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5. The grazing Herd, the beasts of Jehovah Jireb I was his Name; prey,

Thy Husband did provide. The Creatures great and small,

I Gen. xxii. 14. For thy behoof their tribute pay;

6. When a long Absence thou didft Thy Husband made them alí.

moan, 6. Let armies strong of earthly gods And to his courts repair,

Combine with hellith Ghoits, Then was Jehovah Shammab | known, They live, or languish, at his Nods;

Thy Husband present there. Thy Husband's Lord of Hofts.

| Ezek. xlviii. 35. 7. Thine's Paul, Apollos, life and death, 7.When thy assaulting

Foes appear'd, Things present, things to be :

In robes of terror clad;
And ev'ry thing that Being hath, Jehovah Nili then was rear'd,

Thy Husband made for thee. Thy Husband's Banner spread. 8. Thou hast indeed the better part,

§ Exod. xvii. 15. (That part will fail thee never,) 8.When furies arm'd with fright’ning Thy Husband's Hand, thy Husband's

guilt, Heart,

Dinn'd War without surcease ; Thy Huiband's All for ever. Jehovah Shalom * then was built,

Thy Husband sent thee Peace. 571.

Judg. vi. 24. 9.

When thy Diseases death proVARIST often for the saddest claim'd, hour

And creature-balsams fail'd, Rcierves the sweetest Aid :

Jehovah Rophi + then was fam'd, See! how such Banners heretofore

Thy Husband kindly heal’d. Thy Husband has display'd.

+ Exod. xv. 26. 2. Mind, where he vouched hisGood

10. Thus, as thy various needs require, will,

In various Modes like these, Sometimes at Hermon * mount,

The Help that suits thy heart's deIn Jordan land, at Mizur hill:

fire, Thy Husband keeps the Count.

Thy Husband's Name conveys. ► Pfalm xlii, 6.

11. To th little Flock, as Cases vary, 3. At fundry times, and divers ways, The great Jehovah shews

To suit thy various Frames, Himself a little Sanctuary ; I Haft feen, like rising golden Rays, Thy Husband gives these Views. Thy Husband's various Names ?

| Ezek. xi, 16. 4. When guilty Conscience ghastly 12. Doft mind the Place, the Spot of ftar'd,

land, Jehovah Tsidkenu

Where Jesus did thee meet? The Lord thy Righteousness, ap. And how he got thy Heart and hand ? pear'd

Thy Hutband then was tweet. Thy Husband, in thy view.


. Doit mind? the Garden, Chamber, + Jer, xxiii. 6.

bank, 5. When, in thy ítraits or Wants ex

A Vale of Vision seem'd! treme,

Thy Joy was full, thy heart was Help fail'd on ev'ry side,

Thy Husband much esteemid,

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14. Let thy experience sweet declare, 15. With Christ our Lord we share our If able to remind;

part A Bochim here, a Bethel there, In the affections of his Heart;

Thy Husband made thee find. Nor shall our souls be thence re. 15. Was not this corner,

mov'd, place,

Till he forgets his First-belov'd. A paradise to thee, A Peniel, where Face to face

573 Thy Husband thou didft see? 16. There did he clear thy cloudy

'HE Mist before my eyes rem

Thy Doubts and fears dest oy ;

With wonder struck I see,
And on thy spirit seal'd he was

Dear Lord, the black, the num'rous Thy Husband, with great joy.


By which I've grieved thee. 17. Couldst thou not bold have said it then,

2. These were the unrelenting foes,

Which made thee groan and cry; And seal'd it with thy blood ? Yea welcom'd death with pleasure,

Which made thee shed thy precious

Blood, when

And bow thine head, and die. Thy Husband by thee stood ? 18. Let Faith these Visits keep in 3. Thy love has thaw'd my frozen

Tho' Sense the pleasure miss :

And caus'd my tears to flow;
The God of Bethel *, as before,

I now abhor chat montter Sin,

And find he is my Foe.
Thy Husband always is.
. Gen. xxxi. 13.

4. Stripp'd of his gaudy treach'rous

dress, 572.

