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they enabled him to destroy a veteran Prussian army, at Jena, under a Brunswick; as his broken promises and insults to that kingdom, and the hopes held out to them by their sovereign, incited the landwehr and raw levies of that country, under Blucher and Bulow, to retrieve the character of the Prussian soldier.

By such means, and by such means only, can the conquests of the great capitals of Vienna, Berlin, and Paris be accounted for, against the forces, and by the forces with which they were accomplished.

When the patriotic feelings and good wishes of a nation accompany the mandate of the sovereign; that nation, according to its numerical strength, in opposition to other powers, may, from the foregoing examples, be looked upon as invincible, and the ultimate success of its cause as certain; but when sovereigns, trusting to the magnitude of their armies, enter on wars, against the wishes, or where the interests of their subjects are not concerned; they have found, as (when for the future they trust to the strength of their military forces to protect or assist them in subverting or invading the laws, rights, or liberties of their subjects) they will find, they can do wrong; and that in such dependence, they trust to a broken reed, as three recent examples have well proved.

Still Austria, and what is most irreligiously termed the Holy Alliance, are at this very day seeking to bring about their own downfall, and the fulfilment of the prophecies recited in this work, by that blind and infamous interference against the budding liberties of independent states, that should, and perhaps may, before much time elapses, produce another and more enlightened crusade on the part of subjects as well as sovereigns, in favour of political and religious liberty, and the realization of those great and happy prospects, which all nations and all persons but such, as Archbishop Usher says, 66 are worshippers in the outward court," should hope to be near at hand.

Here the Editor conceived he had brought his labours to a close, but whilst looking over the last proof sheet, the report of Earl Grey's speech at the Durham County meeting appeared in the papers; he was too proud of hearing his opinions and his labours supported by so eminently high an authority not to insert an Extract from it.

"It was impossible," said his lordship, "to view without feelings of great alarm and sorrow the internal state of the country, particularly the distress of the manufacturing and commercial

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classes. Our external situation was equally fearful. The desire of liberty, which had been encouraged by the Sovereigns of Europe, when they wished to combat, and put down their common enemy, Napoleon, was now counteracted by a base conspiracy, under the false, bypocritical and blasphemous title of the Holy Alliance.

"When he looked back at these circumstances, and regarded them in conjunction with the past, and with probably yet contemplated proceedings against the Queen, Heaven seemed to speak in signs and omens; and he could not better describe the times than by quoting a passage from an inspired writer :- And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; and the seas and the waves roaring-men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on earth.'

"This was the true state of the anxiety felt by the country-sorrow and shame for the past; fear and apprehension for the time to come. Under such circumstances, his only hope, and their best resource, was to be found in the principles of the constitution, and in the spirit of the people. That hope was confirmed by the conduct that day of the assembly he was addressing: Let all England follow the example they were



setting: let them approach the throne like men who knew their rights, and knowing, dare maintain,' against the threats of power, and the blandishments of corruption; sober, but enthusiastic; firm, but prudent; moderate, but resolute and fearless; and the country might yet be saved.”


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