Climate: An Inquiry Into the Causes of Its Differences, and Into Its Influence on Vegetable Life : Comprising the Substance of Four Lectures Delivered Before the Natural History Society, at the Museum, Torquay, in February, 1863

John Henry and James Parker, 1863 - 144 sivua

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Sivu 87 - When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it, thou shalt not destroy the trees thereof by wielding an axe against them...
Sivu 153 - Laud's Devotions. THE PRIVATE DEVOTIONS of Dr. WILLIAM LAUD, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Martyr. Antique cloth, 5* . Spinckes
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Sivu 154 - THE CHILD'S CHRISTIAN YEAR. Hymns for every Sunday and Holyday throughout the year. Cheap Edition, 18mo., cloth, Is.
Sivu 150 - A History of the so-called Jansenist Church of Holland ; with a Sketch of its Earlier Annals, and some Account of the Brothers of the Common Life. By the Rev. JM NEALE, MA, Warden of Sackville College. 8vo., cloth, 5s.
Sivu 60 - ... men. No other tempest was ever in this country the occasion of a parliamentary address or of a public fast. Whole fleets had been cast away. Large mansions had been blown down. One prelate had been buried beneath the ruins of his palace. London and Bristol had presented the appearance of cities just sacked. Hundreds of families were still in mourning. The prostrate trunks of large trees, and the ruins of houses, still attested, in all the Southern counties, the fury of the blast.
Sivu 148 - The Councils of the Church, From the Council of Jerusalem, AD 51, to the Council of Constantinople, AD 381; chiefly as to their Constitution, but also as to their Objects and History.
Sivu 150 - The Life and Contemporaneous Church History of Antonio de Dominis, Archbishop of Spalatro, which included the Kingdoms of Dalmatia and Croatia ; afterwards Dean of Windsor, Master of the Savoy, and Rector of West Ilsley in the Church of England, in the reign of James I. By the late HENRY NEWLAND, DD, Dean of Ferns.
Sivu 159 - The Greek Testament with English Notes. By the Rev. EDWARD BURTON, DD, sometime Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford. Sixth Edition, with Index. 8vo., cloth, 10s. 6d.
Sivu 147 - The Principles of Divine Service ; or, An Inquiry concerning the True Manner of Understanding and Using the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for the Administration of the Holy Communion in the English Church. By the Rev. PHILIP FREEMAN, MA, Vicar of Thorverton, Prebendary of Exeter, and Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Exeter. 2 vols., Svo., cloth, II.

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