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7. Those Hands, whose fov'reign

touch was wont to heal Igh to the fatal, and yet fo. All wounds and Hurts, that others v'reign Wood,

did endure, Which crouds of wondring angels Did now the piercings of rough Iron did surround,

feel, Devoutly fad the holy Mother food, Nor could the wounded heart of his And view'd her Son, and sympathiz'd sad Mother cure. with ev'ry wound.

8.No, no, it bled to see his Body torn 2. Angelic piety in her mournful face, With nails, and deck'd with gems of Like rays of light thro' watry cloud,

purple Gore; did shine ;

On four great Wounds to see him Two mighty passions in her breaft

rudely borne, took place,

Whom oft her arms a happy burthen And like her Son, the appear'd half

found before. human, half divine.

9. It bled to hear that Voice of grief 3. She saw a blacker and more tragic and dread, scene,

Which the earth's pillars and foundaThan e'er the Sun before, or then tions shook ; would see ;

Which rent the rocks, and woke the In vain did nature draw her dulky

sleeping dead; skreen,

My God, my God, O why, why has thou She saw, and wept, and felt the

me forfook? dreadful Agony.

10. And can the tide of sorrow rise Grief in the abstract sure can rise

more high? no higher, Than that which this deep tragedy

Her melting face stood thick with

tears, to view did move ;

(Like those of heav'n) his setting She saw in tortures, and in shame, Glories die ; expire

As flow'rs, left by the sun, are charg'd Her Son, her God, her Worship and

with ev'ning dew. her Love.

11. But see, grief spreads her empire 5. That sacred Head, which all di.

ftill more wide, vine and bright,

Another spring of tears begins to flow, Struck with deep awe the votaries of A barb'rous hand wounds his now the East,

senseless Side ; To which a Star paid tributary light, and death that ends the Son's, reWhich the ( then joyful ) mother

news the Mother's woe. kiss'd, ador'd and bleft; 6. That Head, which angels with 12. She sees now by the rude inhu

man stroke pure light had crown'd,

The mystic River Aow, and in her Where Wisdom's seat and Oracle was

breast plac'd,

Wonders, by what ftrange figure Whose Air divine threw's traitors to

th’Angel spoke, the ground

When amongst all the Daughters he She saw with pointed circles of rude

pronounc'd her bleft. thorns embrac'd.

13. Thus

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13. Thus far did nature, pity, grief * What have we done, my Soul, for and love

all this love? And all the passions their strong ef. How have we labourd, and how

have we itrove But still, tho' dark below, 'twas clear Our due returns of Gratitude to

above, She had (as once her Son) her * No more, dear Lord, by avarice, strength'ning angel by.

luft or pride, 14. Gabriel the chiefest of th'Almigh-By envy,or by one known Sin beside, ty's train,

l'll pierce (I hope) thy Hands, or That first with happy tidings blest her Feet, or Side ear,

* No more I'll crucify my Lord, no The angel Gabriel, sure was sent again,

Let my tears speak the rest, while I Toften the tide of grief, and quali. adore. fy her fear.

491. 15. A large Perspective, wrought by hands divine,

O! Peter weeps, that he his He set beforeher first enlightend eye,

Lord denyd : ('Twas hewn out of the Heaven cry-Wo's me! this I, more than faint stalline)

Peter, did. One of whose ends did lessen, th'o 2. As often as I chose and wood ther magnify.

some Vice, 16. With that, his Suff 'rings he ex- (And this, alas ! has chanc'd much pos'd to fight;

more than thrice,) With this, his Glories he did repre- 3. As oft as I received a Luft or fin. sent :

I've thrust my Jesus out, to take it in. The weight of this made th'other seem but light,

4. If sins do now, what the fierce She saw the mighty odds, ador'd,

Jews did then; and was content.

What various ways I've his Tor1 Pet. i. '11.

mentor been !

5.MyDoubts have bound his Hands; 490.

and by my Pride A Bleeding the eart I will present I did ideo be him, and his Form deWho to thy Father didft present for 6. I've scourg'd him, by each act of

Cruelty : This day a bleeding Body on the His Crown of Thorns, was my Hy Tree.

pocrisy. * My heart fall bleed, that I deny 7. Difike ev'n to his Person, was the to thee

Dart The Fruit of all thy Suffrings there That finish'd all, the spear that

pierc'd his Heart. So I have done ; but thus l'll do no 8. Methinks I see him look, and cry

more : No more I'd put upon the dismal False Renegado! come, I dy'd for Score.




for me.

to me :




ź. Thus, Lord, while we remember

Thee, ILTAIL, holy Lord! I bow and

We bleit and pious grow ; joy to see

In hymns of praise we learn to be Your glorious and triumphant Vic Triumphant here below. tory

3. On this glad Day a brighter scene Over the Grave, and death, and hell, Of glory was display'd for me:

By God th'eternal Word, than when

This Universe was made. And tha'n't I conquer one vile Sin for thee?

4. He rises, who Mankind has bought 2. 'Tis all that you have left me, 'Twas great to speak the World

With grief and Pain extreme :
Lord, to do,
To try myFaith, Love,and obedience

from nought,
too :

'Tis greater to redeem. o let me not think this too much for You.


