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Trust ye in Jehovah for ever : for

in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting (11)

*HERE shall come forth a strength.
rod out

of the tem of The way of the jaft is uprightness : Jesse : and a branch hall grow out thou most upright, doft weigh the of his roots.

path of the juft. And the spirit of the Lord shall Yea, in the way of thy judgments, rest upon him : the spirit of wisdom O Lord, have we waited for thee : and understanding,

the desire of our soul is to thy name The spirit of counsel and might: and to the remembrance of thee. the spirit of knowledge and of the

With my soul have I desired thee fear of the Lord.

in the night : yea, with my spirit And righteousness fall be the within me will I seek thee early. girdle of his loins : and faithfulness For when thy judgments are in the the girdle of his reins.

earth : the inhabitants of the world

will learn righteousnefs. 63.


Omfort ye, comfort ye with me, thine anger is turned a

people, ' way: and thou comfortedst me.

speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, Behold, God is

salvation ; I

will trust, and not be afraid : for the ed time is accomplished,

cry unto her, that her appointLord Yebovah is my strength and my

That her iniquity is pardoned : fong, he also is become my falva-. for the hath received of the Lord's tion.

hand double for all her sins. Therefore with joy hall ye draw

The voice of him that crieth in water: out of the wells of salvation. the wilderness : prepare ye the way

Sing unto Jehovah, for he hath of the Lord, make fraight in the done excellent things : this is known desart a highway for our God. in all the earth.

Every valley shall be exalted, and · Cry out and shout, thou inhabi.

every mountain and hill shall be tant of Zion : for great is the holy made low: and the crooked shall be One of Israel in the midst of thee.

made straight, and the rough places 64.


And the glory of Jehovah shall be E have a strong city: fal- revealed, and all fleih fall see it to

vation will God appoint gether: for the mouth of the Lord for walls and bulwarks.

hath spoken it. Open ye the gates : that the righte o Zion that bringest good tidings, ous nation which keepeth the truth, get thee up into the high mountain, may enter in

o Jerusalem that bringeit good tideThou wilt keep him in perfect ings, lift up thy voice with strength, peace, whose mind is staid on thee: lift it up, be not afraid : say unto the because he trusteth in thee.

cities of Judah, behold your God.


(26) W"


He Thall feed his flock like a shep Kings shall fce and arise, princes herd: he shall gather the lambs with also shall worship : because of Jehis arm, and carry them in his bo- hovah that is faithful, and the holy som, and Thall gently lead those that one of Israel, and he shall choose are with young.


Thus faith Jehovah, in an accept66.

able time have I heard thee, and in

a day of salvation have I helped (49) ,

hearken ye people from give thee for a covenant of the peofar : Jehovah hath called me from ple, to establish the earth, to cause the womb, from the bowels of my to inherit che desolate heritages. mother hath he made mention of my That thou mayst say to the prison. name.

ers, go forth; to them that are in And he hath made my mouth like darkness, shew yourselves: they shall a sharp sword: in the Madow of his feed in the ways, and their pastures hand hath he hid me.

shall be in all high places. He hath made me a polished They shall not hunger nor thirst, Thaft, in his quiver hath he hid me : neither shall the heat nor sun smite and said unto me, thou art my ser- them : for he that hath mercy on

vant, O Israel, in whom I will be them shall lead them, even by the - glorified.

springs of water shall he guide them. Then I said, I have laboured in And I will make all my mountains vain, I have spent my strength for a way, and my high-ways shall be

nought and in vain : yet surely my exalted: Behold, these shall come :- judgment is with the Lord, and my from far, and these from the north s work with my God.

and from the west. And now faith Jehovch, that Sing, O heavens, and be joyful, O formed me from the womb to be earth, and break forth into singing, his servant: to bring Jacob again to O mountains : for Jehovah hath comhim,

forted his people, and will have Tho' Israel be not gathered : yet mercy upon his afflicted. d shall I be glorious in the eyes of Je But Zion said, Jehovah hath for. ¿ bovah, and my God shall be my faken me, and my Lord hath forstrength.

gotten me.

