Sivut kuvina

How rigʻrous he chastises;

Thou harmless, undefil'd, and clean, When he with wrath baptises; What caus'd thee to be slain ?

This I will by thy Suff rings learn. 4. My Sins, as num'rous as the sands 13.From thence I'll be taught wholly,

Upon the Ocean fhore, How my Heart shall be holy;

Have been the cruel murd'rous hands My mind compos'd and still;

That wounded Thee so fore. How I shall love and bear with 5. Thy Anguilh, thy tormenting pain, Those who me vex and tear with And ev'ry dreadful woe, Rude acts of Malice and ill-will.

Thou didft so willingly sustain, 14, When I'm exasperated,

My Soul should undergo. My name calumniated,

6. Thou on thy shoulders takif the Myself I'll mollify;

whole, And put the best construction To ease my burthen'd heart : Upon my Neighbour's action, Thou bear 'it' the curse, to bless my Forgive and suffer willingly.

soul, 15. With Jesus crucifying

And heal'ft me with thy Smart. I'll be my Flesh denying,

7. Thy wondrous love to evidence, And ev'ry (fleshly Luft:

Thou would it my Surety be: What in thy Eye is odious,

Thyself would't pay my Debt imI'll leave, howe'er commodious,

By help and Strength which thou Thereby to fet me free.

8. Thou art Destruction to the Grave, 16. Thy Sighs and groans unnum

Death's Enemy severe ; ber'd ;

That each who was before his slave, And from thy Heart encumber'd, Might now be fav'd from fear.

The thousand Tears forth press'd, 9. My debt to thee, dear wounded These shall, at my Dismission

To final Rett's fruition,

Weak words cannot express ;
Convoy me to thy Hands and I cannot here, if there above,

Shew proper Thankfulness.
10. Grant me but this while I am

here, Part of the fame.

(Since I can nothing give)

Thy Suff'rings in my heart to bear, 1. CEE, world, upon the bloody tree

And in thy Death to live! Cover'd with Stripes and wounds for thee,

443 Thy Saviour yields his breath. Quf diesen tag bedenken tale. 2 Behold his Body swims in blood; Aise your devotion, mortal Out of his tender Heart,

tongues, Deep fighs and Groans he sends to To praise the King of glory, God

Sweet be the accents of your songs In his excessive smart,

OF him who's

gone before

ye ; 3. Thoo Prince of glory, knew't no Lo! Angels strike their loudeft strings, Sin,

For heav'n and all created things What caus'd thee then chy Pain?

Muit sound Emanuel's Praises.


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2. Ye

2. Ye mourning fouls, look upward Which breeds the least division too,

Or collision For Chriff is now preparing "Twixt me and God my All, At God's right Hand a place for you ; Who sav'd me from perdition.

Shake off what seems despairing : 3, How. [weet, how beautiful and Thence your great Lord and King kind, shall come

Is thy great Love and Merit ? To fetch your longing fpirits home, Were this but fix'd within my mind, And crown your love and labour. What could disturb my spirit ? 3.Since he o'erHeav'n bears sov'reign Then let no Thought arise in me, sway,

No Object move my senses,
By all its pow'rs attended;

No pretences,
And has more Graces to display T' obstruct my love to thee ;

Than can be comprehended; Thus heav'n on earth commences.
Fear not but he his Graces pours 4. O that this great and fov'reign
On such meek humble breasts as Good

Were once in my poffeffion; The Objects of his favour.

O that it would infame my blood 4. In us take place, while here be To glow with holy passion ! low,

Grant, I be watching day and night A constant Heart's Ascension !

To keep this heav'nly Treasure After God's Child alone we'll


From the seizure Give to his Steps attention : Of Satan's secret spite, Unhurt this Knot of faithful love Who seeks our woe with pleasure. Remain, till we arrive above,


Thou cam'ft in love to my Relief, And dwell with him for ever! Bor'ft fin's due Pain and torment,

Hung'it on the Cross just like a thief 444.

Or murth'rer, without garment,

Scorn'd, spit upon, and sore diftreft: 9 Jesu Christ mein schonftes Licht.

