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He's the object of my love
Here, and when from hence I move.
6. With my Jesus I will stay,

Schmucke dich, o liebe seelea
For he is my new Creator ;
He's my Life, my truth, my Way,

Rim thy lamp, O Soul beLeading me to living Water :

trothed ! Blessed, who can say with me,

Sin and darkness be quite loathed ; Chrift! I'll never part with thee.

Come into the Light where clearest,

Daly mind what Dress thou weareft. 467.

For the gracious Lord by token,

Has thee as his guest bespoken : mein Freund if inir, und ich bin Jhm.

He who Heav'n's Expanse can maY Friend's to me, and I'm nage,

Will now rest in thy poor Cottage: to him A fix'd unturning Cherubim ; 2. Haften, as for brides is fitting, Ever each other looking on,

Give thy Bridegroom soon the meet. Much as He likes, and as I can.

ing, • Exod. xxxvii. g.

Who knocks soft with Grace's

hammer 2. He loveth me most tenderly, And I love Him much more than on the door of thy Heart's cham

ber. me ;

Ope the Spirit's Portals speedy, He turns to me with Heart on fire,

With thy heart's Address be ready, And I to Him with chaste desire.

“ Come my Friend! (say) let me 3. He feeks within my Heart to rest,

kiss thee, And my. Cry's always to his Breast :

“ Hold thee fast, and ne'er dismiss He longs to be within my Soul,

thee. And I within his dear Side's hole.

3. Equal money is desired, 4. My spirit's Desire appeases he,

Ére choice Goods can be acquired ; I dwell in Him, and He in me!

But thou for thy Grace-profusion, He comes to me with Kiss of grace, Lord, expect'ft'no retribution; And I to him with blushing Face.

Since indeed in all her quarries 5. His Thoughts are taken up with No such Jewel the earth carries, me,

Which thy Manna and Blood's trea. And mine with him continually :

The sweetest found to me's his Could repay in any measure.

And I am his delightful Theme.

4. How do I with spirit's hunger

Lamb! to taste thy Goodness linger: 6. He is my Bridegroom, I his Bride, o how use I oft with crying, My soul's to him in Marriage tyd ; After this Food to be fighing ! Nothing shall sep’rate Him from me, o how use I to be thirsting Nor me from him eternally.

For the Drink from life's Prince bure

sting! All my Bones with God connected, This I wish through Christ effected.

5. Tender

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5. Tender Joy and childlike Trem

469. bling, I find in me, past diffembling;

Komt und lafft euch Jefum lebren. For the Food to which I'm bidden, And its Mode and manner hidden,

SOME and hear the sacred Give me cause for excla nation,

ftory, Lord, how great's thy Operation !

All who have a mind to learn, Who can paint with reason's pencil What's their Life, Reward and Thy Omnipotence's Counsel

glory, 6. No, our mind is far too Thallow,

Who the Christian Title earn ; In this wonder thee to follow ;

Who in ev'ry word and decd How thy Bread's ne'er spent nor Honour God, and freely labour

Show forth Christ, who for 'em bled, wasted, Though by many thousands tasted for the Service of their Neighbour. How we with the grape's production, 2. Blefjed are the poor in spirit, Get Christ's Blood by mystic fuction? Who Humility possess; O the wonders deep and blessed,

And disclaim their own self-merit, By God's Sp'rit alone expressed.

Conscious of their Nothingness ; 7. Jesu! Sun which me enlightens, Resting on him all their days ;

Who to God ascribe all Praise, And my poor Existence brightens !

To such humble souls in Heaven Ground of Salvation's structure,

my My life's Source,my thought's instru? Crowns eternal shall be given. Etor,

3. Blessed are the facred Mourners At thy feet there fall proftrate,

For Corruption yet within, Thy Aim let me no ways fruftrate ;

And for all the Mocks of Scorners But to th' bettering my condition,

Both at piety and sin. And thy praise, share this Nutrition

God, who numbers all their tears, 8. Thou thro' love incomparable

All their fighs, and all their pray'rs,

Will remove those sweet Lamenters Didt from Heav'n stoop to a Scable;

Where no fin, nor sorrow enters. Thy pure Life, us to recover, To death's fury didft yield over ;

4. Bleft, who in a /corn'd condition And for Ransom peremptory,

Bowing to the sacred rod, Gav'it thy Blood, O Lord of glory! Meekly bear the Fool's derision This affords exhilaration,

And the insults of the proud, In thy love's Commemoration.

