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In fhewing forth thy praises:
And all what thou hast done for me,

Shall, deep as it can possibly,
Sink in my heart's receffes.

WG0 (all ich ilehen hix. 7. That will true comfort to me yield,

Whither shall I jy? In all my Circumstances :

Depress'd in milery! In combat it shall prove my Shield, Who is it that can ease me,

In griefs, what Joy dispenses : And from my Sins release me? In happy hours, the secret Sweet ; The whole world's strength would And when I loath all other meat, languish,

This Manna shall support me ; And not remove my. Anguilh.
In thirst it Mall my Well.spring be, 2. O Jesu, Source of grace!
In folitude my Company,

I seek thy loving Face,
At home, and on iny journey. Upon thy invitation,
8. What hurts me now the sting of With deep humiliation ;
Death :

O let a Blood-drop cover,
Thy Blood my life remaineth ; And wash my soul all over.
When by the sun I'm scorchid, this 3. I thy unworthy child,

Corrupt throughout and spoil'da A pow'r which shades and screen- Take all my Sips abounding,

Which are my soul confounding, Yea when Soul's pain doth seize my And into thy Wounds cast them. breast,

From whence my health does haften. I find in theç a Couch and rest, 4. Thro' thy so spotless Blood,

As on their beds fick people ; That precious purple flood, Thou art, when Storms of trials Purge off all fin and sadness, blow,

And all my heart with gladness; And toss my vessel to and fro, All my affences banish,

My Anchor too and cable. In that Sea's depth to vanish. 9. And when at last with chearful

5 Thou shalt my Comfort bę,

Since thou hast dy'd for me :
The glorious Hall I enter, I am by thee acquitted
Thy Blood thall of my Wedding. From all I e'er committed ;

My Sins by thee were carry'd,
Be then the only splendor ; And in thy Tomb are bury'd.
It will be for my head the crown, 6. Is my Corruption great?
When standing 'fore the Father's Yet when I at thy feet

Who's God of all the Churches: Thy sacred Blood do gather,

Thereon trust altogether,
Then will the Mother, who bare me, And creep to thee, tho' Sickly i
And nurs'd me up, my Lamb, for My comfort breaks in quickly.

7. I know my Poverty :
Present me as thy Purchase.

But ne'ertheless for me
Are all good things obtained,
Since Jelu's Blood was drained !


Thus filence I the devil,

3. Now I can see Jefu's Side Sin, hell and ev'ry evil.

Únto my heart open wide. 8. Yea if a legion's hoft

His Blood cails ; Who thirsts, come Of devils me oppos'd,

here! And did round me assemble, O I thirft, my Jesus dear ! It should not make me tremble ;

Give drink unto my poor Soul I'd point to the blood's Token, Out of thy wounds and fide's hole, And then their rage is broken.

Fill me with thy blood quite full. 9. Thy blood, that noble juice,

4. Jesu's Blood, prepare me quite, Does such a ftrength diffuse,

That I may drink thee in right That the least Blood-particle,

In the holy Sacrament, Which from Gods wounds did

To God's praise and my content ; trickle,

That by this so precious Juice Can from the fiend deliver

Jesas may himself diffuse Ten thousand Worlds for ever.

Thro' each vein's and art'ry's sluice. 10.

Lord Jesu Christ ! in thee 3. Jesu's Blood come over me! I truft eternally:

And Aow thro' me constantly, I know I shall not perish,

Whether I'm in joy or smart, But in thy Kingdom Aourish;

Whether World's or Satan's art For fince thou 'st death endured,

Would hurt me: come, when I This is for me procured.

speak, u. Lamb, strengthen thou my heart When I'm filent, strong, or weak; By th' Spirit, to depart

When at last my Heart-Itrings break. From ev'ry thing for ever,

6. Jesu's Blood ! O come and glide
Which Thee and me could fever. Thro' me, and in me abide.
Keep me, thou white and ruddy! Jesu's blood ! stream thro’the whole,
A Member of thy Body.

Thro' my Spirit, Body, Soul :
My heart pants and longs for thee,
Thirsting I beg heartily,

Jesu's Blood come over me!
3telu blut komm uber mich.
refu's Blood come over me !