Which long deluded me, 1. JESUS, we bless thy Father's He now appears in his true shape,

| Name,

Complea: Deformity. ThyGod and ours are both the same : 5. My soul looks back, and views the What heav'nly blessings from his throne

Thou, spotless Lamb, didît bear, Flow down to finners thro' his Son! Nail'd to the painful ihameful tree, 2. Christ be my first Elea, he said,

Naked in open air. Then chose our souls in Christ our 6. She trusts her Guilt was done a. Head,

way Before He gave the mountains birth, By her incarnate God, Or laid foundations for the Earth. Who felt, to expiate Man's offence, 3. Thus did eternal Love begin The sin-revenging Rod. To raise us up from death and fin; Our Characters were then decreed,

574 Blameless in love, a holy Seed. 4 Predestinated to be fons,

Hat heart of stone would not

be broke, Born by degrees, but chose at once ; A new regenerated Race,

To lee our Jesus pierc'd by us, To praise the glory of his Grace.

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And that these Murderers, our Sins, 15. But Faith, that looks to promis'd Should wound and tear our Saviour

grace, thus !

Clean out of Self the soul will chafe 2. What face will not confusion To Christ for Righteousness and spread,

Strength, What Toul would not itself abase, And finds the joyful rest at length. To see that Jesus loved him 6. No precept clogs the Gospel-call, In such a wretched, finful Case: But wherein grace is all in all ; 3. He lov'd us first! O let us love ; No law is here but That of Grace, Let Love constrain us to obey : Which brings relief in ev'ry case. Such a good Master who'd not serve, 7. The Gospel is the Promise fair Yea, love and honour him alway? Of grace, all Ruins to repair ; 4. Come Sinners, taste the grace of And leaves no finner room to say, God,

“ Alas, this Debt I cannot pay! That's freely offer'd unto you: “ This grievous Yoke I cannot bear! Come and accept of Christ, and then" This highDemand I cannot clear !"

All your Repentance will be true. Grace stops the mouth of such com5. Come, rest you in the love of plaints, Chrift,

And Itore of full Supply presents. . You'll mourn then in a Gospel-9. 'Tis here the Spirit pow'rful rides, Itrain :

The fountains of the deep divides ; Take Christ for Saviour, life and The King of glory's Splendor shews, Strength,

And wins the Heart with welcome Your Service then won't be in vain.


F Athuend, Repentance may be


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576. be

Rise ye, who are captive led, taught And yet no Gospel tidings brought;

our Head If as mere Duties these we press, From ev'ry Sin relieves ; And not as Parts of promis'd bliss. Redemption he'll to none deny: 2. If only Precepts we present, His precious Name is Jefus : why? Tho'urg'd with strongest argument, He saves whoe'er believes. We leave the waken'd Sinner's hope 2. When floods of Wrath divine In blackness of Despair to grope. arose, 3. The man whom legal precepts When heav'n and earth, and hell chase,

were foes, As yet eftrang'd to fov'reign Grace; My Jesus prov'd a Friend ; Miltaking evangelic charms, His bleeding Wounds a shelt'ring As if they stood on legal terms ; place, 4. Looks to himself, tho' dead in sin, | A Refuge sure in my disgrace, For grounds of faith and hope within: His blood from vengeance screen d. Hence Fears and fetters grow


3. The Holy one for all made fin, * swell,

Nail'd to the cross my soul to win, Since nought's within but fin and

& Cor. 6. 21. Hell.


His Blood he freely spilt ; 10. Rejoice, ye heav'ns, and earth And now his Righteousness divine, reply! Imputed to my faith is mine, With praise, ye finners, fill the ky, Removing fin and guilt.

All Grace his Death procures : 4. 'He kindly took our Flesh and Your woes with Blessings are exblood,

chang'd, Now without blush his Brotherhood, You in his children's order rang'd, His Stock and kindred owns ;

Eternal Life is yours.
His God our God and Father is,
What glorious Privilege is this,

577 To his redeemed ones!

stands Our Sorrows bore, and as a thief

With Mercy melts His Mind; Hung on th’accursed Tree ;

When Rods are feen in Moses hands, In him the faireft Son of men,

The Saviour's Heart is kind.
Nor Form nor Comeliness were seen :
O depth of mystery!

