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Release and Pardon of my fins, 6. Depart not from thy pastors pure, And that only by Faith.

But aid them in their need, 15. What time all Flesh shall rise Who break to us the Bread of life, again

Whereon our Souls do feed. Before the Lord of might, 7. Blessed Spirit of truth, keep us And see him with their outward eyes In peace and Unity :

Which now do give them light; Keep us from fects and errors all, 16. Then shall our Saviour Jesus

And from all heresy,

8. Convert all those who are our The Sheep and Goats divide,

That he may give eternal life And bring them to thy light,

To those whom he hath try'd ; That they and we may well agree, 17. Within his Realm celestial And praise thee day and night. In glory for to rest,

9. True Faith in us, O Lord, increase; With all the holy company

And let Love so abound, Of Saints and Angels bleft, That man and wife may live in peace, 18. Who serve the Lord omnipotent,

And all about us round. And him always adore :

10. In our time give thy Peace, O To whom be all Dominion

Lord, And praise for evermore

To Nations far and nigh:

And teach them all thy Word, that 343


May fing to thee, most High !
HOME Holy Spirit, God of

The Comforter of all !
Teach us to know thy Word aright, 1.
That we may never fall.



careful Heart; 2. O holy Ghost, visit our Land, And when thy will and pleasure is, Defend us with thy shield :

Release me of my Snart. Against all fin and Wickedness, 2. Thou seeft my sorrows, what they Lord, help us win the field.

are, 3. O Lord, preserve our King, and My grief is known to thee; bless

And there is none that can remove His Council, that they may

Or take the same from me, Be stedfast in the Gofpel of 3. But only Thou, whose aid I crave, Our Saviour Christ alway.

Whofe Mercy ftill is prest 4. O Lord, that giv'st thy holy Word, To ease all thole, that come to thee Send Preachers plenteously,

For Succour and for rest. That in the same we may accord,


And since thou seest my refless And therein live and die.

eyes, 5. O holy Spirit, guide aright My tears and grievous groan,

The Preachers of thy Word; Attend unto my Suit, O Lord ! That thou by them mayst cut down Mark my complaint and moan,

fin, As it were with a sword,


5. For

O coraba yurn not thy Face

be past,

5. For Sin hath so inclosed me,

345. And compassid me about, That I am now remediless,

away If Mercy help not out.

From him that lies proftrate, 6. For mortal Man cannot release,

Lamenting sore his sinful life
Or mitigate my pain ;

Before thy Mercy-gate;
But only Christ, my Lord and God
Who for my sins was slain.

2. Which thou dost open wide for

those, 7. Whole bloody Wounds are yet to

That do lament their Sin: fee,

O fut it not against me, Lord,
Tho'not with mortal eye :

But let me enter in.
Yet do thy Saints behold them, Lord,
And so I trust shall I.

3. Call me not to a strict Account, 8. Tho' fin doth hinder me a while, For then I know right well

, O Lord,

How I have lived here :
When thou shalt see it good, Most vile I shall appear.
I fall enjoy the Sight of Him
Who shed for me his Blood ! 4. I need not to confess

my Life,

For surely thou can'st tell 9. And as thy angels and thy saints

What I have been; and what I am, Do now behold the same;

Thou knoweft very well.
So trust I to possess that Place,
With them to praise thy Name.

5. O Lord, thou know'st what things 10. But whilft I live here in this Vale Where finners do frequent,

Also the things that be,

Thou know'st also what is to come; Aflift me ever with thy grace,

Nothing is hid from thee. My fins ftill to lament:

6. Before the heav'ns and earth were Left that I tread the finners path,

made, And give them my consent,

Thou know'st what things were To dwell with them in Wickedness Whereto Nature is bent.

And all things else that have been 12. Only thy Grace must be my ftay; done Let that with me remain :

Among the Sons of Men.
For if I fall, then of myself
I cannot rise again.

7. And can the Things that I have

done, 13. Wherefore this is yet once again Be hidden from Thee then ? My suit and my request,

No, no! thou know it them all, O To grant me Pardon for my fin,

Lord, That I in thee may reft.

Where they were done, and when. 14. Then shall my heart and tongue 8. Wherefore with tears I come to also

thee, Be instruments of praise, And in thy Church and House of Evin as a Child that hath done ill,

To beg and to intreat, saints

And feareth to be beat.
Sing psalms to thee always.

So come I to the throne of grace,

Where mercy doth abound,
Defiring mercy for my sins,

To heal my deadly wound.



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die ;

10. O Lord, I need not to repeat

In Wrath thou Mouldit me pay What I do beg and crave :

Vengeance for my desert: For thou dost know before I ask, Yet mitigate thy Mood

The things that I would have. (Or elfe we perilh all) 11. Mercy, good Lord, mercy I ak, To the praise of thy Blood, This is the total Sum :

Wherein 1 Mercy ! call.
For mercy, Lord, is all my suit, 2. The Scripture doth declare
O let thy Mercy come.

No drop of Blood in thee,

But that thou didft not spare

To shed each drop for me.
Now let those Drops most sweet

Moisten my Heart so dry,
Give ear unto my woful cry: That I, with fin replete,
Refuse me not, that an unjust, May live, and Sin

may But cait on me thy heav'nly Eye. 3. That, being mortify'd 2. Behold, how I do still lament

This Sin of mine in me,
My Sins wherein I do ofend : I may be fanctify'd
Shall I for them have punishment,

By Grace of thine in Thee :
Since thee to please I do intend?

