Sivut kuvina

5. Thou shalt thy Parents honour 2. Whilst with her sweetest flowers pay,

Thy Sion strews thy Way,
Father and Mother boch, I say.

I'll raise with all my powers
Thou must hate no Man whomsoe'er To thee a grateful Lay :
Left thou become a Murderer. To thee the King of glory
6. No other man's Wife ever mind,

I'll tune a long divine;
But to thy own prove chaste and kind. And make thy Love's bright story
If Giving's of thy joys the chief,

In graceful numbers shine. Thou never wilt become a Thief. 3. What haft thou not performed, 7. Tell never Lies, which may or can

Lord to retrieve my Loss, Offend or hurt thy Fellow-man;

While I was so deformed Befriend him rather, and be he

By Sin and hellish dross ? Who his Repute guards tenderly.

Fair gifts of my Creation

Quite spill’d, made me despair ; 8. Of Covetousness well beware, T'invade no things or persons dare, But thy own Incarnation Which Providence by wise decree

Brought my Redemption near. Gave to thy Friend, and not to thee. 4. I lay in Fetters groaning,

Thou cam'ft to fet me free. 9. Here is God's Law! thou Man, My shame I was bemoaning, adore !


With Grace thou_cloathedst me, Behold the Reasons too, wherefore

Thou raisedít me to Glory; We read in Gospel-days that Law;

Endow'dft me with thy Bliss, First, thee in Godliness to awe.

Which is not tranfitory, 10. The other, and the principal,

As worldly treasure is.
To sew thee, that still lince the Fall
A Badness in thy Flesh is hid,

5. This caus'd thy Incarnation, Which makes thee shun thy Benefit.

This brought thee down to me ! Thy Thirk for


salvation 11. O Jesus Chrift! we thee im Contriv'd my Liberty! plore,

O Love beyond all measure, Our Mediator and Saviour,

Wherewith thou dost embrace Our Holiness 'fore God to be, Mankind, 'midst all that pressure On whom should we rely but thee? Which, since the Fall, takes place.

6. Let this consideration 434.

Heal up your wounds within,

Ye Sons of desolation, Wie soll ich dich empfangen.

That feel the smarts of Sin !

Be not cast down, your Helper 1. OW shall I meet my Sa. You have before the gate : viour ?

He, who your heart's Diftemper How Thall I welcome thee?

Relieveth, here doth wait. What manner of behaviour

7. 'Tis none of your endeavour Is now requir'd of me? Let thine Illumination

any mortal care Guide heart and hand aright,

Cou'd draw his sovereign Favour That this my preparation

To finners in despair :

Uncall'd he comes with Gladness, Be pleasing in thy fight.

To save you from the Fall,


Hvinur ?



thou up,

And cure all Griefs and sadness Thou Morning-Itar, thou Eden's

He knows ye're clogg'd withal. Flow'r! 8. Be not cast down nor frighted

The Lord of Lords, whom Mary At fin, tho' ne'er so great ;

bore !

Hallelujah. No! Jesus is delighted

2. We fing thee 'midit thy chosen The greatest to remit.

race, He comes, repenting Sinners With all our strength we give thee With life and love to crown;

praise ; And make them happy winners That thou so long expected Guest Of glory like his own.

Didit come to visit us at last. 9.

Then fear not ye the clamour 3. Dost thou a stranger chuse to be, Of Satan and his clan :

When Heav'n and Earth belong to The Word, his pow'rful hammer, thee?

Destroys their wicked plan. Thou cloathest all, yet bare and He comes, the King of glory,

Whose Nod confounds their hoft; Wilt thou on human Bosom lean ? He opes a path before ye,

4. Doft thou a Mother's suckling And bates all their boast.

need, To. He comes to pass a sentence Who doft the whole Creation feed ? On all his enemies :

The Worlds like parchment roll'ft But children of Repentance

Shall meet with love and peace. And men in swaddling-clothes thee Come, Prince of

and wonder!

Fetch-thy Beloved home; 5. Thou in a manger ly'st with beasts,
Reveal thy glories yonder ; There thou a little Infant rest'ft ;
Thy longing Spouse says, Come! Tho' thou’rt the Heathen's Light and

friend, 435.