O let thy Sufferings enter

To the center

Of this my stubborn Breaft,
Whose loving Condescension

To melt and make it tender. Embraces me by day and night

6. The purple Gore, thou sed'it for Beyond my comprehension :

me, Lord! grant me to return thy Love Is precious, pure and holy ; With due and true devotion,

But this my Heart,that swerves from That my notion

thee, Of Mercy may improve

Is flint-like harden'd folly: With ev'ry thought and motion. Lord ! make the virtue of thy Blood 2.Let nothing dwell within my heart

Sink deep into the Nature But thy sweet love and favour:

Of thy creature, Thy Love engage my soul to past

And spread this living Flood From ev'ry linful Savour :

Thro' ev'ry vein and feature. Remove my mind from great and 7. O that my heart with eagerness small,

Would open wide and gather


'Chrif; my sweeteft Life and

Each Drop of blood, my fins did press 12. Thy love, my faviour ! all fupFrom thee my Mediator !

plies, O were mine Eyes a well of tears, What to my soul is wanting ; To guth with inward anguish 'Tis the true Light unto mine eyes, Forth, and languila,

My cordial when I'm fainting ; Like chose, whose loving fears My sweetest Wine and heav'nly food,

At last their Object vanquish: My richeft Robe and garment, 8. O that I with a Babe's desire

My Preferment, Came running, weeping, stretching,

Defence of life and blood, So long, cill love's internal Fire

My Lodge and safe apartment. My longing soul were catching : 13. My deareft Dear, if thou remove, O! would thyHeart unite with mine What is my birth and Being ? In gentle condescension,

Should'At thou withdraw thy precious And the tension

love, of such thy Pow'r divine

My best of Goods were fleeing : Admit of no declension. Grant, I may seek and entertain 9. O draw me, Dearest ! after thee, Thee, my sweet Guest, with glad.

And I shall run with pleasure : ness, I'll run with all my fervency

That no sadness T'embrace thee, Lord, my Trea

Difturb thy Love again, fure,

Which cures my linful madness. And taste the sweetness of that Love, 14. Thy Love has always been the Whose blest communication

fame, Brings Salvation,

Ev'n from my first Beginning, Doth fin and grief remove When I yet knew not thy great With ease on each occasion.

Name, 10. My Comfort, Jewel, life and Could do nought else but sinning : light,

Olet thy love, Almighty Lord !
My lov'reign Good and portion ! Continue to attend me,
Make me partaker of thy Sight,

And defend me
I'm thine with all devotion :

From foes of any sort, Without thy love, there's nought but That would destroy and rend me Gall,

15. Lord ! grant thy love an influence I find no satisfaction,

On all my present Station :
But distraction

But if by frailty I should chance Surrounding ev'ry Wall,

To swerve from my Salvation, And cauling sad Reflection. Be thou my Guide and Counsellor, 11.But, Lord, thy love is perfect Rest, In all my thoughts and acions The source of all true pleasure :

Give Corrections, Jesu! be my soul thus bleft,

When Sin's deluding pow'r T'enjoy thee without measure:

Would draw me to distractions. Be thou my Flame, and burn in me; 16. Thy love uphold me, when My Balsam, be thou healing

difireft, All that's ailing,

Add strength when I am fainting; And all Depravity

And when this mortal Period's patt, I'm itill with grief bewailing. My heart for thee is panting :



The fame.

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Then let thy loving Faithfulness Free me from ev'ry weight: nor fear Support my Aspiration,

Nor sin can come, it thou art here. Breache salvation,

6. What in thy Love poffefs I not? With joy thro' Death to press,

My Star by night, my Sun by And taste Love's full possession.

day; My Spring of life when parch'd with


My Wine to chear, my Bread to 1. TEfu, thy boundless Love to me stay,

No thought can reach, no My Strength, my Shield, my safe tongùe declare :

Abode, O knit my thankful heart to Thee, My Robe before the throne of God! And reign without a rival there.

