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3. Surrounded by thy pow'r I ftand, 12. Thou didst the shapeless embryo On ev'ry fide I find thy Hand.

see, O kill, for human reach too high, Its parts were register'd by thee; Too dazzling bright for mortal eye! Thou saw's the daily growth they 4. O could I so perfidious be

took, To think of once deserting thee, Form'd by the model of thy Book. Where, Lord, could I thy influence 13. Let me acknowledge too, O God, hun,

That since this maze of life I've trod, Or whither from thy Presence run? Thy Thoughts of love to me furs. If up to heav'n I take my flight, 'Tis there thou dwell'it, enthrond in The pow'r of numbers to recount. light:

14. Far sooner could I reckon o'er Or dive to hell's infernal plains, The sands upon the ocean's Thore : 'Tis there Almighty vengeance reigns. Each morn revising what I've done, 6. If I the morning's wings could I find th’account but new begun. gain,

15. Search, try, O God, my thoughts And Hy beyond the western main, and heart, Thy swifter hand would first arrive,

If mischief lurks in any part ; And there arrest thy fugitive. Correct me, where I go altray, 7. Or should I try to shun thy fight And guide me in thy perfect Way. Beneath the fable wings of night ;

135 One glance from thee, one piercing ray

Pf. cxlvi. Would kindle darkness into day.

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** . The veil of night is no disguise." M Coat

, praise thou the Lord

No screen from

My God I will confess; Thro midnight shades thou find'r while breath and life prolong my thy way,

days, As in the blazing noon of day.

My tongue no time shall cease. 9. Thou know's the texture of my | 2. Trust not in worldly Princes then, Heart,

Tho' they abound in wealth ; My Reins, and ev'ry vital part, Nor in the sons of mortal men, Each single thread, in nature's loom,

In whom there is no health. By thee was cover'd on the Womb.

3. For why? their breath doth soon 10. I'll praise thee, from whose

depart, hands I came,

To earth anon they fall, A work of such a curious frame;

And then the counsels of their heart The wonders thou in me haft Town,

Decay and perith all. € My soul with grateful joy must own. 4. Blefied and happy are all they, 11. Thine eyes my substance did Whom Jacob's God doth aid; · survey,

And he, whose hope doth not decay, Whilc yet a lifeless mass it lay, But on the Lord is staid : In fecret, how exactly wrought

Who made the earth and waters E'es from its dark enclosure brought.

The Heavens high withal ;


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Who doth his word and promise keep Throughout the kingdom of his In truth, and ever shall. 1

grace 6. With right always doth he pro- Prevail his truth and righteousness : ceed

Give to our God the glory. For such as suffer wrong;

In my

distress I rais'd with faith The poor and hungry he doth feed, To God my supplication ;

And loose the fetters strong. My Saviour rescu'd me from death, 7. The Lord doch send the blind And gave me consolation ; their right,

This makes my heart with thankThe lame to limbs restore :

fulness He loveth all that are upright, Rejoice before the Lord of grace: And just, for evermore.

Give to our God the glory. 8. The fatherless defendeth he, 5. The Lord has ever to his Flock

And Stranger sad in heart; Kept without separation ; The Widow from distress doth free, He does abide their hield and rock And ill men's ways subvert.

Their peace and their salvation ; 9. The Lord thy God eternally,

He leads them with a mother's care, O Sion, ftill shall reign,

Through dismaldangers, guards from In time of all posterity

fear: For ever to remain.

Give to our God the glory.

6. When all the creatures here deny 136.

Their help and consolation,

Our great Creator then is nigh Summary of the book of Psalms.

With succour and compaflion, Qey lob und ehr dem hocchften gut.

And sets the humble Souls at rest,

That live abandon'd and oppreft:
L L glory to the sov'reign Give to our God the glory.

