Sivut kuvina

W cursed Tree

Irito !hs Hands. His Body dies, 7.“ 'Tis finish'd : " was the following
His Soul's in life instated.

9 Heu ho God's Pains in honour has, By which our great and dying Lord
Touho.n our Saviour gives the grace,

Retriev'd our loft Salvation.
To be in Heart pollesling,

Ye mourning sinners all ! rejoice
And weigh these feven Gospel words;

To hear this Declaration.
Enjoys a noble blesing.

8. The sev'nth was,

“ Father! to thy

hand 162.

"My Soul and Spirit I commend.”

'I his be my last expression : A Parody of the foregoing.

Lord Jesu! when thou call'st me
THEN Christ hung on the hence,
cursed Tree

Take me to thy poffeffion.
A bloody Sacrifice for thee,

Bereft of Consolation;
Ilis sev'n laft Words, of all, deserve

Weil man diesem, &c.
Thy deepest meditation.

Ince of paschal Lamb so dear 2. The first bespeaks the depth of love,

So a Soldier took a spear:
In which he pray'd to God above
For his embitter'd nation,

Therewith made a token
Father! forgive our ignorance,

In its Side, a rent so wide,
At thy Son's Intercession.

That quick Blood and Water

Gush'd out: Come ! poor man, fick 3. The second was, the great relief

He promis'd the repenting Thief,
Firmly affeverated.

At this Spring grow better.
Lord, bring us to thy Paradise,

When we are hence translated.

Narrative of the Paffion.
4. The third, the carc he well apply'd,
or his blest Mother to provide

Jesti leiden, pein und tod.
By him whom he belt loved. 1. JESUS' Sufferings, pains and
Provide, O God, for those we leave, death,

When we are hence removed. JESU's Love so lavish,
$. The fourth was, when he cry'd, Us poor duft, while we have breathe
“ I thirit!”

Wholesomely do ravish.
Alas, for whom. but for the curit, Oye men, all Sin renounce,

And all mankind's Redemption ? Since we now are Christians;
Lord ! true repentance grant, that we From that pit we mount at once
May answer thy Intention.

Thro' our Lamb's assistance.
6. The fifth the Lord in anguish 2. JESUS to a Garden goes,

Inward anguish feeling ;
Why hast thou, God, my soul sor. Ask yc, what he first there does ?

Ló! he prayeth kneeling;
" While ev'ry Terror presses ?

His Soul in extremity,
Lord ! grant, our souls from thy Nothing could him gladden,

See, with what Distress for thee
May fetch all healing Graces. He chose to be laden!

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3. Watch

3. Watch and pray! said he mean | There is no Reftri&tion more, time,

Turk or Moor disclaiming; Left ye be fupplanted;

Where thy Spirit finds a door, Tho' the spirit's wing would climb, Grace is surely streaming. Soon the Flesh is daunted.

9. JESU, from thy dol'rous Tree And indeed 'tis right for us,

My heart somewhat catches ; Praying, to seek Favour ;

Thy whole Body's agony Yea from meck Dependence thus Melts it and attaches. At no time to waver.

Let the blind and partial Jew 4. Whom all angels elle adore, Count such Christ not comely! Jesus in his brightness,

I will swear allegiance true Him to frengthen at this hour

To this Figure homely. Flies an Angel witness.

10. He, when most in pain he was, Peace's angel Oh to me

All things well adjusted, Send in my last Moments ; Call’d to mind his Mother's case, 'Midit intense mortality,

Her with John intrusted. Hide from me death's Torments. See, O man, thou daily keep 5. Accusations false, and Scorn, Just Walk, and Love yearning And the servants spittle,

Towards God and Men, then sleep By the faultle's God are borne,

Swect at moment's warning. Pure in truth and title!

11. JESU's grace does Paradise And thou finful and unjust,

Promise with an Amen Think'it it great invasion, To one, who think on me! cries, When some tongue hurts by its thrust Else could put no Claim in. Thy small Keputation.

Therefore thou, whoe'er thou art, 6. Judas by his fin was chokd; Still address God's Mercies, The crowd, that not weighing,

Tho' demerit, on thy part, Still the Governor provok'd,

Holds before thee Curses. Crying, Crucify Him!

