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Sivu 15 - It comes from above," said Peter, as he stood on the steps. The next day the gentleman sent for him. " See here," said he, " there are two half-crowns for you for tumbling into the ditch.
Sivu 15 - The bystanders laughed, and thought he must be out of his senses, for of course it could not fall from below; but they did not understand him. A minute after, the wind tore off an entire roof in the same street, which crushed three men to death. Had Little Peter gone on, he would, probably, have been at that moment just where the roof fell. Another time, a gentleman employed him to carry a letter to a town, bidding him make all haste.
Sivu 9 - ... be so large as to defy all attempts to close it. Prompted by these thoughts, he seated himself on the bank of the canal, stopped the opening with his hand, and patiently awaited the approach of some villager. But no one came. Hour after hour...
Sivu 35 - What we ought to do this minute, "Will be better done," he'll cry, " If to-morrow we begin it"— " Put it off," says By-and-by. Those who heed his treacherous wooing Will his faithless guidance rue: What we always put off doing, Clearly we shall never do; We shall reach what we endeavor, If on Now we more rely; But unto the realms of Never, Leads the pilot By-and-by.
Sivu 16 - It comes from above," still answered Peter ; " God is very good to me ; I will gladly go with you." So the gentleman took him away. It was a good thing for the poor boy, who had been taught no trade. Long afterwards, we learned, that when his master died, he left him a large sum of money to carry on the business, and that " Little Peter " was then a wealthy man in Birmingham. But he still said of every occurrence,
Sivu 34 - A great battle was going on. Column after column had been precipitated for eight mortal hours on the enemy posted along the ridge of a hilL The summer sun was sinking to the west...
Sivu 11 - Her timbers were found all eaten away by the worms. But the captain thought he would try to get her home. He had a great, costly load of goods in the ship, such as silks, crapes, and the like, and a great many people.
Sivu 34 - The whole world knows the result. Grouchy failed to appear ; the imperial guard was beaten back ; Waterloo was lost. Napoleon died a prisoner at St. Helena, because one of his marshals was behind time.
Sivu 9 - ... villager. But no one came. Hour after hour rolled slowly by, yet there sat the heroic boy, in cold and darkness, shivering, wet, and tired, but stoutly pressing his hand against the dangerous breach. All night he stayed at his post. At last the morning broke. A clergyman, walking up the canal, heard a groan, and looked around to see where it came from. " Why are you there, my child?" he asked, seeing the boy, and surprised at his strange position. " I am keeping back the water, sir, and saving...
Sivu 12 - What great things may bo found in little things ! I wish to have you see this so clearly that you cannot forget it, because it will be of great use to you all the way through life, if remembered. In a dark night there was once a ship coming into one of our harbours. She had been to India on a long voyage, and had been gone a year or two. She had a very costly cargo, or load, on board. The captain and all in her were hoping and expecting soon to see their friends and their homes. The sailors had brought...

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