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drew nigh,

3. Be not fearful, but be chearful, 145.

You have caufe to joy indeed !

For a Wonder there is yonder,
Out of Luke ii.

Go to Bethlehem with all speed.'

4. In a Manger, among strangers, Usm himmel kam der engel schaat. There you'll find an Infant laid,

Who your God is, who all made has :
Band of Angels from the sky

Kiss him; be ye not afraid.
To Shepherds in the field

5 They then ponder'd, and much And said, Behold, a tender Child

wonder'd Lies in a crib, with poor rags veild !

What this word so strange could 2. The place, is David's Bethlehem, Thought moreover, we'll run over,

mean? As Micah prophecy'd by name : Perhaps there 'twill be made plain, The person, Jelus Christ the Lord,

6. Without heeding their sheep feedWho to you all can health afford.

ing, 3. Greatly rejoice, for 'tis but just;

They to Bethle'm ran with hafte,
Of God with us you now can boast : And there spying Jesus lying,
He now is born your flesh and blood,
Your Brother, who's the sov'reign. That Babe's kisses, this impresses

Joyfully they him embrac'd.

Such a fire within their heart; 4. What hurts you now sin, death or

One all over could discover,

What he did to them impart.
God's self you for companion have ; 8 Deareft Jesus! do thou kiss us,
Let hell and Devil idly rage,
God's Son does on your side engage.

Then we too will gladly tell

To each stranger, see who lies there i 5. He will not, cannot, you forsake; It is ev'n Immanuel, Him only still your refuge make : 'Tis true, assaults you may sustain, (He'll still attempt, who can't refrain)

147 6. But sure you shall emerge and win, For now to God you're near of kin. LL glory to Immanuel's name, Thank him for this,and in your mind

The heavenly Choirs de Be hopeful Joy and patience join'd. fing:

Gladly the heralds peace proclaim, 146.

Peace from our God and King ;
That God is in a Manger laid,

Whose word the heav'ns did make, "O Diari elus, who to bless us,

Didá become anlnfant mean! That God is now a smiling Babe, Love uncover'd here discover'd,

Whose Voice the earth did shake, What no tongue can e'er explain. 2. Well might the fhepherds hafte 2. Angels singing, this news bringing, away, To the Shepherds gladly tell;

This wond'rous Babe to see ; Oye peasants, we've what's pleasant, Well might the eastern Sages too Tidings that will make you well.

Before him bow the knee:





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The Spirit did his pow's and might Bless’d God: In peace thy fervant Unto their Hearts reveal,

now, So that no outward meanness could Good Lord, dismiss; thy word is true!

The God from them conceal. 5. For these my eyes at length have 3. Immanuel ! our hearts rejoice,

view'd When we this myst'sy view,

Thy Babe, with saving strength enJehovah now became a Babe,

du'd ; A Wonder ever new;

Whom thou, immediately prepar'd And more amazing ftill, when we By thee, halt 'fore all men deciald, Likewise reflect upon

6. A light which shall benignly burn The cause, which made thee stoop so To Gentiles hitherto forlorn, low,

And mean while surely glorify Man worthless, vile, undone. Its focus, I/rael's family. 4. Vile as we are, vet are we thine, 7. As Jofeph did attention yield,

Twice bought with thy own Blood, The Virgin too who bare the Child, Which thou didit spill, when eight To all these words; astonishment days old,

Seiz'd chem afieth at what was meant And on the Cross's wood :

Chor. O let it ever in our hearts

8. (To Chrijl be now our homage paid, Deeply engrav'd remain, The Son of Mary, that cbafle maid. Thy Infant fuff rings, toil and smarts, Simeon to them his blefing gave, Likewise thy crofs's pain.

And did these notes with Mury leave:

9. Lo! at this Child, fx'd as a rock, 148.

The world shall gaze; of Israel's stock

Some stumble at him, themselves rive; Luke ii. 25–38. Others shall thro' him rise and live.

