Historical Dictionary of Polynesia

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What happens when we truly put God first in all aspects of our lives? In a culture guided chiefly by shiny, life-promising distractions, eoeenoughe seems elusive and keeps us indebted to that next source of satisfaction. What if the Giver of Life offered freedom from this downward spirale"would you take it? In First: Putting God First in Living and Giving, pastor and author Mike Slaughter conducts a four-week all-church stewardship program to help participants reassess priorities and create a culture and a lifestyle of faithful living and giving and make a meaningful contribution to the world. To help parents educate and model generosity for their kids, First includes components for children and youth that help families explore financial decisions together. Sessions include: Naming Our Idols; Money, Work, and Debt; Earne"Savee"Give; and Heart Giving. This program kit includes one each of the program components: shiny gods: finding freedom from things that distract us; Program Guide with Flash Drive; Childrene(tm)s Leader Guide; Youth Study Edition; DVD with Leader Guide; and Devotional Book.

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Robert D. Craig is retired emeritus professor of history from Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage. He has published numerous books, monographs, and research papers, as well as contributions to several encyclopedias. He currently teaches adjunct classes for the University of South Florida at its Sarasota campus.

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