The Partition Acts, 1868 & 1876: A Manual of the Law of Partition and of Sale in Lieu of Partition : with the Decided Cases, and an Appendix Containing Decrees and Orders

Stevens & Haynes, 1876 - 76 sivua

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Sivu 8 - In one volume, 8vo., 1870, price cloth, THE LAW OF COPYRIGHT, In Works of Literature and Art ; including that of the Drama, Music, Engraving, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, and Ornamental and Useful Designs ; together with International and Foreign Copyright, with the Statutes relating thereto, and References to the English and American Decisions. By WALTER ARTHUR COPINGER, of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. ^ "A book that is certainly themost complete treatise upon the complex subject of...
Sivu 38 - Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
Sivu 36 - ZEELAND. Being a Commentary of Hugo Grotius' Introduction to Dutch Jurisprudence, and intended to supply certain defects therein, and to determine some of the more celebrated Controversies on the Law of Holland. By DIONYSIUS GODEFRIDUS VAN DER KESSEL, Advocate, and Professor of the Civil and Modern Laws in the Universities of Leyden.
Sivu 12 - Court of Appeal in Chancery, in the exercise of his and its appellate jurisdiction, and of the same Court as a Court of Appeal in Bankruptcy : (2) All jurisdiction and powers of the Court of Appeal in Chancery of the county palatine of Lancaster...
Sivu 33 - ... KELYNG'S (Sir J.) Reports of Divers Cases in Pleas of the Crown in the Reign of King Charles II., with Directions to Justices of the Peace, and others; to which are added, Three Modern Cases, viz., Armstrong and Lisle, the King and Plummer, the Queen and Mawgridge. Third Edition, containing several additional Cases never before printed, together with a Treatise upon the Law and Proceedings in Cases of High Treason, first published in 1793. The whole carefully revised and edited by RICHARD LOVELAND...
Sivu 5 - Law Times. THE LAW OF CORPORATIONS. In one volume of One Thousand Pages, royal 8vo, price 42*. , cloth, A TREATISE ON THE DOCTRINE OF ULTRA VIRES: BEING An Investigation of the Principles which Limit the Capacities, Powers, and Liabilities of CORPORATIONS, AND MORE ESPECIALLY OF JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. SECOND EDITION.
Sivu 21 - In one volume, 8vo., 1874, price '&*•> cloth, PRINCIPLES OF CONVEYANCING. AN ELEMENTARY WORK FOR THE USE OF STUDENTS. By HENRY C. DEANE, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, sometime Lecturer to the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom.
Sivu 21 - ... to those gentlemen who are candidates for the various legal examinations. There are so many questions set now on case law that they would do well to peruse this treatise of Mr. Deane's, and use it in conjunction with a book of questions and answers. They will find a considerable amount of equity case law, especially in the second part of Mr. Deane's book, which comprises in substance some lectures delivered by the author at the Law Institution.
Sivu 39 - ON JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS. BEING A TREATISE UPON THE JUDGMENTS, DECREES, AND ORDERS OF THE COURT OF APPEAL AND HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE, Chiefly in reference to Actions assigned to the Chancery Division. WITH COMPLETE FORMS OF ORDERS. Jfeeconb (iEtottion, consifterablg enlarged BY LOFTUS LEIGH PEMBERTON, One of the Registrars of the Supreme Court of Judicature ; Author of " The Practice in Equity by way of Revivor and Supplement...
Sivu 39 - Court and solicitors thereof in respect to such matters, and so far as may be found expedient for altering the course of proceeding hereinbefore prescribed in respect to the matters to which this act relates, or any of them; and...

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