Sivut kuvina

Pour oat thy Holy Spirit on all thy Servants and Handmaids.

Hear us, o dear Lord and God! Yea, thou Lamb of God, which

takest away the Sin of the World, Be joyful over us! O thou Lamb of God, which taket

away the Sin of the World, Own us to be thine ! O thou Lamb of God, which takeft away the Sin of the World, Leave thy Peace with us!

With Rev'rence greet each other now

From Chrift's collective Spouse,
The Part yet here, and what withdrew

Within the Chamber close.
Keep us in everlasting Fellowship with the Church triumphant,
And let us once reft together within thy Wounds from all our Labour ;

- Hear us, o dear Lord and God!
[His Eyes, his Mouth, his Side,
His Body crucify'd,
Whereon we build so true,
N, N.

is gone to view,
And near at hand doth greet

The Prints in Hands and Feet.] Be the Saviour of all Men, And reconcile all Things unto thyself, whether things in Earth, or thing:

in Heaven ! Have Mercy on all thy Creatures !

Chor. We thank thee with good Reason,

O Jesu, Friend in Need !
For thy Death's bitter Season,

To which thy Love agreed.
Grant us to lean unshaken

On thy Fidelity,
Until from hence we're taken,

The faithful One to see.
2. When we shall get permission

To leave this mortal Tent,
(From Pains and Griefs dismission)

Thyself just then present,
And let our Mouth expiring

On thy dear Breast recline,
And be true Life acquiring

From that pierc'd Heart of thine.
3. Appear as our Protector,

Who turns to Joy all Tears;
Our Flesh and Bone (no Spectre)
With all thy Cross's Scars :


While we thy gentle Visage

Survey, how glad and bold Shall we receive the Message,

And let our Limbs grow cold.

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A N T H E M S *.







E NOCH's Hymn Part I. page 3. PS. xcii. It is a good Thing ib. Jacob's (Gen. xlix.)

ib. xciii, The Lord reigneth 15 The People of Israel's first Thank - xcv. O come, let us ling ib. giving

ib. xcvii. Jehovah reigneth ib. The original Rehearsal of the divine xcix. The Lord is King ib.

Antributes (Exod. xxxiv.) 4 c. O be joyful in the Lord 16 The Form of bletting the Congregation cii. Thou shalt arise

ib. (Num. vi.)

cvij. O give Thanks Balaam's Homage

cx. The

Lord said unto my Lord Moses's Farewel

ib. Deborah's Pfulm


cxi. I will praise Jehovah Moses's Hymn (Pl. xc.)

ib. cxii. Unto che Godly there aHannab's Song 6 siseth

ib. 2 Sam. xxiii. David the Son of Jefe cxiii. Praise, O ye Servants ib. taid, c. ib. cxv. Not unto us

19 2 Sam. vii. Who am I, O Lord cxvi. I am well pleased ib. God

ib. cxvii. O praise the Lord ib. Ps. ii. Why do the Heathen 7 cxviii. O give Thanks unto the

viii. Jehovah our Governor ib, Lord
xvi. Preserve me, O God 8 cxxiii. Unto Thee list I up
xviii. I will love thee, O Lord ib.

cxxv. They that trust ib.
xxii. My God, my God, (Eli! cxxxi. Lord, my Heart

9 cxxxii. Lord, remember David, xxiv. The Earth is Jehovah's 10 xlv. My Heart in endicing ib. cxxxiv. Behold now, praise ye ib. xlvi. God is our Hope

cxxxix. Lord, thou hast searched xlvii. O clap your Hands ib, li. Have Mercy upon me,: 0 cxliii. I remember the Time past God

ib. Ixxvi. In Judab is God known cxly. I will extol thee ib.

ib. cxlvii. Praise the Lord 1xxx. Give ear, O Shepherd 13 cxlviii. Both young,

&c. 24 Ixxxii. God sandech in the Con. cl. Sing unco Jehovah

ib. gregation

1b. Solomon's Prayer at the Dedication of lxxxv. Lord, thou hast been fa the Temple

. vourable

His Form of Common Prayer (1 Kings 1xxxvii. Her Foundations 14 viji.)

ib. xci. He that dwelleth ib. The Song of Solomon

25 They can be chanted to the common Chant-Tunes.










I/. iv. In that Day fhall the Branch Johni, In the Beginning was to


Word v. Concerning the vineyard ib. John iï. God so loved the World ib. ix. The People that walked ib. Mart. xi. I thank thee, O Father 46 xi. There Mall come forth a Rod. Hymn concerning the Church-periods ib. 32 The Lord's Prayer

ib. xii. O Jehovah, I will praile The Feet-washing (John xin.) ib. thee

ib. The Palover (Our Lord Jesus Chrift, xxvi. We have a strong City ib. &c.)

