Sivut kuvina

Robe put on,

The Lord, whom all the finner's friend | 19. But when a poor awaken'd Heart confess,

Ev'n turns and winds with inward, But the sworn foe of folf-wrought smart; righteousness.

Sin's horrid nature well perceives, 14. The word portray'd on Cross's That he can nothing do, believes, wood

Longs to be sav'd, desprirs of SelfBeams forth love's fiery rays in blood;

relief; That is : “ Here hangs Immanuel, Such hardly turns, but Christ de“ The counter-part of Hazazel *.

mands his grief: Nature starts back, condemns the 20. How are you? “O! I'm far fancy odd;

from well, Confirms it with an Oath th' im- “ All in my blood, deserving Hell.” mortal God :

Then speaks the Friend of men : * Hebrew for the Scape-Goat.

“ Poor soul, 15. Sure as I live! proclaims the Lord; “ There take thy Absolution full ! (A fix'd Amen, whose ev'ry Word, " Believe and stand upright, my Whose word and work together stand, By speaking, working his command,

Keep thy eye fix'd on me, rejoice Who ne'er repents him of his firm

and run.” Decree) Thou shalt, my Son, a Priest for ever be. 21. The Soul receives a spirit new,

And does as Jesus bids her do: 16. He comes, the only Son of God, To him the itedfast looks, believes, And tells wherein his Priesthood stood; And feels the mighty Life he gives ; Saith he, The Father loves the Son,

She stands upright, accepts the robe Because his Life be layeth down,

divine, To save, as was decreed, the human Cries, “ I am thine, my Love, and Race,

thou art mine.". And bring in everlasting Righteousness.

22. A finking Shame, and Pow'r

divine, 17. The words rise glaring to our

At once in sweet communion join ; view, And each Believer feels them true;

They root themselves within the heart, Feels that for him the Lamb of God United, never more to part: Shed on the cross his precious Blood : No more for want of Strength good

motions die, Of little use all proofs, all means befide,

These Graces meet with conftant

Victory. The Christian he, who feels that Chrift has dy'd.

23. The foul at first a Calm enjoys ; 18. When any, thro'a beam of light, Then feafts ; and next to Action fies, Can see and own they are not right, Where Faith's unconquerable might Buc enter on a Legal Strife, Undaunted meets its glorious Fight : Amend their former course of life, She works, and after all her work is And work, and toil, and sweat from o'er, day to day;

Most commonly she thinks of it no Such to their Saviour quite mistake


the way.

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24. But, should unseemly joy take | 29. The Lord himself gives forth the

When she reviews her works of grace; We preach most gladly Christ the
Immediately comes holy Shame,

Presents so many Faults by name, O thou our glorious Head and Chief!
Blushing she turns to Jesu's Blood Give each who hears us, true Belief;
and sweat,

May our call pierce thro' ev'ry heart
Thanks God whene'er she can herself

and ear, forget.

And when we point thee out, do Thou

appear. 23. And now in ev'ry time and place, The faithful soul ev’n gasps for Grace; Considers ev'ry Night and Day,

Lamm und blut, du hoechdes gut. How she may true Obedience pay 1. LA

AMB and Blood, thou chiefest
To him who made her free from

Death and Hell,

Thou our Shibboleth shalt prove. And destin'd her in blissful realms to Man's own Strength(abhor'd atlength) dwell.

Would some fine harangue now 26. Lord ! did thy witness- bearing Tho it curious seem; profound,

move ?
Cloud *

It is but an empty Sound,
But whisper, and not thunder loud,
The reason would more plain appear, which could life and strength impart.

And brings nought into the Heart,
Why many still nor see, nor hear;
But Wonder cease! since each at 2. Truly so 'twill always go ;
home may find,

Our Ears it just rushes by! That Men, by nature, are both deaf But beside, the Heart feels void, and blind.

While our minds to grasp it try,

Whene'er there is somewhat taught, * Heb. xii. I.