Can a woman forget And he said, it is a light thing, her fucking child, that the should that thou should be my servant to not have compassion on the fonot ľ

raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to her womb ?

restore the preserved of lfrael: I Yea, they may forget : yet will I ď will also give thee for a light to the not forget thee.

G ntiles, that thou mayst be my sal Behold, I have graven thee upon S vation unto the end of the earth. the palms of my hands : thy walls

Thus faith Jehovah the redeemer are continually before me. of Israel, and his holy one : to him Thy children Tall make haste : whom man despiseth; to him whom thy destroyers, and they that made the nation abhorreth,

thee walte, shall go forth of thee.

Lift Ee

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be far away:

Lift up thine eyes round about, shall be delivered : for I will conand behold, all these gather them- tend with him that contendeth with felves together and come to thee : thee, and I will save thy children. As I live, faith the Lord, thou shalt And all flesh fhall know, that I surely cloath thee with them all, as Jehovah : am thy faviour and thy with an ornament, and bind them redeemer, the mighty one of Jacob. on thee as a bride doth. For thy wałe and thy desolate

67. places, and the land of thy deftruction : thall even now be too narrow (52, 53)

53) LTOW beautiful are the by reason of the inhabitants, and

feet of him that bringthey that swallowed thee up shall eth good tidings, that publisheth

peace, that bringeth good tidings of The children which thou shalt good things, that publisheth salva. have, after thou hast lost the other, tion: that faith unto Zion, thy God thall fay again in thine ears : The reigneth! place is too strait for me, give place Thy watchmen shall lift up the to me that I may dwell.

voice, with the voice together shall Then shalt thou say in thine heart, they fing : for they fall see eye to who hath begotten me these, seeing eye, when the Lord Thall bring aI have lost my children, and am de- gain Zion. folate, a captive, and removing to Break forth intojoy, sing together, and fro ? and who hath brought up ye waste places of Jerusalem : for these? behold, I was left alone, Jehovah hath comforted his people, these, where had they been? he hath redeemed Jerusalem.

Thus faith the Lord God, behold, Jehovah hath made bare his holy I will lift mine hand to the Gentiles, arm in the eyes of all nations : and and set up my standard to the peo-' all the ends of the earth Thall see the ple: and they shall bring thy sons in salvation of our God. their arms, and thy daughters Thall Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out be carried upon their shoulders. from thence, touch no unclean thing :

And kings shall be thy nursing- go ye out, be ye clean, that bear the fathers, and their queens thy nurl- veliels of the Lord. ing-mothers: they fhall bow down For

ye Thall not go out with haite, to thee with their face toward the nor go by flight: for Jehovah will earth, and lick up the dust of thy go before you, and the God of Israel feet.

will be your rear-ward. And thou shalt know that I am Jehovah: for they fhall not be a Ehold, my servant shall deal pruThamed, that wait for me.

Shall the prey be taken from the and extolled, and be very high. mighty : or the lawful captive deli

John iii. 14. vered

As many were astonished at thee : But thus faith Jehovah, even the (his visage was so marred more than captives of the mighty shall be taken any man, and his form more than away, and the prey of the terrible the fons of men);



So Thall he sprinkle many nations, He had done no violence : nei. the kings shall shut their mouths at ther was any deceit in his mouth. him: for that which had not been

Yet it pleased Jehovah to bruise told them shall they see, and that him, he hath put him to grief* : which they had not heard fall they when his soul hall make an offering confider.

for fin, he thall see his feed, he hall Who hath believed our report ? prolong his days, and the pleasure and to whom is the arm of Jehovah of the Lord thall prosper in his revealed ?

hand. For he shall grow up before him

Col. i. 20. as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground : he hath no form

He shallsee of the travel of his soul, nor comeliness, and when we shall and shall be satisfied: by his knowsee him, there is no beauty that we ledge + ihall my righteous fervant should defire him.

