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Canon of Westminster.

Ernest William Barnes was born April 1, 1874. He received his education at King Edward's School, Birmingham, and Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1902 he was ordained as an Anglican clergyman. He was Select Preacher to Cambridge in 1906 and Oxford 1914-1916 and has been Canon of Westminster since 1918. Canon Barnes is a famous scientist and has become a no less famous preacher. The distinc

a tive quality of his mind is an invaluable asset not simply to the Church of England, but to all Protestantism.




RELIGIOUS REVIVALS' As many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."-ROMANS 8: 14.

LL religious people cught to be glad when others feel themselves called to serve and

worship God. Yet many among us regard the sudden appearance of religious enthusiasm with critical coldness or open hostility. Such Christians instinctively show the temper of men of the world who have no active religious faith. The worldly are almost invariably contemptuous of, or angered by, great religious movements; they condemn revivals, as we now commonly term them. Only when a spiritual movement has established itself, when its beneficial character is too plain to be doubted, does it receive from the world at first a grudging, and then a respectful recognition.

At the present time, alike in East Anglia and in Northeast Scotland, there have been notable signs of a religious awakening among some sections of our people. In Southern India and in Central Africa an enthusiasm for Christianity has recently shown itself, so extensive that the missionary so


* Delivered in Westminster Abbey and published also in The Church Family Newspaper.

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