10. It is a great Phænomenon, 1. Simeon, one of Jerusalem, And must meet contradiction.

A man who felt devotion's When thro' thy heart a sharp fword flame,

goes, Just in his walk, who in view kept 'Twill many other hearts disclose. Ifrael's great hope, and for it wept ; 11. Ama the prophetess, who, when 2.He from the holy Ghost had gaind Sev’n years he had in wedlock been, (Who uft his presence to him deign'd) Lonely thro' husband's death once A promise,“ Thou, before thy grave, of the Lord's Christ a fight falt A Widow was of eighty four, have."

12. And from the Temple now stird 3. Into the Temple he one hour

not, Was mov'd to come by Spirit's pow'r: But served God upon the spot, And juft then brought, for rites di- In pray'rs and fastings day and night; vine,

She in this Witness did unite. His parents the Child Jesus in.

149. 4. Direally he his arms stretch'd out,

"Hus Caressed the child, and free from

heart doubt,

Hath longed earnestly


My Lord and Saviour to behold For so 'twas found in Micah's page And see before I die,

Transmitted to the future age : 2. The joy and Health of all man- s. Thou Bethlehem in Judah's coast, kind,

'Mongst Boroughs art not lowermoft, Desired long before ;

For out of thee shall come a Head, Who now is come into the world, Who shall my people Israel lead. Loft Man for to restore :

6. The tetrarch callid in private then 3. Then suffer, Lord, thy servant now The magi, and, when first was seen In Peace for to depart,

Your ftar? he ask'd ; that by that date According to thy holy Word, The Babe's age he might calculate.

Which doth rejoice my heart. 7. Then go, says he, to Bethlehem, 4. Because my eyes, which thou haft Find out the child, fulfil your aim, made

And bring me back a just report, To give my body light,

That I may worship in like sort. Have now beheld thy having health, 8. Soon as the king had them difWhich is the Lord of might.

missd, 5. Whom thou hast mercifully set, They in their journey did persist, Of thy abundant grace,

And the same star they first hadview'd In open fight and višble

At last juft o'er one cottage stood. Before all people's face ;

How glad were they to see the star! 6. The Gentiles to illuminate, So in they went to that place near, Who do in darkness dwell,

Chor. Alio to be the glory of

Where Jejus on coarse straw and hay, Thy people Ifrael.

The beasts around him feeding, lay.

10. The Child they with his Mother 150.

faw, Matt, ii.

And homage paid ; then forth they

T Bethlehem in Judah's land, As gift and seal of their devoir,

When Herod exercised com Pure gold and frankincense and mand,

myrrh. Was Jejus born, the blefied Chrift: 11. God in a vision did them warn, Then Magi journey'd from the east, Go not to Herod, let him learn 2. And coming to Jerusalem, Nought from you; so to their own They alk'd, if none could shew to home them

Back by another road they roam. The new-born King of Palestine, 12. After this caution us'd with them, Whose star they in the east had seen?! Joseph had too a sacred dream, 3. The city wonder'd at this word, An angel said to him, Awake! Herod to jealousy was stirr’d,

Instantly child and mother take, Consulted Rabbins, what Birth-place 13. Your course to Egypt straightway Predicted for Mefiah was?

steer ; 4. They told him from the sacred Stay there, till you shall farther hear; code,

There's urgent cause for what I say, Bethle'm was with this grace endow'd, Herod will seek the Child to slay.




14. Joseph on this arose outright,

151. Took child and mother in the night, To Egypt fled, and there did hide,

A Summary of Jesus's dottrine. Till Herod after some time dy'd. 15. (And here we cannot but apply Konit her zu mir, &c. To their return thence, by and by, What the Lord by Hofbea spake,

HOme hither ! faith our blessed My son from Egypt I call' d back.)

Lord, 16. Now soon as Herod saw his end Come all to me with one accord, Was thro' the magi not attain'd,

Ye heavy laden creatures ! In open fury he began

Come hither, all ye weary Souls: His purpose yet to ascertain. I'll give you rest from all your toils, 17. Within, and all round Bethlehem,

And mould anew your natures. Up to the date he guess'd from them, 2. My yoke is sweet, my burthen Yea higher, till two years fullhillid, light, He all male-babes caus'd to be kill'd. Who'll take it up, shall 'scape the 18. Of this coaft well might Jeremy

weight Write down, in Rama what a cry!

