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The Ground this of Love's Law is;

We remember how we felt, NOD we praise, that in these When the Lamb by his Blood's flame days,

Did at first our bosoms melt, And e'er since the Lamb was slain, And free Mercy's Ways did shine Righteousness comes by free Grace, So majestic and divine:

And all health from one dear Man? Then, tho' favish fear did sleep, So that to have known his Wounds, Sprung heart's motions strong & deep. Like all names of Virtues sounds: 4. For we faw, with Joy and Awe, If of other Law we're told,

What a Bridegroom we embrac'd, All our answer is, “ That's old.” With what HIM thro' endless Time 2. Yet believe! with Him to live Our amazing lot was caft. And confer, works Virtues too;

Here ensu'd no Talk or Shew; On our Face, Unfaithfulness,

But a Wish to be found true, In least things, itself would shew: And a Taste and Will, (that's sure). We should weep, perhaps turn pale; 'Bove all Rules, exact and pure. Not because his Mercies fail, 5. What whole Plan our Lord does Or his Cross can't satisfy !

mean, But one hurts a tender Tye.

Can ev'n by his Eyes be guess'd :
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As his Fire hath stirr'd Defire,
Just so follows all the rest.

Der liebe bater Abraham.
One may seem by Christ to win

'HE faithful Father Abraham, An Apology for Sin :

With all who bore the Pa. One, if these will serve his turn,

triarch's name, Can the outward Doctrines learn: The Priests and Levites in their state,

The watchmen at the Temple gate; 6. But a Heart, whom real smart 'Fore the Lamb hath humbled low, 2. The Fathers strong in Faith and

bold, Not some glance, th’Inheritance Of his Wounds would choose to With those who prophesy'd of old, know;

The ancient tribe of Witnesses, That they search the Soul's Recess,

And Ifrael's sanctified Race;Work yet softer Tenderness, 3. They had nor knew no other God, And, amidst all misery,

But him who thro’his death and blood, Sinner-like Integrity.

As his dear Father's Pleasure' was,

Did Penance for the Sinner's cause: 7. Such a vein did run, 'tis plain,

4. The Lamb, the Church's Lord and Thro' those Sinner-hearts of old,

Head, Who did lean on Grace ev'n then,

With whom we're so enamoured, And were with us of one Fold;

Him Abra'm and his feed ador'd Abraham his dear Lord t'obey,

As their own God and only Lord. Up did rise at Break of day. Such things we just mention fo

5. Who left his Father's majesty, Who'd divulge, how hearts do glow! And put on our Humanity,

He in the Covenant of old * Gen. xxii. 3:

Was as the Christ of God foretold; 8. Rather well, we could the Zeal 6. On this Account it is we read,

Which we feel, refrain to name; That Atra'm on his Day was glad; "Tis so poor ! and were it more, And joy'd to view him as his Lamb, All our Glorying is the Lamb:

Bearing his sins, and guilt, and shame. Only this we would impress,

7. Therefore they wish'd with thou“Thatthe gospel's more than phrase;" 'Tis what's wont to burst death's yoke, Until the num'rous term of Years And to quicken Souls, when spoke. Was ended, when th' eternal Son 9. When his blood, like a strong flood, Should stoop, and leave his Father's Thus each obstacle outweighs ;

throne, When we know, from now to now, 8. That he thro' bleeding on the Tree

What He to our Spirit says; Might free them from their mifery, When we dare, since he did bleed, For all their fins a Ransom make, On his choicest Path proceed : And ev'ry Bond and Fetter break. Then our Ligne is true, and we 9. Now this whole Choir, with holy Hold aright Christ's Mystery.

Therefore adore their Naughter'd lamb,
And in their song* one plain may view,
It stands, that they were Simuers 100 ;

sand tears,

Rev. v. 9.

10. That

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10. That the Lamb brought them | 20. Now, God in human flesh re. thro' with pow's,

veal'd! And open'd wide their prison-door, Thou know'ft what's in my heart And touch'd them with his bleeding conceal'd, love,

And that 'tis presently inflam'd, And led them to the Realms above. Soon as thy Blood and Wounds are

Therefore it stands most sure and nam'd. plain,

21. O let me ev'ry hour be found, Why the poor helpless Sinner-train My God, rejoicing in thy Wounds ; Now thro' the World disperft abroad Thy Grace and blood-bought RighHold Jesus as their Lord and God. teousness 12. We with the Lamb are satisfied; Remain my strength, my only Dress. Who knows or feels ought more 22. My Text within thy Church shall beside,

be Belongs not to our finner choir;

Thy Wounds, thy Griefs, and misery: The Lamb's the whole of our desire. Mý Text, when to the World I call, 13. In Him we ever have our fill, Thy Blood the Ransom-price for all. And would we foar yet higher still To search the Godhead's mysteries, There we can never rest at ease.