2. The Lord first empties whom he

fills, 6. The Judge of all condemned was To death; to gain our wofal Cause

, He quickens when the Letter kills,

Cafts down whom he would raise ; The Prince of life was fain :

Exalting thus his praise.
The Lord delighted in his Death,
And would have every soul by faith

3. All fears and terrors, when he

smiles, Salvation to obtain.

At once must disappear ; 7. The Son, tho' on the Godhead's

Thefore and wounded Bride he heals, throne,

And feeds with heav'nly Chear. Will ne'er disclaim his Flesh and bone,

4. When he applies his healing Blood But, like a tender Nurse,

Unto a fin-fick soul ; The facklings feed with breasts of This Balsam powerful, precious, love,

good, And show'r his mercies from above;

Ne'er fails to make her whole. For he's the living Source. 5. Salvation from his pierced Heart 8. His Promises he cannot break,

Gush'd out like pent up

fire: Never a helpless foul forsake, Freely he will to each impart, For life and blood he pawn'd;

Nor Money will require. Tho' Storms and waves with fury6. No worth we have, nor pow'r, beat,

nor good, Yea, ev'n in fi'ry tryals heat,

His Favour to procure ; The Rocks unshaken stand. The richest Store's his precious Blood, 9. Jehovah's Strength with me abides, From Indigence secure. While Chrift himself in me resides, 7. He freely laid his Majesty Immanuel, God with us :

His every glory by ; Let Satan roar, let hell affail, That Bankrupts thro' his Poverty The Bridegroom's Heart can never He richly might supply. fail,

8. Immanuel for finners slain, The serpent's head he'll bruise. Includes such stores of Grace ;

As narrow hearts can ne'er contain, The Spirit is sent down to breathe Nor angels tongues expre:s.

On such dry Bones as we. 9. He's full of Grace and Truth in-6. Jesu, how glorious is thy grace, deed,

When in thy Name we trust! Of peace, of life and light; Our Faith receives a righteousness To all that helpless sinners need, That makes the finner just.

He gives thy soul a Right. 7. Rais'd from the dead we live 10. Tho' heav'ns his throne, he came anew; from thence

And justify'd by grace,
To seek and save the lost; We shall appear in glory too,
Whatever be the vast Expence,

And see our Father's Face.
The Bridegroom's at the cost.
11. Pleas'd to expend each drop of

579: blood That fiilid his sacred Veins,


due, He fear'd nor spar'd no pains. And ins increasd the dreadful strife, 12. His Col immense was in thy My Saviour to my fuccour flew, place,

And by obedience bought my life. Thy freedom cost his Thrall; 2. My Ransom from the pow'r of fin Thy glory cost him deep Disgrace :

Could not be paid on other terms: Rejoice, he paid for all.

Run hide thy self, my soul, within
Thy bleeding Saviour's out-stretch'd

3. When Law condemns, and Justice AIN are the hopes, the sons cries

For dreadful vengeance withoutend: On their own Works have built; To Jesus then I turn my eyes, Their hearts by nature all unclean, He tells me, he will stand my friend.

And all their actions guilt. 4. God on these terms is reconcil'd, 2. Let Jew and Gentile stop their And I his gracious Heart have won ; mouths

In Christ I am his fav'rite child, Without a murm'ring word, My Brother is his only Son. And the whole Race of Adam stand 5. What can be laid unto my charge, Guilty before the Lord.

When God faith, freely I'll forgive ? 3. In vain we ask God's righteous Tho' Hell should on my crimes en.

To justify us now;

Christ says I Mall not die but iive,
Since to convince, and to condemn, 6. No Terms he left me to fulfill,
Is all the Law can do.

Nothing to put a stop to Faith; 4. 'Tis from the Mercy of our God Sin's bond was cancel'd, his last Will

That all our hopes begin ; Was feald, when he resign d his 'Tis by the Water and the Blood

Breath. Our fills are wash'd from fin.

7. Away then, doubts, and all my 5. 'Tis through the purchase of his fears ! Death,

Be filent all my needless fighs; Who hung upon the tree,



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