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6. Poor Mary goes and cries,

Haftes now the News to carry : Woher? aus Josephs kles,

The Sinners-Friend next spies

The two who came with Niary. 7Hence, Lord ?- From 70-No questions alk'd, they take Jeph's tomb.

Such fast hold of his feet,
Scarce was that Soul most precious What he to Mary spake,
Back into th' Lamb's Corpse come,

He must therefore repeat. (A transient visit gracious

7. “ God bless you! but go ye, It did Hope's pris'ners make, “ And from me tell my brother Having in Paradite been

“To hafte to Galilee, But up the Lamb awakes

They'll see me there with 'th' With brisk and chearful mein.

others.” 2. Then after shouts of joy

This faid, from thence he stirs, Giv'n by those Angel-lcgions,

Soon on the same Path went Which bore him company

Two Sabbath-travellers, Unto the spirits regions ;

Who were for Enimaus bent. He does the train dismiss :

8. It was a bleffed Walk, Yet two the honour have,

Because they with love's anguilla In case inquiry rise,

Did mean-while of him talk, To stay there at his grave.

Ready thro' grief to languish. 3. But Jesus longs to get

A third Man with them was, Soon to his handmaid Mary;

Before they were aware ! Knowing the loss she's at,

Quite strange to them his face, And pain extraordinary.

However much they itare. Had it our lady been,

9. Pray tell me, the Man says, Mary his Mother bleft,

You weep, what has befel you ? She had been more serene,

Indignant Cleophas Nor with such scruples prest. Replies, “ what need to tell you ? 4. Mary the finneress

“ For, tho' a stranger here, Walks in the Garden sobbing;

“ Yet of the shocking things And perjur'd Simon's case

They made that juft Man bear, Brings hiin too with heart throb “ Throughout our City rings. bing.

That Ifr'el he'd redeem, Of him, who th' world's fin bore, “ We could not but surmite it ; The fav'rite work is this,

“ He was, in our esteem, To comfort Sinners poor :

“ The Man to enterprize it: Again the can him kiss!

“ And now this Day, the third

« Since he has 5. He some steps farther on

uried been, Finds t'other Sinner sitting,

“ There is a rumour heard, (This th' angel's news had done) “ As were he somewhere seen,

'Twixt fear and hope too sweating. 11. Here Cleophas goes on, No painter has the heart

“ So much there's no denying, To draw a Look like this, “ The grave was found alone, Made up of joy, shame, smart ; “ His Corpfe not in it lying. It 'bides a Bride dress piece,


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Dullards! the stranger cries, 17. Nay, you may easy be,
Thus needlesly to grieve,

'Tis I myself your Lover ;
(With heart-enkindling Eyes) Come now the Nail-prints see,

When will you once believe ? View my fresh Pleura over. 12. The Scripture's Monument, How glad were they, they view'd Unto the Chrift fo aiming,

Their Lord return'd from death! On you in vain is spent,

But he upon them blow'd
Tho' of the Spirit's framing !

With his Creator's-breath.
How clearly there are shewn 18. For Absolution,
To each impartial view

There's by this holy Breathing, Cross, Resurrection ?--

Ev'n Ordination “ 'Tis true!”....Now then, adieu. About your Mouth naw wreath. 13. No, dearest Sir! say they,

ing; Rather let us constrain thee; That to poor Sinners it 'Tis dusk, and long thy way,

Be like the Seraph's coal", Let us first entertain thee. But of Self-Itrength and wit Well then! to fay, refign'd,

Burn and consume the whole. He Bread to break began,

Isai. vi. His House-right comes to mind : 19. At length comes Thomas, when The Manness * knows the Man. The Lamb's again retired ; Gen. ii. 23.

They all accolt him then,

We've seen our Lord defired; 14. Had Luke not said that they

We saw him corp'rally! Th' eleven sought, to tell them

Doubtless, faith he, you feem What thus upon the Way

To yourselves right; but I
So happily befel them ;

Count it a brain-fick dream.
I should have guess'd, that in
This Pair fo richly bleft,

20. And till to see I've leave

His two Hands perforated,
Os fames or John had been,
Those Fav'rites molt carers d.