3. + 14. From such a search we turn again, And childlike afterwards remain, Du unser auserwebltes Haupt. Viewing the Nail-prints of the Lamb, From whence our free election came. ES U, our glorious Head and

Chief, 15. Would we howe'er the Father see! This only thro’ the Son can be ;

Sweet Object of our Hearts belief,

O let us in thy Nail-prints see Philip, he saw him in the Son,

Our Pardon and Election free ; The Partner of his royal throne

And in the op'ning of thy pierced fide, 16. Thank God! that I his finner am; Freely go in and out, and feed, and Put all my Selfishness to shame!

hide! While I'm of Jesu's Blood porest, That's it, whereon my heart Mall rest. 2. This thing a Wonder may be fir’d:

First it seems easy for a child; 17. Join with me in this blessed mind, which yet a Hero can't atchieve, Brethren, and cast all else behind ;

And dies before he can believe: As Dutt before the Saviour keep,

'Tis the top-art of those around the And rightly learn the Sinnership. Throne, 18. Then fimply flep by step proceed, 'Tis that whereby the little Flock is Where Jesu's hand your plan has laid, known. And witness of our loving Lamb 3. While human Nature Mall remain, Thro' heat and cold, reproach and While Jesus Lord and Christ thali shame.

reign; 19. Then, when his blessed Will is fo, So long this Topic Mall be press’d, To call one from this World below; As the whole Gospel's first and laft: He flies to Jesu's wounded Brealt, Where those departed finners rest. + Demonftratio Evangelica.



Je Chief

Аа 3

But yet

The wisdom this, which only doth But needy things, on the fame bottom excel ;

ftand, Ye, Wisdom's Children all, do know As the green Leaf, form'd also by it well.

his Hand., 4. And now, dear Lord, I thee intreat, 9. This point a Rule eternal was, Thy Child, that twines around thy | What wonder, if it ftill take place ? feet,

And he that will this rule transcend, That can't without thee live an hour, From it break loose, must be a fiend) Thee, my Soul's Husband, rock and That of one lump the Potter Vessels tow'r;

make Whom above all things, ev'n myself, Various, and each the ply he gives it I love)

take. Olet me in this language still improve!

10. Life thus comes by supernal 5. What tho' my lips were stiff and dry?

breath. The Spirit but his breath supply,

Yea, fome deep ends are serv'd by (Who speaks before the glorious,

Death :

Juftice divine condemns thereto,
In thunder's and in trumpet's tone,

God's Heart inclines not fo; And from the Altar gives the living who knows God's Attributes, sees Coal)

death outright, Words will flow easy, such as fire the Who knows his Heart, obtains a soul.

hopeful light. 6. I speak then, who will lend an ear? Who is o'erwhelm’d with guilt and u. We don't indeed those spirits see, Fear,

Who first began Depravity ; And feels how deep fin's ruft eats in, Yet let but each himself survey, And that he's nothing else but Sin;

And, if he's in his Senses, say, Which way to turn or move, can no.

Were human nature no corrupted

thing, Let such but hear, the thing will turn How did in him and me such sympout well.

toms spring? 2. But he who from his infant state 12. With what a reach was laid the With Check perhaps has never met,

Scheme What Flesh and blood is can't decide, Of th' holy watchers Court supreine ? Scarce knows what av'rice means, or (Most of it does not yet appear, pride,

What does, is as the noon-tide clear:) Can from himself in all things find Let Folly ask the Lord, Why lead Relief:

me fo? He's an unhappy man, both blind and Wisdom believes, and cries, Love! deaf.

onward go. 8. For ev'n a spirit pure and bright, 13.Praise to the Book of life we yield; Or man that's call'd a faint with

Long time by Moses' veil conceald, right,

Made sure but also fast with seals, Are 'fore the mighty Lord of all, Till first one to the Lord appeals; Master of Beings great and finall,


ways tell ?

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