The philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi for the twenty-first century

Lexington Books, 28.3.2008 - 263 sivua
This volume shows how Gandhi's thought and action-oriented approach are significant, relevant, and urgently needed for addressing major contemporary problems and concerns, including issues of violence and nonviolence, war and peace, religious conflict and dialogue, terrorism, ethics, civil disobedience, injustice, modernism and postmodernism, oppression and exploitation, and environmental destruction. Appropriate for general readers and Gandhi specialists, this volume will be of interest for those in philosophy, religion, political science, history, cultural studies, peace studies, and many other fields.

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Gandhi and Interreligious Dialogue
Bridging the Secular and the Spiritual
Mahatma Gandhis Philosophy of Violence Nonviolence

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Allen is Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Maine.

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