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great among the nations, and prin- the solemn feasts and fabbaths to be cess among the provinces, how is iorgotten in Zion, and hath depifed the become tributary!

n the indignation of his anger the :

She weepeth fore in the night, king and the priett. and her tears are on her cheeks : The Lord hath cut off his altar, Among all her lovers Mhe hath none he hath abhorred his tanctuary, he to comfort her, all her friends have hath given up into the hand of the dealt treacherously with her, they enemy the walls of her palaces: they are become her enemies.

have made a noiie in the house of She dwelleth among the heathen: the Lord, as in the day of a solemn the findeth no reft.

feast. · The ways of Zion do mourn, be The elders of the daughter of 1

cause none come to the solemn feasts: Zion sit upon the ground, and keep all her gates are desolate.

silence : the virgins hang down their Her prięsts figh, her virgins are heads. afflicted : and she is in bitterness. What thing shall I liken to thee?

Her adversaries are the chief, her what Mall I equal to thee, that I enemies prosper : for Jehovah hath may comfort thee, virgin daughafficted her, for the multitude of ter of Zion? for thy breach is great; her transgressions.

who can heal thee? All her beauty is departed : her Thy prophets have seen vain and princes are become like harts that foolish things for thee : they have find no pasture, and they are gone not discovered thine iniquity, to turn without strength before the pursuer. away thy captivity.

Jerusalem remembered in the days Is this the city that men call the of her afliction, and of her mifery : perfection of beauty: the joy of the all her pleasant things that she had whole earth ? in the days of old.

The Lord hath done that which When her people fell into the he had devised : he hath fulfilled his hand of the enemy: the adversaries word. saw her, and did mock at her fab. baths.

All that honoured her, despise This I recal to my mind : there. eli

her, because they have seen her fore have I hope. nakedness: yea, the figheth.

It is of the Lord's mercies, that How hath the Lord covered the we are not consumed : because his daughter of Zion with a cloud in his compassions fail not; they are new anger : and cast down from heaven every morning, great is thy faithful. unto the earth the beauty of Israel, ness. and remembred not his footitool in The Lord is my portion, saith my the day of his anger !

foul, therefore will I hope in him : He hath violently taken away his Jenovah is good unto them that waie

tabernacle, as if it were of a gar- for him, to the soul that seeketh 7 den, he hath destroyed his places of him.

the assembly: Jehovah hath cauled -23


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It is good that a man should both

71. hope and quietly wait for the falvation of the Lord : for the Lord will Daniel's Vigils. not cast off for ever.



ful God : keeping the comultitude of his mercies : for he doth venant and mercy to them that love not aflict willingly, not grieve the him! children of men.

We have finned, and have committed iniquity, and have done

wickedly, and have rebelled : even The kings of the earth and all the by departing from thy precepts and

from thy judgments. inhabitants of the world would not

Neither have we hearkened unto have believed, that the adversary thy servants the prophets : which and enemy should have entered into the gates of Jerusalem : for the fins spake in thy name into our kings, of her prophets , and the iniquities all the people of the land.

our princes, and our fathers, and ta of hör prieits !

O Lord, righteousness belongethi The anger of the Lord hath di.

unto thee: but unto us confusion of vided them, he will no more regard them: they respected not the perions

Tous, to our kings, to our princes, of the priests, they favoured not the

and to our fathers, because we have elders.

finned : to the Lord our God belong As for us; our eyes as yet

for our vain help : in our watching have rebelled against him,

mercies and forgivenesses, though we we have watched for a nation that

Neither have we obeyed the voice could not save us.

of Jehovah, our God, to walk in his laws which he set before us : yea,

all Ifrael have transgressed thy law, The punishment of thine iniquity even by departing.

Therefore the curse is poured upis accomplished, O daughter of Zi. on : he will no more carry thee a- on us, and the oath that is written

in the law of Moses the servant of way into captivity.

Thou, o Jebovah, remainest for God: and he hath confirmed his ever, thy throne from generation to words which he spake against us, and generation : wherefore doft thou for. against our judges, by bringing upon get us for ever, and forsake us so us a great evil ; for under the whole

heaven hath not been done, as hath long time? Turn thou us unto thee, O LORD,

been done upon Jerusalem. and we shall be turned : renew our

Yet made we not our prayer be

fore the Lord our God, that we days as of old.

might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth. Therefore hath the Lord watched upon the evil, and brought it upon us.



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For Jehovah our God is righte I thank thee, and praise thee, O ons : in all his works which he thou God of my fathers: who haft doth.

given me wisdom and might.
And now, O Lord our God, that
haft brought thy people forth with

a mighty hand, and hast gotten thee
renown as at this day: we have fin-

Jonah's Song
ned, we have done wickedly.

O LORD, according to all thy Cried by reason of mine amfiction righteousness, let thine anger and unto the Lord : and he heard thy fury be turned away from thy me. city Jerusalem, thy holy mountain : I said, I am cast out of thy fight: because for our sins, and for the ini- yet I will look again towards thy quities of our fathers, Jerusalem and holy temple. thy people are become a reproach When my soul fainted within me, to all that are about us.

I remembred the Lord : and my Now therefore, o our God, hear prayer came in unto thee, into thine the prayer of thy servant, and his holy temple. fupplications, and cause thy face to They that observe lying vanities, shine upon thy fanctuary that is de- forsake their own mercy : but I will folate : for the Lord's fake.

sacrifice unto thee with the voice of
For we do not present our suppli- thanksgiving; falvation is of the
cations before thee for our righte- Lord.
ousnesses : but for thy great mercies.

