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eaf and from the west, from the Then are they glad because they north and from the south.

are at rest : and 10 he bringeth them They wandered in the wilderness to their desired haven. in a folitary way, and found no city O that men would praise the Lord to dwell in : hungry and thirsty, for his goodness: and for his wontheir foul fainted in them.

derful works to the children of men; - Then they cried unto the Lord in That they would exalt him in the

their trouble, and he delivered them congregation of the people : and out of their distresses : He led them praise him in the assembly of the forth by the right way, that they elders, might go to a city of habitation. He setteth them, that they may

O that men would praise the Lord build them a city to dwell in : chat for his goodness : and for his won. they may fow their land, and plant I derful works to the children of men; vineyards. c. For he satisfieth the empty foul : He blesseth them also : so that

and filleth che hungry foul with they are multiplied greatly. goodness.

Again, when they are minished Such as fit in darkness and in the and brought low thro' oppression, shadow of death : being fast bound affliction and forrcw: tho he pourin affliction and iron ;

eth contempt upon princes, and €

When they cried unto the Lord causeth them to wander in the wilin their trouble, he saved them out derness where there is no way;

of their diftress : he brought them Yet helpeth he the poor out of 1 out of darkness and the sadow of misery: and maketh him housholds

death, and brake their bonds in like a flock of theep. funder.

The righteous shall see it, and O that men would praise the Lord rejoice : and the mouth of all wickfor his goodness; and for his won- edness shall be stopped. derful works to the children of men; Whoso is wife will ponder these

For he hath broken the gates of things: and they shall understand I brass : and smitten the bars of iron the loving-kindness of the Lord. in funder. They that go down to the sea in

37 thips : and occupy their business in great waters;


HE Lord said unto my e They mount up to the heaven,

Lord : fit thou at my they go down again to the depths; right hand, until I make thine enetheir soul is melted because of trou. mies thy footstool. ble : they reel to and fro, and stag

The Lord shall send the rod of ger like a drunken man, and are at thy strength out of Zion : rule thou their wits end.

in the midst of thine enemies. - When they cry unto the Lord in Thy people shall be willing in the

their trouble, he bringeth them out day of thy power, in the beauties of e of their distress : he maketh the holiness : more than the womb of

storm to cease, so that the waves the morning, thou shalt have the - thereof are still.

dew of thy youth.



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The Lord hath sworn, and will righteous shall be had in everlasting not repent: thou art a priest for remembrance. ever, after the order of Melchizedeck. He shall not be afraid of evil ti.

dings : for his heart ftandeth fast, and believeth in the Lord.

His heart is ftablished, and wills Will praise Jehovah with not be afraid : until he see his de

my whole heart : secretly fire upon his enemies. among the faithful, and in the con He hath dispersed abroad, and gregation

given to the poor : his righteousness The works of the Lord are great: remaineth for ever, his horn shall be fought out by all them, that have exalted with honour. pleasure therein.

The ungodly shall see it, and it His work is honourable and glo- lall grieve him: he shall gnash with rious : and his righteousness endu- his teeth, and consume away; the reth for ever.

desire of the ungodly shall perish. The merciful and gracious Lord hath so done his marvellous works : that they fought to be had in remembrance.

(113) Raise, O ye servants of the He hath given meat unto them

Lord : praise the name of that fear him : he will ever be mind. the Lord. ful of his covenant.

Blessed be the name of the Lord : He hath Thewed his people the from this time forth for evermore. power of his works : that he may From the rising of the sun unto give them the heritage of the hea- the going down of the same: the then.

Lord's name is to be praised. The works of his hands are ve The Lord is high above all narity and judgment, all his command- tions: and his glory above the ments are sure : they stand fast for heavens. ever and ever, and are done in truth Who is like unto the Lord our and equity.

God: that hath his dwelling so He fent redemption unto his peo- high, and yet humbleth himself to ple, he hath commanded his cove- behold the things that are in heaven nant for ever: holy and reverend is and earth? his name.

He taketh up the simple out of 39.

the dust, and lifteth up the poor out

of the dunghill : that he may set Nto the godly there ari- him with princes, even with the ness: he is merciful, loving and He maketh the barren woman to righteous.

keep house : and to be a joyful moA good man is merciful, and lend. ther of children. Hallelujah. eth : and will guide his affairs with discretion.

Ile shall never be moved: the

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walk before the Lord in the land of

the living! OT unto us, O Lord, I believed, and therefore will I

not unto us : but unto speak : but I was sore troubled. thy name give glory, for thy mercy I said in my harte : all men are and for thy truth's lake.

liars. Wherefore should the heathen say, What fall I render unto the where is now their God? As for our the Lord : for all his benefits toGod, he is in heaven, he hath done wards me? whatsoever pleased him.

I will receive the cup of Salvation, The Lord hath been mindful of and call upon the name of the Lord: us, he will bless us : he will bless the I will pay my vows unto the Lord house of Israel, he will bless the in the presence of all his people. house of Aaron.

Precious in the fight of the Lord : He will bless them that fear the is the death of his faints. Lord, both small and great : the O Lord, truly I am thy servant ; Lord shall increase you more and I am thy servant, and the son of more, you and your children.

thine handmaid : thou hast looled You are the bleffed of the Lord :


bonds. who made heaven and earth.

I will offer to thee the sacrifice of

thanksgiving: and will call upon 42.

the name of the Lord.

