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A pure

Since I have chose thee for my Without thee hell has all my heart, Crown,

And all is dark within.
I wish to have thee all my own. 3. Saviour, my feet direct
2. Thou seest my heart, thou know's To tread the path of Peace ;
my love,

O bring me home, I thirst to be
From Thee I never will remove ; Where fins and forrows ceale.
No shame I'll fear, no pain, nor loss, Eternal Truth, my mind
But gladly follow to the Cross.

To calm, thy grace afford ;
Make clean as wool my filthy Strong may I ftand, secure in thee,

Hell conquring through thy word. Wash white as Snow my ev'ry Part,

5. Raise thou me up, my Life, Give me in stillness to sustain

I'm dead to all that's good ;
Whate'er thy Wisdom Mall ordain. My familh d soul with Manna feed,
4. Form for thy self in me, and make Revive, thy self the food.
My heart the Lamb's soft Image take: 6.0 patient, spotless Lamb,
Yea flay me, Lord, and offer me

My heart in Patience keep,
to thee.

To bear the Cross so easy made 5. Bind Isaac's hands anl feet (thy

By wounding thee so deep. fon) Nor leave the work till all be done;


Inftruct me, Mafter, now O never let him, Lord,

God who is Light, to see ; get free,

Then Mall I, Abba, Father! cry, Till wholly he's resign'd to thee.

Open'd my lips by thee. 6. Yea briskly on to th'Altar lead,

8. Cease not, my Priest, to pray And suffer him no more to plead ;

For me, for I am thine ; No longer with th’old tidam bear; Lead on, dear Lord, consume him My groans, I know, cannot prevail,

Unlefs thy Spirit's join. there! 7. Then shall I gladly fo low, Lord,

9. Still, O my King, defend Continuing inftant in thy Word;

That grace thou giv'ft to me ;

Nor world, nor flesh, nor hell can Hereafter see thy beauteous Face,

hurt Here walk in Faith uphield by grace,

The soul that trusts in Thee. 8. Clofe copying after all thy Mind, Nor leaving any Grace behind:

10. Bring me, my Shepherd, where Lamb-like and Virgin-like thou art,

Thy choicet Flocks abide : Thus, thus, my Bridegroom, make

From wand'ring fave my foolida

And keep it by thy Side,
11. Physician, heal my Soul,

My sickness caus'd by sin;
mein Water, zeilge mich.

My heart's impure, thy Blood apply 1. Ather, make me thy child,

And I hall soon be clean,
Thine Image may I be ;

12. My Friend, thou hast enough, As thou in thy owr. Nature art, My mis’ry to relieve ;

By grace, o make thou me. Though sin and hell oppress, let it 2. Ny Light, enlighten me,

But to thy Heart me drive. Dispel the clouds of Sin;

my hcart.


13. My

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apparent Heir,

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desire ;

13. My Bridegroom, take my heart, ,Upon th'espoused Members List,

And stamp thereon thy Seal ; Who thro' the King's choice do exist : Give me thy love, and in my soul I choose with nought, that foils, to Thy wondrous self reveal.

interfere, 14. My All in all, unite

As I'm to be a clean bride-member My heart fo firm to Thee,

here. That at all times, and ev'ry where, 2. Hence does my Faith in spirit Thy love my All may be.


'Bove all vain things on the old Shore; 547.

It for a City looks and waits, 1. TEļu, to thee my heart I bow, Which but new. Things has in her Strange flames far from my

foul gates :

Thro the Lamb's blood I'm there
remove ;
Fairest among ten thousand Thou,
Be thou my Lord, my life,


love. conquer till the end, is all my. 2. All heav'n thou fiil'it with pure


3. O let it no man now surprize, Oshine upon my frozen breast;

i no By-projects enterprize; With facred warmth my heart inspire, The Bride can't reft befide in ought, May I too thy hid Sweetness taste. Her Dress engages

all her thought: 3. I see thyGarments roll'd in Blood, who now has got his Marriage-day Thy Areaming head, thy hands, thy Can no more other vanities pursue.

in view, side : All hail

, thou suff'ring, conquering 4. An alter'd Man in general God!

