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I 6 1929a


PREAMBLE The Governments of Germany, the Commonwealth of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, the Irish Free State, the United States of America, Finland, France, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics; being desirous of promoting safety of life at sea by establishing in common agreement uniform principles and rules directed thereto;

Considering that this end may best be achieved by the conclusion of a Convention;

Have appointed their plenipotentiaries, namely: The Government of Germany: Dr. Friedrich Sthamer, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipo

tentiary of the German Reich in London. Mr. Gustav Koenigs, Ministerialdirigent in the Reichsverkehrs

ministerium, Geheimer Regierungsrat, Berlin. Mr. Arthur Werner, Oberregierungsrat in the Reichsverkehrs

ministerium, Geheimer Justizrat, Berlin. Mr. Walter Laas, Professor, Director of the “Germanischer Lloyd"

Classification Society, Berlin. Dr. Otto Riess, Director ret. of the Reichsschiffsvermessungsamt,

Geheimer Regierungsrat, Neubrandenburg. Mr. Hermann Giess, Ministerialrat in the Reichspostministerium,

Berlin. Vice-Admiral Hugo Dominik, President of the “Deutsche Seewarte,”

Hamburg The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia: Captain Henry James Feakes, Royal Australian Navy, Common

wealth Naval Representative in London. Lieut.-Commander Thomas Free, Royal Naval Reserve (retired).

Captain J. K. Davis, Commonwealth Director of Navigation. The Government of Belgium: Baron de Gerlache de Gomery, Director-General of the Marine

Mr. Gustave De Winne, Ingénieur en Chef, Director of the Marine

Mr. Georges Goor, Adviser to the Marine Department.
The Government of Canada:
Mr. Alexander Johnston, Deputy Minister of Marine.



Mr. Lucien Pacaud, Secretary in the Office of the Canadian High

Commissioner in London. The Government of Denmark: Mr. Emil Krogh, Assistant-Secretary in the Marine Department,

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Shipping. Mr. V. Topsöe-Jensen, Judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal. Captain V. Lorck, Chief Examiner of Masters and Mates. Mr. J. A. Körbing, Technical Managing Director of the United

Steam Ship Company, Copenhagen. Mr. Aage H. Larsen, Engineer in Chief of the Ministry of Industry,

Commerce and Shipping. Mr. Arnold Poulsen, Engineer Commissioner to the Ministry of

Industry, Commerce and Shipping. The Government of Spain: Rear-Admiral Don Francisco Javier de Salas y Gonzalez, Head of

the Naval Commission in Europe. The Government of the Irish Free State: Mr. J. W. Dulanty, Commissioner for Trade for the Irish Free

State in Great Britain. Mr. E. C. Foster, Chief Surveyor in the Marine Branch, Depart

ment of Industry and Commerce. The Government of the United States of America: The Honourable Wallace H. White, Junior, Member of Congress,

Chairman of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Mr. Arthur J. Tyrer, Commissioner of Navigation, Department of

Commerce. Mr. Charles M. Barnes, Chief of the Treaty Division, Depart

ment of State. Rear-Admiral George H. Rock, Construction Corps, United

States Navy, Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Construction and

Repair, Navy Department. Captain Clarence S. Kempff, United States Navy, Hydrographer,

Navy Department. Mr. Dickerson N. Hoover, Supervising Inspector-General of the

Steamboat Inspection Service, Department of Commerce. Mr. William D. Terrell, Chief of the Radio Division, Department

of Commerce. Rear-Admiral John G. Tawresey, Construction Corps, United

States Navy (retired), United States Shipping Board. Mr. Herbert B. Walker, President of the American Steamship

Owners' Association. Mr. Henry G. Smith, President of the National Council of American

Shipbuilders. Captain Charles A. McAllister, President of the American Bureau

of Shipping

The Government of Finland:

Baron Gustaf Wrede, President of the Shipping Board.
Captain Väinö Bergman, Inspector of Shipping.
Consul Karl Kurten, Manager of the Finnish Shipowners' Asso-

The Government of France:

Mr. Rio, Senator and former Minister.
Captain Haarbleicher, Naval Construction Corps, Director of

Mercantile Shipping Service, Department of Public Works. Commander Marie, Naval Construction Corps, Direction of Mer

cantile Shipping Captain Thouroude, Naval Attaché to the French Embassy in

London. The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

Ireland: Sir Herbert W. Richmond, Vice-Admiral, Royal Navy. Sir Westcott Abell, Professor of Naval Architecture, Armstrong

College, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Mr. A. L. Ayre, Vice-President of the Shipbuilding Employers'

Federation. Captain F. W. Bate, Professional Officer, Mercantile Marine

Department, Board of Trade. Mr. C. H. Boyd, Mercantile Marine Department, Board of Trade. Sir William C. Currie, President of the Chamber of Shipping of the

United Kingdom. Mr. A. J. Daniel, Principal Ship Surveyor, Board of Trade. Sir Norman Hill, Chairman of the Merchant Shipping Advisory

Committee. Sir Charles Hipwood, Principal Assistant Secretary, Mercantile

Marine Department, Board of Trade. Captain A. R. H. Morrell, Trinity House. The Government of India: Sir Geoffrey L. Corbett, Commerce Department, Government of

India. Captain E. V. Whish, Port Officer, Bombay. Mr. M. A. Master, General Manager of the Scindia Steam Naviga

tion Company. The Government of Italy: Lieut.-General of Port G. Ingianni, General Director of the Mer

cantile Marine. Vice-Admiral A. Alessio, Chief of the Technical Inspectorate of

the Mercantile Marine. Count D. Rogeri di Villanova, Counsellor to the Italian Embassy

in London. Dr. T. C. Giannini, Counsellor of Emigration.

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