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8. Lord Jesus! now behold Spirit, Blood and Water are one, and The Church's Widow fold:

witness Young ones of this order,

Of Grace and Mercy; and we want Not yet Church-like, themi mould, no fitness, By a new marriage further,

But to be poor. That th' Eternal Band,

4. The Father, Son and Holy Ghoft, Thro'a faithful hand,

baptize May compleated stand.

Such a poor finner, that before them 9. But on the other side,

lies : Who in thy Church refide,

And then he is buried with his dear By their Years exempted

Saviour, From being further tied,

And feels within his heart the God. By Thee be they accepted ;

head's favour “ In me (say and own)

For Jefus fake. “ Shall your Marriage-plan


So come then, Father, Son, and “ From this day be done."

Holy Ghoft!

While we of Jola's bloody Paffion Lord Jesus Chrift! thy Pasion,

boaft ; Thy Death and thy salvation

While on him relying, we are bapOur venerable Widows bless.


This Sinner in Cbriff's Death, that + 275

he be rifing

With Jefus too. HEN we baptize a finner 6. Come over him, thou blood and in Chrif's Death,

water Tide Then is the Blood and Water his Which Aow'd from the dead Saviour's true bach.

open'd Side ; Not with water only came the Lord Stream thro' Soul and Body, fill him Jesus,

all over. He came with water and with blood O Lamb of God! thou finners Friend to bless us ;"

and Lover, Hallelujah.

Give him thy Peace. 2. The Water is in Baptism seen by eyes ;

276. The Blood we see not, but our heart relies

ABES truly have not yet On it, and we; it is imparted

the use Unto the finner, and makes him

Of Reason like a Man; soft-hearted,

Yet no man does by judgment's And well all o'er. strength 3. It comes upon one with trange | No fydem's chain, however link'd,

Faith in Chriff's Blood obtain. energy, It washeth clean, and cures effe&tually,

Hath eyer Faith inftillid,
But in the moment one believes,

He is a little Child.




+ Ritus.


2. He; who, when in his Mother's 2. O that the Members, all might be womb,

From their own Nature wholly free; Could Jokn unborn in flame

So dead to all unrighteousness, With joy and gladness, he indeed As once they were to righteousness. Is to this day the same.

3. O thou, who with the two-edg'd He can much bless the little ones

sword, To him so very dear,

Haft many a Hold of Sino'erpower'd! When they the Water and the Blood What of our own does yet abide,

To their poor hearts feel near. Be thro' thy Body mortified. 3. Heav'n's Kingdom none fhall 4. Church, tremble both in flesh and enter in

foul, But he who is a child : The Lamb's Death now goes thro' Therefore the Children are by God the whole ;

Heirs of his Kingdom ftild. The Sacrifice, which we now Is Heaven theirs ? shall none forbid taste,

A child to come to Him? Keep thee in Soul and Body chafte. Who shall forbid the Water flood

A babe to overstream! 4. O Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, Be present with us here:

Der othem der die todten regt. We do believe in Jesu's Name, To us his Words are dear.

HE Breath which can the We will baptize a little Child

dead bones-raise, Into the Saviour's Death ;

And to the members Life conveys, We have no scruple, we perform Thy spirit, soul, and body move,

This folemn Act in faith. Lamb's mortified Wife! with love ; 5. The heav'nly hoits rejoice with us! The Cup of blessing here with life An Infant here they see,

runs o'er, For which the Saviour Thed his Which flows from Jesu's Blood for blood,

evermore. Which he loves tenderly : 2. Here lies, O Lamb, thy Body now, The children's Angels, who behold Let thy blest Spirit pierce it thro';

The Father on his throne, That which must heal each finful Exult, and take peculiar care

soul, Of this dear little one.

From head to foot restore it whole,
And which has thousand finners

form'd anew,

How soon can this thy body * Lord, go

thro?? AD dalo Gch Jesu treues weib.

* 1 Cor. xii. 27. That the Saviour's faithful 3. O Congregation, rise and bow, Bride

Thy Sovereign's pow'r is stirring now: This moment in the Grave might hide Take, drink the Blood so freely spilt With her Beloved, who was Nain, For thine and every finner's guilt : And bore for us such racking pain.


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Spirit and Incense, living coals and | In vileness here before thy throne fire,

We lie, and fafely feed Are freely offer'd to the faithful 'On the rich fulness of that Stream, Choir.

Which God's own Son did bleed, 4. Now then, thou Husband of thy 2. This in peculiar manner now Bride!

Our needy Souls o'erflows; The Church's mouth is opend wide, Now likewise he doth us in him The members want to feel thy Might, Lock up, and fast inclose: To help them faithfully to fight; The Tryals soon will thew it plain, We thirft for Life; O Prince, thou That sure his Flock of grace know'ft it well,

Has been provided well with Strength, What one who thirsts, within him His Testament to praise. self muft feel.

3. But we our senses with his Wounds

So taken up now find, 279.

As nothing but the Lamb's dear Pain

To know or have in mind : lenn wir arme (under konten. May Jesus on the Cross, remain

Our Aim, and fix'd defire ; Ould we finners fully tell And may his bitter Smart eat out

How our Hearts with rap. The Ruft of Sin like fire. ture swell,

4 O Crofs's People, ftill believe! We'd not fcruple to declare

Be this World's tumult fled; 'Fore the Angels what we share. Of his bless'd myftic Body parts, 2. But our words can no ways bring Be chaste to him the Head : Honour to our Head and King ; Dead in your members here on Earth, All sinks therefore to the deep, Quick only to his Love; As when soul and body sleep. Till after thousand Victories, 3. Sing, ye Choirs, before his throne, You triumph there above. While our hearts with thame melt down;

281. Husband, only Life and Head, Oh! on us what halt thou thed !

Den Friedes furt şubor. 4. Spirit of the Churches ! rest

HE Prince of Peace I now In thy Bridegroom's presence bleft;

Most gladly bring to you, Soul ! reflect upon his Love ;

O holy Sinner-choir, Soldier-Limbs! to serve him move.

