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22. Dear Brethren, mark! this alone Who those blessed nail-prints in hands the ground

and feet has Is of our sacred Covenant found, Once rightly view'd, finds no words That God our Saviour, who th' so meet as worlds doth order,

My Lord! God!* True Flesh and Bone hath, like ano.

John xx. 28. ther Brother,

28. Are you not somewhat surpriz'd Tho' now made bright. hereby, 23. The Son is he, to whom we're Ye Men? your wifdom doth blunted referr'd;

lie Him findwe in all God's bookdeclar'd: In quest of that Being: while that's He a Father has, that will now no your matter, Honour

See what from Thomas all doubts doth From men receive in any other Man scatter, ner,

And how God's found! But thro' the Son.


Hence 'tis, that the Lord's own 24. Worship him, all ye Angels ! Bosom-friend, ('tis said,

Who God.Word and Lambkin ftill When he his way to this World combin'd, would tread)

All mankind in Atheism * so hath For in his Hands Grace is; he the comprized, Sword beareth ;

Who'll not the Son to own be advised And ’mong his Sheep, whoso him

As God and Man. revereth,

2 John 9. His Father loves,

30. That God, who for us on Cross's 25. "Twas him Ezekiel saw on the beam Throne,

Himself as a poor and guiltless Lamb Şitting in likeness plain of man's son: Willingly did offer ; yesterday, now And when any Patriarch, as it oft too, happen'd,

Is, and for ever, for his flock to go to, Saw his Jehovah, which his eyes

The very same. gladdend,

31. He is that Bridegroom pure from It was our Lord.

above! 26. So did the Lamb in those early Look at the Lamb so worthy of love; days

In your Members trace him, feel in Appear in Glory, with heav'nly rays: But now our Blood-Testament's new (Himself he with us

can mix so Dispensation

throughly) By Sacraments Thews, as first Foun

And so rejoice. dation,


Since we in eternity betroth'd The Word made Fleth.

were, 27. Who once thy Suff'rings and We're for the Marriage day waiting Wounded Side

here, Hath as the Cause of all bliss de. scry'd,

Soul truly,


Which can never fail us 'midit all

6. Affliction ; Happy, who part has in that Re Das opfer das die funden busst. surrection Of the first born! 1. 'HAT Oforing which doth

for Sins atone, 33. O'er him the second Death hath was purely therefore to th' Cross pow'r none,

nail'd on, He's made a King and Priest 'fore the That it might in God's fight be alone Throne;

'biding, He shall reign with Jesus, and remain since on himself the Lord turn'd his living,

chiding, When the Lamb, after this his realm's

Being Servant made. up-giving, As God abides. 2. If any now speak : “ O Creature

hear! 34. To him who's All in All nam’d" Mind but, thy Maker thou serve to be,

and fear!” Whom praise the fav’d ones vast'Tis true, one is jealous, puts in a Company,

caution, Since he lo hath Mercy on us his Might not this yield a mistaken notion Creatures,

Of Duty's Talk ? Strength and might to him be ascrib'd, and Honours

3. Duty! is that then a thing so wrong?

Truly Man's Heart hath a proneness For evermore.

strong, 35. Amen! let triumphant and mili. Let the A&s of Duty be e'er fo tant sing,

This God shall still be our God and To be from thence its meritorious

And his Smarts remain the sole cause

Why God and us nought able is to 4. Satan and world and blind reason

say, sever;


To do Good, were a hard Tak and

way : 36. Should not we hallow thy Name But we've in this matter another nowith right?

Only display soon thy Kingdom's We think, for us has each virtuous

Mayst thou but from all Men obtain

« Been merited.
thy Glory,
Şince not one Sinner's defpis’d before 5. Out of the Scripture our Notions

Saviour o'th' World!

And we for our future plan judge so;
That the Law of Sin was an iron

Rod on
Those sheep, who out of the way
had trodden
Of their own Friend.


for ever,

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fed ;

6. Of course this orphan Flock’s Who weep and say: "For us of th' heart and head

Lamb implore it, Was like the pasture on which they " He'd ne'er condemn us back, to be

hurry'd Such a food and drink must needs

To commit fin. yield such juices !

12. When I a Company thus hear But the dear Lamb's Flesh and Life

speak, produces

First I doxology to th' Lamb make; Another Chyle." Then I tell them roundly: ye Chil. 7. Therefore I Jesus my maker, praise dren blessed! For my Call now in New Test’ment None is so holy, as a finner dressed days :

In Grace's Robe. For God knows how far I, in th' old


Do ye, to be all over cleans'd, Plantation,

crave? Might have endeavour'd at anti-Here you then your with’d-for Pricipation,

vilege have: And phantast been! Who in Jesu's wounds is once healed 8. Icfus, who first was to've been sain truly, on Earth,

Becomes in body and in spirit holy, Would at each turn have been bolting

As Jesu's Wounds. forth;

14. Still it does with this Condition Surely I that mystic Veil had un.

go, cover'd,

He lives not, * but moves in Jesus so, And too soon from hardship and toil Ev'n as all the Members are actuated, deliver'd

So deep by Faith into the Lamb A slavish Race.

translated, 9. But now this Lock-chain's un.

