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'Tis Better for me not to live, 13. O let my House a Temple be ; Than not to live to Thee.

That I and mine may fing 3. Naked came I into this World,

Hofannah's to thy Majesty, And nothing with me brought ;

And praise our heav'nly King.) And nothing have I here deservd : 14. 'Tis thou haft crown'd my

Adi. Yet have I lacked nought.

ons, Lord, 4. I do not bless my lab'ring Hand, With good Succefs, each Day :

My lab'ring. Head, or Chance ; This crown, together with myself, Thy Providence, moft gracious God, At thy bleft feet I lay: Is mine inheritance.

15. Is not the Hand of God in this? 5. Thy Bounty gives me bread with Is not the thing divine ? peace,

Lord of Success: thee will I blefs, A table free from strife :

Who on my paths doft shine. Thy Blessing is the staff of Bread, 16. Man's life's a Book of history, Which is the staff of life.

The leaves thereof are Days; 6. The daily Favours of my God

The letters, Mercies closely join'd: I cannot fing at large:

The title is, thy Praise. Yet let me make this holy boast, 17. Lord of my Time, whose hand I am th' Almighty's charge.

doth set 7. Lord, in the Day, thou art about

New Time upon my score ! ! The paths wherein I tread ;

Thee may I praise for all my time, And in the Night, when I lie down,

When Time shall be no more. Thou art about my bed. 8. A thousand Deaths I daily 'scape,

531. I pass by many a pit, I fail by many dreadful rocks,

Hen all thy Mercies, o Where others have been split. 9. Whilft others in God's prisons lie, Transported with the View, I'm loft

My rising soul surveys;
Bound with Affliction's chains, In wonder, love, and praise.
I walk at large, secure and free
From fickness and from pains.

2. O how shall words with equal

warmth 10. [Thy blessing, Lord, doth mul

The Gratitude declare : tiply

That glows within my ravish'd One Jacob to two bands,

Heart ! One Person to a Family,

But thou canst read it there. Which thro' thy blessing stands.

3. Thy Providence my life sustain'd 11. With Cov'nant Blood my posts And all my wants redreft, are red,

When in the filent Womb I lay, 'Tis on my Lintel found ;

And hung upon the Breaft. And lo! the line of scarlet Thread *

4. To all my weak complaints and Is on my window bound.

cries Joth. ii. 18.

Thy Mercy lent an ear, 12. 'Tis not, my God, myself alone, E'er yet my feeble thoughts had But mine to thee I owe :

learnt Thou mad'it me many out of one ; To form themselves in Pray's.

let thy Praises grow.


my God,

5. Un

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5. Unnumber'd comforts to my soul

532. Thy tender Care bestow'd,

Housands of thousands stand Before my infant heart conceiv'd

around From whom those Comforts flow'd. 6. When in the flipp'ry paths of Ten thousand times ten chouland

Thy Throne, O God most high : Youch

found With heedless steps I ran,

Thy praise; but who am I? Thine Arm unseen convey'd me fafe

2. Thy Brightness unto them apAnd led me up to Man.

pears, 7. Through hidden dangers, toils, Whilft I thy Footsteps trace: and deaths,

A Sound of God comes to my ears, It gently cleard my Way,

But they behold thy Face. And through the pleasing Snares of vice,

3. How greata Being, Lord, is thine,

Which doth all Beings keep! More to be fear'd than they. 8. When worn with Sickness,oft haft

Thy Knowledge is the only line

To sound so vaft a Deep. thou With health renew'd my face;

4. How good art thou, whose Good.

ness is And when in Sins and sorrows sunk,

Our Parent, Nurse and Guide ; Reviv'd my soul with Grace.

