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3. At the Almighty's awful word

Th' obsequious floods retire again ; HY Blood, dear Lord, can And Noah, from his mystic Tomb,

cleanse from Sin, Peoples the ruind Earth with Men. This in our Baptism we confefs ; 4. So to restore a World o'erwhelm'd 'I is for its cleansing Virtue we With guilt and mis'ry, dead in fins, Our Pray’rs and vows to thee ad. Our Saviour rising from the Grave, dress.

Another Race of men begins ; 2. Bury'd with great folemnity

5.New Creatures of a heav'nly form, In thy baptismal Sepulcher, Whose fouls his facred Image bear; We are reviv'd and rais'd again, While dead to fio, they live to God, White Robes of Righteousness to And spotless in white robes appear. wear.

6. While the loft race of human kind 597

Delug'd with fin and ruin lies :

Bury'd in their Redeemer's Grave, ERE in the holy Laver These with Him live, and with him

rise. Converts are cleans'd from ev'ry Main;

599. They die, descend into the Tomb, By grace they live and rise again.

Hat doleful Night, when our

dear Lord 2. Here they renounce their foriner

Into the Garden did retreat, deeds, And to a heav'nly life aspire; To vept his grief in Groans and Their rags for glorious robes ex.

cries, chang'd,

In tears, and in a bloody Sweat; They fhinc in clean and white At-2. That ne'er to be forgotten Night, tire.

When our Redeemer was betray'd, 3 O sacred Rite! by this the Name Before his Suff rings, he took Bread, Of Jesus we to own begin;

Gave thanks to God, broke it, and This is our Resurrection's pledge,

said, And seals the Pardon of our sin. 3. Take, eat, this is my Body broke

you upon

the curied Tree : Perform this Ord'nance as I do, And when you do't, remember Me.

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with Wine, And long his threatning vengeance Bless'd it, and to's Disciples said, dard,

'Tis the New Testament in my Blood The righteous Noah favour found, For


others fhed. His Family alone was spar'd.

5. All you, my Friends, must drink 2. In secret chambers of the Ark

of this, They all secure from danger lie, Your Sin's Remission here

you When th' ocean's banks were broke, I Perform this Ordinance as I do, and foods

And when you do't, remember Me. Burft thro' the windows of the sky, 2

6. Yes,

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6. Yes, Lord, we will remember Thee, 16. “But if from thee relief I gain, And thy Love more than fragrant “ If thou my Honour wilt maintain, Wine :

“ Thy holy Name I'll glorify, How can we e'er thy Cross forget, “ With courage suffer, bleed, and die. Which made Thee ours, and made 7. Nor could he then unmindful us thine ?

prove 7. Our right hand first hall lose its Of the dear Objects of his love : art,

Once more his faithful Friends he Oar tongues forget to speak or move, meets, Ere we'll prove thoughtless of thy And Pledges of his grace repeats. Wounds,

8. The Night before that awful day Those everlasting Marks of love.

On which he was our Debt to pay, 8. We'll thus commemorate thy | A fit Memorial he ordains Death,

Of his approaching, dreadful Pains. Till thou appear on Earth again : 9. This with a chearful Song did And, Lord, remember us, we pray ; Make hafte to take thy pow's, and And only three their Lord attend; reign.

The three, who on Mount Tabor 600.


And there his dazzling Brightness Eheld ! my soul, the match view'd. less grace

10. With them he to the Garden of Christ to Man's apoftate race ;

goes, Who wore in heav'n a glorious Expecting there his bloody foes ; Crown,

There on the ground he proftrate lies, Yet in a Servant's form came down.

Presents to God his humble Cries. 2. Knowing the Time was just at

u. He seeks to ease his troubled hand,

Breast, When he must answer God's demand; a stranger now to peace and reft ; And with his precious Life attone And while he bore che pond'rous For Crimes he freely made his own : load 3. For this dire Conflict he prepares, (Such were his pains) he sweated Offers to God his fervent Prayers,

Blood. To whom alone he could resort;

12. Then on the Cross three hours And thus implores divine support *.

he hung, • John xii. 27.

With many piercing Arrows ftung; 4. “ Father, regard thy dying Son, For earth and hell their force com" Leave me not till my Work is bin'd done ;

To wound and grieve his spotless “ In thee alone relief I find,

Mind. “ Thoa only canst support my mind. 13. Lord, let thy unexampled Love 5. “ The great, important Hour is The hardness of my Heart remove : near,

Fain would I feel a holy flame, “ In which my Pains will be levere: Whene'er I hear thy charmingName. " A band of gloomy thoughts in

vade "My Soul, and make me fore afraid.





Thou wouldlt partake of human

I. His was Compasion like a Beset with troubles round.

5. Thou wouldst like wretched Man That when the Saviour knew

be made The Price of pardon was his Blood, In ev'ry thing but sin;

His pity ne'er withdrew. That we as like Thee might become, ?. He sunk beneath our heavy Woes, As we unlike have been:

To raise us to his Throne: 6. Like thee in Faith, in Meekness, There's ne'er a Gift his hand be Love, stows,

In ev'ry beauteous Grace; But coit his heart a Groan. From glory thus to glory chang'd, 3. Now tho' he reigns exalted high, As we behold thy Face. His Love is still as great:

7. O Lord, I'll treasure in my soul Well he remembers Calvary,

The Mem'ry of thy love : Nor lets his saints forget.

