Reports of Committees: 30th Congress, 1st Session - 48th Congress, 2nd Session, Nide 4


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Sivu 261 - All medicinal preparations, whether chemical or otherwise, usually imported with the name of the manufacturer, shall have the true name of the manufacturer and the place where they are prepared, permanently and legibly affixed to each parcel by stamp, label, or otherwise; and all medicinal preparations imported without such names so affixed shall be adjudged to be forfeited.
Sivu 538 - ... above for a port, will render them liable to confiscation. Any attempt to pass goods in excess of the quantity specified in the certificate, will render all the goods of the same denomination named in the certificate liable to confiscation. Permission to export produce which cannot be proved to have paid its transit dues, will be refused by the Customs until the transit dues shall have been paid.
Sivu xxi - An act to prohibit the importation and migration of foreigners and aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor in the United States, its Territories, and the District of Columbia...
Sivu 558 - Spirits or strong waters, not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Sivu 537 - In the case of Imports. — Notice being given at the port of entry from which the imports are to be forwarded inland, of the nature and quantity of the goods ; the ship from which they have been landed ; and the place inland to which they are bound, with all other necessary particulars, the Collector of Customs will, on due inspection made, and on receipt of the transit duty due, issue a transit duty certificate.
Sivu 536 - Opium will henceforth pay thirty taels per picul import duty. The importer will sell it only at the port. It will be carried into the interior by Chinese only, and only as Chinese property ; the foreign trader will not be allowed to accompany it. The provisions of Article IX of the Treaty of Tien-tsin, by which British subjects are...
Sivu 538 - It being, by Treaty, at the option of the Chinese Government to adopt what means appear to it best suited to protect its revenue accruing on American trade, it is agreed that one uniform system shall be enforced at every port.
Sivu 536 - ... stores, personal baggage, stationery, carpeting, druggeting, cutlery, foreign medicines, and glass and crystal ware. The above pay no import or export duty, but, if transported into the interior will, with the exception of personal baggage, gold and silver bullion, and foreign coins, pay a transit duty at the rate of 2^ per cent, ad valorem.
Sivu 537 - The limits of the porte shall be defined by the customs, with all consideration for the convenience of trade, compatible with due protection of the revenue ; also the limits of the anchorages within which lading and discharging is permitted by the customs; and the same shall be notified to the consul for public information.

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