And with this finger have

Each Nail-print penetrated; 15. You'll find these ever, where

And these hands also put
Jesus was by himself gone. Within his Side's great galh ;
Fon did just now repair

I'll think it nothing but
To his dear master's tomb-ftone;
And Paul exprefly says,

Your heated fancy's flash.
That He of fames was seen.

21. Thus wait they, longing much

For his again appearing; But in these faints it has

A Week goes, yet no such No wonder dcerned been !

Good news could they be hearing. 16. Soon after this, as they

Once in the Night at last, Were fitting at a Meeting,

Th' eleven are all there, (But I hom is miss'd that day)

The doors are bolted fast; The poor things fall a fwcating : “ Oh! there is fomething come !"

Their Jesus does appear. But, having view'd aright,

22. How goes 't, Disciples dear? Whom have they in the Room

Think you, says he, I linger!
But Jesus, and no Spright!

To Thomas: well! come here,
And give me now thy finger!


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It in the Nail-holes lay;

28. “Come hither, dear hearts! look, Give hither thy hand too,

“I've been here your manciple; (Why so diftrustful? pray)

The Lamb is ev'n a Cook : Here 'twas the spear went thro'. Behold, ye houshold-people! 23. He no more reas'ning stood,

Whene'er the kitchen-smoke
But yields with glad prostration

Affects and pains your eyes,
His Lord, and also God,

Then thank that Brother-cook,
The rightful Adoration.

Who this before you tries.
Says Jesus, on his part,

29. Whene'er ye blow up coals, Thou b'liev'it as seeing me ;

Or must a fire be making, Henceforth a happy Heart Then think, the Spouse of souls Will b'lieve and nothing see.

Was in a coal-fire raking
24. Another time again,

Once at Titerias sea
The Lamb prevents their wishing;

Upon some grafiy plain;
He's at Tiberias seen,

Then, in like way, did he
Where eight were gone a fishing,

Disciples entertain.
Peter the Renegade,

30, When eating's o'er, the cook Free-thinking Tbomas too,

Gives place unto the Teacher ; Zebedee's sons fo ftay'd,

The Renegade is shook
Nathanael the true.,

A little by his Preacher. 25. They all, tho' feepy each, The Man of Rock all o'er *, Their eyes on some one faften,

* Matt. xvi, 18. Who walks there on the Beach, The Lamb does catechise, Whither they now would haften.

Whether his love be more “ Children! shew me your Meat!" Than he in others spies ? Good Father, had we ought !

31 Thou know'st that I love thee, “To th' right cast out your net--It scarce will hold the draught.

Says he, with finner-feature ;

“ Then feed my lambs for me, 26. The vail foon drops off one, Jonah's fon, Simon Peter! Job, favorite of Jesus :

Again he questions this, It is the Lord! then loon

So then, thou lovft me deep? His Fish-frock Peter seizes. Thou know'ít, how deep it is. Mark by the way from this,

Then feed for me my Sheep. When one's fall'n into fin,

32. Then he the third time said, His first thought ever is,

“Wilt thou not, Simon! love me?" The Nakedness he's in.

Here, he, now pale, now red,
27. A word the Saviour said,

Replies, Dost thou not prove me,
Shock d Adam at his season Thou true Omniscience ?
Gen, jäi. 11.

(But in an humble strain.)
But Peter's Case indeed

Thus did the Lamb from hence
Yielding another reason,

Ev'n trebly him ordain.
Spares him this censure's shock; 33. Primeval Righteousness
So that the bashful foul

(No Ananias there was,
May take his fisher's frock

To whom Peter's happiness Withont the Lamb's controul. A grievance, and not clear was)


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That sort of Martyrdom

Plenipotentiary, To him too then predicts,

To back your Office given: Which what yet ill-became

Therefore I send you out With equity corrects.

On all the Earth abroad, 34. But ah! man's fallen race,

You need no Nation doubt Whilft in its old-corruption,

They're all your rightful road. Ne'er makes from Natare's ways 40. When you've Disciples made, Ev'n such a Mort exception,

Who as God's generation But that it always will,

Are unto Baptism led ; (Ev'n tho' the halter press)

You have Authorization Be conning over till

From Sire, Son, Spirit too, Its own Self-righteousness.

For thus baptizing them ; The Lord says, Follow me!

