Sivut kuvina

267 i. *113





54. All Glory to Immanuel's Name


72 46b All Glory to the fov'reign Good

i. 68 All hail! Thou Lamb of God

ii. 286 13c All People that on Earth do dwell

i. 62 139 All Praise to Thee my God this Night


305 76 All the Beauty we can find

i. All who love not the Lord Jesus, 8 Almighty God, how hast thou borne


295 13d Almighty God, our Father dear


114 go Amen, Hallelujah

ii. 261 An Heart dipp'd in the Lamb's most precious Blood, i. 67 13 An Heiress of so many Things

ii. 236 47 An inward priestly Heart

ï. 346 And art thou come, bleft Babe ? and come to me, i. 281 13f And art thou griev'd, sweet sacred Dove ?

i. 54c And is it then our happy Lot ?

ii. - 88 5 And now another Day is gone


279 8 And now the very God of Peace

i. 96 Arife, my Spirit, leap with Joy


253 33 Arise, ye who are Captive led


324 16 or 1 As he that sees a dark and shady Grove 13 As long as Jesus Lord remains 13e A Pentecost was fully come


93 9b As small Birds use a Hole to chuse

i. 260 8 Affure my Conscience of her Part


331 136 At Bethlebem, in Judab's Land

i. At last he's well, who thro' the Blood of Jesus

i. 36a Attend, O Saviour, to our Pray's


91 8 Attend while God's eternal Son


329 Ave Agnus Dei, Cbrifte Eleisor

ii. 288 82 Ave my Husband dear

ii. 264 82 Ace Spouse tenderly

ii. 336 13€* Awake, my Soul, and with the Sun


304 39. Awake, sad Heart, whom Sorrow drowns

i. 214 13 Augsburg-Confession Hymn

i. 168 13 Articles (out of the xxxix) of the Church of England i. 198

i. 213 ji. 153

74 378

546 B

B. Abes truly have not yet the Use, 66

Bear in Mind what my Song presses 8 Be careful for no worldly Thing

Be chearful thou my Spirit faint 53 Be fervent in the Truth 3 Be gracious to thy Servant, Lord 24 Be propitious, as it is thy Use 13d Be with me, Lord, wheree's I go 13. Because this Day is at an End

Because to err we all are prone

i. 212 i. 239 i. ço i.. 69

212 i. i.

III i. 364 i. i.

321 $3 Behold



[blocks in formation]

13 Behold, my Soul, the matchless Grace
8 Behold the loving Son of God
8 Behold the Saviour of the World
8 Being of Beings, God of Love

Believe we all in our Lord God
8 Beloved Bridegroom, deareft Gift
8 Beloved Saviour, Prince of Life
76+ Blessed Lord, before you go
34 Bless our going out, o God,
19 Blest Church of poor Sinners, fing Praise to the Lord
16 Bleft little Martyrs for the new-born God
15 Bleft Saviour, thou hast gained my Heart
if Blest Spirits, while you above shine bright and clear
8 Blood of the vererable Lamb
10 Body's Part of Blood so robbed,
68 Brethren, come, your Refuge take
56 Bridegroom of the Church, dear Lamb,

At Burials : Halle, bear away

But art thou come, dear Saviour, hath thy Love 43 But one Thing the Son honours 86 By Faith I see the unseen Things 8 By Sin my God and all is loft 8 By wandring I have lost myself 462 By Word alone was Light produc'd


297 ii.

35 ii. 336 ji.


ii. 310 ii. 273


i. 236 ii.

