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glory, and the express image of his Are they not all ministring spirits : person: and upholding all things by sent forth to minister for them who the word of his power,

Thall be heirs of salvation ? When he had by himself purged our sins: sat down on the right

102. hand of the majesty on high ; Being made so much better than

Phil. ii. the angels: as he hath by inheri. tance obtained a more excellent ET this mind be in you, which name than they.

For unto which of the angels said being in the form of God, thought he at any time, thou art my son, this it not robbery to be equal with day have I begotten thee : and God; again, I will be th him a Father, and But emptied himself: and took he shall be to me a Son?

upon him the form of a servant, and And again, when he bringeth in was made in the likeness of men. the first-begotten into the world, he And being found in fashion like a faith : and let all the angels of God man, he humbled himself: and beworship him.

came obedient unto death, even the And of the angels he faith, who death of the cross. maketh his angels spirits, and his Wherefore God also hath highly ministers a Aame of fire: but unto exalted him : and given him a name the Son he saith, thy throne, O God! which is above every name. is for ever and ever.

That at the name of Jesus every A sceptre of righteousness is the knee should bow : of things in heafceptre of thy kingdom : thou haft ven, and things in earth, and things loved righteousness, and hated ini- under the earth; quity; Therefore God! even thy God: that Jesus Christ is Jehovah: to the

And every tongue should confess, hath anointed thee with the oil of glory of God the Father. gladness above thy fellows. And, thou Jehovah! in the be

103. ginning haft laid the foundation of the earth : and the heavens are the

Eph. i. works of thy hands.

They shall perish : but thou re Lelled be the God and Father of maineft.

our Lord Jesus Christ : who And they all shall wax old as doth hath blessed us with all spiritual bles. a garment: and as a verture shalt sings in heavenly places in Christ. thou fold them up, and they shall According as he hath chosen us be changed ;

in him, before the foundation of thetr But thou art the same : and thy world : that we should be holy and years Thall not fail.

without blame before him in love. But to which of the angels said Having predestinated us onto the he at any time: fit on my right adoption of children by Jesus Chrift hand, until I make thine enemies unto himself: according to the good thy foothool?

pleasure of his will,


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his grace.

To the praise of the glory of his and for him : and he is before all grace : wherein he hath made us things, and by him all things confift. accepted in the beloved ;

And he is the head of the body: In whom we have redemption the church through his blood, the forgiveness Who is the beginning, the first. of fins : according to the riches of born from the dead: that in all

things he might have the pre-emiThat he might gather together in nence. one all things in Chrift: both which For it pleased, that in him should are in heaven, and which are on all fuiness dwell: and by him to reearth, even in him.

concile all things unto himself, by The father of glory : hath set him him, whether they be things in earth far above all principality and power, or things in heaven, and might and dominion, and every Having made peace : through the name that is named, not only in blood of his cross this world, but also in that which is And you, that were sometime alieto come,

nated, and enemies in your mind by And hath put all things under his wicked works, yet now hath he refeet: and gave him to be che head conciled in the body of his flesh over all things to the church, through death: to present you holy,

Which is his body: the fulness of and unblameable, and unreprovehim that filleth all in all.

able in his fight.


105. Heb. xi.

Colofs. i.
IVe thanks unto the Father: F Ahings hoped for the evidence


who hath made us meet to be of things not seen. pártakers of the inheritance of the Thro** faith we understand, that faints in light.

the worlds were framed by the word Who hath delivered us from the of God: so that things which are power of darkness : and hath tran- seen, were not made of things which Nated us into the kingdom of his do appear. deas Son ;

By it, the elders obtained a good In whom we have redemption report. through his blood : even the forgive

These all died in faith, not having nefs of fins.

received the promifes, but having Who is the image of the invisible seen them afar off, and were perGod: the first-born of every crea- suaded of them, and embraced them: ture.

and confessed that they were stranFor by him were all things crea- gers and pilgrims on the earth. ted, that are in heaven, and that are For they that say such things : in earth, visible and invisible: whe. declare plainly, that they seek a ther they be thrones or dominions, country. or principalities or powers.

And truly if they bad been minda All things were created by him, full of that country from whence


E 3

they came out, they might have had And others had trial of cruel opportunity to have returned : but mockings and scourgings: yea morenow they desire a better country, over, of bonds and imprisonment ; that is, a heavenly.

They were stoned, they were Wherefore God is not ashamed to fawn asunder, were tempted, were be called their God : for he hath lain with the sword : they wanderprepared for them a city.

ed about in sheep-skins and goatBy faith Abraham sojourned in the skins, being deftitute, afflicted, torland of promise, as in a strange mented ; country : dwelling in tabernacles, (or whom the world was not with Isaac and Jacob, the heirs with worthy :) they wandered in desarts, him of the same promise.

and in mountains, and in dens and For he looked for a city which caves of the earth. hath foundations : whose builder and And these all having obtained a maker is God.

good report thro' faith : received By faith Moses, when he was come not the promise ; to years, refused to be called the son

God having provided some better of Pharaoh's daughter: choosing ra. thing for us : that they without us ther to suffer affliction with the should not be made perfect. people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of fin for a season;

106. Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in

Reu. i. Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward.