justify many ; for he ihall bear I their He is despised and rejected of men, iniquities. a man of sorrows, and acquainted

† Phil. iii, 8-JO. | John i, 29. with grief: and we hid as it were

Therefore will I divide him a por. our faces from him ; he was despis- tion with the great, and he shall died, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, cause he had poured out his foul un.

vide the spoil with the strong * : beand carried our sorrows : yet we did efteem him ftricken, smitten of God, the transgreffors, and he bare the fin

to death, and he was numbered with and afflicted. But he was wounded for our trans

of many, and made intercession for

the transgresors. gressions, he was bruised for our ini. quities : the chastifement of our • Luke xi. 22. comp. Isa. xlix. 25. peace was upon him, and with his ftripes we are healed. All we like theep have gone a.

68. stray, we have turned every one to

Rife, be enlightened : for laid on him the iniquities of us all.

He was oppressed, and he was af- glory of Jehovah is risen upon thee. ficted, yet he opened not his mouth : For behold, the darkness shall he is brought as a lamb to the cover the earth, aud gross darkness flaughter, and as a sheep before her the people : but Jehovah shall arise hearers is dumb, so he openeth not upon thee, and his glory ihall be seen his mouth.

He was taken from prison and And the Gentiles Mall come to from judgment; and who fall de- thy light: and kings to the brightclare his generation? for he was cut ness of thy rising. of out of the land of the living ; Lift up thine eyes round about and for the transgression of my people fec, all they gather themselves towas he stricken.

gether, they come to thee: thy fons D 2


his own way: and Jehovah hath (60) Althy light cometh, and the

upon thee.


shall come from far, and thy daugh

69. ters shall be nursed at thy side.


HE spirit of the Lord Then shalt thou see and flow to

God * is upon me,

begether, and thine heart shall fear and

cause the Lord hath anointed me : be enlarged : because the abundance

to preach good tidings unto the of the sea shall be converted into

meek, he hath sent me to bind up thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall

the broken-hearted ; to proclaim licome unto thee.

Who are these that Ay as a cloud, berty to the captives, and the openand as the doves to their windows } ing of the prison to them that are

bound; surely the illes shall wait for me, and

• Luke iv. 18. Matt. xxviii. 19. John xiv. 16. the ships, To bring thy sons from far : unto

To proclaim the acceptable year the name of Jehovah thy God, and of Jehovah: and the day of vengeto the holy one of Israel, because he ance of our God;

To comfort all that mourn, to aphath glorified thee.

And the sons of strangers shall point unto them that mourn in Zion, build up thy walls, and their kings to give unto the beauty for alhes, thall minister urto thee: for in my the oil of joy for mourning, the garwrath I smote thee, but in my favour ment of praise for the spirit of heavihave I had mercy on thee.

ness : that they might be called trees Therefore thy gates shall be

of righteousness, the planting of Je- ;

open continually, they shall not be shut bovah, that he might be glorified. day nor night : that men may bring

And they shall build the old wastes, unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, they shall raise up the former desoand that their kings may be brought. lations : they shall repair the waste

Violence thall no more be heard cities, the desolations of many gene- ! in thy land, wasting nor destruction rations. within thy borders : but thou halt

I will greatly rejoice in Jehovah, call thy walls salvation, and thy gates my soul shall be joyful in my God : praise.

For he hath cloathed me with the Thy sun shall no more go down, garments of salvation, he hath coneither shall thy moon withdraw it- vered me with the robe of righteself: for Jehovah shall be thine cver

ousness; lafting light , and the days of thy with ornaments : and as a bride a

As a bridegroom decketh himself mourning ihall be ended.

Thy people also shall be all righte- dorneth herself with her jewels. ous, they fall inherit the land for ever : the branch of my planting,

70. the work of my hands, that I may LAMENTATIONS, be glorified. A little one shall become a thou.

(On the Jews solemn day of fand, and a small one a strong na

Atonement.) tion: I Jehovah will haiten it in its Ow doth the city fit solitary, time.

that was full of people ! How

is she become a widow, the that was 3


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