As were he th' Lamb. needful quite;

# Gal. ii. 20. How runs the chariot in noon-day

15. And all that's done by Eye, Ear Light

and Mouth, of the for Atonement of Sins fo Pursuant to the Heart's ground in bleeding,

truth, Then heald, now all the earth over. By the Hands and Feet too, each A& spreading,

Wounds of the Lamb! Must be in th’Authority done of Jesus 10. Yecareful servants of God! be not

Be't small or great. In pain, how th' Law may its due

* Endeavour,

16. Is this to thee not English enough? Learn, that whilst exploding, we Seek not the cause in some reas’ning build it ever,

stuff. Since but to such we ourselves deliver, In thy Heart's Ground seek it; and Who have right sense.

thy heart's flackness, 11. Before we of Christian Duty That 'tis not yet deliver'd from this treat,

Blackness, A finner-troop we 'fore our eyes

Search that out too. meet,

and nisus

have got:

17. Alk


17. Ask thee, dear Heart! thyself Have in something flipped, the Ab. doft thou know

solution In thy own Nature so full of Woe? Is scarce begg'd by the Heart, but Know'st the Wounds of Jesus ? haft Ablution thou implored,

Is straitway had. And likewise" found Remiffion, thro' 23. Who now can in this assembly their merit,

sing Of all thy fin? | And say : “My God and bridegroom! 18. Souls ! I beseech you for Jesu's no thing fake,

“ From thee's hid ; thou know'ft how If your hearts 'fore him ye'd chear. my conscience is, ful make;

“ Sure as thou liv'it, cleaves my heart Whether ye're absolved, or once that and senses Blessing

To thee, my Life! Had, and itill right Health not yet 24. To him I speak, as my heart poffefung,

would like, Were frighted back; And as I've been school'd and taught 19. Learn but how 'tis: the matter to speak : is so ;

In the Name of Jesus, Prince of our Forgiveness of Facts makes the heart nature,

Be't in a small or important Matter But whilft in the Wounds blood Un.

Do all thy Wilh. belief's spirit Is not detected yet, pardon'd, bury'd,

No man's quite well. 20. How shall one the straitest Course 1. 'HE Cross, the Cross, O that's

pursue? By keeping to that Word clear and Because on that, the Lamb was slain ;

'Twas there my Lord was crucify'd, Ye are clean, because I to you have said | 'Twas there the Saviour for me dy'd. it!

2. What wondrous cause could move - Dares Filth come near you? say on thy Heart, God's credit:

To take on thee my curse and smart ? Keep off! I'm clean. When thou fore-knewest, I should be 21. “ Jesus the Truth, may he thee So cold and negligent t'wards thee? rebuke,

3. The cause was Love, I link with “ Satan! who the Heel to wound shame doft look :

Before thy sacred Jesu's name, “ World! know, I am washed : and That thoň should'it bleed and slaughFlesh ! thou blood-leech!

ter'd be, “ If thou not yet know'st the Cross- Because, because thou lovedit me. nails, I'll teach

4. Thou lovedst me: O boundless “ Thee also them.

Grace ! 22. But if one of us (as we are yet Who can such wondrous mercy trace? Souls, whose experience is not so great)

I, who

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20. How shall one the fraiteft Course "THE Gain



O but known,

I, who unfaithful, foolish am,

14. But we with open Face behold Yet find thee still a patient Lamb. The Glory which before was told 5. To thy red Cross I lift mine eyes, Should be reveal'd when Jesus dy'd; That is the Tree will make me wise ;

We look upon him crucify'd. That is a Tree of Knowledge good, 15. No flaming Sword doth guard Evil was drown'd in Jesu's Blood.

this Place, 6. The bloody Cross now bears a fruit, The bloody Cross proclaims FreeWhich does poor hungry finners suit; grace; It is a Tree of Life for all,

No other Way can Heaven win, Who're doom'd to death in Adam's All by the Cross must enter in.

fall. 7. See what a deep-dy'd red it bears !

8. Look, how that nail my saviour tears ! Stain'd and besmear'd with blood Du Celge liebe du wenn dich.

divine, There hangs the King from David's Blessed Love! wert thou

Line. 8. Here will I stay, and gaze a while Men would enjoy a calm Repose; On thee, thou Friend of sinners vile ; | But as a Labour of their own, I'll look and see what I have done They toil, and none thy sweetness To God's eternal gracious Son.

knows. 9. Lord, what is Man, and what 2. Love is that pure celestial fire, am I,

Which Adam's fpiritonce enflam'd, That thou should'It such a Creature E'er Pride and envious desire buy,

Him into Satan's likeness fram'd. And seal my ransom with thy blood, Languishing, melting on the wood?3. E'er burn'd thy Heart, say could'n

thou love? 10. Here is an Ensign on a Hill!

Speak, thou great finner Mary, Come hither, Sinners! look your fill ;

speak. To look aside, is pain and loss, A word inflam'd thy heart : What I'll glory only in the Cross.

word ? 11. I'll live and dwell by this blest “ There, sinful Wretch, thy Parflood,

don take.” The flowing stream of Jesu's Blood; That blood which he, in tender love, 4. O Love! would all submit to To shed, did leave his Throne above.


To thee the Honour of the 12. Here in a Glass I fix my eye, whole, The glory of the Lord t' efpy; Thou gladly would'ft thus all forThis by beholding, I shall be

giye, Chang'd to his Image who lov’d me.

Soul, 13. His Glory did the Lord proclaim, When Moles pray'd to see the same : “ Before thee shall my goodness pass, “ But thou can'st not behold my face.


Be all in all to every

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