7. Thy praise, O Lord ! shall be my And Father of compasion,

song, The God our help and sure abode ; As long as breath I'm drawing;

Whose gracious visitation Thy Name shall dwell on every Renews his Bleilings ev'ry day,

tongue, And takes our greatest griefs away : Where'er thy love is growing.

Give to our God the glory. My heart! with all thy ftrength adoré 2. The heav'nly hvits with awe pro- This God of grace, this God of claim

The praise of their Creator; And give him all the glory.
All living on this earthly frame,
All that's produc'd in Nature,

Speak their divine Original,
Imprest most wisely on them all :
Give to our God the glory.

Zeuch uns nach dir.
What is created by our God;

Raw us to thee, then will we filee Enjoys his Preservation;

(The heart doth so desire thee) "Tis he extends o'er all abroad In that sweet Smell, which did expel His fatherlike compasion.

All Curse from us entirely,

A '

Cant. i. 4.

Ifa. ix. 6.

B Receive with great

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We then address ourselves to thee, In this our great Calamity, Beseeching thine almighty hand,

To take this evil from our land. Ermuntre dich inein (chwacher geist. 1 5. Remember not our num'rous

crimes, E chearful, thou my spirit faint, But cleanie us from all guilt betimes;

desire Alitt us with thy mighty grace, That Father, who's an Infant weak, And turn on us thy thining Face ; And yet the Ages-Sire.

6. That, for our great deliv'rance,we This is the night in which he came, May render praise and love to thee, Was born, and puton human Frame, Pay due obedience to thy Word, The World, his Bride, to visit,

And ever live to thee, O Lord ! As Bridegroom to follicit.

This thou hast promis'd in thy Word 139.

To all that turn to thee, O Lord,

And love the name of Jesus Christ, Ezek. xxxiii. II. Our Mediator and High-priest.

141. So wahr ich leve, spricht dein Gott.

Scripture Instances of Providence. Ure as I live, (thy Maker faith) I ne'er desire the Sinner's death,

Warnm vetrnýtt ol dich mein herz. But

O why,poor , all his With true Repentance come to me,

And still for earthly things? And live to all eternity.

Resign thee to the Lord thy God,

Who heaven and the earth hath made. 140.

2. Elijah speak,who gave thee bread,

When dearth and drougiit had overOut of 2 Chron. XX.


Thy land for sev'ral years?
Wenn wir in hoechsten, &c.

Did not the Widows cruise supply
HEN we are under great Her own and thy necesiity ?

3. When near the juniper thou did it And ev'ry thing seems comfortless, stay, No creature gives the least relief,

God sent his Messenger away But all increase our weight of grief: To furnish thee with Food, 2. The only Refuge then we have Which that uncommon vigour gave, Is, that we meet, and humbly crave That thou could reach mount Thy helping hand, O faithful God,

Horeb's cave. To save us from the wrathful rod.


Good Daniel, in the lion's den 3. And lifting up our eyes and heart God ne'er forgot, tho' left by men, To thee with true repenting smart, But sent his Angel down We seek from Sin a full release, To seize the prophet's harvest-mess And seek to make thy judgments For his beloved in distress. cease.

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5. Thos

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s. Tho' Joseph, into Egypt fold, Whence can my weak spirit fetch
By Potiphar was laid in hold

Thoughts profound enough to
For keeping God's command : reach
God rais'd him up to great renown, This unfathom'd condescension?
To save that Nation and his own. All things, &c.
6. Did not the furnace lose its pow'r 4 His good Spirit's best direction
When sev'n times heated, to devour He vouchrafes me in his Word ;

The three Men in the flame ? And his wings their kind protection
God sent his angel to their aid, In my Pilgrimage afford :
And made the Tyrant sore afraid. He endows my soul and spirit
7. Thy plenty, Lord, is still as great, With the light of living faith,
As 'twas in Times of ancient date : To o'ercome the pow'r of death,
In Thee is all my trust.