12. Jesus all hath finished, But not Yudas sind alone ;

In himself connected I've by my Offences,

What in God's whole Book we read; Cruelty to my God shewn

Nothing more's expected. Under Love's pretences.

Weep not! the great Deeds of Christ

All for us did merit : 7. Jesus bears his heavy Cross, Whorcon he must suffer;

I, did this Truth not fubfift, Simon some part undergoes,

Had despaird in spirit. Yet not by free Offer.

13. Soon a Roman soldier's spear Lord, in Cross's Realm and field, Jesu's Side cuts open ;

(Give me thy Grace only) Some (who could the fact aver) Loads I'll carry uncompellid,

Look'd at what did happen. And not leave thee lonely.

Blood and Water plenteously

Thence the earth bedewed ; 8. Both thy Hands and Feet stretch'd

Ev'ry sex and age hereby

Is to Bliss renewed.
Must be contemplated;
The four Quarters of the earth

They have eqiated

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14. Thy

14. Thy Corpse bury'd, Lord! the 2. At Six in the morning-time, dead

The Jews threat'nings breathing Had thee in their number.

Led him as a Rebel bale Let mine when in the tomb laid, To Pilate the Heathen; Have a happy Slumber :

Who did find him innocent, Then I'm sure, thro' thy wounds Without cause of dying, pow'r,

Sent him to Herod the King, It ihall, tho'it moulder,

Who did scorn and try him. When new-raised in thy hour,

3. At Nine was the Son of God Glorify its Builder.

Scourg'd, his Body trembles ;

And a crown of piercing Thorn 15. Jesu, I fall blessed be ;

Tore his facred Temples ;
Yea, I'm so already,
Since from Sin's dire pangs I'm free,

With a purple Garment mock'd,

On all sides assailed, And its Ifues deadly.

And must bear the Cross to which 'Twas thy Blood which me releasid,

He was to be nailed. Precious, precious treasure! Wherein my whole mind and breast 4. Then at Noon the Son of God Find their endless pleasure,

To the Cross was nailed,

Where his fervent Pray'r and Blood 16. Jesu, thy sore Paffionis To me perfect sweetness;

For our Sins prevailed : There's betwixt thy Miseries,

The spectators shook their head,

Had him in derision,
And my Heart, a Fitness ;
When thereof I meditate,

Till the fun-light mourning fled

From so sad a vision,
My soul walks on Roses.
Grant me place in heav'n! of that

5. At Three Jefus cry'd aloud, Now thy Hand disposes.

God I am forsaken! 17. JESU ! who hast once been dead, Soon was Vinegar and Gall Livert now for ever :

Offer'd, but not taken.
Therefore I in all


Then he yielded up the Ghost,
For no Aid endeavour,

Earth did quake with wonder, But from thee, my faithful Lord

And the Temple's veil was rent, Who haft me redeemed,

Rocks were cleft asunder. Give me what thy Death procur'd! 6. At th’approaching Ev’ning-tide Mighty I esteem it.

Criminals bones were broken; 165.

But the spear pierc'd Jesu's Side,

For a lasting Token;
Another Morter.

Which pour'd forth a double Flood
Chriftus der uns Celig macht. of a cleansing nature :
HRIST our blessed Saviour,

Both the Water and the Blood
From Sin separated,

Wash the guilty creature.
Was for Sinners in the Night 7. Joseph, when the Eve was come,
As a thief committed ;

Took his dearest Master, Drago'd before a wicked Court, Laid him in his stately Tomb, And falsely accused,

Hewn in alabaster; Laugh'd at, mock'd and spit upon,

Nicodems Terribly abused.

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Nicodem now void of fear,

Than what in his Agony Brought the richest spices :

Was from Jesus forced ! Thus these holy Men paid here For God's Juitice unto him Their last Sacrifices.