77 i. 330 i,

319 i. 293 i. 119



92 252 146 109 137 16о


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C. 35

ALL to mind with Longing 3

Child born without Sin,
Chofen Souls who now assemble

Christ (and 'tis no Wonder) broke Death's
75 Christ crucified, and his dear Bride
13f Christ, everlasting Source of Light
40 Christ Jesus, Lord moft dear,
86 Christ is our Holiness and Peace

Christ it was, whom holy David. 8 Christ often for the saddest Hour 552 Christ, our blessed Saviour 667 Chrift, our paschal Lamb and Off'ring 34 Christ, the eternal Lamb of God 42 Christ, that only begotten 13 Chrilt, thou true Light, Brightness of God

76 Christ, thou'rt Wisdom unto me 60 Christ, thy sacred Wounds and Pallion

Christ was to Death abafed 13 Christ, when he died, deceiv'd the Cross 13* Christ's holy Fleth saw no Corruption 49

Chrillian Church of Jesus 75 Church, behold thy Saviour 49 Church, thou happy Prieftels


117 322

84 237 307 197 165 376 127 127 230 145

ii. 251 ii. 125 ji. 272



60 Come and hear the sacred Story
16 Come blessed Spirit, descend and light on me

8 Come come and see, fall’n Man is up
37 Come hither, saith our blessed Lord
13e Come, Holy Ghost, celestial Dove
62 Come, Holy Ghost, come Lord our God
8* Come, Holy Ghost, eternal God

Come, Holy Ghost, Lord God indeed 364* Come, Holy Ghost, our Souls inspire 8 Come, Holy Spirit, God of Might 8 Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove 8c Come let us join our chearful Songs 76 Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life

Come now, O Lord Jesu 28 Come now to the Lamb's Feast 66 Come, thou Sinner, old in Evil 32a Come unto us, Holy Ghost

Come we in some trying functure
546 Commic thou thy each Grievance
10. Congregation, Christ's Relacion
616 Content thyself with Patience
130 Could Satan but his Wilh obtain

Could we Sinners fully tell
Cantata, 1. on Christmas

2. on Eafler
3. on Whitsunday
4. on His Mojefly's Birth-day

i. 273 i.

291 i. 334 i.

75 i, 331 i.

131 i. 129 i. 162 i. i. 207 i. 331 i.

335 i. i.

143 i.

128 i.

238 i.

131 ii.

49 i.

275 ii. 166 i. 212 ii. 136



ii. 214 ii. 225

ii. 228

ii. 229 ii. 229

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ii. i.


ii. 197 ii. 258



306, Aily, as soon as thou

ge'st up 8

Daughters of Zion, who're no more 47 Dear Children, Jesus Chrift 24 Dear Church, art thou well 58 Dear Creature, whom Immanuel

Dear Dove, thy Pris'ner may I be 8 Dear Hulbard of the Widow's Choir 3 Dear Jesus, be near 18 Dear Jesu, wherein wert thou to be blamed 33 Dear Lamb, from everlasting lain 28 Dear Lamb, in me fulfil 28 Dear Lamb, so freely lain 542 Dear Lamb, this Congregation 16 Dear Mystery, dear Lord, dear great Three-One 84 Dear People of the Lamb, our Head 13 Dear Saviour, hear a Sinner's Pray’r 13 f Dear Saviour, take the Children's Hearts

Dearest Brethren of the single Choir 56 Dearet Children, hark and see

ii. 266

210 ii.

III i. 126 ii.

70 ii. 60 ii, 211 ii. 268 i.

292 ii.

71 ii.


ji. 199




ii. 197

76 Dearett

i. 251 ji. 115



34 Dearest Jesu, we are here
56 Dearest Jesus, wondrous Child

Dearest Lamb, thy Wounds so blessed

Dearest Saviour, thy beloved Bride 8 Death cannot make our Souls afraid

Devoutly and loving to Jesu's Blood's Honour 33 Display thy both Wings over 13c Divinely taught, and wrapt in Fire 13e Doth Jesus live? why am I grieved 87 Doth it so go in Pilgrim's Path 96 Draw us to chee, then we will flee

ii. ii. i.

340 i. 120 i.

79 i.