And ye door-keepers too,

Ye Watchmen on the spire ! 280.

Come into us, Peace!

Peaceful hearts claim place
Du unø so nabes woelen.

In the Church of grace.
HOU who so near us art, 2. O Father! keep and bless

All what thy dear Son has. Than we can well express ! O Bleeding Face! thy Light Humbly with veneration deep Shine on thy Flock of grace Thy glorious Name we bless :

Most graciously and bright.




more near

Spirit! lift up thy Face

In the most lovely name O'er the Church always,

Of all that ancient Train And send her thy peace.

Who spring from Abraham; 3. Now then a Kiss receive,

Such, who, leald and won With all that peace can give!

For the Lamb, his Bone Receive it, deareft Heart,

Are, like thee, become.

. Rev. vii. 4. From our dear Husband's love ;

Whose Heart in grievous smart 9. I greet thee from those Sheep, Broke for me and thee

Who have kept and fill keep In Death's agony,

The Brethren's loving Name; When he bought us free.

Tho' now mnen's envy deep

Says, that they're not the same; 4. From th' Father, who his Son

They are scarcely known, More values than his throne;

No one will them own,
And who, for the Son's fake,

But the Lamb alone.
All what by Smart he won,
Into his Care does take ;

10. I greet thee, and I kiss, Numb'ring ev'ry hair

(With that Hoofhold of grace, Of each blessed heir

And Jesu's bleffed school Of his Son so dear.

His Spirit keeps in this place,

Which he with joy fills full :) 5. And from the Holy Ghoft,

From those Souls, whom we (To whom the finners host Gives the dear Mother's title)

'Mong the Lutb'rans fce

Jesu's property
The Spirit, who fets forth
The Lamb in all the Bible;

11. From the Reformed train, And in th' Heart's recess ;

Those who with the Lamb lain Making all confess

(Dear People) join in heart; How his Wounds as bless!

And love to hear the Word

From babes without all Art, 6. Receive also a Kiss

And love to be mean, And greetings in sweet peace,

In the Blood wash'd clean,
In the so precious name

And the Lord's remain.
Of all the Saints in bliss,
Who 'fore us to him came;

12. Next, greet and kiss I thee, The whole blefied train,

And that respectfully, Who did grace obtain,

From those on Thomas coast, And now ref from pain.

And the, to the Lamb's joy,

Converted Heathens hoft; 7. I greet thee now likewise

Who tho' black and base,
With a moft tender kiss

Yet to Jesu's praise,
From those, whose heart desires
To serve the Church of Chrift,

Caft forth charming Rays.
Ev'n th' holy Angels choirs ; 13. From such as Kibbodo,
Who with all their might Frans, Mammucb, Tachtanob,
Serve the Heirs of light ;

Nannachtaufb, and Sara, Claiming glad thar Right.

As Jobm, and Bufimeck, 8. A kiss I also pay

Hewn from the Savage quarry ; In th'apoftolick way,

Hottentors, Pocks, Mingrelians, Canadese Colonefe, Malabarians, and Greenlanders.


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Whom the Lamb hath wood, Elected by the Lamb,
With his Blood bedew'd,

His Suff'ring's word to beat ;
And thus quite renew'd.

Feel in their hearts a flame,

Wish with longing deep 14. Then I give thee a kiss,

To be, where the Sheep
And bring unto thee peace, The Lord's Supper keep.

From th' Congregation
Which now thy chief Town is; 19. May therefore in this hour,
She is no more alone.

With the more inward pow's,
May the ever live,

They our Peace feel and taste! And the strength perceive,

May each Member of ours, Which the Blood can give !

Who in his Soul is chaste,

Juicy prove and fresh 15. Finally kiss I thee,

The Lamb's Blood and Flesh,
In spirit holily,

Which does us refresh.
From that bless 'd House of God,
Which moves direct, since he 20. We fee the Wheels! they go,
His Spirit on it blow'd ;

Whither the Wind does blow;
Which on him relies,

They move direct and strait, From the Dragon Aies,

And of no turning know; Not seçn by mens eyes.

Themselves they quite forget,

'Cause the Watchers grace
in Rev. xii. 14.

Thinks with thoughts of peace
16. Give then, in the Lamb's bļiss, On the way they pass.
Each other th' holy kiss:
Learn of the loving Hof

Ezek. i. 20.
Of Little Children this ;

21. May we all safe and well And of the Son once lost; † In those sure Rock-holes dwell; How a Sinner is,

Both here there] in Europe's bound, Whom the Lamb doth kiss ;

The Northern Pole until ; And gives him his bliss.

And there [here) on India's ground; + Luke xv. 20.

And in Afia,

And in Africa, 17. All who're in Body fick,

Hear us, Lord, we pray! With us, 'tis true, partake,

If they are found in Faith; 22. And now your voices raise, Yet fince they to the Flock Break forth in Hymns of praise,

Can't walk that little path, Join sweetly all in one; And fince they by this

And our dear Husband bless Some refreshment miss

In sweet melodious tone : Them in Spirit kiss.

He with gracious Ear 18. The Pilgrims ev'ry where,

All your Psalms will hear,

Feel him! He is near. Who thro' frec mercy arc



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