Sir John Kelyng's Reports of Crown Cases in the Time of King Charles II: Together with A Treatise Upon the Law and Proceedings in Cases of High Treason

Richard Loveland Loveland
Stevens and Haynes, 1873 - 300 sivua

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Sivu 55 - The Principles of Government, in a Dialogue between a Gentleman and a Farmer.
Sivu 72 - ... forfeiture of goods and chattels. But an outlawry in treason or felony amounts to a conviction and attainder of the offence charged in the indictment, as much as if the offender had been found guilty by his country (d)(4).
Sivu 14 - Queen, or of their eldest son and heir; or if a man do violate the King's companion, or the King's eldest daughter unmarried, or the wife of the King's eldest son and heir; or if a man do levy war against our lord the King in his realm, or be adherent to the King's enemies in his realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the realm, or elsewhere, and thereof be provably attainted of open deed by the people of their condition.
Sivu 82 - At the same Assizes at Winchester, the Clerk appointed by the Bishop to give Clergy to the Prisoners, being to give it to an old Thief ; I directed him to deal clearly with me, and not to say legit...
Sivu 68 - King's plantations, and then to have laml there assigned to him, according to the use in those plantations for servants after their time expired ; with a condition in the pardon, to be void if they do not go, or if they return into England during seven years or after without the King's license.
Sivu 46 - ... pertaineth to the king's court, or of things whereof judgments be given in the king's court, or which do sue in any other court, to defeat or impeach the judgments given in the king's court...
Sivu 80 - And, at length, it was enacted by the act of settlement, 12 & 13 W. III. c. 2. "that no pardon under the great seal of England shall be pleadable to an impeachment by the commons in parliament.
Sivu 181 - ... a piece of paper that was not a sufficient warrant, thereupon Hugett with the others drew their swords, and the press-masters theirs, and so there was a combat, and those who endeavored to rescue the pressed man killed one of the pretended pressmasters. This was but manslaughter; for when the liberty of one subject is invaded, it affects all the rest. It is a provocation to all people, as being of ill example and pernicious consequences.
Sivu 123 - That if a carrier have a tun of wine delivered to him to carry to such a place, and he never carry it but sell it, all this is no felony ; but if he draw part of it out above the value of twelve-pence, this is felony ; I do not see why the disposing of the whole should not be felony also.
Sivu 165 - ... which woman .Mawgridge did then affront, and angry words passed between them in the room, in the presence of Mr. Cope and other persons there present, and Mawgridge there did threaten the woman ; Mr. Cope did thereupon desire Mawgridge to forbear such usage of the woman, saying that he must protect the woman; thereupon Mawgridge did continue the reproachful language to the woman, and demanded satisfaction of Mr. Cope, to the intent to provoke him to fight; thereupon Mr. Cope told him it was not...

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