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crying, neither fhall there be any And the spirit and the bride say, more pain.

Come! and let him that heareth, For the former things are passed say, come ! away: and he that fat upon the

throne, faid, Behold, I make all Amen! even so, come Lord
things new.

Behold, I come quickly. I am The Grace of our Lord Jesus CHRIST
Alpha and Omega, the first and the be with us all !

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But all the Race was gone astray,

All had forsook the saving Way
Out of Psalm i.

Of Christ's bright Revelation. OW bleft is he, who ne'er 3. How long will they be ignorant confents

Of their abomination,
By ill advice to walk ;

Who thus despise my covenant,
Nor stands in finners ways, nor sits Nor spare my holy nation ?
Where men profanely talk. They never cali upon

the Lord, 2. But makes the living law of God But trust unto their golden hoard, His business and delight;

And turn their own defenders.
Devoutly reads therein by day,

4. Yet are their hearts in confant And meditates by night.

pain, 3. Like some fair tree, which fed by And secret fear and trembling : freams,

God with his Sion will remain, With timely Froit does bend, Where Saints are ftill affembling: He still shall flourish, and success But you deride the poor's advice, All his designs attend.

The greatest comfort you despise,

That God's their only refuge.

5. O, that the joyful day would come, Out of Pl. xiv.

To change our mournful station,

When God will bring his children Es (pricht der unweilen mund wohl.


And finish our Salvation !
Ain foolish men absurdly

Then shall the tribes of Jacob fing,
Of God and true Religion ;

And J udah praise

their Lord and King, Their faithless hearts are full of luft,

With laiting Hallelujah's.
Their life's a contradiction :

Corrupted is their very frame ;
God's holiness abhors the same ;

Out of Pl. xix. There's none doth good, but evil. HE statutes of the Lord are 2. The Lord from his celestial throne

juft, Look'd down on ev'ry creature, And bring fincere delight ; To find one Man who had begun His pure commands, in search of truth,

To love God's holy nature ; 1 Affilt the feebleft sight.


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Pf. xxiii.



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2. His perfect Worship here is fix'd, 2. Direct me in thy Truth, On sure foundations laid ;

And teach me, I thee pray: His equal laws are in the scales Thou art my Saviour and my God,

Of truth and justice weigh'd. On thee I wait alway. 3. My trusty counsellers they are, 3. Remember not the Faults

And friendly warnings give : And frailty of my youth ; Divinc rewards attend on those Call not to mind, how ignorant Who by thy precepts live.

I have been of thy truth. 4. But what frail man observes how 4. Not after my deserts

He does tranfgrefs and fail ? [oft Let me thy Mercy find :
O cleanse me from my secret faults, But of thy own benignity,
Thou God that know'lt them well. Lord, have me in thy mind.

5. Thy mercy is full sweet,

Thy truth a perfect guide :
Thy Spirit, Lord will finners teach,
And such as go

Y Shepherd is the living 6. Now for thy holy Name,

O Lord, I thce intreat,
No thing therefore I need : To grant me Pardon for my Sin;
In pastures fair, near pleasant streams,

For it is very great. He setteth me to feed.

7. Whoso doth reverence thee, -2. Ile shall convert and glad my soul, By thee he shall be kept,

And bring my mind in frame To lead his life in such a way,
To walk in paths of righteousness, As thou doit best accept.
For his most holy Name.

8. All those that thee respect, 3. Yea, tho'l walk in vale of death, Know thy secret Intent ; Yet will I fear no ill :

And unto them thou doft declare Thy Rod and Staff do comfort me, Thy Will and Testament. And thou art with me still.

9. My eyes and thankful heart Ev'n in the presence of my foes,

To thee I will advance, My table thou shalt spread, That pluck'd my feet out of the fnare Thou wilt fill full my cup, and thou

Of fin and ignorance. Anointed hast my head.

10. Preserve and keep my Soul,
5. Thro' all my life thy favour is And still deliver me ;
So frankly shew'd to me,

And let me not be overthrown,
That in thy House for evermore Because I trust in thee.
My dwelling-place fhall be.


Out of Ps. xxvii.
Ps. xxv.

OD is my Saviour and my
heart to thee,

Light, My God and Guide most just : Why should I be dismay'd ? O let me not be put to shame, 'Tis he defends my life, of whom For in thee do I trust.

Then need I be afraid ?

2. Hear


The same.



2. Hear my requests, and, Lord, re- 6. Pluck thou my feet out of each turn

snare An Answer full of grace :

Which hath for me been laid : Thy Face thou bad'ft me seek, and I Thou art my strength, and all my care Resolv'd to feek thy Face.

Is for thy mighty Aid. 3. Lord, do not in displeasure hide Thy face, nor me reject;

18. Those succours I have had before,

From thee I still expect. 4. My parents love is not so great

in dich bab ich gehoffet Verr. As thine, nor Care so large : When they forsake me, I become

Reat God, in thee I put my Still more thy care and charge.

truít, 5. Wait ftill on God, my soul, from Preserve my Soul from being lost him

In shame and desolation ;
Courage and strength derive :

Thy grace, O Lord, I will record, Tho' he delay, he will at length

To ev'ry generation.
Thy fainting heart revive.

2. Vouchsafe to lend a gracious ear,

When I to the direct my pray'r; 117.

Relieve thy helpless Creature;
Out of Pf. xxxi. From outward woes and secret foes

Redeem my fallen nature. 1. Ear me, O Lord, and that 3. Thy saving name is my defence,

I seek and draw salvation thence ; To help me, make good speed ; Thy Grace is my pavillion; Be thou my Rock, and house of stone, Thou art the God, whose very nod

My fence in time of need. Can crush an hostile million. 2. For why? as stone thy strength is 4. My rock,my refuge, and my tow'r! try'd,

I reft upon thy mighty pow'r,
Thou art my Fort and tow'r : And trust thy Revelation :
For thy name's sake be thou my guide, In thy relief I drown my grief
And lead me in thy pow'r.

