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All Pow'r o'er small and greatest 3. Lord ! let in us increasing things;

Thy Love and Knowledge be, The Father his Reward home brings. That we thy Cross confeffing, 6. World, fin, and devil, death and In spirit wait on thee; hell,

That our heart thy sweet Savour He by his Cross did fully quell ;

May ev'n on earth discover, All Opposition he defes,

And always for thee thirst. The Lamb must have the souls his t. Thou ev'ry Being's Maker, prize.

The Father's Arm and might, 7. We from our inmost heart's recess From End to End dot fuccour, Are glad, and it with mouth express:

And rule in thy own Right! Both God's and Mary's gracious Son Our Hearts convert unto thee, Our Brother is, our Flesh and bone. And from this Object worthy 8. Thro' him ev'n Heav'n itself s our

Let not our senses stray.

5. Of thy great love, us deaden, Thy Help, Lord Jesus ! now be

And quicken by like Grace ; shewn,

That our old Man down-trodden, That we for ever trust in thee ; The new may take his place ; This as contents eternally.

And so on this stage mortal,
May serve thee with the Total

Of Thought and with and Strength. 335. Netr Chrift, der eln'ge Gottes ohn.

Hrift, that Only begotten ach bleib bey ung, Herr Jesu Chrif.

Out of the Father's heart,
(How deep this myst'ry's bottom !) Bide with us,
As Scripture doth allert ;

Because Evening is near: The Morning star he's named :

And luffer not thy Gospel's light How far his Shine hath beamed, 'Mongst us to be extinguish'd quite. Surpassing other stars !

2. In these last melancholy Days, 2. In Manhood he array'd him

O Lord, grant Constancy and grace ; l'th'Ev'ning of the World ;

That we may keep thy Word quite
His Mother as a Maiden
No blot thereby incurr'd:

And holy Sacraments whilft here.
Death's power he disjointed,
And us in Heav'n replanted,

Enrich'd with life a-new.

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Old HYMNS of the English CHURCH.


"THE livi:g, true God is but




Atonement, being a Sacrifice

For th' old Guilt, and new Sins likeDeatrinal Articles out of the Thirty wise. nine.


S our Lord Jesus for us dy'd, I.

And also in a Grave was hid, g,

So 'tis to be believ'd as well, one ;

That he went likewise down to Hell. No Body, Parts, nor Paffion: Of Power infinite he is,

IV. All Wisdom, and all Graciousness.

O Christ did truly rise again 2. The Maker and Preserver he

From Death; and all that Of th' invisible and what we see.

does pertain And of this Godhead bleft there be

To perfect nature of a Man, Three Persons quite in unity ; Flesh, Bones and Body he kept on. 3. They're of one Substance verily, 2. And that our Saviour therewith One pow'r, and one Eternity,

Went up to Heav'n and there shall One Lord of all the heav'nly host :

The Father, Son and holy Ghost. Till he returneth, that he may

Judge all Men at the latter Day.
HE Son, the Father's Word

is he,
Begotten everlastingly,
The very and eternal God,

From God the Father and the Son, With him one Substance who begot. Very eternal God is he, 2. Man's nature he in the Womb One Substance, glory, Majesty.

took Of the blest Virgin, and partook

VI. Of her true Substance, to that point, 1. HE holy Scripture all conThat two whole Natures then were

tains, join'd,

What to Salvation appertains, 3. Perfectly join'd, and what were And whatsoever is not couch'd they?

Therein, nor thereby to be vouchd, The Godhead and Manhood, I say : 2. Is not to be relied on, These in one Person shall remain Nor be requir'd of any man, Henceforth, one Christ, true God | That it should be believ'd or laid and Man.

As an Article of the Faith, 4. Who truly suffer'd on the Cross, 3. Or that it be thought requisite, Dy'd, bury'd was, to bring to pass Or to Salvation contribute.



The Holy Ghost, who forth







4 Mark,that by Scriptures we intend, of the Old and New Testament


HE Creeds are from of old Only the Books canonical,

those three, Not scrupled by the Church at all. 5. The other Books, as Jerome says The Creed of the first Nicean,

Th'Apostles Creed callid commonly, The Church does read for Instances, And thirdly th’ Athanasian. And as being for inftruction fit, But not t'establish Truth by it.

2. These truly ought to be receiv’d, 6. The Books of the New covenant, And so, as fully ascertain'd

And confequently be believ'd, As they are commonly at hand, 'We do receive, and do them all

By Scripture-warrants, be maintain'd. Account to be canonical.


Riginal Sin standeth not

HE Old and the New The fault and the Corruption

In Following of Adam's plot:
Code's verdict

Of Nature, 'tis of ev'ry one. Each other never contradict ;

2. As many Men as ever were, Mankind is but in both advis'd

Who from that Root engender'd are, Eternal life to seek in Chrift.


many swerved have, alas! 2. The only Mediator he

A great way off froin Righteousness. 'Tween God and Man is said to be ;

3. Each from the nature of his Mind The reason you may eas'ly guess,

To evil doing is inclin'd, Because both God and Man he is.

So that the Flesh lufteth always 3. Wherefore they are not to be Against that which the Spirit says.

heard, Who feign, that the old Fathers Whom in this world his nother bore,

4. In ev'ry person now therefore, fear'd,

Downright Damnation it had The Promises they got in fee,

Deserv'd, and God almighty's Wrath. But transitory ones to be.