47 xl. Comfort ye

ib. Our Lord's Farewel Bloling (I am xlix. Liften, o Mes 33 the true Vine, &c.)

ib. lii. and liji. How beautiful 34 Jesus's High-priofily Prayer (John 1x. Arife, be enlighted 35 xvii.) lxi. The Spirit of the Lord God Our Lord's last Will (Go ye into all

the World, c.)

49 Lamentations of Jeremiah ib. The Dismission after his Ascension ib. Daniel's Vigils

38 The Bridegrcom's Propbery of his Vi. His Psalm (ch. ii. 20.)

39 fitation on a sudden Jonah's Song

ib. Of bis glorious Epiphany The Prophecy of Micah ib. Paul's Prophecy, i Cor. xiii. 51 Hab kkuk's Hymn

40 Heb.i. God, who at sundry Times ib. Zephaniah's

ib. Pbil. ii. Let this Mind be in you 52 The Prayer of Ezra

41 Eph, i. Blessed be the God and FaNehemiah's Hymn ib. ther

ib. Zech. iij. He shewed me Foshua 42. Col. i. Give Thanks unto the Fa. Zuch. iv. This is the Word of the ther

53 Lord unto Zerubbabel ib. Heb. xi. Faith is the Substance of ib. Malachi's Pfulm

43 Rev. i. Grace be unto you and Peace

54 New Testament Anthems.

iji. To the Angel of the Church of Philadelphia

55 Mark xi. Hosanna ! blessed is he 43 v. John wept much ib. The Angel's Salutation

ib. xix. Praise our God, all ye his Elzabeth's

44 Mary's Ibarkliving

ib. xxi. and xxii. John saw the ho. Ibe Song of Zacharias jb. ly City








M N S.



ji. 305

ii. 2;8

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j. 264

ii. 248

The Figures at the Right Hand of the Lines, few the Part and Page

awhere the Hymn is to be found; she Nimbers on the Left, refer to the Table of Tunes

Pt. Pag. 32 BBA Father, hear thy Child


359 A Band of Angels from the Sky


72 A bleeding Heart I will prelent to Thee,

i. 288 39 A House i had call'd Heart, so wide


231 61 A Lamb appears and gives in Bail


94 79 A Lamb goes forth and bears the Guild

i. 261 9 A Lamb

goes forth and on him bears 13 c A new Account of Time begins

i. 318 96 A new King's-way we now can say


143 78 A noble Child, the Child of God 19 A Soul, that would always be shelter'd from Sin ii. 29 A thousand times and more


90 84 A thousand times be then ador'd 28 A true poor Sinner's Heart


46 13

A wond'rous AEt it must be stil'd 8 A wond'rous Change he with us makes


254 13 Abide with us, O Jesu dear

i. 197 51 Above yon Harry Sky


17 33 Absolved Congregation 13 According to my State on Earth

i. 31 Adam comes forth, but in a new Edition


225 366 After the Labours of thy Life

ii. 82 9 Ah! come thou my Heart's sweetest Guest

i. 376 Ah! Conscience, Conscience, when I look

i. 228 54a Ah! Love come fweetly bind me,


54 9 Ah! my dear Heart-beloved Lamb


57 1 Ab! on my Saviour's tender Fleik scarce grown

i. 34 Alas! how very bad are we


95 Note, When a Hymn bas no Tune affix'd to it, is implies generally that we have but one Hymn of that kind of Metre, and therefore did not directly make the Tunc of it an Article in the Table.

When these Marks, or t, are added to the Figure, they fignify that the Hymn can be sung to that Tone, but either there is another proper one belonging to it, which we give Notice of by the first Mark : Or, which is the Meaning of the second, it does not quite regularly answer to this, but, either throughout or in fome Verses, requires an Omislion or Repeat of Part of the Tune.

ji. 256



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