When I shall be, like a Babe small, Now Man shall live; for God hath Then am I of Jerus'lem free; dy'd.

For such her Burgesses must be : 4. O kill in me this rebel sin,

And when to earth a bright descent

The ll make, And triumph o'er my willing breast;

I that and other honours shall pare Restore thy Image, Lord, therein,

take. And lead me to my Father's rest.

# Rev. xxi. 10. 5. Ye earthly loves, be far away!

5. Thus the old System is retir'd; Saviour, be thou my love alone ; No more may miné usurp the sway, Welcome art thou, my dearest Lamb!

The new,with Spirit's mind, acquir'd: But in me thy great Will be done! 6. Yea thou true Witness, spotless

O that the Bridegroom's Days foon

came, Lamb,

That, “ Life compleatiy reigneth !". All things for thee I count but loss;

we might say, My sole desire, my constant aim,

And sing a full and long Hallelujah. My only glory be thy Cross !

549. 548. Wie freuet lich mein ganzer finn. Ihr (eraphim die ihr den kennt. "M glad, yea finnerlikely bold, E Seraphim, who prostrate fall That I already am enrolid

Before him whom I Saviour call,




"T"Grace's Dispenser,

Tell my Beloved that I am He dwells in the Heart, and does Love-lick, and fill'd with holy dame. there erect 2. The time seems long that I have A Lamp ever-burning, which won't wept,

neglect In Expectation wak'd and slept. By all just and holy and chaste cono what a pain it is to me,

versation, To love, and yet not be with Thee! To yield of the blood-wrought Re.

lease demonstration. 550.

4. Now finish, O Jesu, my gentle

Preserver!. Erhebe den Herren, der alles in allen. What thou thyself didst thus beget :

In me thy redeem'd one be gorify'd HE praises of him who is

farther, Grace's

And give my soul its Rest compleat. My soul and spirit! don't conceal :

So, when I in Heav'n thro' thee ar. Thy grateful Exulting can meet with

rive, no centure,

And earthly confusion and forrow For benefits which thou doft feel.

leave, The Light most resplendent of God I'll ever to him that's entitled Thrice hath shin'd

holy, Ev'n into the dungeon of my poor Sing praises, fince Praise will my mind,

business be solely. While Jesus the Sun of all righteousness rises,

551. And my heart with marvellous

Die Cartfţe bewegung, die liebliche knowledge surprizes.

kraft, 2. I formerly grop'd in a Desart of error,

1. His Impulse so gentle, this My mind and senses blinded quite;

movement so sweet, In lufts of the World, as a fottish ad Which, my Frame all over, mirer,

Itself doth discover, My Will unclean did seek delight : My faithfullest Jofus himself did be, But of his great mercy to the true *get. path

He gave me a Touch, My faithfulleft Shepherd

I felt his approach ; brought me hath,

A glimpse of his Light
And all works ungodly are with

Has ravish'd me quite.

2. My Heart he composes, and sooths Renounc'd, and I new-born thro' it to rest ; Faith's operation.

Thoughts craving and gloomy 3. The Sin in the Members is dea He banishes from me, den'd by Jesus,

I with but what Jefus my Bridegroom And the old Man starv'd thro' dir. sees best. use;

The Influxes mild The strongest commotion which na. Which I, as Love's child, ture e'er seizes,

Receive from above, Subsides, when half a Look he My Anodyne prove,




3. Sa

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3. So fragrant thy Ointments, fo lo let me, dear Jesu, with Thee cosweet is thy Way,

alescing, Thou sovereign Beauty!

In mind and deportment thy Form And hence 'tis my duty,

be expressing. Of thy Footsteps powerful somewhat 3. To thee, not me, I live : to say.

For since thou, both in Life and Thy Foretaftes, I find,

Dying, Do ftrengthen the mind :

A Fund for my use wert supplying, If these lo delight.

Myself to Thee I give. What will be the Sight? O take me, dear Jesu, entire in rc. 4. By true Spirit's Poverty draw me

quital, aloft ;

My Soul, Limbs and Spirit, and all If needful to frame us,

that is vital, By Bridle abstemious, And Sufferings, me on the lucid

553 Road waft.

eolt ich aus furcht bor menseheme Thy Glance I return,

kinder. And mutually burn: I want but to see

HALL I for fear of feeble Thy Image in me.