Leaving vengeance to the Lord, 9. Jesu, Bread of life mot dainty!

And obeying still his Word: Be this A&t to me not empty ;

To the Meek the Earth is given Much less let me, to my Damage,

And the brightest crowns in Heaven. Draw nigh, without hearty homage: Bleft are those who thirfi and hunger But let me amidit this eating,

For the sweets of Righteousness, Thy Love's Depth be penetrating,

In free Grace grow daily stronger : 'Till I hence shall make transition

Then in all their Ways express
To th' eternal Feast's fruition.

That fair Mind, that doth agree
With the dote's fimplicity,
Hating Fraud and all excortion :
Sweetest plenty is their portion.


6. Blef

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6. Bleft are those who with Compal. Of thy bounteous Hand to me, fon

To let my poor Neighbours share
See their Fellow.creatures Grief, In my Plenty and my Pray'r.
And with joy embrace th’Occasion O my God, let me inherit
To administer Relief;

All the graces of thy Spirit.
And who warmly to God's care
Recommend them too by Pray'r :
Such in heav'n firm root have taken,

470. And shall never be forsaken.

so wahr ich lebe, spricht dein Sott, 7. Bleft are those who from subjection To the tyrant Luft are free,

Ure as I live, thy Maker faith, And with chajte and sweet Affection


[See page 69. Follow truth and Purity !

2. O man, let this Word comfort Who renounce the sway of Sense, thee ! For the bands of Continence :

Sink not, great as thy Sins may be ; Such shall have an endless treasure

Lay hold on this free-offer'd grace, Of the purest love and pleasure. That's here confirm'd by Promises, 8. Bleft are those whose pious labours, Nay, seald with God's most solemn 'Truth and Unity and peace

Oath : To establish with their Neighbours, “They're blest, who their transgrerNever vary, never cease;

sions loath. Whose Behaviour ftill is seen

3. To-day thou liv'st, to-day repent, Calm and steady, and serene. Left all thy life should be mispent. These wife servants shall inherit

Mercy thy God has promis'd thee Richelt unction of God's Spirit. For Christ his Blood and Agony ; 9. Bleft are those who if Affliction Yet in his Word did never say, Meets them on their Christian Road, That thou shouldst live another Day. Bear it without contradiction; Such shall taste the joys of God

471. Under the temptation sore, And when Diffolution's hour

Wer när den lieben Gott last walten. Has from ev'ry grief unbound 'em,


E that confides in his Crea. ,

tor, Graces

Depending on him all his days, O, this day my Wishes crown ; Shall be preserv'd in Fire and water, Form me by thy Love's embraces, And sav'd in many dang'rous Ways. And, O make me all thy own. He that makes God his Staff and Grant me true humility,

stay, Faith and Zeal to live for thee. Builds nut on sand that glides away. Have I Foes ? if 'tis thy pleasure, 2. What gain'st thou by thy fleshly Lead ev'n them to the same Trea

Caring? fure.

What is it for, thou pin'st away? 11. Give me grace in all Conditions Thy rest and health thou art impaiFirmly to adhere to thee;

ring And, in all the exhibitions

By fighs and groans from day to day!



Thou art but adding grief to grief,

472. Instead of getting sure relief.

Befiehl du deine wege. 3. Wou'd we but be a little quiet, And reft in God's good Providence,

Como Who thus prescribes us wholesome

Ommit thou thy each griev,

And Case into his Hands,
By Methods cross to Flesh and sense! To his sure Care and guidance,
Who chose us from Eternity,

Who heav'n and earth commands: Knows beft, what's good for thee He who's the Clouds Director, and me.

Whom Winds and seas obey, 4. He knows the hours for Joy and He'll be thy feet's Protector, gladness,

He shall prepare thy Way. The proper Time (I say) and Place; 2. Rely on God, who good is, Are we but faithful 'midit our sad

So safe shalt thou go on : ness,

Fix on his Work thy notice,
Seek not ourselves, but seek his

So shall thy Work be done.
Praise ?