7. From all Eternity with love Thine wholly, thine alone I am: Unchangeable thou hast me Be thou alone my constant Flame.

view'd; 2. My Saviour, thou thy love to me Ere knew this beating heart to move, In Want, in pain, in shame, haft Thy tender Mercies me pursu'd. show'd :

Ever with me may they abide, For me on the accursed Tree And close me in on ev'ry fide.

Thou pouredit forth thy guildless 8. Still let thy love point out my

blood : Thy Wounds upon my heart impress,

(How wondrous things thy love Nor ought shall the lov'd Stamp ef.

hath wrought!) face.

Still lead me, left I go astray, 3. O that my heart, which open Direct my Work, infpire my {tands,

Thought : May catch each Drop, that tortu. And when I fall, soon may I hear ring pain

Thy Voice, and know that Love is Arm'd by my Sins, wrung from thy hands,

9. In fuff ring be thy love my Peace, Thy Feet, thy Head, thy ev'ry In weakness be thy love my Pow'r; vein:

And when the Storms of life shall That still my


heave with cease,

Jesu, in that important hour Still tears of love o'erflow my eyes. In Death as life be thou my Guide, 4. O that I as a little Child

And save me, who for me haft died ! May follow thee, nor ever rest Till sweetly thou hast pour'd thy

445 mild

Gleich wie fich fein ein boegelein. And lowly Mind into my breaft: Nor may we ever parted be

S small Birds use a hole to Till I become one Spirit with thee.

chuse 5. O draw me, Saviour, after thee, In hollow tree for Cover,

So shall I run and never tire: When whirlwinds blow, when hail With gracious words ftill comfort and snow ne;

O'er man and beast doth hover ; Be' thou my hope, my sole desire.

2. So




in one,

him ;

2. So I to thee, Lord Chrift, do flee, 3. Yes, Father ! yes, with all my Within thy Wounds retired :

heart, When Sin and Death did stop my 'Tis my own Satisfaction; breath,

In all things I am as Thou art, Here I again respired.

With thy word joins my Action. 3. Therein I will keep my Place ftill: O wondrous Love! O love's great

Tho' Aeth and soul here sever, might! Yet I with thee, my Rock ! shall be Thou reachest farther than man's In yonder joys for ever.

fight, 4. Now, God Sire, Son, and Spirit o faithful Love I thou’rt strong and

Forceft from God bis Treasure : Be bless'd, while

we're nayou


Thou stretcheft Him upon a Herse, ming! I make no doabt, (Christ spoke it

Wh' had life and death at pleaout)

sure. Who believes, is saved : Amen. 4. Thou bruiseft him on Cross's beam,

With nails and spear driv'n thro' 446.

Thou slaughter'ft him just as a Lamb, Elin Laumlein geht und tragt die See's Heart and Veins a flowing ; (chuld.

The heart with Sighs, the veins with

Lamb goes forth, and bears | Which they fo plentiful produce,
the guilt

Ev'n Blood as red as purple.
Of all the World together, O sweetest Lamb! what can I do,
Most patiently by his Blood spilt Due Gratitude to thee to shew,
To pay for ev'ry Debtor ;

For all thy smart and trouble! Sickness and toil he on him took, 5. Whilft I live here, I never shall Went freely to the Slaughter-block, Forget thy Grace amazing i All comfort he refused;

Our love shall be reciprocal, He underwent reproach and blame, I also Thee embracing. Death on the Cross, and Stripes and My Heart's Light thou shalt be alfame,

ways, And said, I gladly chuse it. And when it breaks once (as one says) 2.This Lambis ev’n the mighty God, Thou'lt be my Heart thenceforOf all our souls the Maker ;

ward. Him in our Need his Father wou'd I will to thee, my Head and Crown! Let be of flesh Partaker :

Myself, as evermore thy own, He said, my Child! go take in hand Resign with love most inward. The Sinners Cause, who doomed | 6. My song in thy great Loveliness stand

Both night and day sha!l center ; Ev'n by thee to chastisement, I'll 'midst all wants and feebleness, Chastisement fore, and Anger great; Glad in thy Service venture : In thy own person them free let,

My Life's whole stream shall now for By bleeding, and Death's tor thee ment.

With Thankfulness perpetually,

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