men afford'.
8. Keep off the Dev'l's temptation,

Gather thereby
Antichrist's Persecution :

A Church for thee
Thyself stop them,

From curfe restor'd.
And their whole scheme 14. Open the People's Hearts, o
Abortive make;

Lord !
That against it

That, stirr'd up, they may mind thy
Manly may fight

E'en Members weak.

Converted be

To thy glory.
9. Let us feel thy pow'r, that thy

Lord, illumine

Their Intellect
Be not despis'd, or put to shame,

With truth perfect,
Which thro' kindness

Increase the Shine.
Hath over us
Professed been;

15. We pray thee for the Magistrates, But let it be

To fill their hearts with kindness
Made known, as we

To thy Flock dear,
Hope 'twill be seen.

That without fear
10. For all those Shepherds we pray

It under them

Live honestly,
Whom thou appoint'it Bithops to be;

In Peace and joy
O give them grace

Exalt thy Name.
To rule always
Counsellid by thee,

16. For those, who're chine and our Faithful to'ersee,

Foes blind,
Orn'ments to be

We pray thee, change them into

friends. To thy Fam'ly.

Forgive their load
11. Their Helpers in the ministry

Of Sin, O God!
And Fellow servants rule, that they

To thy honour ;

Their tricks (which all
And faithfully

Prove their own fall,
Thy Sheep may feed.
The Wolves keep out,

Thyself hinder.
Base hirelings rout,

17. But unto those especially
Destroy their breed.

Shew forth thy Grace and mercy

12. For ev'ry Congregation,

Who guard and keep
Where thou'lt thy Habitation,

From Harm thy Sheep;
Here unto thee

On them beltow
We pray humbly,
Richly to pour






6. Think, Lord ! on ev'ry Congre. And conftancy

gation Ever as now.

Which to life thou gather't in one ; 18. For those that perlecuted are,

Thou canst redress their need alone. To fill them with joy, is our pray'r ; 7. Be pleased more faithful TeachGrant that they here

ers to call, May persevere

Their number is but very

small ; In faith alway;

Danger encompasseth them all.
Ever them own,

8. Thy dear Son hath given us a And keep their Crown

command Unto thy Day.


pray thee, that by thy own hand 19. The Sick we onto thee com. Thou wouldit right faithful Lab'rers

send : 'In Troubles let all firmly stand :

9. Therefore, dear Father ! servants As thou know't best

procure, How they're distressid,

That thy Honour and Do&trine pure So make them free

By them be made known more and From grief and smart,

more. That their glad Heart Ever praise thee.

10. Give us such, as thou approvest


Who from the Holy Ghost have light, 275

And are by him instructed right. D Water aller Barmherzigkeit, tc.

11. Adorn them with thy righteour

ness here,
Father of all Mercies ! kind. Simplicity and tender care ;

To see truth, give them eye-light Awaken us, that always we

clear. In truth and Spirit call on thee. 12. We pray thee also for those, 2. Grant to us, that we may clearly

whom we see,

Already have receiv'd from thee, With all that hold Christianity, Let them long serve our Unity! Our poor Soul's Need and jeopardy. 13. O Lord! keep them from dar3. May thy good Spirit guide us en gers quite free, tire,

In love united, faithfully And inflame our hearts with desire; Let them serve till they go to thee. With what we shall ak, us inspire.

14. For our Church, O Lord! we 4. O gracious, faithful God! thy

thee implcre, Church lead,

Both great and small, keep evermore Help her out of danger and need Our Church-Administration pure. For thy Son's sake who e' death did 15. Too heavy Trials t'us not allot, bleed.

Pers'cution's fire be not too hot, 5. As thou so much grace to her halt Into temptation lead us not ; shown,

16. O Lord God! be with us and Her State now also look upon, Further her growth in thy dear Son. Thou art our Help, our Rock to hide, 6

In whom we e'en in death confide.

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17. Grant this day our Pray'r mer- Nor will my Table help thee ought, cifully,

If from thyself thy help is sought. For in vain we have not ask'd thee, 9. But if thy Heart be in such frame, Shew Mercy to us conftantly. To say with truth, I hungry am!

Then art thoa properly prepar'd, 276.

And this Food will refresh thy heart,

10. The Fruits will also then ensue; Jesus Chri&us, unser Delland.

To love thy Neighbour, as is due,

And to him beneficial be, UR Saviour Christ by his As thy God has shewn love to thee. own Death

Joh. Hufs. Did from us men avert God's wrath, And sav'd us by his Suff'rings sore

277. From pains of Hell for evermore. 2. That we might never this forget, Der Eb g'beimnis. He gave us his own Flesh to eat, And his pure Blood to drink likewise,

Arriage-myft'ry, Which blood for our fins satisfies.


and hift'ry, 3. Who to this Table will draw near,

Is to be valu'd : Should his own state first prove with

For the Saviour
care ;

Doch endeavour,
Because, instead of life, 'tis death In that State hallow'd,
Th' unworthy comer thereby hath.

To Thew how his Congregation 4. Thou shalt the heav'nly Father

Is, by cementation,

His Bone in like fashion.
That he vouchsafes to thee such food, 2. He doth favour,
And hath giv'n up his only Son

And doch give her,
For thy transgressions to atone.