'Bout Satan's machination. 3. Into thy hands, Lord, I commit 5.Whate'er my fears and foes suggest,

My Soul, which is thy due : Thou art my hope, my joy, my reft, Because thou hast redeemed it,

My boast and sure protection; O Lord, my God most true. Within thy care, I boldly dare 4. I loath such folk as will not part

Th'whole world and hell's infection. From things to be abhorr'd : 6. My spirit I commit to thee, When they on trifles set their heart, My Saviour, ne'er depart from me,

My Trust is in the Lord. But grant me thy salvation; 5. For I will in thy mercy joy,

From pangs of death, retake my I see it doth excel :

Thou seeft when ought would me Into thy habitation.

And know'st my soul full well.

He right foon

soon ;

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And since he makes God's will his

Out of Pf. xxxvii. His goings shall not slide.
'E's wise, who does what's



H good, and on

Pf. li.



, Lord ! O Lord, for

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tho' great,

God's goodness does rely : Thus thy enjoyments he'll secure, Erbarm dich mein, D'Verre Gott.

Thy juft desires supply. 2. Leave thy concerns to him, in firm

Hew pity, Lord ! O Lord, forDependence on him live;

give, He'll either grant what thou wouldnt is not thy mercy ftill the same ? have,

Let a repenting Sinner live: Or what is better give.

Pardon his guilt, who owns his fame. 3. Think not mere wealth makes Ifthou thy judgments shouldft display,

I die ; and righteous is thy name. happy men :

But, O my God, thy judgments stay; For what contents the Poor, Is better than bad men's ill got,

For I confess my fin and blame.

2. I from the stock of Adam came ; Or ill employed Store. 4. God will the wicked's power, My whole Original is shame ;

And my conception was unclean In pieces surely break :

My nature nothing else but sin. But good men by his arm shall be

No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast, Upheld, tho' ne'er so weak.

Nor running brook, nor flood, nor

fea, 5. Their patient waiting and their | Nor hyffop-branch, nor sprinkling days

priest, Of sorrow God regards,

Can wash my

native stain

away. And with his promis'd happiness Them and their Seed rewards.

3. O cleanse my heart, and chear

my soul; 6. In all my life I never yet O chear me with forgiving love; That lib'ral man could fee,

And make my broken spirit whole, Whose alms reduc'd himself to want, And all my fin and shame remove. Or race to beggary.

Let not thy Spirit quite depart; 7. He mercifully lends, and thus

Hide not thy love, hide not thy face, His feed a blessing gain.

O cleanse again my vicious heart, If thou would't safely dwell, do good, And fill it with thy saving grace. And from all fin refrain.


The wicked will I teach thy ways; 8. Mark well the righteous man, and And to confess their Saviour bring; him

And thew the wonders of thy grace, That's upright in his ways; And teach them all thy praise to fing. Mercy attends his happy life, O gracious God ! my heart inspire

And peace concludes his days. With ev'ry movement of thy grace ; 9. Wise precepts he insils, men's And touch my tongue with hallow'd minds

fire, To form, and manners guide: To praise the Lord, my righteousness.


5. No


5. No sacrifice dost thou require, 2. Bleft is the man, who near thee Besides a heart, that's broke for fin;

plac'd, I bring it then, at thy defire; Within thy sacred Dwelling lives! And it is all, that I can bring.

While some at humbler diliance taite Thy own Jerusalem rebuild, The vast delights thy Temple gives. And raise her broken walls again;

3. Thou, Lord, doft barb'rous lands And be she with thy Glory fillid, dismay, To joy all those that love thy name. When they thy dreadful tokens view:

With joy they see the night and day 121.

Each other's track by turns pursue. Pf. lxij.

4. From out thy unexhausted store

Thy rain relieves the thirsty ground; O ched my gracious God, to God my gracious God, to Makes lands, that barren were before,

With corn and useful fruits abound, My Morning pray'rs fall offer'd be; 5 Othou, who to my humble pray's For thee my thirsty foul doth pant; Didit always bend thy liftning ear, My fainting flesh implores thy, grace, To thee Mall all mankind repair, Within this dry and barren place, And at thy gracious throne appear. Where I refreshing waters want. 2. O to my longing eyes once more

123. That view of glorious pow'r restore, Which thy majestic House displays:

Out of Pf. lxvii. Because to me thy wondrous Love

Es woll uns Gott genadig legnt. Than life itself does dearer prove, My lips fhall always speak thy praise.

A 3. , ,

here, In blefing God I will employ, His Blessing on us pour, With lifted hands adore his Name: And may his countenance most clear My fool's content shall be as great, Shine on us evermore : As theirs who choicest dainties eat, That we may know what is his will, While I with joy his praise proclaim What glorifies his Name, 4. When down I lie sweet sleep to And that the Heathens soon may feel find,

Salvation in the Lamb,
Thou, Lord, art present to my mind, And be brought o'er to him.
And when I wake in dead of Night.
Because thou still doft luccour bring,

Beneath the shadow of thy wing
I rest with safety and delight.

NE King shall a bleft Sceptre
I 22.
Ps. Ixv.

Gifts, beyond Solomon, receive,

That under his judicious care, OR thee, O God, our con- The People happily may live : ftant praise

Then from the mountains peace hall In Sion waits, thy chosen feat;

flow, Oar promis'd altars we will raise,

And plenty from the hills below. And there our zealous vowscompleat.

2. The

Pf. lxxii.

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bear ;


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