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will when he says, that he, in obtaining mercy,


was a pattern to them which should hereafter believe.

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There will be great peace and prosperity of all kinds, inward and outward, spiritual and temporal; in those days of the Messiah's spiritual reign, shall the righteous flourish, and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth; violence shall no more be heard in their land, nor wasting and destruction within their borders.

This destruction of Antichrist England has been most strenuously endeavouring to effect for a long time, and in the midst of all her financial distresses, borne down as she has almost been by taxation-large and unexampled has been the fund, swelled even by the widow's mite, which she has brought forward to circulate the gospel in all languages to the farthest corners of the earth; and by this means she has in a great measure realized this first clause of the extract from Dr Gill's sermon, and prepared the way for the pouring out the second and third vials: the first appearing to relate to the French revolution; the second, to those of Spain and Portugal, just effected; and the third, to Naples, and other Italian states, which the march of the Austrian troops may tend to expedite, and which, with other appearances on the political horizon, better surmised than spoken of, may hasten the fourth,

in the interpretatlon of which I differ from Dr. Gill, nor can I see any just reason for his omission of the fifth, which seems directly to point at the final overthrow and destruction of the papal authority.

The learned Alstedius, his Speculum Mundi, and Chronology of the Prophetic Numbers.-Extracted from a work entitled, "Catastrophe Mundi ;" printed 1683.

1. GOD alone hath reserved to himself the exact knowledge of future things, as the incommunicable prerogative of his Divine Majesty : therefore it is impossible any man, though never so clear-sighted, should compile an accurate chronology for time to come, or define the punctual moments of futurity; yet is not therefore the explanation of prophetic numbers to be omitted, for since God hath expressed certain numbers in the histories and prophecies of his word, it would be too great both sloth and ingratitude not to weigh, and with reverence and the fear of the Lord inquire into them.

2. In observing the great conjunctions or revolutions of the planets, as superstition and overscrupulous diligence is not to be approved, so

neither is negligence or contempt thereof to be allowed.

3. The twelfth chapter of Daniel ought to be our pole-star in explaining prophetic numbers, for there we are led, as by the hand, from the building of the second temple to its destruction; and from the destruction thereof, which was Anno Christi 69, by a term of days he numbers first 1290, and then 1335; that is, in all (with the 69 years which were elapsed from Christ's birth, to the overthrow of the temple) 2694 years; from. which, if we deduct the 1000 years, Rev. xx. 2, we shall be brought to the year of our Lord 1694, 'whence we may gather that the seven vials are to be poured forth at or before that time, or their significations to continue no longer.

4. The most eminent mutations from the year 1060 to 1700 may be gathered from the planetary conjunctions, compared with the apocalyptical numbers, which point out the years 1622, 1625, 1636, 1642, 1683, and 1694.

5. The comparing of histories one with another, the observation of the stars, and a diligent inspection into the manners of men, do much conduce towards our predicting of human things.

6. Those philosophers that are more skilful in astronomy reckon four monarchies, not according to the prevalency of kingdoms, but according to the four coasts of the world. The first was of

the east, being the Assyrians: the second, southern, that of the Persians and Greeks: the third western, of the Romans: the fourth, of the north, which God shall shortly set up in the northern parts by the Lion of the North, to the great amazement of those who slight the Divine Apocalypse, and that harmony which here we are pointing at.

The 1000 years mentioned in the twentieth chapter of the Revelations shall begin about the year 1694, and end 2694; during which time Satan shall be bound, but afterward being let loose for a small time, he shall stir up Gog and Magog; that is, the professed enemies of the church against the saints; but shall be suddenly overcome, and then our Lord Christ shall come in glory.

A Prophecy recited by Mr. Lilly, in the year 1651, relating to the French nation.

A CERTAIN prince, as religious as a Turk, shall overspread that people's most fruitful territories, and wars and desolations will be occasioned by the unruly nobility, who, by their civil dissensions, shall occasion the ruin of the French Monarchy. And if you will know near the time of

this great mutation, it shall be when a certain king, called Henry, is twice made a king, and a duke of Florence turned protestant.

The French king shall be driven out by his own people, for he will exercise very great tyranny both against his subjects and the church of Christ, being instigated or stirred up thereunto by the bishops and Romanists, who being bribed with money, shall traiterously seduce and betray him. This he shall seem to do in favour of his kingdom or allies, but when he shall be removed and deceived, he shall be left all alone in banishment, abandoned by those that he confided in.

This does not appear to refer to the late French revolution: it has not been, but remains yet to be fulfilled. A Henry is but just named, peradventure to enter on a sea of troubles; and the time when this prediction will be verified is perhaps when the last great struggle to restore Papacy takes place, which seems likely to be about the time that this Henry will be calculated from his age to take a part in it.


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