I thirst for it heartily :

Jelu, meines lebens leben.
Jesu's Blood, O come and stay
O'er my body and soul, I pray:

Efu, Source of my falvation, Come o'er me, my highest Good!



death and Come and stay, 6 Jelu's blood,

hell ! Fill my whole heart with thy food.

Thou, who didít, as my Oblation, 2. Jesu's Blood I now can see :

Feel the pain which I should feel: 0, in faith, I verily

By the greatness of thy Torment See my Jesus on the Cross,

Thou haft purchasd my preferment. And how his blood fresh there

Thousand thousand thanks to thee, flows :

Deareft Lord for ever be. Jesu's Blood, Orun to me!

2. O how basely waft thou used, My heart does rejoice at thee,

Buffeted and spit upon Gathers thy drops eagerly.

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Scourg'd and torn, and sorely bruised, 2. My choicest Pearl and precious

Thou the glorious Father's Son ? crown, Us to set, the worst of wretches, God's and the Virgin Mary's Son, Free from Hell and Satan's clutches! Thou King of endless glory! Thousand, &c.

Thou art compar'd to Sharon's 3. Thou, with more than lamblike Flow's, Meekness,

Thy Gospel and its saving pow'r Suffer'df Death upon the cross : Is like pure milk and honey. O, that my rebellious fickness Lovely Lilly,

Had not been the fatal Cause ! Yea Hosanna, heav'nly Manna ! Thou wert curs d for my Transgref Thy sweet Flavour fing,

Be mine everlasting favour. To restore me to thy Blessing. 3. Thy love, so pow'rful and divine, Thousand, &c.

Dart deep into this heart of mine, 4. Lord, thy deep Humiliation Thou brilliant Stone and Jewe!!

Pay'd for my rebellious Pride; Confirm me more and more to be Thy Breath's facred expiration

A Branch of thee, the living Tree, Puts iny Fear of death aside : That Self may lose its fewel. All thy Grief and shameful bondage

For Thee I figh, Does redound to my Advantage.

Gratiofa cæli rofa! Thousand, &c.

My heart's craving 5. Lord I'll praise thee now and ever

To imbibe thy Odour saving. For thy more than human Pain, . Gracious Role of Heaven. For thy agonizing Shiver,

4. From God descends a Glance of For thy Wounds and bloody Stain,

joy. For thy stooping under Sentence

When thou, with thy most friendly Of eternal Wrath and

vengeance : Eye, For thy love, my king benign, Behold'st thy love-sick creature ; I will be for ever thine.

Immanuel! my sov'reign Good!

Thy Word, thy Spirit, Flesh and 450.


Renew my very nature :
Wie schoen leuchtet per morgen.fern. Grant me sweetly
OW bright appears the Thine embraces, that the graces

Of Salvation
With grace and truth beyond com- Fully cure all Depravation.

5. Thou Father from Eternity, The royal Root of Fille ;


wait inciin'd to me, O David's Son, of facob's line ! Through Christ, thy Well-beloved ; My sopl's delight, and Spouse di Thy Son has chose me for his Bride; vine !

In this my Spouse I can confide,
Thy love alone can bless me. His love shall ne'er be moved.
Precious, Gracious,

The Day, I say,
Fair and giorjous, e'er victorious, When joys feltal and celestial
Thou my Treature ;

I wait from him, l'ar beyond all carthly pleasure. Is infallibly a coming.



6. Tung

6. Tane all your strings of harp and Sparkle with bleeding graces, lute,

To yield me joy and peace : If you can earthly mufic suit Appear ftill in that Figure,

To speak celestial Concords ; Wherein for all my need, - For nothing shall disturb my Flame, Thou under Justice rigour,

Which is attach'd to Jesu's Name, Once on the Cross didnt bleed. The sweetest of all Comforts.