Our Sin's score had placed, 8. Grant, o Christ, thou ton of God! Whatsoe'er from earliest Time Throthy bitter paffion,

Young and old tranfgreffed. That we be thy Smarts reward, 5. Jesu's Death that Foe depos'd Joy in thy salvation;

From sway and advantage, That we always weigh the Cause Who Death's power had, and us'd

Of thy Death and suffring, To keep men in Bondage : And for chis, cho'poor we are,

He th' Hand-writing tore, and eas'd Bring thee our Thank-off'ring. Conscience from its thunder,

Bob. Br. The Partition-wall eras'd,

Rent the vail in sunder. 166.

6. Jesus is that grain of Wheat,

Which in death was bury'd,

That we, death's just captives, might Telul creutz, leiden und peint, Be to Life preferred:

This Grain much fruit 'fore our eyes Esu's Cross and

To God's Praise produces : Thy dear Lord and Saviour, His Flesh he for meat supplies, Christian Church! contemplatę o'er, For drink his Blocd's juices. Give him thanks for ever.

7. Jesu! since to Rule and sway Till death eas'd him of his pain, Thou art now advanced,

Think how he was wounded! Our old Adam kindly lay, That thou might'st, from guilt made The new be enhanced : clean,

Draw our Mind up towards thee, Be with grace surrounded.

Stronger ftill and stronger; 2. He did not his charge forget, Nor the Life from God deny Prov'd his poor flock's Keeper: To our fpirit's hunger.

B, B, Ere he went his doom to meet, He held Paschal Supper :

167. There he taught his little Train,

Johr xix. 38, &c.
Cleans'd them by a Feet-bath,
His own Sacrament began,

als der betrubic tag, $c. Made the Cross a sweet path,

HEN that so troublous 3. Jesus to a garden went

Day was now concluded, For Pray'r, these Acts ended ; Wherein the World's Light was in Fell, thro' mind's embaralliment, darkness shrouded, Flat on earth extended ;

For Christ's Corpse one good man of Thrice his Father he address'd

rich condition With heart sharply troubled,

Made due provision. Bloody Sweat was from him pressid 2. And as 'twas needful to apply By grief fo redoubled.

Grave linnen, 4. A more sad and doleful Cry That Man bought fpices too, whose Earth and kies ne'er pierced,

first beginning


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Of love for Jesus, came from Talk

At one Night visit.

John xx.
3. They weeping lay the stiffen'd
Limbs in order ;

OW will we festivally fing, And one around them wreaths with pensive ardor

How Chrift, out of the fepulchre, The Linnen clean, while th'other Again did to his Church appear. intersperses

2. Those Women, with grief over1 The fragrant Spices.

pow'rd, There stood a Tomb new-made, Went early to embalm their Lord; for ure reserved.

But coming, found the grave unclos 'd By edge of reel in stone molt aptly Met also some of th' angel-host. carved,

3. Magdalen walk'd about the place, Where man's Remains ne'er lay, to When turning round, her eye surveys make it guilty

A Man, who aks, whom seekelt thou, As yet, or filthy:

O woman ? and why weep'st thou so? 5 Herein the Prince of all the Earth 4. Said the, Sir, if of that affair they bury,

You somewhat know, tell me where (The feast, the night, allow'd not far You've laid him? I'll soon take him to carry ;)

home, Likewise, as they all decency en- That corpse is of my with the sum. deavoar,

5. Mary! he cries; and her reply The Grave they cover.

Knowing Him now) was Rabboni : 6. As now the massy stone was o'er She fell down straightway at his feet, it placed,

Them, as ere now, to kils and Magdalen view'd, with tears, and 6. Glad the returns ; the others too mind distressed,

Did run, to th' twelve these things to That Mary also, who, in lofing Jefus, Loft a Son precious.

But Jesus met them on the road, 7. Those Women food who always And Greetings kind on them bedid him follow,

ftow'd. And saw, how he was laid in the Earth hollow;

7. They, prostrate, lowly homage

paid; Nor tirr'd, till by the rules of Sab. Then Jesus said, Be not afraid, bath-even

But to my Brethren go, tell them They home were driven.

How you saw that I living arg 8. Thou who to Reft retiredst after 8. They went with eagerness and Labour,

hafte, Let my Soul rest with thee as in its Told the Disciples what had passid: harbour,

Yet these could not believe it true, Whene'er, all service past, this Body Till their own eyes him next did weary'd

view. To thi grave is carry'd.


shew ;


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