Thou canst make no Advances
He'll come, before we are aware, By felf-consuming care ;
And dissipate our greatest Care. No, he his Help dispenses,
4. Don't hearken to thy giddy When called upon by Pray'r.

3. Thy Faithfulnefs eternal, As if God had forsaken thee ;

Father! doth certainly Thinking him happier, who this What's good or detrimental season

For all thy Children fee : Is glitt'ring in Prosperity.

And whatsoe'er thou choosest; God by degrees may turn the scale, Thou doft, O Kings of kings ; And send an unexpected Gale. T'hy Pow'r that Counsel wiseft 6. God can this hour with ev'ry

Into fulfilment brings. daintý

4. Thou ev'ry where haft passage, The poor man's Table amply spread; And all things serve thy Might; And trip the rich of all his plenty, Thy A& is blessing's message, And send him out to beg his bread : Thy path unsully'd Light: God can do Wonders when he please, When thou, O Lord, art moving, Humble the one, the other raise. What shall thy work withstand ? 7. Do thou with Faith discharge thy When to thy children giving ftation,

Some grace, who'll stay thy Hand? Keep Gods Commands, and fing his 5. Poor soul! then with assurance praise ;

Hope ftill, be not dismay'd; Rely on Him for Preservation, He'll from this short Incumbrance On whom the whole Creation stays. Again lift up thy head : The man, that's truly wise and juft, Tho' storms and clouds do threaten, Makes God, and God alone his He gently clears thy Way ; Truft.

Wait but his time, they'll brighten

Soon into joyous Day.
6. And is thy heart yet heavy?
Still fink thy spirits down?
T 2


'Tis needless grief, believe me,

Let ev'ry care be gone.
What sho' thou art not ruler ?

Taarum Colt ich mich denn gracmek,
Yet Heav'n and Earth and Hell
Proclaim, God is Controller,

7HY hould I continue . And ruleth all things well.

ing; 7. Leave to his sov'reign Scepter

Han't I till Christ my Hill,
To choose and to command ; And my Saviour living?
Thou'lt own anon with rapture, Who'll deprive me of Salvation,

How wise, how strong his Hand. Which by faith Jesus hath
Beyond thy Wish extended

Giv'n in expectation ?
His Goodness will appear, 2. Naked was my first Beginning
When he hath rightly ended

On this Earth at my birth,
What caus'd thy needless fear. Full of tears and sinning:
8. Sometimes he his Affistance

Naked will be my returning, Does not directly shew,

When a damp on my lamp But acts as if at distance

Makes it leave off burning.
He stood, and purpos'd so, 3. Soul and Body, Life and Station,
To let things go at random,

Are n't my own, God alone
And be no more thy God, Gave me their poffefsion :
Thee rather to abandon

Should he claim their Reftitution,
To struggle with thy Load.

I'll adore, and restore 9. Yet if he but discover

All without confusion.
That thou art faithful ftill; 4. If he send me some Correction,
When lealt thou hop'it that Favour, If distress still oppress,
He extricate thee will:

Should that cause Dejection ?
Thy heart shall get Exemption God, who sends, can also end it,
From that oppression sore,

He knows beft, when by Rest
Which, from no ill Intention, He shall quite fufpendit:
It for a season bore.

5. God has oft with Days of Glad. 10. Thou faithful child! how blefied ness

'Twill be, when in the End, Chear'd my heart; should I start With much applause expresied, At an Hour of sadness?

A Crown will thee attend? He, whose love outweighs his venGod's self the Palm-branch verdant geance, Upon thee then confers,

Can't reject with neglect And thou'lt to him sing ardent, My fincere Dependence.

Who turn'd to Joy thy Tears. 6. World and Satan do but fancy 11. O Lord, thou seeft our weakness, They can harm, when their swarm

Yet know'st what our hearts rrean: Makes Attempts against me ; Against deíponding Slackness, Let them vent their spite and fury, Our feeble Knees sustain.

God and Grace soon will chale, Till, and beyond death's valley, Rour them, and secure me.

Let us thy Truth declare ; 7. With undaunted Resolution, Yea then emphatically

Christian Heart ! where thou art, Boast of thy Guardian care. Stand without confusion.

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