Whose streams do water Paradise, 9. Thy bounteous Hand with'tem

And all this Earth beside ! p'ral Goods Has made my cup run o'er,

5. Thine upper and thy nether And in a kind and faithful Friend

Springs Has doubled all my store,

Make both thy Worlds to thrive ;

Under thy warm and shelt'ring Wings 10. Ten thousand thousand precious

Thou keep'ft two broods alive. Gifts, My daily thanks employ;

6. Thy Arm of Might, most mighty Nor is the least a chearful Heart,


Both Rocks and Hearts doth That tastes those gifts with joy.

break: 11. Thro' ev'ry Period of my life

My God, thou can't do ev'ry thing, Thy Goodness I'll pursue ;

But what should thew thee weak. And after death in distant Worlds

7. How awful is thy searching Eye, The glorious theme renew,

Witness to all that's true! 12. When Nature fails, and day and Dark Hell

, and deep Hypocrisy night

Lie plain before its View. Divide thy Works no more,

8. Most


and holy are thine eyes,' My ever grateful heart, O Lord,

Most holy is thy Name ; Thy Mercy shall adore.

Thy Saints and Laws, and Penal. 13. Thro' all eternity to thee

ties, A joyful Song I'll raise ;

Thy Holiness proclaim.
For oh! Eternity's too Short
To utter all thy Praise.

9. Mercy, that shining Attribute,

The finner's Hope and plea! Huge Hofts of Sins in their pursuit Are drown'd in that red Sea.

10. Thy


10. Thy Wisdom, which both makes 5. Praise, praise him, all ye Saints and mends,

below, We ever must admire :

Praise him both East and West: Creation all our Wit transcends ; Praise him, all ye baptized Lands, • Redemption rises higher,

Praife, whom you have profess’d. 11. Great is thy Truth, and Mall 6. Praise him, bur famous Christian prevail

INe, To Unbelievers shame :

Praise him with one accord. Thy Truth and Years do never fail, Let ev'ry Tongue, let ev'ry Tribe Thou ever art the same.

Be taught to praife the Lord. 12. Unbelief is a raging Wave Dashing against a Rock:

534: It God doth not his Israel save, Then let th' Egyptians mock.

Morning-Hymn. 13. Thy bright Back-parts, * O God

Wake, my soul, and with the of Grace,

Sun, I humbly here adore ;

Thy daily stage of duty run; Shew me thy Glory and thy Face; Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise; That I may praise thee more. To pay thy Morning-facrifice. # Exod. xxxiii. 2j.

2. Thy precious Time mispent, re

deem, 533.

Each present day, thy laft, efteem ;

Improve thy Talent with due care, E blessed Patriarchs, praise For the great Day thy self prepare. the Lord !

3. In Conversation be fincere, For his first-fruits are ye : Keep Conscience, as the noon-tide, Bleft Prophets, who dreamt here of

clear ;

Think how th' all-seeing God thy Praise him, whom now you see. 2. Ye twelve Apostles of the Lamb, And all thy secret thoughts surveys.

Who here proclaim'd your King, 4. By influence of the Light divine, And fill'd this world with holy Let thy own Light to others shine ; Sounds,

Reflect all Heaven's propitious says, Loud Hallelujah's fing.

In ardent love, and chearful praise. 3. Triumphant Martyrs ! ye did | 5. Wake, and lift up thy self, my fight,

heart, And fighting ye did fall,

And with the Angels bear thy part; And falling ye took up a Crown : Who all night long unwearied fing

Crown Him, who crown'd you all. High praise to the eternal King. 4. Praise, praise him, all ye saved 6. Awake, awake, ye heav'nly Choir; ones,

May your devotion me inspire, From whom Salvation came : That I, like you, my age may spend, Praise Him, that fits upon the Throne, Like you may on my God attend. Yeą praise the glorious Lamb. 7. May 1, like you, in God delight,

Have all day long my God in fight;

- Ythe Lord !



Bed ;

Perform, like you, my Maker's Wi!l; Keep me, Ok ep me, King of kings, O may I never more do ill! Under thy own almighty Wings. 8. Had I your wings, to heav'n Ia 2. Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear fly ;

Son, But God all that defeat supply, The Ill that I this day have done ; And my Soul wing'd with warm de-That with the Worid, myself, and fire,

Thee, Shall all day long to heav'n aspire. I, ere I fcep, at peace may be. 9. All praise to thee, who safe has 3. Teach nie to live, that I may kept,

dread And hast refresh'd me whilft I Nept; | The Grave as little as my Grant, Lord, when I from death thall To die, that this vile body may wake,

Rise glorious at the awful Day. I may of endless Light partake.