And then what I've taught you 35. He does it : but however,

Them also teach the fame. John also follows thee, ".

41. Me you have ev'ry day, Says he to the dear Saviour ! I am for you provided John ? that more than right,

Till the World melts away, Who, leaning on the Breast, Howe'er this be derided. As Jesu's favourite,

Content th' Apostles be, Is mouth to all the rest ?

And glad believe the same, 36. Is not thy next Man I? Baptizing (as we fee) Says the apoftatiser:

Point-blank in Jesu's Name * Why Itands he still in th' way ?

* Acts X. 48, &c. Let me be thy advifer,

42. The Saviour's love so burns (The patient Lamb doth say ;) Towards his Congregation,

What business is't of thine, That he to Galilee turns If I would have him ftay?

For one more Visitation. Keep thou within thy Line. Five hundred Brethren were 37. And ev'n whilst this I fing, Gather'd together now; In my Disciple-station,

Amongst them stands he there, Thy mercy in one thing

As I here amongst you. i beg with supplication ;

43. How fain would I have seen Me and my People fave

This Synagogue together! The question who I be;

Were they not thro' this Scene, So th' Witness-cloud shall have

Enraptur'd one with th' other? Its fimple course quite free. Should it please him to try, 38. Then some time after they, And now come in this Room;

Th' eleven Hearts anointed, There's none but would be nigh Appear in Galilee

To strait departing home. Upon a Mount appointed ; 44. Once after this he comes They see him with their eyes, To ch'elev'n at their dishes, Adore him on the Knee;

Eats of their Honey-combs,
Yet some ev'n now surmise,

A piece too of their Fishes. ·
They see not what they see. (At these Agapa, true,
39. When the Lord came, said he: He dealt Tomewhat fevere!
In Earth I am and Heaven


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ause he to them would Mew My Spirit soon to you

How hard their hearts all were.) 'Shall powers full convey, 45. Their Call and right renews, Ye grace's children ! so Without all limitation,

Reft patient till that day. O'er all Men to diffuse

51. If in Jerusalem The Blood-grace baptization ; There is found one or other, Which faves whoe'er complies Who would leave Darkness-realm,

To Faith, not chusing death ; And would become a brothers So that whoever dies,

Or in Judxa's land, Must needs have spurn'd at Faith. Or even Samarie, 46. Lord ! the Apostles said, Nay, till the Weftern strand, (Jumbling one thing with th'other) Arld

ye chance to be nigh : Since thou hast prospered,

52, And is some Satan there And art God-man, our Brother, The ground with you disputing, Who favest Ifrael ;

Then shove him from you far, Will not the time soon come, To those that better suit him. That Prætor Cefi' we tell

If th' Bulgar tells his heart, To him back to Rome?

Attend to, learn his case, 47. Ye rev'rend Fathers band ! Alleviate his Smart, We think you senseless truly;

And let him


in Peace. 'Mongit as a child must stand

53: Should any pois'nous snake Wondring, how you, unruly, Difturb you in your preaching, Impert'nent, clamorous

Bid it the place forsake, 'Bout worldly kingdom's plan, And go ye on with teaching; No better knew to use

Should one that bears you grudge, The true God now made Man. Worse fumes than arsenick 48. Yet stop!...had I at such Within your body lodge, A Time liv'd, I can fancy,

It shan't ev'n make you sick. I might have shewn as much

Should some poor man distress'd, Or more extravagancy.

Who fain would praise my merits, I praise our Teftament,

Be bodily oppress'd in which the poorest thing

Of fickness.causing Spirits ;
Knows more to true intent,

Loose ye their painful Bands,
Than Prophet once or King, His Toul and body chear,
49, Says he, my children all! As his Physicians,
I heartily intreat you,

In all his griefs and care.
To that one General

55. Till then I have design'd The Guardianthip commit you, You Sabbath-recreation, My Father, who now me

Not only in one mind, feat of Reit;

But in one Congregation; He quite decisively,

Stay somewhere in a room, Has this Plan in his breast. Within this very town, 50. So drop this World's research, Till the Baptizer come

'Tis needless, hurtful trouble ; From your dear Father down. Bus to build up my Church, 56. 7obu baptiz'd high and low Use application double ;

Men, women, with such sentence,


Calls to my

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