I will pay my vows unto the Lord Am well pleased, that the in the presence of all his people : in

Lord hath heard the voice the courts of the Lord's house, in the of my prayer : that he hath inclined midst of thee, O Jerusalem, Hallehis ear unto me, therefore will I lujah. call upon him as long as I live.

43 The snares of death compafled

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found trouble for

nations, him, all rov.

ye people : for his merciful kindnels Then called I upon the name of is great towards us, and the truth the Lord : O Lord, I beseech thee, of the Lord endureth for ever. Hal deliver my soul.

lelujah. Gracious is the Lord, and righte

44. ous : yea, our God is merciful.

give thanks I was brought low, and he helped me.

cious, and his mercy endureth for Turn again then unto thy reft, o ever. my soul : for the Lord hath dealt Let Ifrael now say : that his merbountifully with thee.

cy endureth for ever. For thou hast delivered my soul Let the house of Aaron now say : from deach, mine eyes from tears, that his mercy endureth for ever. and my feet from falling : I will Let them now that fear the Lord,

Say :

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me ?

say: that his mercy endureth for of the Lord; the righteous Thall erever.

ter into it. I called upon the Lord in distress: I will thank thee, for thou hat the Lord answered me, and set me heard me : and art become my falin a large place.

vation. The Lord is on my side, I will The same stone which the build not fear : What can man do unto ers refused, is become the head-ston.

of the corner : This is the Lord; The Lord taketh my part with doing, and it is marvellous in our: them that help me : therefore shall

eyes. I see my desire upon them that hate This is the day which the Lord me.

hath made : we will rejoice and be It is better to trust in the Lord, glad in it. than to put confidence in man: It Save now, O LORD: O LORD, is better to trust in the Lord, than send now prosperity! to put confidence in princes.

Blessed be he that cometh in the All nations compassed me about : name of the Lord : we have wished but in the name of the Lord will I you good luck, ye that are of the destroy them.

house of the Lord. They kept me in on every fide : but in the name of the Lord will I

45. destroy them. They compared me about like (123)

NTO thee lift I up mine bees : they are quenched as the fire

eyes : O thou that dwellof thorns, for in the name of the est in the heavens. Lord I will destroy them.

Behold, as the eyes of servants Thou hast thrust sore at me, that look unto the hand of their masters, I might fall, but the Lord was my and as the eyes of a maiden unto the help : the Lord is my strength, and hand of her mistress : even so our my song, and is become my salvation. eyes wait upon the Lord our God,

The voice of joy and health is iņ until he have mercy upon us. the dwellings of the righteous : the Have mercy upon us, O Lord, right hand of the Lord doth valiant. have mercy upon us: for we are ly

exceedingly filled with contempt. The right hand of the Lord hath Our soul is exceedingly filled with the pre.

eminence : the right hand of the scorning of those that are at the Lord bringeth mighty things to ease : and with the contempt of the pass.

proud. I shall not die : but live, and declare the works of the I ord.

The Lord hath chastened and cor- (125) HEY that trust in the rected me : but he hath not given

Lord, shall be as mount me over unto death.

Zion : which cannot be removed, Open to me the gates of righteous- but abideth for ever. ness, I will go into them and will As the mountains stand round a. praise the Lord : This is the gate bout Jerusalem : so ftandeth the Lord i


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round about his people, from hence Arise, O Lord, into thy restingforth even for ever.

place : thou, and the ark of thy For the rod of the ungodly shall strength. not reft upon the lot of the righ Let thy priests be clothed with teous : left the righteous put forth righteousness: and let thy saints their hands unto iniquity.

thout for joy. Do well, O Lord, unto those that For thy servant David's fake : are good and true of heart : As for turn not away the presence of thine such as turn aside unto their crooked anointed. ways, the Lord shall lead them forth The Lord hath sworn in truth unwith the workers of iniquity ; but to David, he will not turn from it : peace shall be upon Israel. of the fruit of thy body will I set

upon thy throne. 47.

If thy children will keep my co

venant and my testimony, that I haughty, nor mine eyes shall fit upon thy seat for evermore. lofty: neither do 1 exercise myself For the Lord hath chosen Zion: in great matters, or in things too he hath desired it for his habitation. high for me.

This is my rest for ever : here will Surely I have bebaved and quiet. I dwell, for I have a delight thereed myself as a child that is weaned in.

of his mother : my soul is even as I will abundantly bless her provia weaned child.

fion : I will satisfy her poor with Let Ifrael hope in the Lord: from bread. henceforth and for ever.

I will cloath her priests with fal. vation : and her saints shall rejoice

(131) L


and fing.

(132) L and all his aflictions.

There will I make the horn of ORD, remember David: David to bud : I have ordained a

lamp for mine anointed. How he sware unto the Lord, and His enemies will I cloach with - vowed unto the mighty God of Ja- shame : but upon himself shall his cob : surely I will not come into the crown Aourish. tabernacle of my house, nor go up into my bed;

49. I will not to

Ehold , find out a place for the Lord, an habitation for the mighty God of ye that by night stand in the house of Jacob.

the Lord. Lo, we heard of it at Ephratah : Lift up your hands in the sanctuwe found it in the fields of the wood. ary: and praise the Lord

We will go into his tabernacles : Jehovah that made heaven and we will fall low on our knees before earth : give thee blessing out of his fooistuol.



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