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Thou art their Light too,

Sweetest rest, Jesu!
TIS not because I sprung 2, Life! thou dy'dft for me,
from nought,

From all misery
I bow with lowliness of thought; And distress me to deliver ;
All but the Trinity most high, My Transgressions thou didst cover
Was Nothing once as well as I. And from misery
2. 'Tis not because I dwell in Clay, Brought'st me to God nigh.
Subject to sickness and decay ; 3. Highest King and Priest,
This Flesh if rightly I controul, Prophet, Lord and Chrift!
'Tis no pollution to my Soul. Thy dear Scepter is embraced
3. 'T'is not because this outward skin By me at thy feet abased ;
Contains unseemly Stench within ; Mary's place, thy Feet,
Conceal'd 'tis well, as if, all o'er Are my happy feat.
I breath'd perfume at ev'ry pore. 4. Quite in thee draw me,
4. 'Tis not because this Carcass dead That for love to thee
Will worms and Putrefaction breed ; I

may and daily bolder 'Tis well, as if from thence should Cast all Mis'ry on thy Shoulder, come

Which I feel in me; The violet's and the Rose's bloom. Draw me quite in Thee. 5. No, I shall ne'er deject my heart

Wake me right, that so By thinking on my mortal Part ; my Course pursue

Tho' mean, tho' base, tho'vile it be, Towards thee, with love most tender, 'Twill put on Immortality.

So that Satan me can't hinder 6. 'Tis not because Dependant here,

By his craft or force. I poorly fill a narrow Sphere :

Further thou


Course! To cast our destin'd Lot aside, 6. Give me Courage good, Is not humility but Pride.

That my Wealth and blood 'Tis not because in life below

I may lose for thee with gladness, Í little act, and little know ;

And hate Flesh's lustful madness. Is Knowledge and in Pow'r there's Grant me this, my God!

Thro' thy precious Blood: Unlimited, but God alone. 8. What! in my self then can I find

688. No cause, for Lowliness of mind ? Ah, yes! for Sin what thought can

D wle Cellg if die feel, bear! Tis'there I fink! 'tis wholly there ! How happy is the soul,

Who, while here in mis'ry's

Loveth Jesus heartily,
Wer ift wehl wie da

Lives in him contentedly!
HO is like thee, who? That soul lives on earth in Heav'n,

Sweetest Rest, Jesu! And the Crown is to her giv'n
To thy Beauty nothing reaches : Here in faith, but when the's there
Thou'rt the Life of undone wretches, Visibly he'll give it her.


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Lord, watch each hour o'er us !

Ach Moment I turn me,
Hymns in the Seventeenth and
3. If the Mould grow weak in faith, Don't difturb me now,
That alas! alas! the faith :

Ak not what I do?
Jefus e'en her weakness loves, 3. In the Sabbath's joy,
And her mighty Strength he proves. He himself draws nigh:
4. Why should she not joyful be? Then from this Sun efficacious,
He makes her from forrows free, Beam forth rays so warm and gra.
He wipes off all Tears, till she

Goes his loving Face to see.

In the Sabbath's joy

He himself draws nigh. 689.

4. Here all grief is drown'd,

Pure Delight is found, aco Derr, gib acht.

Which no forrows are impeding ;

And in joys to joys succeeding,
Ord, watch each hour o'er us !

Such Delight is found,
Cannot direct or guide us :

Where all grief is drown'd.
Therefore let me in thy Light see,

Whither thy Hand would lead us.

caliederunt ein augenblick.
2. Where thou art not, there Satan's

Is for us Babes too cunning :

F my Time one Minute more
Therefore abide close by my side,

My Friend well-beloved !
While I my Course am running.

Keep me also, thro' thy pow'r,
3. Watch thou and guard eyes, ears In firm peace this present Hour,
and Heart,

Grant I may n't be moved !
Stand before them as Centry,
That the World may not find a way

And flily make its entry.

Ein'n leden augenblick.
4. Go out and in, O Grace's Shine!
With me; my Conversation
Be order'd so, that it may go

Lord Jesu! unto thee;
By th' Spirit's Regulation.

My Spirit does adore thee,

My heart sinks down before thee : 690.

Embrace me, my dear Saviour,
D du fufte luft

And leave, O leave me never.
Thou Pleasure blest

Out of Jesu's Breast!
Thou excit'it joy everlasting;

Zulezt gehts wohl.
Of false joys I fhun the tasting;

T last he's well, who thro' the
O thou Pleasure bleft

Blood of Jesus
Out of Jesu's Breast!

Was righteous, and an Heir of God 2. Don't disturb me now,

while here: Al not what I do ;

At last comes on the acceptable year, I'm gone thro' the Vail to meet him, The withd-for Day, on which all Jesus comes, and I must greet him, sorrow ceases,


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2. At last are conqu’rors crown'd, Stephen too ’mong the Waldenses ; with garlands glorious,

Many Martyrs did the same. And from the field brought to their

7. He that to the Cross was fixed, heav'nly Home ;

Sits in Majesty on high ; There to th’enjoyment of that Reft He that here was griev'd and vexed; they come,

Reigns now ever gloriously.
With which the Prince rewards his
Knights victorious.

8. Heav'nly Records shew the Num.

bers 3. At last God's Servants


Of all who his Cross confess’d,
joy are reaping,

And the Bridegroom faith : dear Which Paradise, life's kingdom does

Members ! afford,

Come, and keep the nuptial Feast. They are made like the Angels of the Lord ;

9. Bear then the reproach of Jesus, But first they must go thro' a scene Sing to him new songs of praises,

Ye his Brethren all, and come! of weeping

E'en in cruel Martyrdom. 694.

10. Bonds and stripes, and tribula.

tion Gluck zu Creutz von ganzem Herzen.

Are like honourable Crowns ;

Shame is our glorification,
Elcome Cross and tribula. And the Dungeons are as Thrones.


tion ;


Jhr tochter Zions die ihr nicht.

Aughters of Zion, who're no




Thou’rt to me a welcome guest! Thy pain gives no sad sensation,

And thy Burden's light confeft.
2. Christ's Reproach is full of glory,

Ignominious it can't be :
For when Christians fetters carry,

'Tis no fruit of roguery,
3. But it shews Truth's demonstra-

tion, For which Stephen, full of faith, Suffer'd 'mong the Jewish nation

And was put to cruel Death. 4. And our faireft Bridegroom, Jesus

Hath himself been crucify'd ; When by Blood he would release us,

On the shameful Cross he died. 5.

With sweet love and consolation

To his servants he appears, When, in fuff 'ring Tribulation,

They thed many bitter tears. 6. Hieronymus Pragenfis, Hicklit, Hus, went here thro'


In Babylonian night,
And follow the pure Lamb, set free

From false Sectarian Light ;
Turn now in

your Faith's chear
To Salem's lovely King !
Ye know, what joy a faithful Mind

Unto his Heart does bring. 3. How strong was that great Cove.

nant When he rose from the Grave, When his Death's power unto him

Many Companions gave!
4. His Blessing on the Members

flow'd :
How chearful was his Heart


When this Oil o'er the Body Atream'd, And crown the King, God Son, Of which we now take


With thousand Crowns, as a reward 5. Jerufalem, thon Mother bleft!

For his Redemption. The Spirit does beget

7. And now, 'till to the Wedding day, Us in thee, thou doelt suckle us, We will keep on our Path, Thou doek us educate.

And wait, till we are perfected, 6. Increase thy Children's number

In Patience, Love and Faith, still,

End of the First Part.

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