And I shall sing the song, 3. No, no, thy will is not fo bent,

(Confirmed with the just) To deal with finners in thine Ire;

Which doth to thee belong, But when in heart they do repent,

Who art my only Trust. With speed thou granteft their de

fire. 4. To thee therefore still will I cry, 1. He Lord be thanked for To wash away my finful crime:

his Gifts Thy Blood, O Lord, is not yet dry,

And mercies evermore, But that it may help me in time.

That he doth shew unto his Saints ;

To him be laud therefore. 5. Hafte then, O Lord, therefore I pray,

2. Our Tongues cannot so praise the To pour on me thy gifts of grace;

Lord, That when this life Thall pass away,

As he doth right deserve : In Heav'n with thee I may have Our Hearts cannot of him so think, place:

As he doth us preserve. 6. Where thou doft reign eternally

3. His benefits they be so great With God, who once thee down did To us, who are but fin, send !

That at our hands a recompence Where Angels do incessantly

He cannot hope to win. Sing praise to thee world without 4. O finful Man, that thou houldīt end.


Such Mercies of the Lord ! 347:

Who doit deserve molt worthily

Of him to be abhorrid. THERE Righteousness doth 5. Nought else but Sin and wretched. say,

ness Lord! for my finful part,

Doth reft within our hearts ;




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And stubbornly against the Lord 16. And all the Law of God the We daily act our Part3.

Lord 6. The Sun that in the firmament He fully did obey; Is set for us a light,

And for our Sins, upon

the Cross, Doth Thew itself more clear and pure

His Blood our debts did pay. Than we be in his fight. 17. And that we never should forget, 7. The Heav'ns above, and all there What good for us he wrought;

A Sign he left, our Eyes to tell, More holy are than we:

That he our Bodies bought. They serve the Lord in their estate,

18. In Bread and Wine, here visible Each one in his degree.

Unto thy eyes and taste, 8. They do not strive for mastership, His mercies great thou may ft record, Nor light their office set,

If that his grace thou hast. But serve the Lord and do his Will; 19. As once the Corn did live and There's nothing can them let.

grow, 9. Also the Earth, and all therein, And was cut down with Scithe,

Of God doth stand in awe, And threshed out with many stripes, Observing the Creator's Will,

Out of its hulk to drive; By skilful nature's law.

20. And as the Mill with violence 10. The Sea and all that is therein, Did tear it out so small,

Doth bend when God doth beck; And made it like to earthly dust, Spirits beneath do tremble all, Not sparing it at all;

And fear his wrathful Check. 21. And as the Oven with fire red 11. But we, alas ! for whom all these Doth close it up with heat;

Were made, them for to rule, And all this done, as I have said, Do not so know or love our Lord, That it should be our Meat: As doth the Ox and Mule.

So was the Lord in his sipe Age 12. A Law, he gave us, for to know Cut down by cruel Death ;

What was his holy Will : His soul he gave in torments great, He would us Good, but we would And yielded up his Breath. not

23. Because that he to us might be Avoid the thing that's ill.

An everlasting Bread, 13. Not one of us that seeketh out, With much reproach and Troubles The Lord of life to please ;

great Nor doth the thing that might us On earth his Life he led. lead

24. And as the Grapes in pleasant To Christ and quiet Ease.

time 14. Thus we are all his Enemies ; Are pressed very sore, We can it not deny:

And plucked down when they be And he again, of his good Will,

ripe, Would not that we should die. And let to grow no more; 15. Therefore when Remedy was ; 25. Because the juice that in them is,

As comfortable drink To bring us unto Life,

We might receive, and joyful be, The Son of God our Fleth did take, When sorrows make us shrink : To end our mortal strife.

26. So



2. For

26. So was the Blood of Christ also

Press'd out with Nails and Spear;
Juice thereof doth save . T will

hard with


faith rightly do him fear.

Chrift, 27. And as the Corns by unity

Your Sorrows shall not cease; Into one Loaf are knit:

And yet in your afflictions, So is the Lord and his whole Church, I am your perfect Peace. Tho'he in heav'n do fit.

the world ye shall have

woe, 28. As many grapes make but one Wine;

Because ye are unknown, So should we be but one

And because ye are not the World's, In Faith and Love in Christ above,

(The World will love its own.) And into Chrift alone.


Be fervent therefore to the death 29. Leading a life without all Arife, Against all their Decrees, In Quiet, rest and peace,

And God shall surely fight for thee From Envy and from Malice both Againft thine enemies. Our hearts and tongues Lould 4. Commit thy cause unto the Lord, cease.

Revenge not any Ill ; go. Which if we do, then shall we

And thou shalt see the wicked miss, Thew

When thou shalt have thy Will. That we his chosen be,

5. In all your doings and your deeds By Faith in him to lead a Life, Let Mercy still remain : As always willed he.

For with the measure that ye mete, 31. And that we may so do indeed,

Shall ye be met again.
God send us all his Grace : 6. Be friendly to the fatherless
Then after death we shall be sure, And all that are opprest;
With him to have a Place. Alift them always out of hand,

And see them set at rest.
[Ha&enus è Liturgiá Eccl. Angl. 7. Be always lowly in your life,

Let Love enjoy her own:

The highest trees are seldom sure,

But soonelt overthrown. A Parody upon that old Verse,

8. Exhort your Children to be chaste, Wboso him bethoft

Rebuke them for their ill,
Irwardly and oft,

And let them not in any wise
How hard it were to flit, &c.

Be wedded to their Will.
Hoso hath rightly spyd,

9. And let your Light and Living

shine, That his Creator dy'd, Affuming human State,

That they you not suspect His Sins to expiate,

To have the same within yourself, (A thing that none can know,

For which you them correct. Or presently must bow :)

10. Be meek and modeft, in a Mean Would not do one Sin,

Let all your deeds be done,
All the World to win.

That they which are without thislaw,
May see how right ye run.

11. There


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