HÉ forty Days ate ending, 3. But was't your pleasure, for three

and days to have

you go, Your facred Bodý, pris’ner in the Deat Master, from the world and Grave?

things below. Did you design, dear Lord, that this 2. This Parting from me, breaks my should be,

panting heart; To hallow and endear, the place to 'Tis death to think, thát You and I

me ? 4. And, by your Resurrection from't, 3. Well, dearest Lord, farewell but to give

when thou'rt gone, An Earneft

, that my Duft shall one Be pleas'd in mercy to look down day live,

upon And live above the reach of hope and 4. TKose Souls below, that pant thy fear,

face to thee; Sickness and death, and what's uñ- And' among them, dear Lord, rei easy here?

member me. 5. And by all this, your Godhead too 5. And now, my Lord, be pleasid,

to prove ? I recolleat it all with Faith and love; To hear one Pray'r of him that stays With faith and love, and hope, and

below. joy and praise,

6. Let not my Disobedience to thee, To you my Heart and my affections My floth, or pride, or luft, or vanity, raife.

7. Anger, or avarice; or gluttony, 493

(Envy, or other my impiety,)

Long keep me from ascending after "HË Lord of Sabbath o jet Thee. praise,

8. O let me here, my Lord, no longer In concert with the blest;

ftay, Who joyful in harmonious Lays Than till by Penitence fit to come Employ an endless Rert.

away. • Mark ii, 28.

muft part. +

before you go,

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9. O

9. O make that truc,and speedy, and True and faithful let me be fincere :

By acceptable Purity; Soon as thou please, then, let me By acceptable Probity ; meet thee there.

By universal sanctity. 10. Lord, I believe and love; let no True and faithful to thy Spouse, thing stand

A faithful servant of thy Houle. Between me and the glorious pro

As long as I fay here below, mis'd Land :

Send me grace to see and know, I come, Lord, reach me out thy fa- How I may mof Glory bring, cred Hand.

Love, obedience, to my King. 11. And, blessed Jesu, since it must

I'd not only see and know; be so, That you before me to your home The truly pleasing things to You.

Send me perfect Grace to do

. must go,

I bow and beg, that you may find 12. And at a distance I must live All I do, to be design'd from thee;

From a loving, willing Mind. o leave some Token of your love with me.

During this my little Stay,

Till I'm callid to come away, 13. The only token which I mean by One peculiar thing for me,

this, And bowing beg,thy blood and Merit Bove the rest, I beg of thee;

A most angelic Purity. it is.

Send it, Jesu, from above, 14. What shall I do on Earth, here

Send it shortly, O my Love: without thee: Unless this token thou vouchsafe to Send it by the sacred Dove. me ?

496. 15. Nor safe nor holy can my Pas

The Apostles parting from our Lord. fage be, Unless this blood-mark thou vouch. p Eter.] Farewel, dear, Lord, I kiss safe to me.


sacred Feet! 16. Thee and thy Glories I shall ne. John.] Farewel, till we in upper

Regions meet! Unless this passport thou vouchsafe James, And there in joys to me.

Son of Zebedee, 5 reciprocally greet.
Andrew.) I bow my head and wor.

thip; Lord, adieu !

Thomas.) Farewel, till I come up

and live with you! Leiled Lord, before you go, Bartholomew.] Jesu! and I too kiss

thy sacred Feet.

Philip. How many Paffions at our What I beg, on me below.


meet ? Till I come home and wait on Matthew.] Sorrow, fear, love and you,

joy, indeed all these : Let me faithful be and true.

James, Son Oh ! turn them all to of Alpheus. S one,soon as you please.


ver see,

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fter's joy.

Simon Zelotes.] O take me up, and

turn them all to Love : James. 3 thatdoes reign

would have me do, above;

Before I leave this World, and come All.] From which seraphic Rapture to you? may I ne'er remove.

2. Glory and love you'd have me bring you

ftill: 497.

As much as I can bring thee in, I will. Dialogue between Jesus and a Disciple. 3. I'm griev'd that 'cis no more ;

griev'd that I know Arewel, dear Master, we

To how small Purpose 'tis I ftay be


I see.
J. I'm with you ftill, and once

thou'lt live with me.
D. How long, dear Lord, how long.

, , Con Ome, blessed Spirit, descend muft I stay here,

and light on me : Ere I shall be admitted to thee there? Give me one beam of thy Divinity; J. A few more Minutes faithfully One, 'bove whatever yet thou diák employ;

impart, And after these, thou'lt see thy Ma-Since first thou didt inflame my teem.

ing heart. D. And will you leave me in this 2. Thou didst descend in cloven Vale of tears,

Tongues and fire : To Aruggle with temptations, doubts O touch my tongue, and my cold and fears ?

Heart inspire, 7. I'll leave you, but I leave you not That th' one may praise thee, and alone ;

the other love I know what you will need, when Thee, and those mansions (whence

thou cam'st) above. D. What consolation, Jesu, can I find, 3. Thou say'st thou’rt griev'd, when When you are gone, and I an left

we refuse thy grace, behind ?

And thy blest Intimations find no 7. At Pentecoft my Spirit I'll send

place : down,

And art thou griev'd for me, blest To comfort and conduct thee to thy Spirit of love? crown.

Oh, tho' thou grieve, do not from D. Strange demonstrations of tran me remove ! Sporting Love !

4 For me hast thou been griev'd,. He'll guide me here ; you'll intercede been grieved by me : above.

O let me grieve, that e'er I grieved J. Be willing to be led, and He will

Thee ; lead :

And by thy Conduct, aid, and faBe faithful and live well, I'll inter. cred fires, cede.

Yet may I see the Land of my de.

fires. U 2


I am gone.

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