Sivut kuvina

Nay, should Death with his laft 2. Tho' Sin doth rage and tear,

Yet I will not despair,
Call thee hence, Christ's Defence For Christ is my salvation,
Leads thro' his dark pasiage. Spite of all condemnation :
8. Conquer'd Death cannot destroy us, on him I am relying
But cuts thort grief and Smart,

In living and in dying.
That doch here annoy us;

3 Should my last Minute come,
Shuts the door on fin and sadness, *Twill but convey me home,
And makes way for the Day

Where I shall see th'intention
Of eternal gladness.

Of Christ and his Redemption :
9 There shall I in seas of Pleasure

Be't this Day or to-morrow,
Bath my heart, after smart, Then ceases Sin and sorrow.
Without end or measure.

4. O Lord God, Jesus Chris,
Here's no real good to reft in ; Our Saviour and High priest,

Worldly gain is but vain, Thy bloody Wounds and Passion Perishing and wasting.

Surpass our declaration ;
10. World! what are thy Goods and They have obtained for us

A Destiny most glorious,
But a handful of sand,

5. Amen, with one accord
Vain and empty rattles ?

Let us intreat the Lord,
Yonder are the solid Treasures, To guide us with his Spirit,

Where the Lord will afford Till we at last inherit,
Endless joys and pleasures. By Hope that ihan't miscarry,
11. Lord, my Spring of consolation ! Our Saviour's Realm and glory.

Thou art mine, I am thine,
Here's no Separation.

I am thine, for thou wert giving
All thy Blood for my good

Er hat noch niemals was bersebn.
And my heav'nly Living.

E never yet has made mistakes

In his vast Government; thee

No, what he does, what he permits,
With my Heart, ne'er to part, That takes a blet Event.
Till thy Light solace me :

2. Now let him farther do his Mind, Lord, hafte on, translate me yonder,

Object you nought thereto;
Where thy Love Mall improve

So Thall you rest in Peace, and find
To an endless Wonder.

You're blefied here below.

12. Thou art mine, fince I embrace H


auf meinen lieben Gott.

Anlern ausgang legne Bott. 1. TN God the Lord most just

Less our going out, O God, I

When we come in, also bless us. For he is my Redeemer

Thy Flesh bless our daily Food, From fin and the Blasphemer;

Bless our drink thy Blood, O Jesus, He can and will relieve me

Let the Dew from thy wounds coves From what might hurt and grieve me. Us in ev'ry Hour all oves.

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477 Wach auf, mein herz, und finge.

Gott des himmels und der erben. TY foul, awake, and tender

OD the Lord of the Thy Prayer and Thanksgiving,

Father Because thou still are living.

Ghost ! 2. Last Night, when lying senseless, Night and Day in alternation, And utterly defenceless,

Sun and Moon thy glory boaft: Lord, I was in great danger,

All things in the Universe From darkness and its Ranger.

Thy supporting Hand rehearse. 3. Perhaps that lion's fury

2.Lord, to thee my Praise and prayer

Are directed from Was ready to devour me ;

my heart;

'Tis thou foil't my foul's betrayer, Thy gracious Condescenfion Has stopt his foul intention.

And preserv'ft me from his Art,

So that his ensnaring train,
Thou said'ft once : Child, be easy; By thy grace, is laid in vain.
My Presence shall release thee
From ev'ry pain and evil,

3. Let the night of my transgression

With this Darkness pass away : In spite of hell and devil.

Jesu ! into thy possession 5. Thou, Lord, haft kept thy Promise;

I resign myself to day. In vain is Satan's malice ;

In thy Wounds I find relief With joy I still discover

For my greatest fin and grief. Thy light, O Lord, my Lover.

4. Grant, that free I rise this Morn6. My thanks fhall be the spices

ing Of Morning Sacrifices :

From the Lethargy of fin; They with humiliation

So my Soul, through thy adorning, Sue for thine Acceptation.