And escape the hell I merit.
Inrich my soul with faith and love, All things, &c.
Then have I ev'ry where enough. 5. My Soul's welfare and advances

Are the object of his care : 142. Cento of Texts on the fame Subją7. Nay the Body's change and chances

In his goodness have a share,
Bolt ich meinem Gott nicht fingea, When my nat'ral strength is shrink-

Han't I fing to my Creator ? In the time of utmost Need,
Shan't I give him thanks and

He my God steps in with speed,

And recovers me from sinking. Who by ev'ry thing in nature

All things, &c. Magnifies his tender Grace ?

6. Heav'n and earth, with ev'ry What but loving Condeicension Still inclines his faithful heart

creature, To support and take their part,

For my Service are designd; Who pursue his bleft Intention :

Where I make my search in nature, All things to their period tend,

Food and raiment there I find. But his Mercy has no end.

Cattle, corn, fruit, fowl and fishes,

Vales below, and hills on high, 2. As a Hen is us'd' to gather

Woods and waters, earth and ky, Her young brood beneath her

Furnith with various dishes. wings,

All things, &c. So has God, my heav'nly Father,

Kept me safe from dismal things, | 7. When I sleep, his love is taking From the hour of my Formation,

Care to roule my drowsy foul, When he breathed life in me;

That I find each Morn at waking Rearing it by each Degree,

Light renew'd from pole to pole. Till he brought me to this station.

Had my God withdrawn the numbers All things, &c.

Of his angels from my head,

And forsook me in my bed, 3. Nay, his darling Son eternal

I had perish'd in my flumbers.
He delivers

All things, &c.
To redeem me from infernal
Death and endless Misery.

8. Oh! how many fore afli&ions Depth of Love beyond dimension ! Have been rais'd by satan's crew,



for me,


Which by God's divine restrictions,
Never came within my view ?

Guardian Angels of his sending,
Stopt the malice, which the Fiend Ecclefiafticus 50. 24–26.
To my ruîn did intend,

Nun dancket alle Bott.
Far beyond my comprehending.
All things, &c.

TOW let us praise the Lord 9. As a father's kind affection

With body, soul and spirit; Still endures towards his child,

Who doth such wond'rous things Tho' he merit fore correction,

Beyond our sense and merit; When by world and fin beguil'd ; Who from our Mother's womb Thus, upon my true repentance,

And early infancy, Sins are by my pard’ning God

Preserves our tender Lives Punilh'd with a Father's rod,

In health and liberty. Not a Judge's damning sentence. 2. O gracious God, bestow All things, &c.

On us, whilst here remaining.

An ever-chearful Mind, 10. His chastisements and corrections, Tho they bitter seem to be,

And peace that's ever reigning, Yet, upon mature reflections,

Keep us in Innocence

And christian constancy :
Are but Monitors to me :
His blest purpose they discover,

And then convey us home

To bleft Eternity. To reduce my captive Sense

From the World's Impertinence To my God, my heav'nly Lover.

144. All things, &c.

John i. 11. This I know with full conviction, As a Maxim ever fure :

TOD's own Christ we now will Christian crosses and amiction

laud, Do but for a time endure :

Ev'n our Mediator,
After Winter's frost and snowing, Who hath ever been with God;

Smiling Summer then appears ; All things else are later.
After ladness, pains aad fears,

Very God by Nature he,
Joyful comforts will be Aowing. Hath all Worlds projected ;
All things, &c.

And the human progeny, 12. Since nor end, nor bound, nor And his Church erected. measure


In him did true life reside, Can in God's great love be found, Human Souls t'illumine : Heart and hands I lift with pleasure, Yet the Darkness, when it try'd, As a child in daty bound;

This Light got no room in. Lord, I humbly ask this favour,

4. Thanks to him, that we at least
To embrace with all my Might, Look up from the Dungeon,
Thee, my Father, day and night, And by rays, which his Wounds call,
Till I change this infant favour Find a constant sunshine.

For that taste of bliss above,
Manly Praise and endless Love.


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