Man, 5. Jerusalem's daughters! I press to Thy Spirit's course in me restrain ? his Tent :

Or undismay'd, in deed and word Behold a soul thirsting,

Be a true Witness to my Lord? Who thro' all is bursting,

2. Aw'd by a mortal's frown, shall I That her beatific Access would pre- Conceal the Word of God most high? vent.

How then before thee shall I dare Yea, should he put on

To stand, or how thy anger bear! What looks like a Prown, 3. Shall I, to sooth th’unholy throng, I'll weather the smart,

Soften thy Truths, and smooth my As knowing his Heart.

tongue ?

To gain earth's gilded toys, or flec 5529

The Cross endur'd,my God, by thee ! D 3leca, der dit dich, &c.

4. What then is he, whole scorn I

dread, Jesu, who

Whose wrath or hate makes me From Sin's weight and

afraid? from Death's strong prilon,

A Man! an heir of death, a slave Art to serene Existence risen, To fin, a bubble on the Wave! And liv'st eternally!

5 Yea, let man rage! since thou O grant that in Faith I may firmly

wilt spread embrace thee,

rhy shadowing. Wings around my And take for my life thy Life blessed head : and masly.

Since in all pain thy tender love 2. I live, yet not I now:

Will ftill my iweet refreshment prove. Thou haft me into Thee transplanted, 6. Saviour of men ! thy searching Eye To dwell in my Heart covenanted ; Does all my inmost thoughts descry: On both scoses, my Life thou !


now free

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Doth ought on earth my wishes raise, 15. To him who has the Purchase
Or the World's favour, or its praise ! made,
7. The love of Christ does me con; Immortal honours now be paid :

The glory of the Saviour's name To seek the wandring Souls of men'; My tongue in grateful fongs proWith cries, intreaties, tears, to fave,

claim. To snatch them from the gaping

555. grave.

7Hen the ETERNAL from his 8. For this let men revile my name ;

throne No cross I lhun, I fear no shame : Came down to visit worms on earth, All hail, Reproach, and welcome, Seraphick Spirits fang for joy ; pain!

Their cheerful notes proclaim'd his Only thy terrors, Lord, restrain.

Birth. 9. My life, my blood I here present, 2. With awful, but harmonivus Íf for thy Truth they may be spent : sounds, Fulfil thy fov'reign counsel, Lord ! Glory to God enthrond on high, Thy will be done, thy Name ador'd!“ And Peace to finful Men below, 10. Give me thy ftrength, O God of The friendly host transported cry. pow'r !

3. The noble theme demands my Then let winds blow, or thunders

praise, roar,

While I the wondrous Method view, Thy faithful witness will I be: Which gives the dying Sinner life, Iis fix'd! I can do all thro' Thee. Which gives th' offended God his

Due. 554.

4. "As yet I oft with tears complain,

How dim and feeble is my sight, love

The splendor light. Caus'd him to leave his throne above, To dwell with sinful worms below, Enough to raise the dying Flame ;

5 Yet here, my dearest Lord, I see And fave them from eternal woe. 2. Om fallen men he cast his eye,

My heart's awaked, and my tongue

Aloud thy Glory thall proclaim. In depths of mis'ry saw them lie; Pity'd their state, resolv'd to come, And suffer freely in their room,

556, 3. A mortal Body he assum'd,

Hen survey the wondrous Bled, groan'd and dy'd, and was en

Cross tomb'd ;

On which the Prince of glory died, At length, the Work thus finished, My richest gain I count but loss, In triumph left his duity Bed. And pour contempt on all my pride. 4. To Heav'ns bright realms he took 2. Forbid it, Lord, that I should his flight,

boast, Beyond the reach of our weak fight; Save in the Death of Christ my God: There pleads with God for ransom'd All the vain things, that charm'd men,

me most, From thence in pomp will come I facrifice them to his Blood.



I Sing the God, whose tender Note abilendor of eternal lights

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