The Mauritius Civil Service Almanac..

Dupuy & Bubois, 1862
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Sivu 113 - Person hereafter to be appointed shall be deemed to have served in the permanent Civil Service of the State, unless such Person holds his Appointment directly from -the Crown, or has been admitted into the Civil Service with a Certificate from the Civil Service Commissioners...
Sivu 111 - ... or shall decline or neglect to execute the duties thereof satisfactorily, being in a competent state of health, he shall forfeit his right to the compensation or superannuation allowance which had been granted to him.
Sivu 107 - Act to persons who shall have served in an established capacity in the permanent civil service of the State...
Sivu 112 - Enactments as refer to the Scale of Superannuation Allowance established by the Provisions hereby repealed of the said Act of King William the Fourth, shall be construed as if the Scale established by this Act had been referred to.
Sivu 107 - To any person who shall have served ten years and upwards, and under eleven years, an annual allowance of ten-sixtieths of the annual salary and emoluments...
Sivu 111 - Treasury that he is incapable, from infirmity of mind or body, to discharge the duties of his situation, and that, such infirmity is likely to be permanent.
Sivu 112 - Act during the past year, and such report shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament within fourteen days after the making thereof if Parliament is then sitting, and, if not, then within fourteen days after the next meeting of Parliament.
Sivu 109 - Treasury to grant to any person who, being the holder of an office in respect of which a superannuation allowance may be granted, is constrained, from infirmity of mind or body, to leave the Public (Service before the completion of the period which would entitle him to a superannuation allowance, such sum of money by way of gratuity as the said Commissioners may think proper, but so as that no such gratuity shall exceed the amount of one month's pay for each year of service.
Sivu 110 - Commissioners to be a reasonable and just compensation for the loss of office ; and if the compensation shall exceed the amount to which Such person would have been entitled under the scale of superannuation provided by this Act...
Sivu 110 - Commissioners of the Treasury to grant to any person any superannuation compensation, gratuity, or other allowance of greater amount than the amount which might be awarded to him under the foregoing provisions, when special services rendered by such person, and requiring special reward, shall appear to them to justify such increase, but so that such allowance shall in no case exceed the salary and emoluments enjoyed by the grantee at the time of retirement, and the grounds of every such increase...

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