Will be glorious within ; 7. Nor body, soul, nor spirit And I at the Judgment-day Can boast of any merit:

Shall not be a cast-away. Yet won't thy Love despise me,

5. Let my life and conversation In my heart's depth it eyes me. Be directed by thy Word ; 8. Fulfil in me thy Pleasure : Lord ! thy constant Preservation Thy Mercy be my treasure ;

To thy erring child afford. Thy Angel guard my goings No where but alone in thee This Day, thou bless my Doings. From all harm I can be free. 9. Shine on my Habitation,

6. Lord ! my Body, Soul and Spirit, My Heart be quite tby mansion,

Keep in thine Almighty Hand : Thy Word continually

By thy all-sufficient Merit, Food, Lamp, thro' this dark Valley. Let them follow thy Command. 10.Bless both my Thought and Action, Thou’rt my glory and renown, Afford me thy Direction ;

And I would be all thy own. To thee alone be tending.

7. To thy Angels keeping give me, Beginning, Middle, Ending

To direct my feeble feet ;
And, when Satan would deceive me,
To repel the hellish cheas :


To convey my Soul at last

A Temple in me God requires, Up to its eternal Rest.

And it shall be my Heart. 8. Hear my humble supplication, 9. O, if this Night should prove the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost !

lait, With fincerest adoration

And end my tranfient Days; Thee I love, of thee I boast. Lord ! take me to thy promis d Reft, O, I'll praise thy Grace to me ; Where I may fing thy praise. Here, and in eternity.

Thus I am sure to live or die

To thee the God of love ; 479.

In Death and Life I do rely

On thee who reign'It above. Dun fich der tag geendet hat.







ND now another Day is gone;

The Sun has left our shore ; waerde munter mein gemutbe. All seek for Reft, their toil being done,

Ouse thy self, my Soul, and And leave the lab'ring oar.


All thy senses from abroad, 2. But thou, my God want'st no such

To adore thy heav'nly Father, Thy Glory knows no night ;

And the Goodness of thy God; With thee the darkness can e contest, For preserving the this Day, For thou thyself art Light.

Chafing ghostly foes away,

That their malice and delusion 3. In mercy, Lord, remember me, This instant pafling Night;

Could not bring thee in confusion. And grant to me molt graciously

2. Blessed be thy gracious favour The fafe-guard of thy Might.

Father of Eternity !

That thou'st helpt me in my Labour, 4. Refift all Satan's tyranny,

After my necessity; By th' holy angels' host;

That in all my care and grief So shall I be from danger free,

Thou hast sent me kind Relief; As one by grace inclos’d.

And remov'd on each Occasion, 5. And tho' I feel the Load of Sin, What might injure my salvation.

Which still oppresses me ; Yet th’Anguilh thy dear Son was in, 3. None of all the skill'd in numbers,

No created eloquence Has greater Weight with thee.

Can express or count the wonders 6. 'Tis he alone that pleads for me; Of thy gracious providence.

His Merits plead my cause : O, thy Mercies are too great A Reprobate, I ne'er can be, For us Mortals to repeat : Relying on his Grace.

Let us then adore in spirit, 7. With chearful heart I close my What's above our Sense and merit. eyes

4. Now this tiresome Day is finishd, Since thou'lt not from me move : Gloomy Night draws on apace; O, in the Morning let me rise Chearful day-light is diminin'd, Rejoicing in thy love.

And the sun has hid his face : 8. Away from me, all vain defires ! Lord, endow me with thy Love, A new Design I start;

That the Instances I prove



Of thy care and thy protection 10. Grant, that under thy protection

Work'in me yet more Subjection. I may have a quiet Rest, 5. Pardon, Lord, each sad transgres. Free from Sin's load and infection ; fion,

Count me 'mong thy Children Whether open or unknown, With the weight of whose oppression Soul and body, heart and mind

This night I might juftly groan; Keep from harm of ev'ry kind ; O, too oft Tome fiery dart

Friends, and foes too, and all Lights on my unguarded heart,

And disturbs the bleft intention Be to thy Tuition tender'd.