Which but serves t'enlarge the 27. At Jesu's word each Witness flies

To open all the blinded Eyes ; Knowledge and nought else affords,
And when we call, the Lord is near, and is full of pompous Words.
Cries Epphatha! the deaf can hear;
No longer is the Gospel preach'd in 3. We're not rich perhaps in speech,

And have but two Words to tell ;

Which include all what is good, No longer does the Lamb uney'd

What alone can make us well : *. . remain.

We most gladly ne'ertheless 28 Wethe Lamb's happy subjects are; In that Kernel acquiesce, And simply we the Gifts declare, And thro' all eternities Which he to us vile duft imparts, With no Teaching else than this. Since his love's dart has seach'd our 4. For we'll be right willingly, hearts;

In what men callknowledge, blind;
We fain would see whole troops from Since our heart feels nought but smart

In what leads not to one Point:
Plac'd on the right among the Blesed | If not ev'ry Matter is
Tinctur'd thro' and thro' with this;


ev'ry Land


Yea if ought thereto is join'd ; 10. Who Him feels, gets jus ideas ; k makes Pain in heart and mind. He knows on whom he believes ; s. Should one say, " that this our We've by it no wav'ring Light, Way

Which uncertain splendor gives: “ Does too much to Fancies bend; And the Blood-theology* “ We should prove what we approve, is indeed no phantasy ;

“ And be able to defend ; For his Mouth,t who could not err, “ Who knows, if the whole that's Spoke it, as 'tis written there. found

* Acts xx, 28. Mat. xxvi. 28. “ In our mouths, have real Ground ? 1. Thanks to thee, Lamb, ever be “ Or, we use those words too much, For this happy Ignorance ; Feeling' Talie! and other such."

Where one fees with open Eyes, 6. This to us appeareth thus,

Tho'to th' wise it hid remains. As thoone a doubt Ihould move This I always with'd and pray'd, To a Man, who lives, walks, stands,“ That the Heart convert the Head;"

How, that he's alive he'll prove? And what further'd not this point, It would sure the Man amaze, Did with me no welcome find. That one questions what one sees;

12. Were it so, (and it may too) Yea he might well argue hence,

That in something one's not clear; Has the Aker his right sense!

Yet he's then to the right plan 7. Each must see, what Blessings we Led by th' Heart more and more

Hold, since Jesus and his Blood
The Church dear embrac'd more near, And 'tis purely in men's Breasts,

And since 'tis our only Good. There its Seal it manifests,
For, thro' that rich sap we live, When they with us will dispute,
It for all things Pow'r doth give : And our Ground work would refute,
Gladly we'd speak on this theme,

13. One can't own what he has Of what strength is Grace's stream!

known 8. Rather fecm in men's esteem

Precious, and give thanks and Fools, than hereof filent be.

praise, Ah! 'tis found, this can lose ground, Till he first it have; his thirst

(And it happens frequently) Ends not then, but does increase : Yea can soon degenerate,

Our heart, head, and ev'ry pow'r, When on Words is laid the weight, Will therewith be fill'd each Hour, For, while one so looks at there,

And no mo?nent slips, but what The Pow'r faileth by degrees. Lamb and Blood are in our thought. 9. Should it be propos'd to me, 14. So it goes; the Tongue it shews, Which of two things I would Th’heart believes and lives in this: choose;

Lamb! by thee be kept the key, (And 'twas so, that of the two

And ne'er let ought else arise ! I must needs one part espouse :) Thou shalt 'bide my Aim and view;, To feel, ev'n with phantaly, If I ever so much knew, I'd choose 'fore Philosophy: And it not from hence sprung forth, Controul God !* that's Labour lost; I would think it nothing worth. Feeling,+ well-ery'd, will grow just.

# 1 Cor. i. 20. + Acts xvii. 27.

15. Bleed.

» Tborn, Lord Christ,

15. Bleeding Lamb! thy Cross's ftem, And a finner's body on thyself tookeft,

Thy Nail-holes and open'd Side Of Flesh and Blood, like other ChilThy blood shed, pain, anguish, death, dren weakest, These thy church's Theme abide :

Partaker waft! Thy dear Countenance's sweat

6. Thou by Efaias once long ago Thro' our hearts diffuse its heat;

Waft ftil'd th' Eternal Sire, title true : And to us those Wounds of thine,

But ch' Affairs of Mankind, ruin'd all Be a Source of strength divine.


