Sivut kuvina

1. Eternal streams of Pity flow 13. When Man was lost, Love look'd From thee their Source to earth be about, low:

To see what help in earth or sky: Miothers are kind, because Thou art, In vain, for none appear'd without, Thy tenderness o’erflows their heart. The Help did in God's Bosom lie ! 3. Lord of my Soul,bow down thine! 4. There lay the Son : but left his rest ear,

Thraldom and mis’ry to remove Hear, Bowels of compassion, hear! From those, who Glory once poffeft, O give not to the winds my pray'r : But wantonly abus'd God's love. Thy name, thy hallow'd Name is 5. Thou cam'ft'O myRedeemer dear! there!

And canst thou after this be strange ? 4. Look on my miseries, mark them Nor to my heart unveil'd appear ! well,

Can minds like thine or fail or The hame, the death, the fin I feel : change? Confider, Lord; thine car incline! 6. But if thou tartiest, why must I ? The Cross hath made my Suff 'rings My God, what is this world to me! thine.

This world of woe! hence let them 5. Thou, Jesu, on th’accursed tree Ay, Didit bow thy dying Head for me ; The clouds that part my soul and Incline it now! who made the ear,

Thee. Shall he, shall he forbear to hear ! 7. A Sigh thou breath'it into my 6. See thy poor Duft, in pity see,

heart, It ftirs, it creeps, it aims at Thee ! And earthly Joys I view with scorn : Halte, save it from the greedy tomb! Far froni my soul, ye Dreams depantes Come ! ev'ry Atom bids thee come! | Nor mock me with your vain return ! 7. 'Tis thine to help! forget me not!' 8 Idly we talk of harvests here, O be thy Mercy ne'er forgot! Eternity our Harveft is : Lock'd were thy ear? yet still my Grace brings the great sabbatic Year, plea

When ripen'd into glorious Bliss. Might speed : for Mercy keeps the 9 O loose this Frame,life's knot untie, key.

That my free Soul may use her Wing; 370.

Now pinion'd with Mortality,

A weak, entangled, wretched thing! Aint is my head, and fick my 10. Why should I longer stay and heart,

groan? While thou dost ever, ever stay! The most of me to Heav'n is Aled : Fixt in my Soul I feel thy dart, My thoughts and joys are thither Groaning I feel it night and day :

gone ; Come, Lord, and few thyself to me, To all below I now am dead. Or take, O take me up to thee !

11. Come, dearest Lord ! my soul's 2. Canit thou with-hold thy healing defire guace,

With eager pantings gasps for Home: So kindly lavish of thy Blood; Thee, thee my restless hopes require ; How twiftly trickling down thy face, My Fleth and Spirit bid thee come! For me the purple Current flow'd ! Come, Lord, and thew thyself to me, Come, Lord, &c.

Or take, O take me up to thee!


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17. He, treating with fick Folks,whom Ing of glory, King of peace !

paffions sway, I will love thee;

Allows for that, and keeps his conAnd that Love may never cease,

ftant Way. I will move thee :

8. When the wideWorld runs wrong, Thou didît note my working Breaft,

it can't him bend Thou hast heard me,

To wriche his limbs, and share the Thou hast heard, and spar'd me !

Ill, not mend. 2. Wherefore with my utmost art I will fing thee;

373. And the Cream of all my heart

I will bring thee :
Tho'my Sins against me cry'd,

Hat helps it, to kill me each
Thou didft hear me,
Thou didst hear, and clear me !

Far more is thy own Death for me, 3. Sev'n whole days,not cnz in sev'n, Than all my hourly deaths can be, I will praise thee;

Which aMethusalem's age could pay. In my heart an humble Heav'n

2. Were all afflicted Men's tears let I will raise thee :

Into one common Sewer or brine; Yet Eternity's too short

What were they all compar'd to To extol thee,

thine ? I can but enrol thee.

They'd but discolour bloody Sweat !