4. O may my Soul on thee repose, 10 I would not wake, nor rise again, And may sweet fieep mine eye-lids Ev'n heav'n itself I would disdain,

close; Wert not thou there to be enjoy'd, Sleep that may me more vigʻrous And I in Hymns to be employ'd.

make, 11. Heav'n is, dear Lord, where'er To serve my God when I awake. thou art,

5. When in the night I sleepless lie, O never then from me depart ; My soul with heav'nly thoughts fupFor to my soul, 'tis Hell to be,

ply; But for one moment void of Thee. Let no ili dreams disturb my rest, 12. Lord, I my Vows to thee renew;


pow'rs of darknels me moleft. Scatter my Sins as morning Dew; 6. Dull sleep! of Sense me to de. Guard my firit Springs of thought prive, and will,

I am but lialf my time alive ; And with thy self my Spirit fill. Thy faithful Lovers, Lord, are griev'd, 13. Direct, controul, fuggeft,this day, To lie so long of thee bereavd. All I design, or do, or fay; 7. But tho' sleep o'er my frailty That all my Pow'rs, with all their reigns, might,

Let it not hold me long in chains ; In thy fole Glory may unite. But now and then let loose my heart, 14. Praise God, from whom all bles- | 'Till it an Hallelujah dart. sings flow,

8. The faster sleep the senses binds, Praise him, all creatures here below; | The more unfetter', are our minds : Praise him above, ye heav'nly Hoit, 0

may my Soul, from Matter free, Praise Father, Son, and holy Ghost. Thy Loveliness unclouded see.

9. O when thall Iin endless Day, 535

For ever chase dark sleep away;

And hymns with the supernal Choir, Evening-Hymn.

Inceffant fing, and never tire ! LL praise to thee, my God, 10. may my Guardian, while I this Night,

Close to my będ his Vigils keep; For all the blessings of the Light;


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M awake,

His love angelical instil,

May I in fight of heav'n rejoice, Stop all the avenues of lll.

Whene'er I hear the Bridegroom's u. May he celestial joy rehearse,

voice. And thought to thought with me 7. All praise to thee, in Light arconverse ;

ray'd, Or, in my stead, all the night long, Who light thy Dwelling-place haft Sing to my God a grateful Song.

made : 12. Praise God, from whom, &c.

A boundless ocean of bright Beams

From thy all-glorious Godhead 536.


8. The Sun in its meridian height, Midnight Hymn.

Is very darkness in thy fight :

My soul O lighten and inflame Y God, now I from sleep With thought and love of thy great awake,

Name. The sole poflefion of me take;

9. Bleft Jesu, Thou on heav'n inFrom Midnight terrors me secure,

tent, And guard my heart from thoughts Whole Nights haft in Devotion impure.

spent; z. Bless'd ángels, while we silent lie, But I, frail creature, soon am tird, You Hallelujah's fing on high; And all my zeal is soon expir'd. You joyful hymn the Ever-bleit, 10. My soul, how canst thou weary Before the throne, and never rest.

grow žI with your Choir celefia ] join, of antedating Bliss


In sacred hymns and heav'nly love, With you in Heav'n I hope to dwell, which will eternal be above? And bid the Night and World fare. 11. Shine on me, Lord, new life wel.

impart, 4. My Soul, when I make off this Fresh ardors kindle in my heart; duit,

One Ray of thy all-quick’ning light Lord, in thy Arms I will intrust : Dispels the Noth and clouds of night. O make me thy peculiar care, 12. Lord, left the Tempter me surSome Manfion for my soul prepare.

prize, 5. Give me a place at thy saints feet, Watch over thine own Sacrifice ; Or some fall’n Angels vacant Seat; All loose, all idle thoughts cast out, I'll strive to sing as loud as they, And make my very dreams devout. Who fit above in brighter day. 13. Praise God, from whom, &c. 6. O may I always ready stand, With my Lamp burning in my hand

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