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O foul repeat


3. How can I do, or love enough

for this? Sacred Spirit, within my What can I give for such great hopes

of Bliss ? Those blessings, which once made I'll love, I'll glorify, I'll thee adore this Day so great ;

And I'll obey : Lord, I can do no Breath thou upon me with that hea

more. v'nly Wind,

4. Oh that all this I always, Lord, Which may refresh and purify my

had done, mind.

Without fad Mixtures, interruption, 2. Kindle within me, and preserve Abatements, disobedience and Falls; that Fire,

Had I but answer'd thy endearing Which may with holy love my breast Calls ! inspire,


Dear Father! I confess that I am And with an active Zeal my mind he inflame,

Who, to my grief, have oft offended To do thy Will, to glorify thy Name.

Thee : 3. Furnish me richly both with Gifts Dear Saviour! Thou hast been disand Grace,

pleas'd by me: To fit me for the duties of my Place: Dear Spirit! İ, ev'n I have grieved So open thou my Lips, my Heart so Thee. raise,

6. Can a heart choose but be all love That both iny heart and mouth may

and fire, give thee praise.

When These to our Salvation do 4. As in thy Temple, keep thou re conspire ? fidence

Yet we for Them an easy Yoke Within my Soul, and never part won't bear, from thence,

Nor thew a little Watchfulness and Till I am fram'd and fitted by thy Hand,

7. Is this, my soul, thy faith thy A pillar in God's House above to

due behaviour stand.

Towards the Father, Spirit, and the 501.

Far Mystery, dear Lord, dear Ah that so much I should expect

Great Three-one!
With Wonder, love and adoration When yet fo little 'cis I for you

do! I'm swallow'd, when I think a

thought of Thee; I'm pleas'd, and yet I'm dazzled

502. equally. 2. Did you, Great Trinity, long since conspire

Bow, bleft Trinity, and in thee To fit me to obtain all I desire ?

believe : O Trinity, this does astonish me, Yet when I say I do, I truly grieve Almost as much as thy great my- That I unlike such a Believer live. ftery.




from you,


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own thy facred Gospel, and the 5. Is this, my soul,your Faith ? is this Creed :

your Love? And here my panting, melting heart Yourself to Jefus do you thus apdoes bleed,

prove ? That all my Life and Actions should With deepest Grief and love and not be

awful fears, Full of obedience and love to Thee. My Lord, I'll rebaptize myself in

Tears : 503

And having done fo, I resolve that I

Will live to Him, for whom I ought Baptism.

to die. 1. Tupendous love, that I fo foon

504. Thould be

Y wand'ring I have loft myIntitled to a bleft Eternity!

self, So foon have my angelic robes put

And here I make my Moan : on,

O whither, whither have I stray'd, So soon be seal'd to my Redemption!

Ah, Lord, what have I done! So soon, Lord, made a member of

2. Thy Candle searches all my rooms, thy House, So soon an infant Servant of thy The num'rous Sins of earth and hell

And now I plainly see,

Are summed up in me.
2. When I recount this in a grateful

3. I have been Satan's willing slave, mind, Nought there but teeming grief and He was not readier to command,

And his most easy prey ; love I find :

Than I was to obey. Love, that so much so soon was done


Left he at any time my soul ? Grief, that so little has been done

Yet ftill his Work went on;
for Thee,

I was a tempter to myself;
The records of my Conscience plain-

Ah, Lord, what have I done!
ly tell,


How shall I answer at the Bar What' I renounced then, I've lik'd Of him who is most pure ? too well.

I cannot answer to myself; 3. I, that renounc'd the World, have Myself I can't endure. yet comply'd,

6. My heart the seat of Folly is, And nothing pleasant to myself de My life a life of fin; ny'd.

Surely I am more brutish far, Its Riches, Honours, Pleasures, hopes Than ever Brute hath been. and fears,

7. Is this my wit? is this my way Desires, and vanities, vexatious cares,

To get a glorious name? Its evil Customs, ill examples too; Is this the thanks I've paid to God? How have all these, my Soul, pre. Q what a fool I am! vail'd on you!

8. I am not worthy of the Earth, 4. We that renounc'd the Flesh and Nor worthy of the Air, Devil; that we

Nor worthy of the watry Drop, Should ever envious, proud, or luft But of the damned's Fare.

ful be!

for me ;

Ų 3

9. I



9. Yet still, who knows but such as I | 6. For never shall my soul despair.

May Grace and mercy find ? Her Pardon to procure, I hear, the God of Israel

Who knows thine only Son has dy'd Is merciful and kind.

To make her Pardon sure, 10. Had he been pleas'd to torture

506. With everlasting bands,

He might have done it long ago,
Who had me in his Hands.

Hatever others do intend to

do 11. The trembling wretch, who touch'd his Hem,

This day, I'll bring my Griefs, dear But fear'd a heavy doom,

Lord, to you: Receiv'd a Cure and Blessing too, There I can open and unbosom all And went rejoicing home. The dismal Instances by which I

fall. 12. My soul has many ghastly wounds,

Yes, Lord, I too will bring my Yet will I not despair,

broken Heart, Whilt there is Balm in Gilead, Broken with grief and love, to bear And a Physician there.

a part, And in the solemn Penance of the

Day, 505

I'll grieve that I too, Lord, have Hen rising from the bed of

gone astray. Death,

Come then, my soul, lie down in O'erwhelm'd with guilt and fear,

Thame and dust, I see my Maker face to face,

And humbly tell thy Love, that 'tis O how shall I appear!

but juft,

If thou from Him and heaven 2. If yet while pardon may be found,

fhould'st be thrust. And Mercy may be fought, My heart with inward horror frinks, Accuse, judge, smite, condemn thyAnd trembles at the Thought ;

felf, that so

Thou mayst to Mansions of the par. 3. When thou, O Lord, lhalt stand disclos'd

When he shall judge for things done In Majesty severe,

here below. And fit in Judgment on my soul, O how shall I appear!