3. Therefore my grief thou only art; 272.

E’er since thy Cross took up in one, HE conftant Christian ftill

By Imprest, all my future moan : doth good pursue, To God, his Neighbour, and himself, As all my Joy, so all my Smart. most true.

374. 2. His Honesty not every ruffling wind

HEN Mary wip'd her Can blow

Saviour's Feet, it blind,

(Whose laws she trampld on before) 3. He at th'approach of Trials, calm Shewing, his Steps fhould be the doth stay,

street, Till he the thing and the example Wherein the thenceforth evermore weigh ;

With humbleness would live and 4. Them neither seeks nor shuns, but pays, when come,

Yea, plac'd those Jewels on her head: What place or person calls for, in one 2. To cleanse him, who can't be de. sum.

fil'd, 5 He'll never use in any thing a slight, So ftain d herself, why did sheftrive? For above all things he abhors de - Her tears (since fins so deep are pild, ceit.

We reach not, tho' in Tears we dive 6. 'Gainst close Temptations firm, Like seas, for words and works and when day is done,

thoughts) His goodness fets not, but in dark Why kept the not for her ownFaults:

goes on.



3. She





She knew, who all her filth did

VOme, my ,

Life! Therefore to bring wherewith to Such a Way, as gives us breath : wash,

Such a Truth, as ends all strife : So far as may be) she's not loth : Such a Life, as killeth death. Yet washing Him, the washes both. 2. Come, my light, my feast, my


Such a Light, as shews a feast : 375

Such a Feast, as mends by length :

Such a Strength, as makes its guest. CAST not heard, that Lord 3. Come, my joy, my love, my heart! Jesus dy'd ?

Such a Joy, as none can move : Then let me tell thee a strange Story. Such a Love, as none can part : The God of pow'r, as he did ride Such a Heart, as joys in love, In his majestic Robes of glory, Resolv'd to light ; and so one day

377. He did, undressing all the way. 2. And first, as travellers are wont,

Ook hither, ye whose Taste, He did repair unto an Inn :

Doth lead you to much Both then, and after, many a brunt waste ! He did endure, to cancel fin ; Save your cost, and mend your fare; And having giv'n the reft before, God is here prepar'd and drest, Gave up his Life to pay our Score. God, in whom all dainties are, 3.Ere he to heav'n return'd,came one Deigns himself to be the Feast. That ran upon him with a Spear : 2. Look hither, ye whom Wine He who came hither all alone, Doth, to your shame, define! Bringing nor men, nor arms, nor Weep that ye have drunk amiss, fear,

What has not been for your Good; Receiv'd this blow upon his Side, Supplicate to drink of this, Then(as 'twere) to his brethren cry'd: Which before you drink is Blood. 4. If ye have any thing to write, 3. Look hither, whom false Joy (Tho' I've no post-bag, yet I've Doth rain and defroy, room)

While ye graze without your bounds! Unto my Father's hands and fight, Here is Joy, that drowneth quito, Believe me, it shall safely come: As a flood the lower grounds, To thew, I'll mind what you impart,

Your inordinate delight. Look ! you may put it near my Heart. 14. Come near, whom true Heart's 5. If ever any of my Friends

Pain Will use me in this kind, the door Doth wholesomly arraign, Shall still be open ; what he sends Bringing all your síns to light ! I will present, and somewhat more, Taste and fear not; God is here, Not to his hurt : Sighs will convey And on Sin doth cast the fright, All to me. Then, Despair ! away. While ye arm you with this Cheer





great God?

379. 1. 'ITH me, in me, live and The Circumcision.

dwell, O thou fwcet ard sacred Cheer! Welcome here !

A Hon my Saviour's tender

grown Surely paffes thought and fight

To eight Days Age, must smart then Thy Delight,

seize so soon? In its most transcendent neatress.