5. This Nature's deep infection 4. Altho' the Law how to behave,

Does still remain in ev'ry one, Which our Lord God by Mofes gave, Yea closely to us doth adhere, As touching Ceremonies and rites,

Tho' we regenerated are. No Chriftian man binds or

6. The Luft of Flesh (enamvixws 5. Nor Moses' regulations

Exprefsd by φρόνημα σαρκός) ) Must of necessity be bonds

One Author doth expound to be To any Christian Commonwealth :

The fiethly Sensuality. 'Tis notwithstanding to be held, 6. That Christians here on no ac-7. The Wisdom of the flesh, says one,

The other says, Affection ; count

Desire, calls it another still: Get loose, but constantly are bound

But let it be stii'd what it will, Of God's Commandments to keep all,

8. The point in the Result is this, Which we the Moral use to call.

It to God's Law not subject is.
Tho' there's no cond. mnation
For a baptiz'd, believing one,

befits ;

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Sualter the fall, of every one,


9. Yet the Apostle doth confefs, 3. Insomuch that it may be said, Concupiscence has ne'ertheless Here surely was a living Faith. (Or Lüft, which truly are but twins) 'Cause here right good Works have Ihe nature, of itself, of sin.

been done,

As by the Fruit the Tree is known.
Uch is now the Condition

After the Fall, of every one,

Orks 'fore the Grace of That he cannot himself prepare

Jesus done, By his own nat'ral Strength or care; And Spirit's inspiration, 2. Nor can by good works Faith be Are to God an unpleasant thing, earn'd,

As they of faith in Christ not spring. Nor calling upon God be learnt, 2. They mankind neither meet do We have no Pow'r to't, nor are able make To do Good to God acceptable. Grace to receive and to partake, 3. Without Help so propitious

Nor, as School-authors rafhly cry, of God by Christ preventing us,

Deserve it of Congruity. There's no such thing as a good Will

, 3. Such works not only are as And when we've willd, He must ful. nought, fil.

But,'cause they are not as they ought, XI.

And as God willed that they were, 1. E are accounted righteous They of the nature of sin are.

Before our Lord God only thus,

XIV. Namely for Christ's rich Merits fake

HE works above God's By Faith, and not by what we make.

Ordinance, 2, No Work deserveth that at all,

What are they all but Arrogance ? What we Faith's justifying call.

Such Supererogation This a most wholesome Doctrine is, Can't without pride be thought upon. And full of comfort and of bliss. 2. For by them mankind, as it were, 3. But you may find this copiously To render unto God declare Expounded in the Homily

Not only as much as they should, Made on Justification,

But much more than he of them Which is of our chief lessons one.


3. Whereas our Lord's plain Saying XII.

Lbeit that good Works, as Quite to the contrary of this,
the fruit

That we ourselves must after all,
Of faith, Justihcation fuit, Unprofitable Seryants call.
Still they can neither waih nor hide
Our fins, nor God's strict Judgment


Ike unto us in Nature's trade 2. Yet may they Pleasure to the Lord

Chrift, only Sin except, was In Jesus Christ, his Son, afford :

made ; And if Faith true and lively be,

From which, in flesh and spirit He They spring thence neceffarily;

Was absolutely void and free.


THE Ordinance





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2. He came to be th' unspotted ( 3. Whom he, of mankind's finful Lamb,

rout, Who, whilft he once himself became In Jesus Christ has chosen out, A Sacrifice, should take away And to eternal Joys once bade, The Sins of all the World and pay. As Vessels he to Honour made. 3. Sin,as John said, him ne'er biass’d: 4. Wherefore those for whom he hath But tho' baptized, all the reft, Tho' born again in Christ and bred, A benefit fo excellent, Offend in many things as yet. He calls according to his view 4. And should we e'er to think in. By th' Spirit's deed in season due. cline,

5. His heav'nly Call chro' grace Or rafhly say, we have no Sin,

obey'd, We should deceive our own selves He has them freely justify'd, thus,

And makes them Sons of God anon And truth indeed were not in us. By sovereign Adoption.

6. They to the Image are made then XVI.

Of Christ th' only begotten Son,
Ins after Baptism

Yea deadly fins

That Sin against the holy Ghost,

7. So doing, they attain at length By which a man is surely lost.

Not by their own Deed, right or 2. Wherefore the grant of Repen


But by on Mercy laying stress,
If people fall by evil chance, The everlasting Happiness.
Tho' after Baptism, is not quite 8. As the consideration
To Sinners poor to be denyd.

Of God's Predestination
3. For after th' holy Ghost receiv'd, And our election in Chrift,
One might depart from grace's gift, | If thou all this right godly ey'ft,
Fall into fin, and yet by Grace

9. Is full of Sweets, a pleasant word, arise again apace.

Of an unspeakable comfort 4. They err, which grant not to re. To godly Persons, such as feel pent;

In them the holy Spirit's seal, We truly may our Lives amend :

10. And Working, whereby he doth But wo to them, who vainly foar,

try And say, they now can fin no more. The Flesh's works to mortify,

Their earthly members faftto bind, XVII.

And draw to higher things their Redeftination to life

Is God's kind Purpose, with ly. As it does stablish and employ out strife,

Their Faith of everlasting joy Whereby the Everlasting one

Thro' Christ, and kindle fervently Before the World's foundation,

Their Love for th' holy Trinity : 2. Has constantly will'd and decreed, 12. So for curious but carnal, Nill By counsel to us secret yet,

To have that Sentence or God's will For to deliver ev'ry one

Before their eyes continually; From Curse and from damnation,

That will not do affuredly.

He may


Mind ;

P Rede

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