No servant's found on thee t'attend.

6. I thank thee, loving Lamb ! that Dún er liegt iu Ceinet krippe.

thou TOW in his manger he fo hum- On my account didst stoop so low;

And as thy Spirit gives me grace, bly lies, And both to me and thee thas sweet- I'll be thy Servant, if thou please. ly cries :

7. I'll fing thy Hallelujahs here Forget, my brethren, all your

Before the souls, and never tire ; “ Grief and Pain !

And when I yonder gain my place, For what you have not, that I I'll sing an endless Age of praise. “ bring again.


Ermuntre dich,mein schwachet geifi. Wir üngen dir Jumannet.

Rife my spirit, leap with joy, ТЕ fing to thee Immanuel !

Thou Prince of life, salva- The Father, who's a new-born Boy, tion's Well!

The Child and Ages-fire !


A keceive

with great defire


This is the night in which he came,

[439.) Was born, and put on humanFrame, The World, his Bride, to visit, Das neu gebohrne Kindelein.

"HE new-born Babe, whom , groom, good!

Jesus, God bless'd for evermore!
O Jesu King of glory!
Welcome, thrice welcome, Lamb of For his beloved chosen Race.

Brings in another Year of grace
To this World transitory!

2. Therefore the Angels do rejoice,

Since'tis their pleasure,joy and choice I will repeat thy laud and praise, With all my heart all future days,

To be with us : they sing so mild,

God is with Mankind reconcil'd.! For thy bleit Incarnation Procured my salvation.

3. Is God in heaven now our Friend,

Who then would fear a strengthless 3. Ah Jesu! thy unworthy Bride

Fiend ? Deserveth to be loathed,

We neither hell nor devil fear, And yet thou hait her to thy self

Since Christ the Child protects us Upon the Cross betrothed :

here. She's nothing else but infamy, Curse, darkness, death and misery ;

4. He brings along a Year of praise, Yet for her (O Love's rapture)

Why do we then complain always ? Thou layest down thy Sceptre.

Be glad my soul, arise and bless

This Child who changes our Distress. 4. O lovely Child, O sweetest Boy! O beauty beyond measure!

(These two, as well as No 433. are from ibe My Brother, whom I dearly love 16!b Century.)

Above all this world's treasure : Come, deareft! come, and lodge with

And let my Heart thy Manger be!

Jelu meine freude.
There, with humiliation,
I've fix'd thy habitation.

1. TESUS, Source of Gladness,

Comfort in all sadness,

Thou canst end my grief : [438.]

Lord, thy light I'm wanting,

While my heart is panting Er wechselt mit uns winderlich.

After thy Relief.

Saviour Chrift, my Lamb and Priest ! Wondrous Change he with Heaven and earth without thy trea. us makes,

sure He Flesh and Blood takes sure, Can afford no pleasure. Us in his Father's kingdom grants 2. Under thy Protection

To share the Godhead pure. Hell and Sin's injection 2. A Slave is he, that I a Lord Cannot hurt my heart;

Moft splendid might commence : Storms may roar and thunder,
What Itronger proofs could he afford Satan seek to plunder,
Of his Benevolence ?

Vain is all his art !

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train ;

Lightning's Glare, which else would

441. scare, Cannot now



Schatz uber alle schazre.
Christ is


Reasure above all treasure, 3. I defy all Evil,

o Jesu

faireit One! Sword, death, hell and devil,

Thou'st dear beyond all measure : With their flavish fear : Tho' the world's me stinging,

In my poor Heart a throne

(It now with Zeal doth languish) Yet I will be singing ;

I have to Thee ailign'd ; For my God is near.'

'Cause thou with thine own Anguish Satan's clan may curse and ban ;

Haft heal'd my Pain of mind. Earth and Hell, howe'er they riot, Yet must soon be quiet.

2. Joy, of my joy the Fountain,

Thou Bread most heavenly! 4. All ye worldly treasures,

I'll paiture on thy mountain, With your finful pleasures !

My Soul's need satisfy : Far from me remove :

With marrow and with fatnes, Honour and Ambition,

With joy exceeding great, Cease your oppofition

With Comfort and with sweetness, To my facred Love.