4. O let my soul be buried Joyful, awful,

Within thy open Side! Be the phrases of our Praises, So 'bove all hurt be carried, ('Tis our duty,)

In thy rich Ocean wide. 'fore the Lord of bliss and beauty. Indeed 'tis heav'n's Condition, 7. My joy to all the world be known, To be admitted there ; That my Belov'd is that bright One, One has a great fruition,

The Lord of Light and glory : By Faith, already here.
He'll kindly bring me to that Place, 5. Write my name with thy pencil
Where all the wonders of his grace Into the Church's lift,
Shall lie disclos'd before me,

And bind up in life's bundle
Amen! Amen!

My Soul for ever fast ! Come, my Sov'reign! once to go- And 'I with deep prostration, vern

For ever will confess,
The fav'd Nations ;

'Midft Grace's each gradation, Come, I wait thee with impatience.

Thy Heart's great faithfulnefs.

[Or, the 4th and 5th verses con451:

tracted thus into one:]

Shelter our souls most graciously Walet will ich dir geben.

Within thy open'd Side ;

Move them from every harm away. Arewell henceforth for ever, And in thy Safeguard hide :

Thou false World's empty Let all our names in life's blest rolls mode!

Inscrib'd be ever found, Christ and his Grace's favour And in life's bundle all our souls Thy system do explode.

Be fast and firmly bound.
In Heaven's my conversation,
Where fouls in him pofless

A rich remuneration
For their services.

Jht hab' ich eingeschloffen. 2. Counsel me, deareft Jesus,

Afte, Lord, within


worthAccording to thy Heart!

less heart If smart gets leave to seize us,

To form thyself a Shrine !
Yet bid it soon depart.

For me a poor and sinful worm
O shorten all Affliction,

Thou shed's thy Blood divine, And strengthen my weak mind;

Therewith to save my guilty soul Then at my Diffolution,

From endless pain and woe :
My heritage let me find.

What deareft Friend in all the world 3. May in my heart's recesses,

Could greater kindness Mew ? Thy Name and Cross always

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3. He's like the Father in his Might,

On His Throne he's reclining ; Sott Water, nlmın mich in dein' hut. The Godhead's majesty so bright

Is on his Head residing : 'HÉ Father,me protects as God, The heavens of heavens don't him The Son does wash me in his

comprehend, blood,

He's without limits and borders ; The Holy Ghost me up does train,

The mighty ones humbly before him Till I to heaven shall attain,


Yea all the heavenly Orders. 454

4. His Face outshines the starry sky,

And thousand juns in brightness ; Die Gottes Cherubim.

'Tis like the Day-spring from or HE Cherubims of God

high, Exalt their voices loud, It's rays dispel all darkness. Sparkling with flash and shine : The men and the angels all gaze at Their Song is, (if I dare it say)

that Man Whereto more than one harp does

With joy exceeding all meafure. play :

O happy, thrice happy, quite happy, Glory to the Side's fhrine !

who can

Find in Him pasture with pleasure ! 455

456. Icy Sott! was bat fur herrlichkeit.

Monarche aller ding.
God! how vasta glory has,

Onarch of All, with lowly
Joy, Majefty and Greatness,

fear In his exceeding happiness,

To whom heav'ns host their voices Jefus, my Sun and sweetness ?

raise, The Kings and the Emperors yield Even earth and dust thy Bounties him with shame

share : Their scepters and glory tranf. Let earth and dust attempt thyPraise. cendent:

2. Before thy Face, O LORD most Ten thousand times thousands are high, serving his Name,

Sinks all created glory down : And on him gladly dependent. Yet be not wroth with me, that I 2. He over-rules the Cherubims, Vile Worm, draw near thy awful All depths pay him obedience ;

throne. The Thrones and all the Seraphims, ' 3. Of all thou the Beginning art, Look for his kind complacence :

Of all things thou alone the End ; The Heroes and Martyrs wait on

On Thee ftill fix my stedfait heart; him with joy ;

To thee let all my actions tend. The Fathers fall down on their ! 4. Thou, LORD, art Light : thy na

1 The Handmaids find all a delightful No shade, no variation knows ! employ,

On my dark soul (ye clouds away) To fing before him with sweet, The Brightness of thy face difclose.




faces ;

tive ray

5. Thou,

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