Thou cam'ft as Man fully to recover ; 5.

This helps indeed. Du fur die sundar gebohrner Chril. 7. In Earth or Heaven no means there

'HOU once for finners sake A true Redeemer for our fall’n race
born, Lord Christ,

Any where to find out; thou, we're In thee what a Myst'ry does consist?

persuaded, Saviour of all Mankind ! herein with Walt alone able, Thou in the GodSatan,

head, As with the Angels, it far’d; 'tis

Immanuel. certain,

He knew it not. 8. Thou must die also, else was no 2. Yea, and with such vast diff'rence

Way indeed,

For our guilt to satisfy, and pay: As hell from heaven doth differ wide, Had it on us rested, then 'twere the And unlike to Angels are Spirits to be boin Man, as, by Law's de

same thing wretched; He in the dungeon could no-ways

manding, reach it,

Condemn'd and loft. That Darkness-prince.

9. The Justice of God endur'd us not, 3. The Angels round the throne We muit have dy'd by her voice and guess could make:

vote : But th'outcait dragon within his lake, So were we Death's children, the


Devil's bondmen;

He actually, by all process common Yet, being haughty, he ne'er thought

Had us too sure.
of losing;

In the clofe Council of God
Poor blinded Spright.

4. To look into it long'd angels good; Where no man hath sat, or look'd

yet not one it right understood, or known, Till Himself appeared, the wise Was a Means invented ! th’ Effects Creator,

discover, Who alone in us, as in clay the Potter, What God's resolves fix'd upon;

Full Inlight has. moreover 5. O Jesu, all lovely Lord and kind,

The Spirit explains. The God who to be Man for us deign'd,

11. And

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11. And this was all so wondrous and | 'Twas with him in all points after high ;

our Likeness; God would tafte death, (so much we On his own Shoulders he had took

our Sickness; But as God he could not ; he came

Such was his Look, down therefore,

17. Weak, without comeliness, much And on himself took a servant's figure, despis’d;

To gain his End. That it great boldness in Satan rais'd; 12. God, our God's Father, con. With this poor Carpenter quickly t . carrently

encounter, Prepar'd his Son a Body, to be

Who ftill did only recoilect the Such a precious Off"ring thro' the Scripture holy Spirit,

All that he could. As once for all might perfect by its 18. The hellish Bear with the Lion Merit

fought, The saved ones. And his own selfto such crisis brought,

That he now must forfeit what he 13. But certainly Satan dreamt not

had seized ; ftili,

That old arch-sophist, how unadvised What God's Child would atchieve in

Did he act there! a while: For he thus imagin'd, it sure would 19. So far the World-Prince's fkill

could happen, Since he durft grieve him, terrify and Tho' what is he with his clan below, ftraiten,

But fools overweening, each a poor He'd also fall.

potherd ? 14. He thought how it with Adam They remain Creatures, this can't be

alcer'd ;

What do they think? When he that Man of God did o'er.' throw;

20. Belial at Christ was angry and

And he too was spotless, had great and thenceforth oft Struggles with

him had;
Not as yet maim'd, and the faireft

Till at last his Agents to the Cross

nail'd him, Among God's works.

Where Death and Hell were van. 15. Now this in such a mean Form quifhd, and yield him

Triumphal Shows. 'Twas judg'd by fatan a task not hard; 21. Therefore the Lamb's congregaAnd so in the Desart rafhly he try'd it, tion rings Jesus being thither by th'spirit guided: With Hallelujah, and Thrice-holy But what came on't ?

sings : 16. The Lamb in his Lamb's form This the cries most chiefly,“ A Child

drew in fight, Empty'd and Atripp'd of all Godlike “Who shall our Life be, a Son is Might;

“ Who's God with us.

did go,


is lent us,

fent us,

22. Dear

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