104 i. 196 ii. 168 i. 68



E. 6 Ach Day that I am living

Each diff'rent Choir has its own blessed Plan 28 Each Moment I curn me, Lord Jesu unto thee Each poor

Sinner has a Saviour 24 Elder of thy Train

Enough thou'lt fung of Earth, now fing 13. E'er the blue Heav'ns were ftretch'd abroad 51 Eternal Love decreed

i. ü. 202 i. ji. 36



ii. 257



i. 320




[blocks in formation]

ji. 274



Fairest of all Beauties
13 Faith and Repentance may be taught
527 Faith in his measur’d Day
60 Faithful God, I lay before thee
16a Far greater than one thought, or could suppose
if Farewel, dear Lord I kiss your sacred Feet
i Farewel, dear Master, we must part, I see
546 Farewel henceforth for ever, thou false World's
40 Father, Lord of Mercy
4. Father, make me thy Child

5 Father, now the Time is come 24 Father of all Days and Eternities 16 Father of Heaven and of him 7

Father of Jesus our Lord 36 Father of Lights, from whom proceeds 38 Father, thine eternal Kindness 636 Few in former Times could venture 75 Few Years ago, as well we know

3 Flock bow rey'rently 68 Flock of Grace, ye Witnesses 13 For thee, O God, our conftant Praise

For us no Night can be happier ftilld 54b Fore his Eyes to be moving 8 Fountain of Being, Source of Good


307 ii.

47 i.

290 i.

291 i. i. 164 i.

312 i. So ii,

311 i.

22+ i.

147 i.

351 i.

310 ji. 117 ji.

254 ii. 301 ii. 220 i. 61 ii. 118 ii.

70 i. 363


i. i.

352 328



13g From my own Works at last I cease 8 From precious Faith a precious Strife

G. 66 NET Christ, cry for thy Preserver 9 Give me my captive Soul, or take 4. Go forth in Spirit, go

Go, go, my Heart, unto the Wounds of Jesus 18 God in a Garden on the Earth is fallen 61* God is my Comfort and my Tow'r

8 God is my Saviour and my Light 72 God is our Refuge in Distress 46 God Maker, who now holds the Helm 86 God our Father dwell within 35 God the Lord of the Creation

God took our Nature upon 68 God we praise, that in these Days

8 God's Furnace doth in Sion fland 13 God's Martyrs, who have gain'd their Aim

5. God's own Christ we now will laud 32b God's Son once descending 54c Grace, Grace, O that's a charming Sound 68 Grace, how good, how cheap, how free 8 Grant, Lord, I ne'er may doubt again

Great God, in thee I put my Truit 136 Great without Controversy great 7* Greateít High Priest, Saviour Christ

Greeting, and whatsoe'er more sweet 136 Guardian of little Lambs bebold



i. 238 i.

213 ii.

39 i.

349 i. 81 i.

195 i. i.

191 ii. 235 i.

109 i. i.

142 ii.

3 i.

295 i. i.


141 ii. 82 ii. ii. i.

59 i. 221 i. 268 i. ii. 156

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38 52



H. 8c 'Ail Alpha and Omega, hail 8

Hail Congregation, bought so dear 16+ Hail, holy Lord, I bow, and joy to see

Hail, King of Glory, clad in Robes of Light 84 Hallelujah, Might, Honour, Praise 49 Happy Church, whose Garment 08 Happy Cloud of Witnesses 36b Haít not heard, that Lord Jesus died 546 Haíte, Lord, within my worthless Heart 86 Hath his almighty Spirit made 30 Hear, holy Spirit hear 12 Hear, I'll fing a Song instructive

8 Hear me, O Lord, and that right foon 13 Hear what of him and me this Day 67 Hear'st thou Elder, thou incomparable

3 Heart, inly-belov'd, by Sufferings prov'd, 38 Heart's Delight and higheft Pleatore


355 i.

355 i. 289 i, 281 i. 370 ji.

247 ii.

218 i. 219 i. 263 i,

329 i.

357 i.

375 i.

59 ji. 61 ii.

243 ii.

210 i, 361

& He

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