Race be anto you peace :

and the sprinkling of blood : left he was and which is to come. that destroyed the first-born, fhould And from the seven spirits, which touch thein.

are before his throne : and from And what shall I more say? for Jesus Christ. the time would fail me to speak of Who is the faithful witness, and Geleon, and of Parak, and of Sampson, the first-begotten of the dead : and and of Jephthae, of David also and the prince of the kings of the earth. Samuel, and of the prophets.

Unto him that loved us, and Who through faith subdued king- washed us from our fins in his own domis: wrought righteousness; biood: and hath made us kings and

Obtained promises : stopped the priests unto God and his father ; mouths of lions ;

To him be glory and dominion : Quenched the violence of fire: for ever and ever, Amen! escaped the edge of the sword; Behold, he cometh with clouds :

Out of weakness were made and every eye ihall see him, strong : waxed valiant in fight, turn And they also which pierced him. ed to fight the armies of the aliens. And all kindreds of the earth shall

Women received their dead raised wail because of him. Even so, to life again : and others were tor- Amen. tured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resursection.


and to read the book, neither to look 107

thereon. Rev. iii.

And one of the elders faith unto "O the angel of the church of him : weep not, behold, the lion of

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is true;

things faith he that is holy, he that vid, hath prevailed,

To open

the book : and to loose, He that has the key of David : he the seven seals thereof. that openeth, and no man shutteth,

And he beheld, and lo, in the and shutteth, and no man openeth ; midst of the throne, and of the four

I know thy works! behold, I have living beings, and in the midst of set before thee an open door, and no the elders stood a Lamb, as - ic had man can shut it.

been Nain : having seven horns and For thou hast a little strength : seven eyes, which are the seven spiand hast kept my word, and haft not rits of God sent forth into all the denied my name.

earth. Behold, I will make them of the And he came and took the book : fynagogue of satan, (which say they out of the right hand of him that are Jews, and are not ; but do lye)


upon the throne. behold, I will make them to come

And when he had taken the book : and worship before thy feet, and to the four living beings and four and know that I have loved thee. twenty elders fell down before the

Because thou hast kept the word Lamb, of my patience : I also will keep Having every one of them harps, thee from the hour of temptation, and golden vials full of odours ; which fhall come upon all the world, which are the prayers of the saints. to try them that dwell upon the

And they sung a new song, sayearth.

ing: Thou art worthy to take the Behold, I come quickly! . hold book, and to open the seals thereof. that fast which thou hast, that no

For thou wait llain : and hast reman take thy crown.

deemed us to God by thy blood, out Him that overcometh, will I make of every kindred and tongue, and a pillar in the temple of my God: people and nation ; and he shall go no more out ;

And hast made us unto our God And I will write upon him the kings and priests : and we shall reign name of my God: and the name of on the earth, the city of my God, which is new And John beheld, and heard the Jerusalem, which cometh down out voice of many angels round about of heaven from my God, and I will the throne, and the living beings, write upon him my new name.

and the elders : and the number of

them was ten thousand times ten 108.

thousand, and thousands of thou

sands ; Rev. v.

Saying with a loud voice : worthy YOHN wept much : because no is the lamb that was Nain, to receive man was found worthy to open power, and riches, and wisdom, and

E 4 strength

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strength, and bonour, and glory, and her light was like unto a stone most blefling.

precious, clear as cryftal. And every creature, which is in And she had a wall great and heaven, and on earth, and under the high : and had twelve gates, and at earth, and such as are in the sea, the gates twelve angels, and names and all that are in them, heard he written thereon, which are the names saying: Blelling, and honour, and of the twelve tribes of the children glory, and power be unto him that of Israel. fitteth upon the throne, and unto the And he saw no temple therein : Lamb for ever and ever.

for the LORD God almighty, and And the four living beings said, the Lamb, are the temple of it. Amen. And the four and twenty And there shall in no wise enter elders fell down, and worshipped into it any thing that defileth, nei. ! him that liveth for ever and ever. ther whatsoever worketh abomina. |

tion, or maketh a lie : but they 109.

which are written in the lamb's book

of life. Rev. xix.

In the midst of the street of it, P

Raise our God, all ye his ser- and of either side of the river, was both small and great : for the Lord twelve manner of fruits : and yieldGod omnipotent reigneth.

ed her fruit every month, and the Let us be glad and rejoice : and leaves of the tree were for the heal. give honour to him.

ing of the nations. For the marriage of the Lamb iş And there shall be no more curse : come : and his wife hath made her- but the throne of God and of the

Lamb shall be in it. And to her was granted, that she And his servants shall serve him, hould be arrayed in fine linen, and they shall see his face: and his clean and white. For the fine linen name shall be in their foreheads. is the righteousness of saints.

And there shall be no night there, And he faith unto me, write, blef- and they need no candle, neither sed are they which are called unto light of the sun: for the LORD God the marriage supper of the Lamb. giveth them light, and they shall And he saith unto me, these are the reign for ever and ever. true sayings of God.

And John heard a great voice out IIO.

of heaven, saying: Behold, the ta

bernacle of God is with men ! Rev. xxi and xxii.

And he will dwell with them, and

they shall be his people : and God (OHN saw the holy city, new fe- himself fhall be with them, and be

from God their God. out of heaven : prepared as a bride And God shall wipe away all tears adorned for her husband.

from their eyes : and there shall be Having the glory of God: and no more death, neither forrow, nor


self ready.

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