And thy dear Name shall still to me 4:

Here behold his Bowels roll A grateful Odour prove.
As kind as when he dy'd,

8. Thy Friends, the excellent on And see the sorrows of his Soul

earth, Bleed thro' his wounded Side. Shall be my chief Delight : 5. Here we receive repeated Seals And when alone, I'll make thy Law Of Jesu's dying love :

My Study day and night. Hard is the wretch that never feels 9. Where thou doft pitch thy Tent, One soft affection move.

and where 6. Here let our hearts begin to melt, Thy Honour deigns to dwell,

While we his Death record , There I'll fix mine, and there reside, And, with our Joy for pardon'd guilt, There thy Love's wonders tell. Mourn that we pierc'd the Lord. 10. The Pledges of thy love shall

then 602.

Revive this Heart of mine ;

Thy Love, more fragrant and more Y blefied Saviour, is thy sweet love

Than bowls of generous Wine. So great, so full, so free? Eehold! I give my love, my heart,

603. My life, my All to Thee. 2. I love thee for the glorious Worth Ime, come and fee! fallin

in thy great Self I see: I love thee for that shameful Cross Dead Lazarus is rais'd,

Thou hart endur'd for me. And doth with his dear Saviour sup: 3. No man of greater love can boast, His pow'r and love be prais’d.

Than for his friend to die: 2. May Servants thus with their Lord But for thy Enemies thou waft flain;

What love with thine can vie ? As if they were his mates?
Tho' in the very Form of God, Yea, this our Mafter doth permit;
With heav'nly glory crown'd, Nay more, mean while he waits.


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3. But Laz'rus he his Friend did call, 6. Then shall our love and joy be We Traitors to him were ;

full, Nor could we rise without his Fall: And feel a warmer flame,

What matchless love is here ! And sweeter voices tune the Song 4. We gasping layfor want of Breath, Of Mofes and the Lamb.

And help we could not crave : He was content to taste of Death,

605. That we his Life might have. 5. The Scripture faith, this Holy 1.

YOme let us join our chearful

songs, Might not Corruption fee:

With Angels round the Throne; But

Ten thousand thousands are their may By such poor Worms as we.


But all their joys are one. 6. Thou giv'st us leave to eat, and

2. Worthy the Lamb that dy'd, they Let's also walk with Thee :

cry, Thou, Lord, doft carve us of thy beft, Worthy the Lamb, our lips reply,

To be exalted thus
And wholly thine are we.

For he was slain for us.
3. Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and Pow'r divine;
Low strong thine arm is,

And blessings more than we can give, mighty God!

Be, Lord, for ever thine. Who would not fear thy Name? 4. The whole Creation join in one, Jesus, how sweet thy Graces are !

To bless the sacred Name . Who would not love the Lamb ?

Of him that fits upon the Throne,

And to adore the Lamb. 2. He has done more than Moses did,

606. Our Prophet and our King; From bonds of Hell he freed our

HE Lamb is fain, let us fouls, And taught our tongues to sing.


And own how wonderful the Grace; 3. In the Red-sea by Mofes hand,

Let all within us feel his pow'r, Th' Egyptian host was drown'd;

And silent bow before his Face : But Jesu's Blood hides all our Sins, Who feel his pow's, his grace

who And guilt no more is found.

prove, 4. When thro'che desart Israel went, Serve without dread, with sev'rence With Manna they were fed ;

love. Our Lord invites us to his Fleth,

2. The Lamb is sain, him day and And calls it living Bread.

night, 5. Moses beheld the promis'd Land, Th' united choirs of Angels fing;

Yet never reach'd the place ; To him, enthron'd above all height, But Christ shall bring his follow'rs Heaven's hotts their noblest praises home

bring; to see his Father's Face.


. Rev. xv. 4.



While here poor Sinners join thesong, 1 There I'm permitted to behold And praise him with a stamm’ring My Sov'reign's reconciled Face. tongue.

3. Till I shall enter those fair realms, 3. Gladly our own poor works we Within thy Courts below I'd dwell ; leave,

That I the Wonders of thy love Wealth, pleasure, fame, for Thee In grateful fongs of praise might alone ;

tell. To thee, our fleth, soul, spirit give, Thy Death hath claim'd them for

608. thy own; We thee , 1. ' thy Love exceeds Be thou in ev'ry Heart ador'd.

The love of earthly 4. Thro' thee we live, for thou hast (Bestows whate'er the finner needs, drown'd

Is conftant, never ends.
Our hell, our curse, our fins and all, 2. Down from thy pierced Side
In Love's unfathomable Sea;

A vital stream did flow;
Fall proftrate, loft in wonder fall,

Bathed in which, we're purify’d,
Ye Sinners ! for the Lamb is lain, And sav'd from endless Woe.
Who dy'd that we might Life re- 3. Thro' thee we have access

To God while here below ; 5. As ground, when parch'd with Thro' thee we claim a Happiness, fummer's heat,

Which can no period know.
Gladly drinks in the welcome show's, 4, And thou, almighty King,
So may we lift'ning at thy Feet, Thy Subjects wilt protect;
Catch thy each Word, and feel thy Secare beneath thy out-ftretch'd

Power ;
Olet nought in our hearts remain, Their ruin who'll effect ?
But this great truth, The Lamb was

6. Saviour of finners, may thy Blood
Our hearts with peace and power fill;

(ESUS who dy'd, is now Still may we make thy Flesh our

Plac'd on a lofty Throne; food;

Bright Spirits all around him bow, Still hear and love thy sovereiga His just Dominion own. Will:

2. Th’unworthiest of his Friends Still more to thee united be,

his heart he bears ; By an unfeign'd Simplicity. Cheerfully to their Cause attends,

And for them Heav'n prepares. 607.

3. Blest Saviour, condescend 1.

My Advocate to be:
Weet Pow'r which queils the

I could not have a better Friend
tyrant Sin,
And sets th' unhappy Captive free ;

To plead with God for me.
Which conquers Satan and the grave,
For all who to the Saviour Ace!
2. Within thy House, my dearest

Frel Strength I gain to run my race;


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