And may I yet, dear Lord, be dear 4. But thou hast cold the troubled After such dismal provocations too!

Who does her fins lament,

You, who your Arms once on the

Cross did stretch,
The timely tribute of her tears
Shall endless woe prevent.

Can you embrace such a polluted

Wretch ! 5* Then see the Sorrows of my heart, But, Lord, what are the things that Ere yet it be too late ;

I must do, And hear my Saviour's dying Groans, That I once more may be but dear To give those sorrows weight.

to you?




don'd go,

to you,

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Sense of my Sin, Contrition of my When he was pleased with so coarse soul,

A lodging in thy Heart ! Confeffion, Reformation, are the 2. How sweetly I enjoy'd my God, whole.

With how divine a flame! I kneel, and all the four present to Where'er I look'd, where-e'er I trod, thee :

I read my Saviour's Name.
Accept them, Lord, imperfect tho3. I liv'd, I lov'd, I talk'd with thee,
they be,

So sweetly we agreed;
Join'd with thy Satisfaction on the And thou no stranger waft to me,

Till I became a Weed.
And that thou, Lord, my Sorrow 14: The Tempter robb’d me, and I
mayst approve,

must I all along will grieve, because I (I fear) be ever poor ; love :

May this fuffice, to roll in dust I'll grieve and love, I'll watch, and Before thy Temple-door ! figh and mourn,

5. O might those Days return again, And crown all this by an unfeign'd How welcome they should be ! Return.

Shall my petition be in vain,

Since Grace is ever free? 507

509. OD's Furnace doth in Sion

stand; But Sion's God stands by,

Take a penitential Tear, As the Refiner views his gold

Dropping from grief, love and fear. 3 With an observant eye.

O my Love, my Life, my All!
2. His Thoughts are high, his Love Never let me once more fall.
is wise,

O my All, my Life, my Love !
His wounds a cure intend; Grant me Conquest from above.
And tho' he doth not always smile,
He loves unto the end.

S10. 3. Thy Love is constant to its line,

Tho' clouds oft come between :'). 0, could my faith but pierce these

borne clouds,

Wrongs not to be expreft ; j It might be always seen. Daring Rebellion, injur'd Love, 4. But I am weak, and forc d to cry,

Light quenched in my breaft! Take

up my soul to Thee. 2. Lord, what a monster is base Man, - Then, as thou ever art the same, Thus given to rebel ! So shall I also be.

Strange, that thou doft not cleave E

the earth, 508.

And send him quick to Hell.

3. But God waves his advantages

Of Right and Vengeance too ;
Thould't force

And by his fingle Patience
Thy Saviour to depart,

Doch daring man outdo.

4. The

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UNhappy,.foul, that shou

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other guest.

will give.

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very first

4. The creature doth disdain hisGod, 5. His Loveliness my soul hath pre. By whom he is maintain'd:

posseft, Yet God maintains this rebel worm, And left no room for

any By whom he is disdain'd. 6. Above's her Home, her country's 5. Fool, alk not where th'Almighty there above, is !

That blessed land of life, of light All glory to him give ;

and love. Is not his Power fully prov'd


There my dear friends fled hence, In fuff 'ring thee to live?

with God are bleft; 6. Was he not God, he could not Thither are swiftly hasting all the bear

reft, Such Weights as on him lie:

8. There lives my Lord, and there I Weak things are quickly set on fire,

long to liye: And to their Weapons fly.

He gave these longings, and Himself SII.

9. Haste then, kind sickness ! for. TAN! watch and {pray; the That which breaks others Wedlocks,

ward my design; Motions to Sin suppress;

finish mine. Conftantly use the Means of grace,

10. Lord, hear these groanings, and Promoting holiness.

some pity take 2. Lord, cleanse our Hearts, and

On a poor gasping Soul, which for then of us

thy fake A firm poffeffion take;

11. From earthly home, friends, joys, Engage us to thyself, that we

and all would part, May never thee forsake.

To be with Thee for ever, where

thou art. 512.

12. In the mean time, Lord, shew

thyself to me, Hose soul is once betroth'd, Till thou shalt please to take me up can ever he

to thee. From that Engagement disobliged, 13. In thee now let me find so much be

of Reft, 2. The blessed jesus is my Lord, my As may with more impatience fill

Love; He is my Choice, from Him I'll ne. 14. So seize on me, that we neer ver move.

more may part; 3. Away then, all ye objects, that| Till thou shalt take my Soul, Lord, dwert

keep my Heart, And seek to draw from my dear Lord 15. And dwell in me, till I with thee

Thall dwell : 4. That uncreated Beauty, which This earth with thee is heav'n,withhath gain'd

out thee hell. My ravish'd heart, hath all your glory itain'd.


my breaft.

my heart !

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