Ev'n in a suff'ring State. Come death, pain, with all your


Let me now be perceiving

Thy friendly Countenance ! Your affaults shall but discover

My heart for to enliven How I love my Lover.

With that most powerful glance : I would leave for Jesus

Without thee to be living, All the gold of Crafus,

Were to my heart great pain ; Pleasure, Praise and Pow'r :

But 'fore thee to be moving, Sin, thou great Deceiver,

Is Health, and joy, and gair. Now subside for ever,

4. O Well of life! I fervent Lift thy head no more.

Pant for thee, sweetest Rest ! One Adieu I give to you,

Thou faithful Church's Servant, Death more fitly callid than Living :

Think'st thou some Trouble best I'm in Christ believing.

For me ? I'll gladly suffer, 6. Fly, ye gloomy Spirits !

And no pain shall me move Jesus with his Merits

(Tho' frightful it should offer) Is my guard and Prop;

From thy most tender love. Those that love th’Anointed, 5. My Heart remains giv'n over Shan't be disappointed

To thee perpetually, Of their living Hope.

To die, to live ; and rather,
Somewhat here I patient bear, O Fair one! I'd with thee
Bat Christ turneth ev'n my Sadness In hottest fire be sweating,
Into Joy and gladness.

Than want thy Company,
And be in Paradise sitting

With pain and infainy.
6. Earth's glory to inherit,
I'm not at all inclin'd;


Life's on Cross Sufpend

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For heavenly is my Spirit, 5: 'Twas I ought to’ve been pained.

And my whole heart and mind : And fast for ever chained Where Christ himself discloses, Both hand and foot in Hell ; There I do long to be ;

The Bands and Scourge's tearing, And where he buildech Houses, Which, thou, my God! wert bearing; That is the place for me.

My soul, my soul deserv'd to feel. 1 7. Now Jesu, love's pure Fire, 6. I'll be 'mongst the beholders,

Come fetch me to thee home : How thou on thy own Shoulders To thy Breast I aspire,

Bear'ít my prodigious load : My soul's Adornment! come.

Thou tak'it the Curse-infliction, Rich I shall be, and chearful, Giv'st for it Benedi&tion ;

When once thro' thy free grace, My Cordial is thy Pains and rod. I, snatch'd from all that's hurtful, 7. As Surety thou presentest Have gaind my heav'nly Place. Thyself, to smart consenteft

For me in Debt all o'er ; 442.

A crown of Thorns thóú weareft,

The scorn and pain thou beareft D welt, lieh hier dein lebent.

With Patience never known before.

8. Into Death's jaws thou leaping, World ! attention lend it,

Provid'st for my efcaping,

That I this Hurt mayn't prove ; ed, Thy Healer finks in death :

My Death thou for me carry it, The fov'reign Prince of Glory

And then with thyself bury'st,

O most unheard-of fire of Love ! ('Tis no fiétitious story) With Shame and torment yields 9. Thro' all life's hours and stations, his Breath.

i'm under Obligations, 2. Draw near! thou wilt discover,

The highest, to thee, Lamb! Late bloody Sweat all over

As far as they are able, His Body stains and dyes ;

Shall Soul and Body, stable, Out of his Heart most noble,

Devote their service to thy Name. For inexhausted trouble,

10. To thee, while here I'm living, Sighs are succeslive following I have nought worth the giving: Sighs.

Yet one thing shall not fail ; Who hath thee thus abused,

Thy Death and Passion ever, 3. My Health! and so much bruised

Till soul and body sever, Thy tend'rest, loveliest Face ?

Shall in my Heart's recess prevail. Why ! thou’rt no sin's transactor,

11. Its fresh Representation Thou art no malefactor,

Shall ftir my admiration, Like others of the human Race. Where'er I turn or move ; 4. I, I ! and my transgreslions,

I'll take it for my mirrour Which by my own confessions,

Of Innocence, for terror
Exceed the sea-shore Sands; To guile, bat Seal of Truth and
These, these have been the reason

Of thy whole bitter Season, 12. How greatly man incenfes
Of all thy bruises,stripes and bands. The Lord by his Offences,

God's Holiness how itern,

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