Of lasting condemnation; Rachel the mother weeping fore,

I will aslift him with my strength Of children robb'd, who come no

To conquer sin, and gain at length

The prize of his falvation. 19.

But after this arch-foe was dead, 3. My active and my passive zeal The holy messenger with speed

Was to perform my Father's will,

And set a bright Example Brought Joseph word in his retreat : “With thy charge freely forward fet, / To guide your thoughts and actions

by ; 20. “Said he, to Ifrael's land re. If this is fix'd before your eye, turn,

Your heart shall be my temple. · He's gone,

who the babe's death had sworn."

4. The world would chuse the bliss I

Thither did now, the exile past,
Joseph, with Child and mother, haste.

Was it not charg'd to bid adieu

To its own Will and pleasure : 21. But as he heard



way, Alas! there is no other path, That Archelaus now did sway But a true meek and humble faith, Judea, ev'n old Herod's son,

That leads to endless treasure. A scruple in his mind begun.

5. What creature on this earthly ball 22. God in a dream resolv'd it, shew'd | Was ever found since Adam's fall, What part was best for their abode; Without its rueful story? Land, Galilee; town, Nazareth, Who'll here not bear for Jesus sake, Thus some old words completion Hereafter endless shame shall take, get.

Be stript of all his glory. 6. To day the man looks bright and

gay, Anon falls fick and faints away ; Or death cuts fhort his flower :


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Just as a lilly blooms and dies, But crosses keep, like wholesome salt, So quick away the World still flies The flesh from falling and revolt, With all its fame and power.

And ruin everlasting. 7. The worldling dreads the name of 14. Think not the cross a bitter pill; death,

Reflect what reprobates must feel And startled by a dying breath, In their despairing station,

He makes a feign'd submission : Where soul and body must endure He tires himself with trifles here, Pains past expression and past cure ; Th’immortal soul's his meanest care, Without the least cessation.

Whilst in a hail condition. 15. But you that make a better 8. But when he feels he cannot live, choice, He fancies, that a Lord forgive ! Shall hare your great Redeemer's Will purchase his salvation :

joys, But ah! the long-rejected Grace When this your warfare's over; May no more shine upon his face, No mortal tongue can e'er express, May no more have compassion.

With what rewards the God of grace

Will crown his faithful lover. 9. What doth the miser's store avail > Or what the young man's strength ? 16. And what our great and gracious both fail,

Lord When Death puts to the trial: Has promis'd in his holy Word, Hadst thou at hand the richest store, And seal'd with his own Spirit, All earthly wit, all earthly pow'r, He will perform, and safely bring

Death would take no denial. Our souls where faints and angels 10. No respite learning can obtain ; sing All worldly grandeur is in vain,

Of his eternal Merit.
To thwart the fatal sentence :
Who will not feek the Saviour's face

152. In the bright day of offer'd grace,

Matt. x. Muft die without repentance. 11. But ye dear foll'wers of God's Tow


beauteous are the lamb,

feet! Ye that here suffer in his name; The voice of preachers O how sweet;

Your Cross shall end in glory : Who, as commission'd from above, Keep close to God's revealed will, Bring to us Tidings good of love, And ftill keep up a Christian zeal, 2. Of peace and righteousness comTo flight what's transitory.

pleat, 12. Return ye good for evil deeds; Ofsoul's true health and blissful state, Your innocence at last succeeds, Of Abolition of all guilt,

In spite of worldly crofies : By Christ obtain'd thro' his blood Give God the vengeance of your

spilt! cause,

3. When Jesus his disciples sent, Observe your Saviour's Gospel-laws, (On Judah then the word was spent)

He will retrieve your loftes. He said, From these my rules don't 13. Were you to live in constant eafe,

ftray; And live as long as you ihould please, No visit yet to Gentiles pays Your faith would soon be waiting;



H feet!

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