The Gospel According to the Da Vinci Code: The Truth Behind the Writings of Dan Brown

B&H Publishing Group, 2006 - 164 sivua

Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code has become the best-selling hardcover adult novel of all time, spouting a tenuous postmodern worldview akin to the age-old heresy of "Gnosticism." Though Gnosticism has been refuted repeatedly throughout the history of Christianity, and many of Brown's sources have been proven frauds, people are still reading Brown's books to become "enlightened."

The Gospel According to The Da Vinci Code not only refutes the philosophies behind this blockbuster book. It also looks at Brown's other writings to form a clearer picture of the worldview that guides his writings, why this worldview is so popular and what the church must do in response.


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These authors examine Dan Brown's other books to discuss his worldview. This discussion goes beyond being a critique of The Da Vinci Code; it challanges Christians to respond in Christian living. Lue koko arvostelu


What Might Have Been?
Quid est Veritas?
No Double Standards Allowed
Thanking Dan Brown
Does He Have a Point?
Shooting Ourselves in the Foot
Beyond the Pale of Orthodoxy

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Kenneth Boa is president of Reflections Ministries, providing safe places for people to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. Boa's previous books include Augustine to Freud and the ECPA Gold Medallion Award winner, Faith Has Its Reasons. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

John Alan Turner is a writer, speaker, and consultant for Reflections Ministries and churches around the country. He lives with his wife and daughters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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