Of thy grace and thyRedemption. 11. Let no frightful Rumour wake 6. Though I've stray'd, and thee denied ;

'Twixt my Walls, or from abroad; As I willingly return,

Let no unbless'd Pain o'ertake me ; For his fake who for me died

Keep off thy judicial rod,
Let thy Wrath no longer burn: In fire, water, pestilence ;
I confess the Guilt of sin;

Sudden Death too in this sense,
But thy Grace can speak me clean, If thou seest me in transgression,

Which exceeds,beyond exprefsion, Which would stop thy bleft pof

All my poison and transgression. session. 7. Author of Illumination,

12. Father, hear the supplication Light of Light, eternal Word! Of thy poor unworthy Child : Soul and Body's preservation Jesu ! through thy Mediation, I commit to thee, O Lord :

Keep me truly reconcild: My Redeemer, dwell in me, Holy Ghost, of equal praise, That I Neep and wake with thee, I depend upon thy grace.

And enjoy thy consolation Sacred Three ! be pleas'd to say Thro' all temp'ral variation.

then :
8. Guard me from the snares of Even so it shall be, Amen!

Who by Craft invisible

Could raise dreams I never thought

as it dir will ich zu bette gehn. And abominate to tell : Let me never lose the sight,

Ith thee I lay me down to Of thy good and gracious Light.

To thee I will commend me.
When I feel thy Presence gentle,
I know nought of Confli&ts mental.

I trust, my Guardian, thou wilt keep,

And in this Night attend me : 9. When I close mine eyes to slum. Of Death I'm not afraid, ber,

Nor world nor hell I dread ; And my Senses lie afleep, For who with Jesus shuts his eyes, Let my waking Heart the number

He also does with Jesus rise. of thy Mercies tell and keep;

2. So then I will fleep happily, Fill me with thy facred love, That I dream of things above,

Jesu' in thy embraces ; And keep close to thee my Saviour Thy watchful care shall cover me, Even in my Night's behaviour.

My Bed thall be thy Mercies ;



My pillow is thy Breaft,

Oft as my heart its throbs repeats, My dream, that Solace bleft I'll pant for thee and praise thee. Which from thy holy Side distils, Thus I to sleep recline ; Wherewith thy Spirit my heart fills. Lord Jesu! I am thine : 3 As oft as this night my pulse beats, Yes, Jesu, Jesu! thou art mine, My Spirit fhall embrace thee; And I am now and ever thine.

English HYMNS in the SEVENTEENTH Century.



484. 482.

Left little Martyrs for the newND art thou come, bleft


born God, Babe, and come to me?

How short, yet happy here was your Come down to teach me how to abode! come to thee? 'Twas but a little while since

you 2. Welcome, thrice welcome to my receiv'd panting soul,

Your Being here : and what ? so soon Which, as it loves, doth grieve that reliev'd ? 'tis so foul.

2. So soon call'd up? and for so 3. The less .cis fit for Thee, (come good a Cause: from above)

(Martyrd by cruel Herod's bloody The more it needs thee, and the laws) more I love.

Thrice happy you, that were so swift

call'd hence 483.

In lovely and unspotted Innocence.

3. Such early martyrs we must needs 1. LIEre let me figh, and sighing

fuppose see,

White as the Lily,ruddy as the Rose. What I, dear Lord, have been to Make me, dear Lord, before I come thee :

away, Brutish, polluted, and defild,

As mortify'd, as innocent, as they A Beast much liker, than thy Child. 2. But seeing, Lord, it pleases thee

485. To come familiarly to me, To veil thy Glories, and to come The Transfiguration, Matt. xvii. So humbly down to call me home : 3. I'll study how I may approve

1. L Ail, King of glory, clad in Myself to thee, come from above,

robes of ,
By Faith, Obedience and Love. Outshining all we here call bright!

Did thy Divinity dispense
l'its Confort some more lib'ral in:

fluence ?


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