O Lord! hear, O Lord, forgive,
O Lord, hearken * and do, defer The prophecy of Micah.
not, for thine own sake, O God :

by thy name.
• Numb. vi. 27.

among the thousands of Judah;

Yet out of thee shall he come forth 72.

unto me, that is to be ruler in Israel :

whose goings forth have been from Danicl's Psalm.

of old, from everlasting.

Therefore will he give them up, Lessed be the name of God for until the time that the which tra

ever and ever : for wisdom and vaileth hath brought forth: then the might are his.

remnant of his brethren shall return And he changeth the times and unto the children of Israel. the seasons, he removeth kings and And he shall stand and feed in the fetteth up kings : he giveth wisdom strength of the Lord, in the majesty to the wise, and knowledge to them of the name of the Lord his God': that know undertanding.

and they shall abide ; for now shall He revealeth the deep and secret he be great unto the ends of the things : he knoweth what is in the earth. darkness, and the light dwelleth And the remnant of Jacob shall with him.

be in the midit of many people : as

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a dew from the Lord, as the show In that day shalt thou not be ers upon the grass, that tarrieth not alamed for all thy doings, wherefor men, nor waiteth for the sons of in thou hast transgreffed against him: men.

for then he will take away out of the 75.

midst of thee them that rejoice in

pride, and thou shalt no more be Habakkuk's Hymn. haughty in his holy mountain.

He will also leave in the midst of


speech, O LORD, revive and they shall trust in the name of thy work in the midst of the years, the Lord. in the midst of the years make The remnant of Israel shall not known: in wrath remember mercy. do iniquity, nor speak lies, neither

God came, the holy one : Selah! hall a deceitful tongue be found in

His glory covered the heavens: their mouth : they hall feed and lie and the earth was full of his praise. down, and none fall make them

His brightness was as the light, afraid. he had bright beams out of his side :

Sing, O daughter of Zion, fhout, and there was the hiding of his Ifrael: be glad and rejoice with strength

all the heart, o daughter of JeruHe stood and measured the earth, Salem. he beheld and drove asunder the na The Lord hath taken away thy tions: the everlasting mountains were judgments, he hath cast out thine scattered, the perpetual hills did enemy: the king of Israel, even the bow, his ways are everlasting. Lord is in the midst of thee, thou

I saw the tents of Cuihan in af. fhalt not see evil any more. fliction.

In that day it fall be said to JeThe Lord is in his holy temple : rusalem, fear thou not: and to Zion, Jet all the earth keep silence before let not thine hand be lack. him

The LORD thy God in the midst Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I of thee is mighty, he will save; he will joy in the God of my salvation : will rejoice over thee with joy, he Jehovah is my strength, and he will will reit in his love, he will rejoice make


fect like hind's feet, and over thee with singing. will make me to walk upon mine He will gather them that are forhigh places.

rowful for the solemn aliembly, who are of thee: to whom the reproach

upon it was a burden. Zephaniah's Hymn.

Behold, at that time he will undo

all that alliet thee: and he will save 'HEN will he turn to the her that halteth, and gather her that

people a pure language, was driven out, and he will get that they may all call upon the name them praise and fame in every land, of the Lord, to serve him with one where they have been put to shame, consent : from beyond the rivers of At that time will he bring you Ethiopia, his fuppliants, even the again : for he will make

you a name daughter of his dispersed shall bring and a praise among all people of the his offering



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(9) Od Gods to amt athamed

earth, when he turneth back your Thou, even thou art LORD alone, captivity before your eyes,

thou hast made heaven, the heaven

of heavens with all their host, the 77.

earth and all things that are there.'

in, the seas and all that is therein : The Prayer of Ezra. and thou preferveft them all, and

the host of heaven worshippeth thee.

Thou art Jehovah the God: who and bluth to lift up my didft choose Abram, and broughtest face to thee: for our iniquities are him forth, and gavest him the name increased over our head, and our of Abraham, and foundeft his heart trespass is grown up unto the faithful before thee, and madeft a heavens.

covenant with him. And now for a little space, grace

Thou did it fee the ami&tion of our hath been shewed from the Lord our fathers, and heardest their cry: thou God, to leave us a remnant to ef- leddeft them in the day by a cloudy cape, and to give us a nail in his pillar, and in the night by a pillar holy place: that our God may of fire, to give them light in the way lighten our eyes, and give us a little wherein they should go. reviving in our bondage.

Thou camelt down also, and For we were bondmen, yet our fpakelt with them from heaven : and God hath not forsaken us in our gavest them right judgments, and bondage: but hath extended mercy true laws, good ftatutes and comunto us in the fight of kings, to give mandments,

and madeft known unto us a reviving, to set up the houle of them thy holy fabbath. our God, and to repair the desola And gavest them bread from hea. tions thereof, and to give us a wall ven, and broughtest forth water for in Judah and in Jerusalem. them out of the rock : and promi

And now, O our God, what shall sedit them that they shou'd go in to we say? for we have forsaken thy possess the land, which thou hadīt commandments : thou our God hast sworn to give them. punished us less than our iniquities They refused to obey, and in deserve, and has given us such de- their rebellion appointed a captain liverance as this.

to return to their bondage : but thou O Lord God of Israel, thou art art a God ready to pardon, gracirighteous : for we remain yet ef- ous and merciful, flow to anger, and caped, as it is this day.

of great kindness, and forfookest

them not. 78.

The pillar of the cloud departed

not from them by day, neither the The Hymn of Nehemiah. pillar of fire by night: thou gavest

also thy good spirit to infti uct them. Tand up and bless the Lord Forty years didst thou sustain them

your God for ever and ever: in the wilderness, so that they lacked and blessed be thy glorious name, nothing : their cioathes waxed not which is exalted above all blessing old, and their feet twelled rot. and praise.

Nevertheless they were disobe.

(9) Spend

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