At his Approaches, 5. Thou thalt believe, without all

Himself truly ; doubt,

Her Tent wholly This food for Sick ones was found

He from reproach frees ,

So by th' Word regenerated, out, For souls, who by the sense of Sin

In fair gifts inftated,

She's to bliss translated. Are contrite and bow'd down within. 6. The needy hearts alone do feaft

3. Lord and Donour! On Grace and Mercy here exprest :

Thee we honour,

That the State nuptial
Art thou not poor, but in rich case ?
Keep off,left thou meet with disgrace.

Thou maintainest,

There ordainest 7. He says himself : Ye weary come!

Thy blessing special. For you I've always help and room: O bless all in that Relation, The whole do no Physician crave, Each old Pair, each young one, But turn to mockery the salve.

Thro' thy Incarnation. 8. Could't thou thyself have ought

procur'd, Why needed I t'have Death endur'd!

ey'd !

"Hrist Jesus,Lord most dear! LWhich cannot but to thee up


280. D Derre Jefu Chrift.

Sieh als ein water an.

a thy Flock, Whoonce hast walked here A sweet and dutiful Child,

look : Blameless and undefil'd :

Our reit is, in thy Truth to fink,
We Children petition,

And of

grace-streams alone to drink. Thou would't keep us in thy love's 2. Let us, still kept in purity, undisturbid fruition.

Cemented to thy Church and Thee, 2. Of thee we have been told, Rather of all goods suffer want, That Thou,when twelve Years old, Than thy Doctrine and Covenant. Didit in the Temple appear, 3. Yet if some one doth fall or side, (For us a pattern fair)

O God, whose sov'reign grace him And meekly enquiredit After God's blert word and mind, Let him not be to pieces ground, which thou fo defiredit,

But rising by Repentance found. 3. O Son of Man! grant us, 4. O Christ, be thou a careful Head, That we may seek and choose, Before thy sheep good Pasture spread, And learn, and with joy fulfil And o'er the feeble kindly wake, Thy bleft and perfect Will ; That them no mischief overtake. : In thy Truth instruct us, And let us confess the same with 5. Bring them that ftray, back again

soon, heart, mouth and Practice.

To feed beneath thy Hand alone,

And let not one without the Fold 279.

Thro' folly to the wolves be sold, Lehrung im glauben.

6. Be in all Perils to us near ;

In Godliness to persevere
N Faith O teach us

Grant us, till thou com'ft with thy 'Fore thy Eyes fo gracious

call, To walk; recruiting

And to thee tak'st us from all Thrall; Thy Church, while up-shooting. 7. Our souls preserving till that Day, Joy o'er us give her ;

When thou the Soul to her old Clay Let us in the Saviour

Wilt in a spotless union wed, Please thee, O Father !

And both into thy Kingdom lead. 2. What Gifts are proper, That our Heart may prosper,

Grant to us daily,
And lite eternally.

Ngeln unglaubig herz allein.
Lodi, Soul wer-nder,
As reis belt Defunder,

1.9 T Was my unbelieving Heart Tothy care cender!

List ning to charms world. 1 ly, Made me fiom thy precept start,

And tranfgrifs before thee.





all are


3. I confess my grievous Fault, 8. Let us reap all the henefit

Gross mistake and folly : Of his Of 'ring; comfort with it To know what's good, and not do't Our Consciences,

Does Truth's doctrine fully. That we praise thee with gladness.
3. O thou never-dying God !
Look on me vile creature :

Since thy Heart our death not wou'd,
Mercy Thew a Debtor.

Wir and ja sundet, &c.

4. Comfort me, O holy Ghost,

In my present anguish;

Thou a God so gracious ; With Christ's holiness me invest,

We are Wrath's children,
The condemner banih.

Thou from death doft save us.

Thou’rt righteous alone,

O us is ev'ry one,

Young and old, unclean.
Bekennen wir unsre millethat, &c.

2. Let not be in vain

Thy Son's bitter Suff'ring,
ET us confefs now our sin's Behold his Blood clean,

His death and pure Off'ring;
And guilty plead before our God; This we rely on,
Here at his Throne,

As on the Foundation
From our hearts our Debts we'll own. Of our salvation.
2. Let's also with humility

3. His Cross, spear and crown, Implore his grace and Mercy free: The wounds he did suffer, In our diftreis

We, Lord, at thy Throne
Let's fall 'fore God on our face. Ev'ry hour will offer.
3. Help us who miserable are ! O through our Saviour
To punish our fins O forbear !

Us from fin deliver,
Deal patiently

Give us thy Favour. Forgive our iniquity.

4. This help and goodness 4. For we've no piety at all,

Be to us imparted, No righteousness in great nor small,

And all our Senses For whose fake thou

To thy truth converted : Thy favour to us might'st shew.

Refresh us therein;


And from devil and sin 5. It is Christ's Sacrifice alone

Us for ever screen.
Which is accepted at God's throne ;
The which he pleads
When he for us intercedes !

2848 6. In him with favour look upon

D Waechter, wach, &c.
Our heart's unfeign'd contrition :
In him alone

Watchman , - Receive our petition.

7. When by his holy Keys here we The Foe before thy Fort full oft adAre from our fins absolv'd and free, vances, Grant that in Heav'n

To take it, hopes and fancies, Also our Debt be forgiv'n,

M į

2. Thro'

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0 Yound and clear thy renfes

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