2. Is this thy Welcome to the world, From the Cup I taste a sweetness, Such as is, and makes divine !

No sooner born, but subject to the 2. As we sugar melt in Wine,

rod. Is some star, fled from the sphere,

3. Or is't by this experiment to try, Melted there?

Whether thou art born mortal, and Hath all Sweetness in the Bread

canst die ? Made a head (Flow'rs and gums and powders 4. If man must needs draw blood of giving

God, yet why All their odoriferous living)

Stays he not till thy Time be come To subdue the smell of fin !

to die? 3. Such a sweetness to impart,

5. Perhaps to teach, we should to Doubtless neither star nor flower

Thee so hafte,
Hach the power :

And learn that all the time is loft Only God, who gives Perfumes,

that's past. Flesh assumes,

6. 'Tis true, we should do so; yet in (That this Spice be better scented,

this Blood Here, as bruised, 'tis presented) There's something else, that must be

And with it perfumes my heart. understood. 4. When I in bale joys was drown'd, 7. A witness 'tis against thee, that And forgetting my high birth,

thou art Cleav'd to Earth;

Made subject to the Law, to act our God took Blood, and needs would part. be

3. The Sacrament of thy regeneraSpilt with me :

tion This prevented my Undoing, It cannot be, there's here no appliAnd I now get eyes for viewing

cation. Him who did so much for me!

9. Original Corruption was not thine, 5. This remains my final Wish, But only as thy Righteousness is mine. (Hearken under pain of death,

10. In holy Baptism this is brought Fiands and breath!

to me, And that single With t' atchicve, As that in Circumcision was to thee. Gladly strive)

11. Thy Circumcision writ thy Death May the Wonder of his Pity

in blood; Be in word and deed my ditty,

Baptism in water feals my Livelihood. And take up my lines of life !


Whitsunday. 13. Lord make revenge upon me for "Mocht mehe profane despiseze

my Heart.


12. O blessed change ! yet, rightly

understood, That blood was Water, and this water's blood.

Ock this smart, And for thy Fore-skin, circumcise This Earnest he hath fent, who mut


All Lands, that they may know, 380.

How very much to him they owe.

2. Now that he is ascended up on Reat, without controversy high, great,

And hath led captive all captivity, They that do know it, will confefs

He'll plentifully give The Myftery of Godliness,

The Spirit's Gifts to all that live. Whereof the Gospel doth intreat.

3. To fit them for a bleffed State of 2. God in the Flesh is manifeft,

glory, And that which hath for ever been And publish to the World the happy Invisible, may now be seen,

Story Th' eternal Deity new-drest.

Of him, this resident 3. Angels to Shepherds brought the Pow'rful Embassador is sent : News :

4. Heaven's Agent upon earth, to And wife Men guided by a star,

counterwork, To seek the Sun are come from-far; And bring to light the ghostly Foes Gentiles have got the Itart of Jews. that lurk, 4. The Stable and the Manger hide That so hell's gates may not His glory from his own; but these, Boast any more what they have Tho ftrangers, his resplendent rays

got. Of Majesty divine have spy'd. 5. O let his Welcome then in you 5. Gold, frankincense and myrrh such, they give ;

As him befits ; nor ever think it And worshipping him plainly shew, much, That unto Him they all things owe, What he requires ; who this By whose free gift it is they live. Observes, sall reap first-fruits of 6. Tho'clouded in a vail of flesh,

bliss. The Sun of righteousness appears,

382. Melting cold cares and frosty fears, And making joys spring up afresh.

A House I had (called Heart) fo 7. O that his light and influence Would work effe&tually in me With fpacious rooms on ev'ry fide, Another new Epiphany,

I thought, in order to make gain, Exhale and elevate me hence:

I might do well to entertain 8. That, as my Calling doth require, Such Guests that came : I did; but Star-like I may to others fhine,

what befel And guide them to that Sun divine, Me quickly in that course, I figh to i Whole day-light never shall expire. tell.


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